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Ask to Join Project Super (take 2)

Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dark-super-hero-school-take-2-electric-boogaloo.22713/

Welcome! You have been accepted to Meadow Academy for talented youngsters. Here we will help you achieve things thought impossible for us humans. We will give you special opportunities that can't be found anywhere else. We hope that you will accept our invitation to our wonderful school.

-Eugene Walker, The Headmaster of Meadow Academy


Jaiden Summers, a brand new student at Meadow Acadamy, which supposedly was a really good school with good reputations and was highly praised. Odd thing is that Jaiden didn't apply for this school in particular, but still go accepted into it, which was odd, but her mother encouraged her to accept it and so she did. She arrived at a seemingly random building and saw other people about her age arrive there too and then everything went black. The memory of accepting and arriving to her "new school" played again and again, until Jaiden opened her eyes and shot up into a sitting position.

She felt a wave of pain go through her body, with her head aching the most. She closed her eyes and and a yelp of pain escaped her mouth. She put her hands on her head, as if it would help her overbearing headache in anyway, but luckily the aching started to slowly fade. For a couple of minutes the dark skinned girl just sat there, with her eyes closed and her her hands on her head until the pain in the head was almost completely gone.

She re-opened her eyes again slowly, as if she was expecting the overwhelming headache to come back, but it didn't and noticed she was wearing something that very much resembled a hospital gown. When she finally got a good look as to where she was she couldn't recognize anything. The room had an abnormally high ceiling and in one of the corners were, what looked like a security camera, a speaker and almost completely opposite from them a big heavy duty metal door, which had no door handle. There was also a white, simple desk, a matching chair and her luggage, her clothes neatly folded beside her luggage. The room had an eerie resemblance to a generic hospital room with almost everything being white in there and having obnoxiously bright lights in there.

Jaiden was very confused. She could feel her mind raising with all kinds of questions but the two she was most confused about was where she was and what had happened to her, but her train of thought got cut off as a voice started speaking from the speaker.

"Welcome and thank you for being apart of 'Meadow Academy'. You and selected few others were lucky and got selected into this wonderful 'school' for specially gifted people. You may have noticed that this, in fact, is not a school, but instead a research and experimentation facility where you and the other selected few to receive super powers, as you may call it to protect those who are incapable of protecting themselves against great dangers and to become a real superhero. We'll help you with your special training to hone your new abilities and alongside we will still continue your normal education. There are also a set of rules, which are very important to follow, and if broken there will be great consequences," said a calm male voice. The message seemed to be prerecorded, but then another voice spoke, "Get yourself ready. The guards will escort you to the testing room in about 20 minutes." said a professionally sounding female voice.
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Thomas woke up with a great pain in the head, lungs, stomach... Well, everywhere...
"God... What happend.." He stuttered in pain. "Where..."
"That's amazing, Tommy!"
"Please don't call me that..." said Thomas to one of his friends.
"But man! You are accepted to Meadow Academy! Do you even know how famous this school is?"
"Y-yeah..." Thomas said quietly "I will be able to finally help him.."
"Wasn't I supposed... To be in Meadow?" He tried to get up and look around, white room.. His clothes were on the only chair in the room, his luggage. He weared a hospital gown.. What is it? Hospital? He wondered, but there was no one to answer him, suddenly...

Message, Thomas heard the male voice, welcoming him in the Meadow Academy. When it finished, the only thought Thomas had was "Superheroes? Yeah, no chance! I definitly didn't sign up for this" he looked around, trying to get a plan or idea, when he heard female voice.
"Get yourself ready. The guards will escort you to the testing room in about 20 minutes" said the voice.
"Im not a lab rat.." Thomas reply, but nobody could hear him. Why it ended like this.. He just wanted to study and help him. He sighed, he was worried, but he didn't have time to overthink it.. Focus..
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy opened her eyes and winced at the pain that seemed to come from every fibre of her body. She looked around, this wasn't right she had been going to some school she was accepted to...

...Daisy had been accepted to a school she had never even heard of, let alone applied to. She had been informed that it was very good as a school, so she hadn't made too much of a fuss. She had packed her things and soon arrived at the strange looking school building with several other teens. Then everything had gone dark...

...now she was in some room and there was a pre recorded message playing, she didn't really pay much attention till it stopped and a voice called out "Get yourself ready, the guards will escort you to the testing room in about 20 minutes", training she thought as she suddenly realised she felt a lot heavier on her back, she felt behind her to find feathers, "Holy ****! I've got wings!" she exclaimed.
Mica slowly came to. Everything felt... fuzzy. Her head was throbbing, and her vision was blurry. Everything seemed so bright and white. Like the other students, Mica was in a white room of her own. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to see all that well at the moment. The girl struggled through the fog her head was in. She felt tired... so tired. But there was something in the back of her head keeping her up. Something felt very, very wrong... But what was it? It was almost like... she knew she should be panicking right now, but couldn't think of why. Her limbs felt heavy as she tried to push herself up into a sitting position. After a bit of effort, she managed to pull herself up to lean against the wall. Slowly, the fog in her mind was starting to clear and her limbs were beginning to lighten. A voice began to speak, but it sounded muffled and far away.

"...which are very important to follow, and if broken there will be great consequences." Mica managed to catch the voice saying. Then there was nothing. Mica slowly looked around the room, her head feeling very heavy. It looked completely unfamiliar to her. But her clothes were here. A dull sense of panic was growing in the back of her head, but the fog still kept her calm. As she looked around drowsily, another voice came over the loudspeaker.
"Get yourself ready. The guards will escort you to the testing room in about twenty minutes." The voice said. Testing? A memory of Meadow Academy floated to the top of her head. Was that where she was? Why was she having trouble remembering? Slowly, Mica attempted to get out of bed.
Darkness, it was what consumed Elias’ vision at that moment, only subsiding once he slowly managed to regain his conscience. Soon enough, Elias was able to open his eyes, and was immediately accompanied by both an immensely strong headache, and prominent blinding lights. If that was what it took to escape the darkness, he’d much rather stay in it. Yet much to his dismay, he pushed through the stacked inconveniences, just to reveal an even bigger predicament.. Elias had no clue in the slightest as to where he'd supposedly ended up. However instead of wasting time on figuring out where he could’ve been, he quickly changed gears and inspected the room for a way out. Unfortunately that short conquest proved ineffective, as the only exit lay a large metal door without a reasonable conclusion of forcefully prying open.

Temporarily defeated, Elias fell back onto the bed, suggesting that he accepted his fate for now. Though as if on cue, a voice could be heard over a loudspeaker, which undoubtedly caused him to tune in. The announcement carried out by the voice cleared up most of his questions, including where he was: Meadow Academy. Even with that information there wasn't much time to reflect on it, since they apparently had to leave in 20 minutes. Therefore Elias sat up once again, but this time was followed by a short sigh. Elias complied, but only because he figured it was best to just go along with the flow of things, until he learned more about this strange “academy”.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
High School sucks. This is something Thomas Allens learned the moment he started attending his first school, Richmond High. There was always jocks, popular kids, rich kids, the kids that think they're smarter than everybody, bullies. And he was just... ordinary Thomas Allens. He didn't stand out. He just desperatly wanted to get out as soon as possible. Thankfully, he got the chance to escape it all when he recieved a letter in the mail saying he got accepted to a new school; Meadow Academy. Thomas never heard of the place, hell, he didn't even remember signing up to go to it. But there was the letter of acceptance. He wasn't going to turn down an offer like this. Anything had to be better than Richmond High, right?

Righg now, Thomas was really missing Richmond High. His eyes traced the almost sterile room he found himself in. It looked more like an insane asylum than a dorm room. Was he going insane? Has he always been insane? That would explain the hospital gown. No, thats impossible, Thomas has lived a perfectly normal life up to this point, there's no way he's lost his mind. Suddenly, a voice echoed out through out the room, talking about being granted super powers, and how this place was a testing facility and not a school.

Okay, maybe he is going insane. Not wanting to make the people running this place angry, Thomas awkwardly got changed in the corner, hoping he was out of the camera's sight. "They invaded my privacy by giving me super powers and here I am worrying they can see my junk..."


Previously Schrift007
Chester burst up, as if he was rising from a grave. He rubbed his eyes, looking around the room. Chester's head left like a furnace. After a while of trying to figure out what was going on, he had a memory flash in his head. It was his mum? She seemed excited for him when he was told was accepted into Meadow academy? What was going on? Chester took some time to check if he was hurt, looking at each limb until he came across a large black mark on his arm. It looked almost alive, reminding Chester of tar. He poked his finger into it out of curiosity, it felt wet and cold. He pinched it and pulled up, seeing it stretch off his skin, before melting back into a puddle on his arm. "What is this thing?", he muttered, trying to scratch it off. It only stuck to his fingers, making him look like a five year old with bubble gum. He tugged one last time, before both his hand and the slime shot back. It felt like molten lava was poured on his head. "What the hell are you", he shouted before jumping out of the bed. After hearing the speaker spoke to him, he couldn't take any more. "Where the hell am I? Who the hell are you and What the fuck is happening?" he screamed, the black slime slowly getting larger. Only stopping at the his shoulder and elbow.
Jaiden decided that the best thing to do was to follow the facility's instructions, as she was very afraid of what would happen if she didn't. She got of the bed and took her clothes to go and quickly change her clothes in a corner and after finishing she went back ti her bed to wait for whoever to come and escort her. She didn't really know how to react to this situation. Should she be angry, sad or.. what. She didn't even know if her mind could wrap around what they did to her. She looked down at her hands. The situation was quite overwhelming, but the metal door sealing the room shut suddenly opened with two guards dressed head to toe in armor standing at the opening.

"Subject successfully located. Transference of subject Shield has started", said one of the guards while pressing something on his helmet, "Alright come on", he continued, now speaking to Jaiden. The curly haired girl hopped off the bed and walked over to the guards with the door shutting down as she exited her room. On top of wearing full body armor and a helmet that completely masked their faces, the two guards had quite strange weapons that looked like they came right from a sci-fi movie and both of them had what looked like heavy duty flash lights, but with more wires and buttons.

Jaiden just walked in silence the whole way, as she was afraid of the guards and didn't want to think that she was about to try something. They walked through long hallways that had regularly spaced metal doors that required key cards to open. This place wasn't joking around, there were speakers and cameras everywhere. Jaiden didn't know what to think. Was this real? Does she actually have powers now? Is she supposed to become a super hero now? Many thoughts were spinning in the dark skinned girl's head, but luckily the trio (if you could even call it that) arrived at their location. Another metal door opened to a somewhat pleasant room with multiple chairs, a sofa even, and a speaker and security camera being there too.

"Subject Shield has successfully been transferred without any further complications. The next subject can come", spoke one of the guards while pressing something on his helmet once again, making Jaiden think that there was probably some kind of a radio in the helmets.

"Wait here," said the other guard and opened the metal door to leave, but the other guard stayed there with her.
Thomas didn't gave this everything second thought, he was worried and wasn't sure what will happen, but he knew that he would prefer to have his own clothes. He changed to his clothes that were on a chair and put on his glasses.

Suddenly a metal doors opened and two Sci-fi guards came out "Subject successfully located. Transference of subject Lightbolt has started" said one of those creeps as they looked at him and said in the same time "Follow us"

Tom tried to speak with those guards, but they didn't reacted to anything. He at least hoped that they will order him to shut up, but nothing happened. He walked through the hallways that really looked like it was some sort of secret military base. He didn't really know what to think, the fact was that they did something to him without his knowledge and his body still extremly hurt.

After a longer while, they reached their destination, behind another metal doors were a comfty room with chairs and sofa. In that room was already another guy and dark skinned girl with a curly hair.

"Lightbolt has successfully been transferred without any complications. The next subject can come" said one of the guards after he tapped his helmet and left. Another one stayed "You will stay here" said the second guard.

Thomas heard 'Lightbolt' second time, was this how they called him? Someone was really weak in making nicknames...

He approached a girl with a blush on his face, it wasn't something unnatural. He was simple person that didn't have many experience with any contacts with girls. His previous school was guys-only.. She was quite pretty too.

"Well..." he stuttered and took a deep breath to calm himself "Seems that you also became subject of this weirdos" he pointed at the guards behind him. "Umm.. My name is Thomas.. And y-yours?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy did as she was told and got changed she then waited until two men in armour came and got her, "Subject successfully located. Transference of subject Angel has started", said one of the guards while pressing something on his helmet, "Come on", he said to Daisy. She walked over to the guards with the door shutting down as she exited her room. On top of wearing full body armor and a helmet that completely masked their faces, the two guards had quite strange weapons that looked like they came right from a sci-fi movie. A metal door opened to a somewhat pleasant room with multiple chairs, a sofa even, and a speaker and security camera being there too.

"Subject Angel has successfully been transferred without any further complications. The next subject can come", spoke one of the guards while pressing something on his helmet once again.

The guard then left, leaving his mate behind in the room. Daisy ignored him and walked over to the other two people in the room, "Hello, my name is Daisy, Daisy Reaper and I have wings for some reason, do you guys no anything about your 'powers' yet" she asked.
@IDKWhatUserNameToDo @Clite of Dragonbow
Jaiden turned her head and saw that two other people about her age had arrived in the room. First was a blond boy with a blue hoodie, who's name was Thomas and then second a girl with pink hair, who introduced herself as Daisy each of them bringing a guard with them. The dark skinned girls eyes widened as Daisy explained that she had received wings thanks to the facility.

"I-I guess they weren't kidding then," Jaiden mumbled to herself and looked at one of her hands. They actually did something to them that gave them these peculiar abilities, "Oh, uh sorry- I'm Jaiden summers and uhh.. no. I haven't been able to figure anything about my 'powers' yet," she continued and stared at Daisy's wings, but then shifted her line of sight towards Thomas.
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Once Thomas was finally changed, wearing the the shirt and jeans he had arrived in, the door to his room was opened, and in stepped two heaviky armoured men. "Subject Lupus is getting transfered now." One said, clearly speaking to someone through some comms device. "Alright kid, come with us." Thomas was in no positiob to argue with the two men in space suits holding weapons, so he went along with it.

As they walked down the hallway, Thomas figured he may as well try to learn about this place. "So is this government funded, or are you terrorists?" No answer. "You say we're here to become super heroes, but is that your actaul goal?" Silence. "What about our families and friends? Surely they'll be suspicious as to whats going on?" Nothing. "You're an asshole who smells like cheese that was left out on a hot summer day." Nada. It was clear these guy won't budge.

Eventually they reached a door, and it slid open as well, revealing a lounge with three other teens already inside. "Lupus has arrived at the destination." They basically pushed him inside, the door closing behind him. Slowly, Thomas glanced at the others, doing a sort of awkward wave. "Hey there. Hell of a first day am I right?"
"Nice to meet you, Daisy.. A-and you too Jaiden" as he said normally the first sentence, he stuttered at the second one and bit his tongue in calming himself. Daisy really had wings, so that was a good enough proof to show him that they had some sort of powers after all. When Jaiden said that she doesn't know anything about her power, he just sighed and said "Yeah, I have no clue either. Other than the fact that probably those weird nicknames they use to talk about us may have a hint to what our power is. I wonder... Is there more people like us.." he was saying quietly, Daisy and her wings cought his attencion, but then he looked at Jaiden.. Somewhere else, back at Jaiden, somewhere else again and back... Well, not back at the dark skinned girl, as suddenly another boy arrived and he glanced in his way.
@The Alright Attorney
After what seemed like forever, the large metal door that was keeping Elias from escaping, had suddenly opened. Luckily, Elias took the initiative quite some time ago and changed into his clothes, as there were two sci-fi-attired guards that stood in the doorway. The black-haired boy simply glanced at them, or more specifically their equipment. The weapon they had was a bit startling, but not enough to cause Elias to visibly act out.

“You there, let’s go.” One of the guards ordered, before clicking something on his helmet to talk again. “Contact with ‘Magician’ was successful. Transporting the subject to the designated locale now.”

The boy nodded and relieved himself from the bed, his face showing no indication of rebellion as he made his way over to the guards. Once Elias made it to where the guards were, the door slammed shut behind them- that was expected, this facility seemed to enjoy controlling his freedom thus far. Finally, the three of them walked down a long hallway in silence, until they were confronted by another large metal door. In which one of the guards took out a key card, and magically opened the door.

“Key cards are required to open the doors. Noted.” Elias silently placed the information in his mind, then walked into the more open area, which looked to have been inhabited by four other kids already. One of them had wings.. that was somewhat surprising to even Elias.

“Magician has successfully been transported to the designated area. You’re clear to bring in the next subject.” The guard spoke after once again, clicking the button on his helmet.

Elias turned around, only to find that one of the guards had already left, while the other stayed. That wasn’t a big concern to the boy, so he shifted his gaze back to the four kids again. Now he wasn’t one to go up to a random group of strangers, mid-conversation at that, but he needed all the information on this place as he could get, so his preferences came second.

“Hello.” Elias offered a blank greeting towards the 4 people, whilst he moved closer to them. “What do you four know about this place?” His tone made his question sound more akin to a demand, but his facial expression was nothing short of normal- or in his case: blank.
Mica had a bit of trouble getting ready. Her limbs felt slow and heavy, and responded sluggishly. When she attempted to get out of bed, her legs gave out from under her. Still, she crawled to her luggage. As the minutes wore on, Mica gained more and more control of her body. At the same time, the fog in her mind continued to clear away. She began to notice things. Like the camera at the corner of her room, recording everything. No privacy at all. The smallness of the room. How her phone and laptop were missing, as well as her pocketknife and pencils. Then came the greatest shock of all. Her hair! Somehow, sometime, her hair had turned completely white!

Still combating the effects of whatever had been done to her, it made it difficult to tell how much time had passed. But finally, the door to her cell opened. While Mica had been expecting people like doctors or normal people, the last thing she had expected was heavily armored soldiers. She stared at them for a moment as one of them spoke something into his helmet.
"Come on, kid." The second guard said gruffly.
"Wh... where am I? Who are you?" Mica asked. The guards exchanged looks before gesturing for Mica to leave her room.
"Move." The guard said. Seeing that she wasn't going to be getting any answers from these men, and that they were armed with rather scary looking weapons, Mica decided to comply.

The white haired girl held herself as she was escorted down a labyrinth of hallways. The fear and apprehension was beginning to set in. She had missed pretty much the entire prerecorded spiel, and had little to no clue as to what was going on. After a short walk, Mica was escorted into another room. This one looked much more hospitable, with chairs and couches. There were other teenagers in there as well, most of them looking as confused and nervous as she did. But one of them caught her eye. A girl, about her age. The first (and only) thing Mica noticed about this girl were the two extremely large, feathered wings that were attached to this girl's back. Instinctively, Mica froze. She had no idea what to do, what was going on... it was taking all of her inner strength not to break down here and now. Hoping in vain that nobody noticed her walk in (it was hard to miss with the door hissing open and closed), Mica began to slowly move to the side of the room.
"Rook has been successfully transported to the designated area." The guard said. A dim outline of light, medieval-like armor could be faintly seen forming around Mica as she looked down at the ground, not making eye contact with anyone else in the room.
Jaiden once again turned her head towards the metal door as few more students arrived in to the room. First of them being a black haired boy with rather messy hair, with Jaiden smirking back to him as a response to his sarcastic, but funny line. Second was another boy with black and wavy hair.

"Uhh," Jaiden began and looked over at security camera in the room and then shifted it back towards the newcomer in the room. She was unsure how to respond, as she didn't want to be rude towards him, but wasn't sure on how to respond.

"I probably don't know anything new that any of you guys already don't know.." She finally responded and looked over to the door once more as another teen stepped in. She looked very nervous and confused and Jaiden couldn't blame her. This was a very scary and bizarre situation that she and the the other teens found themselves in, as they had apparently really been given super powers or something along those lines. The curly haired girl didn't even know what would happen in the next five minutes or what this mysterious facility would do to them next, but she figured it would probably be for the best if they played along for now.
Thomas tried not to chuckle from one of the newcomers line and as he heard a demand of another guy, or at least it sounded like it, he sighed and answered "We know as much as you or less" he said to him shortly.

Then a girl arrived and seemed to be nervous, Thomas was also... then he thought that others can be too.. In the end, they know nothing and are now closed together in a room with soldiers of some sort that gave them the most silent threatment in the entire world.
"Man... You are right, this is definitly a hell of the first day. I really hope that our teachers won't give us too much homework today, I don't really like study alone. Hey, any of you like star wars? I wonder if those guys are as good in shooting as stormtroopers. They look really similar" he said aloud. He didn't cared much if after all this talking they will later threat him like idiot or something, as long as his talking may help them just a bit to calm down, if it could help just a little...

Suddenly one of the guards seemed to receive a message and said aloud "Subject Lightbolt, come with us. You are going first" he wondered what happend, as he couldn't say 'no', he turned to everyone and gave them a small smile "I would love to see you guys later.." he said quietly, he looked at everyone, he begin with looking at the most worried girl, his eyes moved through everyone and stopped on Jaiden, that dark skinned girl. He looked for a while, smiled weakly and followed the guards that seemed annoyed that he takes so long. He followed them through a hallway, another metal doors. They opened them and he entered the room. This room was even bigger than the previous one, but it seemed empty and completely white, like if Thomas landed in some sort of the Matrix. Then suddenly, from the wall appeard a TV and Thomas could see a young Adult with quite long white hair with blue tips, that seemed to be in late twenties appeard on the screen. The most of Thomas attencion cought the blue visor-like glasses of that man.
"My name is Vitalio Kilabadai and I am a Deputy Headmaster of the Meadow Academy. I would really like to apologize to all of you. But We believe that only your group have potencial to achieve great things, I hope that you manage to meet everyone, those people are your classmates and those who share similar fate as you, to become superheroes that could protect us everyone. You received a great gift and now, in this room, all of you gonna test yourselfs, First will be phisical tests that will be similar for everyone and you won't be allowed to use your powers, well we didn't even teach you how to yet. After that, We may give you a personal test. There is no punishment for having weak scores on your tests, all of you will be learning here to improve, after all, but... If you won't participate, there will be a punishment. We do all of this for your own good. Good luck, I hope to see all of you later in person and that I will be able to lead you into your bright future" Vitalio said and then TV has been turned off.

"Subject Codename-Lightbolt. Prepare for the tests to begin"
Jaiden looked back at Thomas as he left the room. She was increasingly nervous as everything seemed so.. so calm.. but things started to kick back into motion.

"Subject Shield. It's your turn," said the guard that escorted the dark skinned girl into the room and gestured her to follow. Jaiden nervously gulped and looked at the other teens in the room.
"I guess I'll see you guys later then," she said and tried to muster out a playful smile before following the guard once more. She worriedly kept looking at the weird flashlight that the guard carried around with. She still had so many questions, but she was afraid to ask anything. After a while of walking in silence she mustered up the courage to speak.
"Where are you taking me?" the guard was silent, "Why do you have that weird light with you?", she continued, but the guard just kept giving her the silent treatment.After several minutes of walking they arrived at their destination.

"Subject Shield has arrived at the next location. Preparations can begin," the guard reported. The metal door that they were standing in front opened and the guard gestured her to go inside. Just as Jaiden stepped inside the room the door closed behind her. The room was white, like the void room inside of Matrix.
"Now what?" She said to herself and looked around the room to see if there was anything there, as they were going to be tested after all. Of course there were a few cameras in the room, and at this point it didn't surprise the dark skinned nearly at all. Suddenly a giant TV appeared on the wall and a video with a young adult with visor-like glasses and long white hair with blue tips at the end. After the video ended someone, seemingly speaking through a speaker said, "Subject Shield, get ready for your physical test,"

The room shifted with the whole room almost shaking and something like an obstacle course started to form.
"Your objective is to complete this obstacle course as fast as possible without failing. If you fall you'll get a ten second time penalty on your final time", said whoever spoke through the speakers, "the test will begin when you cross the start line and will finish once you cross the finishing line,"

Jaiden wasn't really too worried about this test as her hobby is- or well, was gymnastics and had been doing it for a few years. She threw off her purple hoodie revealing a black t-shirt under it and made her way to the starting line. She looked over at the TV, and it had apparently shifted into a giant timer with 00:00 currently on it.

She got into a ready position and started. First was simple platforming that Jaiden got through with ease, next a balancing beam with a close call, but other than that she got through it quite quickly. Then next up was monkey bars, which proved to be a bit more difficult, as it drained most of the dark skinned girls energy. Next was a tunnel that she had to crawl though, which was about 10-13 ft long (or about 3-4 m) and quite easy compared to the other obstacles. Last was a relatively small climbing wall that was bit difficult, as Jaiden used up most of her energy on the monkey bars, but through the struggle she finally got over it and passed the finish line. Her body felt tired and she had to catch her breath before looking at what her time was. 2:57 displayed the the giant screen and Jaiden was relatively pleased with it and hoped that the people behind the testing were pleased with it too.

The room shifted once more with the tv screen disappearing too and three tennis ball launcher-like machinery appeared from the floor.
"You get a few minutes to rest, as we explain the basics of your power to you, from how it functions to it's weaknesses" Started the speakers," You have been given the ability to generate force fields. You may have seen powers like this in pop-culture, but it can do much more than it's being portrayed as. But today we focus on how to generate and control one and if you are capable enough we can test it's defensive capabilities." it explained. Jaiden looked at her hands in confusion, "You may be wondering how you could even create such thing, but rest assured if you concentrate and have a specific shape in mind it will work," the voice continued
"Go ahead and try,"

It seemed simple enough, almost too simple. Jaiden wasn't even too sure and even afraid that it would work, but she tried it to keep the facility happy. She tried to just picture a sphere, or rather a ball in her head and concentrated on the space in front of her. A faint outline of a small sphere appeared and the dark skinned girls eyes widened out of amazement and she was surprised that it even worked. She almost automatically took her hands to help form the sphere and within no time a rather bubble like force field sphere floated in front of her. She looked up almost expecting further instructions, but who ever instructed her didn't say anything. She almost immediately started playing around with it, trying to get it to float around, making it bigger and smaller with various results of success.
"Good job. Now try and make it into a different shape," The voice spoke out again, startling Jaiden and breaking both her concentration and line of sight with it, resulting in the small sphere bursting like a bubble. Looking up again she pouted reacting almost like a small child. Looking once again in front of her she pictured a bubble and a small force field ball appeared in front of her and then concentrating on a cube shape the sphere changed accordingly. This time Jaiden decided to try and touch it, expecting it to burst on contact, but it just kept floating.

"Good. You seem to be capable enough to actually start testing your ability for real now," The voice once again spoke, "You might have noticed that if you break your concentration, eye contact or both from your force field creation, it will disappear. Now your objective is to protect yourself from the ball launchers in the room. Don't worry the balls are soft and won't hurt is they hit you." continued the voice. Jaiden looked over at the launchers and could hear them activating. A sort of panic hit her, even if she knew that the balls wouldn't harm her the dark skinned girl had trouble making a big enough oval-circle to try and shield her. The first ball launched hit the force field and just harmlessly bounced off of it. Finally getting herself calmed down she managed to make it tall enough. More balls got launched with each of them hitting the oval shaped force field, but then the machines started to circle around her. It was slow enough with all three of them spinning in the same direction for Jaiden to keep up with, but then they started to go in different directions and faster. Almost immediately when she was unable to keep up with the machines with her 2 two dimensional oval. With fast enough thinking Jaiden attempted to make a large enough dome to protect her. She got hit a few times, but she successfully created a dome that was enough to protect her. Right then the machines stopped and shifted back into the floor where they came from and the dome around her vanished. The curly haired girl felt exhausted, not because her body was tired, but more because she felt mentally tired.

"Alright that's enough for now. Good job. The guard will now escort you to the dining room. Also remember that power usage on a large scale is prohibited outside your own room, testing and training. If this rule get's broken there will be a severe punishment," the mysterious voice explained one last time and the metal door to the room opened with the guard standing there. Jaiden quickly grabbed her hoodie and tied it around the waist and walked over to the guard. The two of them walked in silence through the numerous hallways until they reached their destination. With the metal door closing behind her and the guard stayed at the door. The current room that Jaiden found herself in almost resembled a tradition cafeteria, but only a lot smaller, like a lot smaller only able to host about 11 people. Looked like Jaiden was the first one to complete her test and there was no food being distributed yet, so she just decided to sit down at one of the 2 tables in the room.
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The room Thomas was in shifted with the whole room almost shaking and something like an obstacle course started to form.
"Your objective is to complete this obstacle course as fast as possible without failing. If you fall you'll get a ten second time penalty on your final time", said a voice in the speakers, "the test will begin when you cross the start line and will finish once you cross the finishing line!"

Thomas wasn't worried about the obstacles as he could not look like it, but he was quite good in phisical activities of many sorts, the climbing wall was the most worrying though... He noticed on a TV appeard a giant timer with 00:00 currently on it.

He prepared himself, put away his glasses, get in the position and rushed. First was a platforming, Thomas didn't got any problem with that. After that, a balancing beam, he almost fell two times, but quickly regained his control. Although, monkey bars seemed to be more challenging, Thomas had quite strong arms and manage to end them fast, before he lost too much energy on them. Next was a tunnel that He crawles though, which was around 3 meters long or a bit more, his leg stuck for a second, but he dealt somehow with this problem quite fast. Last was a relatively small climbing wall that was about to be his biggest trouble, as Thomas wasn'tu used to such things, but even with a bit of trouble, he finished it faster than he thought he will. He looked at the screen, 3:00...

The room shifted again and it had now two small like-rockets missile launchers and an iron bat.
"You get a few minutes to rest, as we explain the basics of your power to you, from how it functions to it's weaknesses" the speaker said " You have been given the ability to generate, enchance and manipulate electricity. Such power has many possibilities of use, if you will learn how to do it correctly, which may take lot of time, but its simply a really good power in both offense and defense" it explained. Thomas didn't seemed confused or worried, but lets be fair. After everything that happend? "Let's try by creating simple flash field or in other words try to generate a field of electricity that will surround you. Just focus and try to imagine energy surrounding you" the voice ended.

Thomas did as they say... Well try to, for a long time nothing happened, but then.. After a really long time his lightnings appeard, with amazing light of blue and yellow they surrounded the boy. He could feel they power and heat, but they seemed to avoid his body.

"Good. You seem to be capable to start the tests" The voice has spoken again "Your power is really strong, but it will take a long time to get a hold of control under ypur own powers. Also, it may be dangerous for you to use your power in the water, as your lightnings avoid your body, you aren't immune to electricity and without control, if electricity get to water, it can harm you. Rain wouldn't affect you, but if you stood with your legs in water, it could. Also, as you have a small control of your power, you won't be able to shoot your lightning at any target you want, but if they had metals with them, it could be easier. At your current level, you can also overheat really fast, but don't worry, with time and lots of training you will get rid of most of those weaknesses, well maybe not eith water one. Now your objective is to protect yourself from the fake rockets launchers in the room. Just keep your concentration on your flashfield and it lightnings will protect you from missiles" said voice in the speakers. Then missiles shot rockets, but lightnings destroyed them as soon as they reach their range. However, more launchers were appearing and shooting. Thomas was forced to manifest more lightnings in his field. He was getting incredibly fast tired and his body hurt again.
'Is that... Overheating'
He wondered how long he can keep this up, but after few more minutes, missiles stopped. He fell exhausted at the ground and closed his eyes. He really... Could create electricity.

"Alright that's enough for now. Good job. The guard will now escort you to the dining room. Also remember that power usage on a large scale is prohibited outside your own room, testing and training. If this rule get's broken there will be a severe punishment." the voice through speakers finished and the doors opened. Thomas took his glasses and followed the guards that lead him through hallways to the cafeteria, the room was really small one... Really, really, reaaaally small one. He noticed Jaiden sitting alone on one of the tables. A slight blush appeard on his face as he didn't notice anyone else around and slowly approached her. "Hey Jaiden.." he said shyly then get a hold on himself "So.. Seems that we finished our trainings as first ones" he said and sat down on the same table as her. He made a small smile, trying to look calm, but blush didn't leave his face. "Umm... How did it went?" he asked her.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy stood and watched as the others left, "Subject Angel. It's your turn," said the guard that escorted her here into this room and gestured for her to follow him. After several minutes of walking they arrived at their destination.

"Subject Angel has arrived at the next location. Preparations can begin," the guard reported. The metal door that they were standing in front of opened and the guard gestured for her to go inside. Just as Angel stepped inside the room the door closed behind her. The room was very white.
"Now what?" She said and looked around the room to see if there was anything there. Suddenly a giant TV appeared on the wall and a video with a young adult with visor-like glasses and long white hair with blue tips at the end. After the video ended someone, seemingly speaking through a speaker said, "Subject Angel, get ready for your physical test,"

The room shifted with the whole room almost shaking and something like an obstacle course started to form.
"Your objective is to complete this obstacle course as fast as possible without failing. If you fall you'll get a ten second time penalty on your final time", said whoever spoke through the speakers, "the test will begin when you cross the start line and will finish once you cross the finishing line,"

Normally Daisy wouldn't have been too worried about this test, but her new limbs caused her balance to be slightly off. She looked at the TV, and it had apparently shifted into a giant timer with 00:00 currently on it.

She got into a ready position and started. First was simple platforming that Daisy got through with some ease, next a balancing beam where she fell due to her bad balance, but other than that she got through it quite quickly. Then next up was monkey bars, which proved to be more difficult as she kept bashing her wings but luckily didn't fall. Next was a tunnel that she had to crawl though, which was about 10-13 ft long and she wasn't sure about getting through it. She managed to get through but it took her way ti long as she barely fit as her wings kept moving around. Last was a relatively small climbing wall that was surprisingly easy and she made it up rather quickly and passed the finish line. She glanced at the screen, 4:32 displayed on the giant screen and Daisy was relatively pleased with it, consideringnher current situation.

The room shifted once more with the tv screen disappearing too and the ceiling seemed to extend with multiple perches sticking out from the walls.
"You get a few minutes to rest, as we explain the basics of your power to you, from how it functions to it's weaknesses" Started the speakers," You have been given the ability to fly via your wings. You may have seen powers like this in pop-culture, but wings can be much more versatile than one might think. But today we focus solely on flight itself and landing." it explained, "Now I want you to start with flexing the wings and trying to control them like you would your arms or legs, then we'll work on taking off and flying" the voice continued
"Go ahead and try,"

Daisy stood in the centre of the room and began to focus on her wings, once she started to think of them as part of her, they were surprisingly easy to control and she was starting to enjoy them. She then smiled and crouched down beating her wings against the ground and taking off, before falling on her butt. She stood up and dusted herself off and glared up at the ceiling before crouching down and trying again, this time it worked and she took off, she made it to the first perch and then didn't stop, she continued to fly towards each perch in turn and then tried to land which didn't go as well and she landed on her butt hard again. She sighed and the voice informed her she was finished and she was escorted away from the room, she was taken to a small cafeteria place and she saw Jaiden and Thomas and walked over waving with her right wing casually, "hey guys, how did your tests go" she said as she sat down near them.
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Jaiden looked over as Thomas got into the cafeteria with Daisy shortly arriving after.

"Hey guys. It went pretty well, but this just feels so unreal still.. I mean.. I guess it's cool that we have powers now, but uh.." Jaiden replied to them. She still felt mentally tired from her power testing and her mind felt foggy, as if she couldn't think all that clearly. "How about you guys? How did your tests go?" She asked in return.

Meanwhile somewhere in the facility..
Multiple people wearing lab coats were standing in front of multiple monitors, with most of them being active showing their new subjects testing their new abilities. The researchers were silently discussing for themselves and taking notes of the different results so far.
"How are our new subjects doing?" asked a tall and lanky man with wavy brown, who just got inside the room. He looked like any other generic Lab researcher with his lab coat and all, but the researchers in the room knew exactly who he was, as he was the leader of the facility and the project.
Oh! Um.. Mr. Harwell! We weren't expecting you to come here in person!", one of the researcher replied while the others kept their eyes on the monitors and kept on documenting the results for each subject in their files with their tablets, "The subjects are doing well so far, with none of them showing any signs of high threat or hostility and 3 subjects have shown themselves to be capable of using their powers," the staff member continued with his eyes bouncing around the room trying to avoid direct eye contact with his boss.

"Good.. good.. I hope you don't mind me staying here.. The other subjects were getting a bit restless and difficult to 'work' with, so I came here to rest my mind a bit,"
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"I thought that a leader job never ends, Old man" said a young adult that followed Harwell to the room. He looked at monitor, so those are the first three subjects. "Seems that there are some interesting lab rats. Do you think that we are slowly reaching first step, Old man?"
Thomas greeted Daisy with a wave and turned ro Jaiden as she started to stutter, he just said "Yeah... I can understand..."then he took a deep breath" It went fine, guess that we passed that thing, whatever it was.. But in all honest.. That is too crazy to think logically right now. I wonder what will happen now... It is just one big unknown"

Thomas woke up in his white room... Again, he raised slowly from his bed and changed clothes. He wasn't sure what to do.. After so much time the only things that he was doing was having progress in his powers. As guards was quite cold towards him and others, some kind of scientists-teachers were quite nice to them, although he didn't forget that they made him this super thing. He found a way to with a little zap from the fingers open his metal doors once, but it seemed that they figured out that he is capable of running away as there was a bunch of guards waiting on the other side... So, in other words, he couldn't escape for now and just make progress on his super power in this weird facility.
Boy sighed, he wished that he could see others. They are in fact the only people that could understand him now. He started to do a little warm up and awaited for the guards to open his doors.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Thomas' eyes snapped open, and he groaned out slightly. No, he had not waken up from his nightmare, and was still in fact in this hell hole of a school. Like clockwork, the young man got to his feet, and marked a line in the desk that they had left him. Judging by the amount he left it was about a month since he first arrived. "This god damn place..." He murmered out, before knocking on the door loudly. "Larry, Curly, Moe. Any of you come on and let me out. I'm starving." He called out to the guards, who he lovingly nicknamed as they never learned any of the armoured men and women's names.

While he waited to be escorted to today's classes, he stepped back into the middle of his room, starting to concentrate, and almost meditate.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy had been awake for a while and was currently reading a book on how different birds use their wings to fly, she had asked for the book as a piece of learning material. She was quite enjoying the book as she hovered there, yes hovered, she had mastered the technique of using her wings to keep herself suspended, she could do it quite well now, it used to tire her out due to the constant movement of her wings, but she had gotten used to the strain. She continued to read on, as she saw each bird's wing structure laid out and how each bird flew differently. Her personal attributes were slightly more eagle like, but she could administer different styles if she tried.
Jaiden had been awake in her 'room', for what felt like hours and had readied herself for the day earlier. She was laying on her bed and playing with her powers shifting a small force field ball into different shapes. She'd gotten quite good with handling her powers on a small scale, but she still had some trouble controlling multiple force fields doing different things. It was weird how she had almost gotten used to how things worked there. Food, training, go to your room, some socializing, more training, then more food and finally sleep, that was pretty much their daily schedule and it was really boring once you get used to it. There were still a lot of things pressing on Jaiden's mind, like what would happen to their families, did they even know what had happened to them, but before she could continue thinking the metal door sealing the dark skinned girl inside the room opened up with the two usual guards waiting, and broke the girls concentration on her force-field resulting it to burst like a bubble.

None of them had to say anything, as Jaiden just walked up to them automatically. They escorted her to the 'cafeteria', where she and the other teens would get some breakfast, sometimes an announcement of the days training and to get and socialize with the others who were unfortunate enough to be i the same situation with her. They were lucky enough to get half decant food, as the two potions always were either a sandwich or some 'bland' porridge that the facility served for them. Jaiden just sat at one of the tables and grabbed one of the already prepared sandwiched and waited for the others to arrive.
After a while of waiting, the doors finally opened and Thomas could see familiar faces... Well, helmets.
He was once again escorted by the guards through the hallway. As they didn't say anything, he kinda felt that they don't let their guards down as they probably would do before.. Or maybe he is just telling himself things.
After a long while he reached a cafeteria and as usually Jaiden seemed to be the first one here, he got used to that fact. He also seemed to be in less.. Uneasy when he talks with her or any other person 'like him' in this facility, However his face was still becoming slightly red when he got to talk with her. He took one of the sandwiches and sat on the same table as Jaiden "Morning.. Did you slept well, Jaiden?.." He stuttered a bit, with his face becoming slightly red.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy heard the guards come in and rotated to look at the door, "oh, is it lunch already" she said before placing her book and and landingninnthe ground. She then followed the guards to the cafeteria and once there she took off ever so slightly and glided to the food, landed and then grabbed a sandwich. She then made her way over to Jaiden and Thomas. She took a seat and turned to them "hey guys, what's up with you two". She said as she rested her chin on her hands.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Thomas' eyes snapped open, the sound of the door slidding open breaking his concentration. He could see the usual armoured guards standing on the other side. With a sigh and a huff, the teen got to his feet. "Christ Moe..." He started, slipping his shoes back onto his feet. "I actually shut up for once and you come barging in. Its okay though, you're my favorite. Just don't tell Larry. You know how he gets."

Thomas didn't even know which guard was which, he didn't even know if there was three seperate guards that attened to him. He just called them whatever he felt like in the moment. Eventually, 'Moe' guided Thomas to the cafeteria and sent him on my way. "Send Curly my regards!" Thomas gave a friendly wave, which quickly turned into a middle finger once the guard was out of sight.

Letting out a sigh, he grabbed himself a sandwhich and walked over to the others. "Hey Tommy, Jay, Daisy." He said, giving the best smile he could. When he was around the others, he dropped his annoying asshole persona. "Another day in paradise, ehh?"
Jaiden looked over to the door as one after the other the other teens arrived to the cafeteria. She greeted each of them and turned to the Thomas with blond hair.
"Heh- I guess so.." She replied to the blond. During the month or so that she had spent with the others, she noticed how Thomas acted differently around Jaiden compared to the other two teens. Before she could continue Daisy interrupted the curly haired girl.

"I don't know.. What's up with any of us really, I mean you have wings, I can make some weird force field bubble-things and I don't even know what's the deal with you two," the dark skinned girl replied and gestured towards the Thomases. Jaiden had actually no idea of what the facility had done to them. During the month that they've spent together she hadn't actually really gotten to know the other teens, other than their names of course.
"Well, emm... I can do something like this..." said Thomas and to not hurt anyone, made a flashfield on his left hand, small lightnings zapped between his fingers and gave some warmth and light. He stopped after a while, as he noticed that Jaiden looked at her earlier turned slightly around and blushed weakly. "Well, thats my power, I guess.." he looked at cameras and wondered if he could shut them down... But maybe it would be better to not try it now.
(This first paragraph is a summary of what had happened to him, not what is currently happening.)
Neon was very confused when he first awoke. He was in a room that resembled one in a hospital. He had been told he had been experimented on and had received powers.He had been led to a room, where there were other teens, but he stayed in the corner, as he was in too much shock to talk. He had then been taken to a room where he found out what his powers were. It turned out that he had the power of fire and ice. Fire in his right, ice in his left, which explained why his left side felt pretty cold, and his right side felt pretty hot.

Time skip a month or so, and Neon was walking into the cafeteria. By now, he had gotten used to everything. Two guards surrounded him, one on each side. Since he was so used to everything, he was casually talking to the guards, even though they never talked back to him. “I remember my uncle’s last words before he kicked the bucket.” he told the one on his left. “They were: ‘Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?’” Neon laughed out loud. “I’m hilarious.” The guard didn’t say anything. “You know, one day I’m gonna get you to say something.” Neon said. They then made it to the cafeteria. They pushed him in.“Remember to get that skin cream I told you about! It works wonders! Oh and say hi to the wife for me!” They then closed the door. “What a nice guy.” He said to himself. He then got some food and walked over to a table where the other people were sitting. They didn’t know him, as he hadn’t introduced himself yet, as he had spent the last month getting used to the situation they were all unfortunate enough to be in. But, he had gotten used to it by now, so he went ahead and introduced himself. “Hey there! I’m Neon. You guys have probably seen me around, but I haven’t talked to anybody yet.” He planned on going on, then stopped himself.
“Anyway, do you mind if I sit here? I hate sitting by myself.” He said.
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"I don't mind. By the way I'm Jaiden, that's Daisy over there and then we have the two Thomases," the curly haired replied to Neon and pointed at each teen as she introduced them. She ate her sandwich and looked at the others "I wonder if this place has even more people like us somewhere in here. Y'know, people with superpowers that they didn't ask for.." She said and wondered out-laud, though before she heard anyone reply the speakers started speaking.
"Attention subjects. Today is a bit of a special occasion, as today you'll be practicing teamwork. We recommend that you get to know each other and what your powers are, so you may come up with a strategy later. We wont reveal what your be doing yet, but you'll see once the test starts,"
"Its really nice to meet you Neon" said Thomas as the new boy arrived, he sighed quietly as Jaiden introduce them. "So I am just one of the two, huh..." he said to himself in mind and looked at the floor for a second. Sound from speakers knocked him out from his thoughts. "Teamwork huh... Well, I just told about my power, but basiclly... Its a lightnings and Electricity manipulation" he said loud for everyone to hear him, then he glanced at everyone and gave Jaiden his last glance then looked at the floor again.
Neon’s casual smile turned into a goofy grin. “Nice to meet you all!” He said. He sat down in an empty seat, and as he did, someone on the speakers started saying that they would have to work as a team. “Sweet! Teamwork!” The person on the speaker said they should introduce their powers to each other. “Okay, well, basically, my left side has the power of ice,” He said, and demonstrated by slightly freezing his apple. “And my right has the power of fire.” He demonstrated by creating a flame in his hand. “It’s much more impressive in larger quantities, trust me.” He said.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Daisy smiled at Neon as he introduced himself and his power, "hey that's pretty cool" she said before pointing to her wings "these are about it for my power, I fly. There's not really much more to it I think" she said with a shrug as she finished her food and then sat comfortably waiting to be told where to go, "so what do you think they'll make us do" she wondered out loud as she carefully stroked one of her wing tips that was resting on her lap.
Neon smiled. “Well, flying can be useful for many things.” He said to Daisy. “Like beating the nonexistent traffic in this place.” He joked while poking some sort of mashed potato thing with his fork. He then looked at the Thomas with electricity power. “Neat! If they let us have phones, I would ask you to charge it. It’d be way better than plugs.” He said. (Neon likes to revive the mood when it’s killed/dead.) “Good question.” He said, turning back to Daisy. “My best guess is that we’ll be doing some sort of obstacle course, and each section will need one of our powers, and we’ll have to work together. Or something like that.” He said, finally to skip the mashed potato thing and take a bite out of the non-frozen side of his apple.
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Thomas looked up from his meal once Neon joined. He saw the guy around but never spoke with him. He did a little wave once Jaiden introduced everyone. "You can call me Tommy so we don't get confused, just don't call this one Tommy." He said, pointing back to his fellow Thomas. "Only I'm allowed to do that." He chuckled slightly. Once everyone else spoke up about their powers, Thomas just shrugged. "Can't really show mine off due to my limitations. I basically can summon an aura that can give me abilities of a wolf. Just can't stay active too long or else I'll go feral."
"No, I highly doubt that you are allowed to call me that, like... At all" said Heartstorm to another Thomas with annoyed voice.
Before he could continue with conversation, Guards received some sort of message "We are heading to the training room" said one of them and they opened one of the gates. They lead everyone through the hall, till they reached the 5 different doors.
"Choose one and then go further after you change" said guard and Thomas entered to room with number 2.
He changed to knee-pads, some sort of helmet and chestplate made from hard-plastic. He also put on the gloves and boots. After this he went to another room, it was enormous and it was filled with a trees and he could hear water in somewhere. Probably they were supposed to practice teamwork in fake enviroment.