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Sun/Moon Singles Potential Mimikyu Set(Pre-Bank?)

So Mimikyu's ability Disguise is absolutely fantastic and I've been toying around with how best to utilize it. I've figured settling into an extremely offensive set would just be best for me, but I've got a few options:

Mimikyu@Focus Sash/Normalium Z/Life Orb/Expert Belt
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP/Special Defense
-Swords Dance/Splash/Psych Up
-Shadow Claw/Shadow Sneak
-Play Rough
-Shadow Sneak/Leech Life/???

So the thought here is that Disguise allows me to definitely get off a Swords Dance or Z-Splash, provided I'm not put to sleep since it doesn't block it. Ghost/Fairy typing might even allow me to force a switch and potentially get 2 Swords Dances, which is why I kind of prefer it over Z-Splash, but there's no guarantee for that. On the other hand, Focus Sash essentially provides me another bit of life in tandem with Disguise, and with the buff to Leech Life, after an attack boost I could really heal for a fair bit. Psych Up is not something I normally consider, but being able to throw a fresh Mimikyu into some beefed up monster and just copy everything is definitely an interesting avenue.

Life Orb or Expert Belt for complimentary damage output. If any other item would be great on Mimikyu, it's probably just really obvious and I'm just overlooking it.

Shadow Claw/Sneak for Ghosty STAB, with Claw providing more raw power and Sneak bypassing my average Speed. I think either way Sneak is actually probably the better option here and while running dual Ghost STAB isn't the best scenario in the world, it's still manageable at worst. Play Rough is just obvious, I think.

And aside from Leech Life providing some good damage/recovery, I'm not entirely sure what else I could use. Will-o-wisp/Thunder Wave are both fair options, I think; Bulk Up isn't awful, Substitute might work? I don't run Sub sets on anything very often so I really don't have much of an idea there.

So yeah, definitely a few decent options to consider, but decisions, decisions!

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I'd personally go for Swords Dance over Z-Splash precisely because I can use it more than once per battle, who isn't to say I'll need to switch Mimikyu out at some point?

Life Orb + Leech Life is a combo I plan to try out at some point, but I have no idea if the healing comes before or after Life Orb's HP loss. Focus Sash just seems redundant after Disguise, especially if hazards are a thing which'll just break the sash and render it useless.

I'd take Shadow Sneak over Shadow Claw almost any day because priority moves are my jam, though Mimikyu is already relatively fast so I guess Claw could work?

Still at school so I can't go too in-depth but that's what I was thinking while trying tobmake my own Mimikyu~
Substitute actually might run well with it. Keep the disguise going (Actually unsure is sub is hit or disguise is it) Then a Double Swords Dance could be possible. Leech life could make it a stall breaker. Then Shadow claw and Play Rough for STAB. Still, I might run Shadow Sneak instead of claw because it doesn't pass my test of 100 Base speed. I feel like Mimikyu can be done right. I thought Assault vest at first but swords dance wouldn't work.

I would feel like Mimikyu would be a GREAT dragon meta crushe (still would run florges more tho)r. Such as a Salamance-Mega destroyer. Could hold its own against Ghost Types like Gengar. My biggest problem with Mimikyu though is that it has a smaller move pool than I am used too. (And Assault vest just doesn't work)
I would say maybe an Expert Belt? Or Muscle Band?
So after looking into it, using Substitute will not result in the breaking of Disguise, since Disguise only breaks on direct damage(which is why status and entry hazards don't break it) and self-damage doesn't count towards it either. A more defensive variant is definitely and option, which I'll probably try at some point, but for right now my offensive Mimikyu is looking like this:

Mimikyu@Life Orb
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense
-Swords Dance
-Shadow Sneak
-Play Rough
-Leech Life

I can't see any reason to not run SD+ Life Orb for an offensive set. A Z Item(either for Z Splash or the Ghost move) becomes a waste of space after one use and since you're still holding at item, Knock Off is gonna hurt. It's so easy to get at least two SDs off that it's so worth it, and the few things that do outspeed Mimikyu in the pre-bank meta aren't going to enjoy an easy +2 Shadow Sneak.

Leech Life helps mitigate Life Orb damage and is tremendous after a boost or two. Jolly is taken since 96 Speed is still nothing to write home about, and this thing has all it needs and more to drive its Attack through the roof.

I think this set is overall pretty solid. I might come back later with a more defensively-oriented set at some point, probably focused on Bulk Up to make Mimikyu a horrifyingly beefy sheet of a wall.

Also apparently Red Card would make a nice one-off duo with Disguise, but it would only mean a lot if I could remove the checks to Mimikyu beforehand.

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ince you're still holding at item, Knock Off is gonna hurt

Knock off's damage is only increase if the item can actually be lost, and unless I'm mistaken, I don't think Z-crystals can be knocked off kinda like mega stones can't (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Defensive/bulky Mimikyu could potentially run Bulk Up, Play Rough, and some combination of Shadow Sneak/Leech Life/Pain Split/Will-o-Wisp/Taunt/Substitute with Leftovers on hand. I'm not entirely sure what the best combination is, though; it'd likely depend on what the rest of your team looked like and what you actually needed.


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Pretty much everything necessary has been mentioned bar a few points.

Leech Life isn't amazing on a purely offensive Mimikyu set since it doesn't offer any coverage that Mimikyu needs (you hit Grass super-effectively - yay.) The healing effect might benefit, but you'd probably get better results out of Will-O-Wisp to weaken physical attackers trying to gank you during Swords Dance, or Destiny Bond to take down something mid-sweep that you can't otherwise KO.

If you're running Shadow Sneak as your Ghost STAB, bulky Fire-types can be problematic as they resist all of Mimikyu's other moves (especially Heatran) and they can't be burned either, and your Shadow Sneak might not be enough to wipe them out. Most Fire-types do have trouble with entry hazards though, so if you're planning on building a team around an offensive Mimikyu having some users of Stealth Rock and Spikes will probably help a lot to push them into +2 Shadow Sneak's KO range.