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Project Rp

This is only a vague Idea. I could use some help fleshing out exactly what is going this is. But it's an RP idea to get me back in the swing of things, more or less. Bear with me because this is scraps at best. Sorry if this is against any rules I didn't see anything when I read them hehe.

Well here we go

Basically we are the last humans vs something (alien race/machines/some crazy other world gov/you know what I mean). We are in a losing fight. Our tech has for the most part been destroyed/lost/taken by the enemy. Eventually the heroes, us, find/steal essentially battle suits

http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee18 ... PArmor.jpg

example pic.

I'm unsure if I want the suits to only make you better (faster reaction times. move faster. jump jets and all that) or if I want them to actually give powers and such (shoot lightning and things like that)

I could use some help with this or if anyone is interested lemme know. I'm glad to be back by the way.

Is back.

With a vengeance.

Welcome back, Reynald~

First of all, I'd like to say that I really like the idea behind this RP (It somehow reminds me of Megaman. And Project Alpha. xD) and I'd love to join, if you'd be willing to let me in.

Personally, I think it'd be awesome to have our characters fight against alien machines. Let's say, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a highly advanced alien civilization decided to give machines their own life, and their own planet- But nobody had considered that as the artificial intelligence improved, the robots got their own opinions. And they pretty much all agreed that organisms are too unreliable and emotional, and therefore, had to be EXTARMINATED!

(Double reference all the way 'cross the sky!)

Let's say the robots laid out a plan; First they would eradicate the society they had previously served, then they would travel to the second nearest planet with intelligent life; Earth. The aliens were unable to stop their robots- But just before they were defeated, they launched a spaceship with, on board, the best robotic suits they could create, in a form that fitted humans. Both the suits and the spaceship's computer are inscripted with warrior code so intensely, that they will never turn on humans or other organisms.

The spaceship kept hidden in the shadows of planets and in hollow meteorites and moons, to avoid the robot's ships. When the robots finally turned to Earth, having destroyed their previous owners, the ship followed them- way well back, of course. And now, just as the war seems to be nearing its end, with the robots on the winning hand, the ship lands on Earth, containing an X number of alien suits and anti-robotic weaponry.

I also think I prefer energy weapons over suit powers. The suit could be purely to improve a human's capacities, while the weapons- Plasma guns and grenades, electric bullets, magnetic disrupter bullets- take care of the offensive part.

These are just my idea's, of course.

(By the way, that suit is so goddamn awesome<3)

-Dark Soul~

I had to do it XD

This idea is quite interesting though, though I'd rather the "the ship got here first, but landed beyond the eyes of the world, and were not found before it was too late." idea though, it sounds more likely.

Every time I look at this thread though, my mind screams "DDDDDEEEEEEEEERRRRREEEEEEEEEKK!". I think it might be saying that it wants Derek back. I felt I had done some really good work on his character, and I still feel bad to watch it sink so early into the Project Alpha RP. So expect me to reuse his character, albeit a bit older, whether he is the same Derek from Project Alpha however will be debatable. He won't have Wind Powers in this RP, unless that super cool suit is nice enough to restore them :3.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you back on the forums Rey, and I hope this RP can bring your writing skills back to good shape.
...Yeah, it would be kind of cool to have a Project Alpha character back. Their lives were elongated to about 250 years, after all. I'm not saying that this should be, like, a Project Alpha sequel, but it would be pretty epic. xD (Even though, looking back, Project Alpha was a horridly Sue RP. >> )

And yes, your idea about the spaceship does actually sound better. Maybe the robots found it anyway, but it managed to escape and crashland on Earth. Decades after, it's finally discovered.

Quick question; Would all the suits be the same, or would they have individual markings? I think the latter would be better, because it makes it easier to tell eacother apart from the others. And what about the colours?
Well it's either that or it was a gov. project that was hidden underground until our resistance group stumbles upon the suits. And they aren't suddenly we are the gods of the world, we are just more likely to survive.

I'm expecting this rp to be very serious and as down to earth as it can be. Meaning characters screw up, aren't perfect and for the most part are going to get shot up and beaten up. Things are ALWAYS going to look bad, I mean it is the end of the world.

As for the suits I wanna say they essentially look the same but little things can be different and colors can obviously be different. Though it would be easier to tell each other apart I think it would be better if they looked the same merely because then the Enemy couldn't tell which is which. Our suits can identify each other though with the heads up display and whatnot. Puts a marking above everyones head to tell where they are.
It's good to see the RP is up~

Yes, coming to think of it, a technological indication trough the suit's vizor is better. It also reminds me of every sci-fi FPS ever, in a good way. xD

I also think, Brendan, if you want to use Derek, I should make up a little story of how Project Alpha would've ended. I think I'll include it into my first post. Wether or not Derek should keep his wind powers, I'm not sure. I think we have to ask Rey.

I'm liking the idea of re-introducing Charlotte more and more, for some reason. She could be one of the new world travelers. This brings me to my second question; Are all of our characters supposed to be on the planet of your first post? I'm not exactly sure.

I'll get onto my post as soon as possible~
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I would like you to be. You don't HAVE to start in the Bomb Shelter if you can give me a good post/reason on why you aren't there. It's more open right now. I do have stuff planned but if you guys have something specific you want going on, just send me a message or put it up here and I'll work it in somehow