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Private/Closed Project Super

Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-darker-version-of-your-typical-super-hero-school-rp.21926/

Welcome! You have been accepted to Meadow Academy for talented children. Here we will help you achieve things thought impossible for us humans. We will give you special opportunities that can't be found anywhere else. We hope that you will accept our invitation to our wonderful school.

-Eugene Walker, The Headmaster of Meadow Academy

That was the letter sent from a relatively unknown, but a highly praised school to a bit more than a handful of new potential students. The students that accepted the invitation were being transported to the school separately. Each arriving one by one and not knowing what was waiting for them there.

It was a nice day outside with only few clouds in the sky with the sun brightly shining in the sky when Jaiden stepped out from the car that drove to her new school. It was a bit odd that she was the only one in the car besides the driver, but the curly haired girl didn't put much thought into it as she finally got out to stretch herself after the long and boring ride. With her backpack swung on and duffle bag in hand she got to take her first look at her new school. Meadow Academy was at the outskirts of a medium sized city, some would say that it's even a bit outside of the city. The school building itself was a giant white L-shaped building with a big solid metal door. She started to walk closer to the building with the instructions that the diver gave her repeating inside her head. Go to the door, press the green button beside the speaker and say your name. She got to the metal door, but before she pressed the green button, she glanced behind her to see that the car that drove her here had already disappeared.

"Uh.. It's Jaiden Summers here," she said slightly nervously when she pressed the button. A few seconds later the metal door opened and she stepped inside. There was apparently a secondary metal door behind the main one, which made the black haired girl take a mental note that the school had invested a lot into security.
"Wait in the lobby for the other students to arrive," a speaker suddenly said and made Jaiden jump.
"Alright," she answered automatically and realized that there was probably no use in answering the speaker. She took a seat in one of the sofas in the lobby and put her bags down beside her feet. Apparently she happened to be the first one arrive or something, as she was the only one in the lobby "There's probably going to be a tour or something, so that's why I need to wait for others. I wonder where the Dorms are.. Do we get roommates?", she thought to herself, but then let her mind wander to other things to keep her distracted from boredom while waiting for the other students.


Previously El Spazzino
A boy with brown hair was walking down a street to some very-very-very good academy, trying to sprint all the way there, but the sheer weight of his duffel bags would weigh him down and he would get tired. This boy, Frank Lorme was chosen to go to some weird prestigious school. He was a troublemaker, and Frank knew he was a troublemaker. This startled Frank, because how could some great school pick him? Of course, this might help Frank get some street cred, so he went along with it. He arrived at this school later, staring in awe. Then it struck him.

"I-Is this building giving me the L?" Frank gushed. He pressed a green button and responded, "Frank Lorme here... can I come in?" the metal door near it cleared up and Frank walked in pretty fast in hopes it won't close. He thought nothing of the multiple doors, It's probably just to make sure none of the paparazzi check us in... He walked in the lobby, seeing a dark-skinned girl in a hoodie. Ah, so there are people here! Frank thought, walking in his seat to wait and plan about what to do next, doing a leg bounce thing.
The young boy was riding a black bicycle towards the building in the shape like L. Earlier he flew by plane and rode by bus. He finally arrived at Meadow Academy. Tomasz looked at this quite large building and noticed a huge metal door. "What kind of school needs armored doors?" he whispered to himself.

"Alright.." he pressed the green button "Thomas Heartstorm!.. Can you open the door?" he asked and then the main doors opened, after a while he saw more steel doors and he slowly entered and he get to the lobby. "Oh, It seems that I didn't arrive first.." he said aloud, noticing two people brown haired boy and dark skinned girl. "Umm... Nice to meet both of you" he said and leaned on wall.
Tyler noted three things of varying importance during the car ride to Meadow Academy.
  1. Upon reviewing the fine print on the letter received, he had, evidentially, been accepted under the wrong name —at least that explained the driver’s confusion upon first seeing him. Thankfully, that had been quickly amended... at least colloquially. He wasn’t so sure about the official consensus. Hopefully that would get fixed before official dorm assignment.
  2. The car ride was long, and dead quiet. The only peep he heard from the driver was a curt apology, followed by an order that he, quote, “[Could not] ‘call shotgun’ in an official Meadow Academy vehicle.” He was left to sit in the back, having taken to reading a copy of Animorphs and adjusting the window at his whim. He still didn’t know why his parents weren’t allowed to drive him here—or why the vehicle was completely empty save for the progressively more disgruntled driver and himself.
  3. Despite the fact that Meadow Academy was widely renowned, he found that no one really knew what they were renowned for. In fact, it was a complete mystery why he’d received an application in the first place. His grades were average—he’d been a straight B student since the fourth grade—and his involvement in extracurricular activities was fairly limited. He’d been involved in both football and robotics once upon a time, but he’d taken an indefinite break from football after breaking his leg in three different places (thankfully, it had healed up completely) and had been forcibly kicked off the robotics team for thinking that using school mandated parts to build an automatic flyswatter was a good use of time and resources (it absolutely was). The only reason he found to be selected would be leaving it up to random chance.
Tyler arrived at the school sooner than he’d expected (partially owing to the fact that he’d passed out on the way there), grabbing his bags, muttering a “thanks” to the driver, and ambling up to the school’s gates. The building itself was a behemoth—a large, L-shaped with… was that supposed to be the door? He vaguely remembered what the driver had told him while he was flickering back to consciousness; something about pressing the button and saying his name. He followed suit, pushing down the green button and staring directly into the speaker.

“Tyler Lightfoot.”


He turned around, as if waiting for an additional security measure to kick in. Nothing happened. This wasn’t the movies, after all.
The car was gone.

The boy sighed, motioning to press the button once more, but, thankfully, the door slid open.


Adjusting his bag on his shoulders, he stepped inside, peering behind his shoulder as the door slammed shut behind him. Strange.

The lobby, as he’d begun to call it, was full of a variety of chairs and a couple of sofas, but was otherwise fairly drab. The most eye grabbing feature of the room was the large, circular speaker in the center of the ceiling, along with a pair of poorly hidden security cameras. This room was certainly not meant to offer any privacy.

Evidentially, he hadn’t been the first to arrive. Sitting in a couple of the chairs was a girl practically drowning in her purple sweatshirt, a pair of messy buns atop her head, a boy that was rapidly bouncing his leg, showing off his rams-horn leggings, and a third boy leaning nonchalantly against the wall. Tyler gave the trio a quick wave before settling down on one of the empty couches, dropping his bag at his feet. As much as he’d like to chat, he had quite a bit on his mind about the new school. It was… different, to say the least…
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Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Kiarei woke up and blinked her fatigue away. As the light shone brightly, she looked around and realized she was in a car. Oh right, I'm on my way to my new school. She reached into her tiny backpack that sat on the floor of the car and picked up her letter. After a quick scan, she dropped it back in. She shifted into a sitting position, as she reminisced of the day she got the letter. It was a day much like this one. At first, she had been excited but also a bit scared. None of her friends had gotten accepted, so she would be alone. However, after many conversations with her parents, she realized that this was the school she wanted to go to. As the car slowed to a gentle stop and the door opened, she got out and gasped in amazement at the school.

Perhaps she had been marveling at the scenery for too long, for when she turned around to get her luggage, the driver was gone. Thankfully, he had kindly placed them near her. As a severe over-packer, Kiarei had brought one big suitcase, a duffel bag, and a little backpack. The suitcase was for her clothes and shoes, while her duffel bag was for her dolls and tiny trinkets. In her backpack, she had her sewing kit and the letter. If there was an option to transfer her belongings here, her parents hadn't taken the offer. She lengthened the handle of the suitcase so that she could drag it, and placed the duffel bag on top of the suitcase. After preparing herself mentally, she walked up to the button and pressed it. "Kiarei Risa," she stated, not one to draw out conversations. After a moment the door opened and she stepped inside.

She looked back for a moment at the second door and wondered why there was so much security. Not to mention, they're metal doors too. As the speaker repeated its message for her to wait, she glanced around the room. Apparently there were four others who were earlier than her. Thankfully, she was not alone with another person. After a moment, she sat down on the opposite end of the couch of a boy with messy brown hair and released her hold on her suitcase. A quick look over the room told her that nobody had brought more than a duffel bag along aside from her. "Was there an option to ship your stuff here or something?" she asked the stranger as she ran her right hand through her hair. Normally she wouldn't be the one to start a conversation, but she had to know the answer. Dragging around the heavy luggage had left her tired even before official school-time started.
"I don't know.." said Thomas, kinda happy that someone finally killed the silence in this room. He turned to the girl that asked the question. She was messing with her long, black hair. "I didn't know what to take with me.. Hmmm, I have also a question to you all. What kind of school needs armored doors?" he asked and took a look at everyone. It was weird, really weird. Thomas was worried, he didn't know, why exacly.. But it wasn't normal. He stopped leaning on the wall and took of his glasses to look at them, as he sometimes did, when he was thinking.
It didn't take long for the other students to arrive to the school building, but it did take a while for someone to actually break the silence. Jaiden herself would've probably broken a while ago, but somehow there was something odd the rooms atmosphere. Maybe it was the mystery around this place? After all, Meadow Academy was a highly praised school, but for unknown reasons. Even though the curly haired girl tried to let her thoughts wander, they would always come back to ask questions about this whole thing. Luckily her train of thought stopped every once in a while when a new person entered the room. Right now there were four other people in the room. A short looking boy with brown hair sitting and tapping his foot, a blonde boy who broke the barrier of only saying one word (with no one answering), a black messy haired boy who was also sitting in one of the sofas and the newest arrival, a thin looking girl with straight black hair and multiple bags. Jaiden gaze shifted from the thin girl to the boy with the blue hoodie when they spoke.

"I don't know? This school apparently,".
“You both raise good points, but I don’t feel as if now’s the best time to chat about that,” Tyler gestured vaguely towards one of the security cameras under the guise of fixing his hair. “If anything, we may as well find some way to kill time while we’re in here—Meadow Academy is fairly secretive about their selection process, so who knows how many students they’ve invited this year. There could be double the amount of people by the time we’re allowed to leave this room or, well, it could just be the five of us.”

After a moment of silence, he turned to the girl who had sat next to him on the couch. She was dressed very nicely (in a way that made Tyler feel a bit self-conscious), had long, jet-black hair and certainly didn’t appear to know the meaning of ‘travelling light’. Whereas he’d only brought a duffel bag with a few changes of clothes, some reading material, and his DSi, she’d seemingly taken to bringing everything she owned to the academy with her. He gestured to one of the three bags with his shoe, “I don’t suppose you have another student in there, do you?” he quipped, a smirk spreading across his lips.
“Sorry if you were talking to me earlier, I, ah, wasn’t paying attention. I don’t blame you for packing extra,” he glanced over at the metal doors. “It doesn’t look like we’re going to see home anytime soon.”

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
"Who the hell was the architect here." These were the first words muttered out of Ian Simon's lips as he stepped out of the car that drove hin to the elusive Meadow Academy. Right of the bat, Ian didn't trust the letter of acceptence. He's seen enough movies and read enough comics to know letters from mysterious places are not to be trusted.

Despite these worries, his parents were estatic at the news and within a few hours, had already packed up everything he needed. After a long bus ride and very awkward car ride, he arrived. Standing in front of a god damn L. Letting out a tired breath, Ian approached the metal door, his eyes drawn to the green button he was instructed to push. "Reaaaally giving off creepy vibes..." He sighed, but figured it waw just parinoia. It's just a school. And apparently a top notch one at that. With this, Ian pressed the button, said his name.

After a few seconds, the door slid open and Ian stepped through the door and into the lobby. There were alreadg others here, chatting with one another, now he was the weird nerd that just stepped in. "Umm, hiya?" He did a little awkward wave to his fellow students.


Previously El Spazzino
Frank was laying down on the couch, pulling out a book called, 'Francis of the Filth' by George Miller.
"Hey, there's more people, I don't remember that, haha." He said, acting more chill than suspicious of this place, "This place seems cool, even if the building gave me the L. Is it because I got limbs, maybe?!" He sighed,

"Look, if we got picked, then we must be pretty special. We may not know, but we do, and that's awesome!" Frank said, getting up, hauling his goliath of a bag next to the wall, running towards the center. "We should introduce ourselves once we're sure all of us are here, or sooner." He shouted, radiating such an upbeat vibe.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Kiarei glanced at the boy who had responded to her question before glancing over at the girl who spoke. Thankfully, the group did not seem like one that blabbered on endlessly, quite the opposite in fact. As the boy she was currently sharing the couch with spoke, she directed her gaze to him before scanning the room, gazing at everybody. I might have to spend the year with only these people. Disbelief made its way into her mind, but she shook it off and redirected her gaze back to the amber-eyed male in front of her. "It's okay, my question got answered," she said before thinking back to what he said.

"Another student?" she asked rhetorically as she mentally recounted which dolls she had brought with her. She did seem to bring one doll wearing a school uniform. "Not an alive one," she quipped before she winced as she realized how weird that must've sounded. "A doll, it's a doll," she explained hurriedly before sighing. After another pause, she stated, "I'm not the best at social interactions, so sorry if I ever come off as rude." If she were to spend the rest of her year with a little number of people, making enemies was probably not the best move to make. As she thought, the door opened once more to reveal a tall, black-haired stranger. That would make the total amount of us six. She waved back at him but didn't offer a verbal greeting. The previous one she had minutes ago already tired her out.

However, almost immediately after the new boy entered, one that had previously entered before her ran to the middle of the room, shouted energetically, and proposed they introduced themselves. She decided to get it out the way and after a quick mental rehearsal in her head, got up. "Hello, my name is Kiarei Risa, I'm a fifteen year old with a special interest in dolls," she said before she sat back down. It was brief, but it should suffice. After all, they had a plethora of time to get to know each other well.


Previously EeviumZ
So far, this hadn't been what Alison Silverstone had expected.
The bouncy teen had been picked up and immediately attempted to call shotgun, only to be told she couldn't. That was a disappointment in itself, so her mood was already a bit downcast.
The building seemed strange, and the architecture was a bit weird in her opinion. Nevertheless, she stepped in, seeing a group of six other teens, all either slightly younger or slightly older than her. She waved awkwardly, before sitting down.
Thomas looked at the security camera, as Tyler gestured at it. "What, that's normal that school has security cameras... But armored door... What is that place?" Thomas thought.

When Frank said that they may introduce themselfs. He wasn't very eager to do this, but when Kiarei introduced herself. He thought for a while and finally said "Thomas Heartstorm, nice to meet all of you. I will soon be 15 years old. I like to draw and work on computers and etc." he introduced himself.

He noticed later girl with long, blue hair and waved back to her as greetings. "Well, With our new friend, there are seven of us in total right now..." he said in mind. Taking another glance at everyone, trying to memorize them.
The sun proudly bore itself from within the skies on this fine morning, telling everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves today. Despite that, there was a certain brown haired boy making his way down the sidewalk, with a very… uncomfortable face. He firmly squeeze the strap of the bag that was properly placed upon his back, before turning around and letting out a heavy sigh.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Maxi’s other hand softly placed it’s palm over his face, as if he was in disbelief. “Stygi I’ll be fine, trust me oka-”

“Woof!” The doberman intercepted the boy’s words with a certain intensity and continued to walk behind Maxi, somehow displaying the skepticism he held in his eyes.

Maxi’s shoulders slumped in defeat, but his feet pressed on. “Attempt 73.. failure.” This walk was killing him, with the fact of that Stygi was still behind him, proved to only make it that much worse. “Maaan. I wonder if that car earlier was trying to pick me up? Doubt they’d let me ride with Stygi tagging along, anyway.” Maxi soon went on autopilot, only taking it off once he noticed the big ‘L’ shaped building, suddenly towering before him.

“Shoot, there goes the chills.” He stated as his eyes wandered around the building’s perimeter, attempting to find the entrance. “This place is bigger than I thought.” The boy began to feel hesitant, but he made his way over to the large metal door regardless, only turning around one last time to instruct his quadrupedal companion. “Alright boy, listen up. Stay quiet and don’t say anything, you’ll see that I’m safe here soon. Trust me.”

With that, Maxi stood up and faced the metal door head-on, taking one final gulp as if to muster up any confidence left inside himself. “I’m Maxi Lowell and I’m here with nobody else.” He shook his head with overbearing self disappointment, but to his surprise the door opened. “Huh, okay...” As he stepped inside, he was greeted with a diverse cast of characters, either sitting down or doing their own things.

“Heeeyoooo! Sorry about my dog here, he’s stubborn and overprotective.” He greeted, trying to sound friendly and welcoming, but fate made his words cringe worthy and rash. “I’ll get him out soon, just don’t snitc- hot damn…” His words lost its energy upon noticing the security cameras plastered on the walls, it was undoubtedly the end for him. Kicked out on the first day, woohoo nice job, Maxi.


Previously El Spazzino
This short boy said in a very arrogant tone, "Well, I am Frank Lorme," putting out a hand for high-five, quickly high fiving himself. He acted like he was putting up his glasses, when he, in fact, did not, "And I'm 14 years old! I wonder what we're gonna do here...?" He stood straight in an awkward manner, in an awkward silence, with an awkward face. Ramramramramramramramriddidddy ramram. Is what his thought process was for about, eh, 30 seconds, give or take.

"So!" His body snapped back to action, switching to his talkative nature, "I should go sit back down, now... give someone the spotlight, y'know?" He ran back to his seat, stumbling a bit and landing into his seat, eyeing the place. He made sure to mentally note all these things.
At the entrence to the school arrived young adult with shoulder-length black hair and a pair of blue visor-like glasses. Behind them, he had a light green eyes. He was wearing white jacket and blue jeans. He slowly approached boy with spiky hair and his dog. "Maxi Lowell, I presume.. I received an information that you didn't met with our driver." said the man and smiled as he noticed doberman. "You are probably the only one that bringed friends from home. Hi there" he told to the dog. "Let me help you" he pressed the green button. "Maxi Lowell and Vitalio Kilabadai" as he said this, the metal doors slowly open. "Let's join the rest"


Vitalio went to the lobby, where the rest of students were waiting. Thomas has noticed the man quickly. After a few seconds, Vitalio stood in the middle of the room "I am glad that all of you had a safe trip. My name is Vitalio and I am Deputy Headmaster of this school. I want to apologize for this amount of security. You all are our tresures and not so long ago, terrorist group attacked Meadow Academy, so Headmaster decided to not let something like this happend ever again. That's why, without our permission. Nobody is able to go here. All of you are here, becouse we think that you are special. Every single one of you and we will try to help you become even more special. All of our graduates are famous people. Great scientists, sportsmens and etc. I believe that you will feel great in our Academy. Welcome to Academy, that doesn't know the word impossible, Meadow Academy"
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Jaiden switched her gaze towards the entrance and saw three figures walk in, with one of them being a dog. The young adult claimed to be the deputy headmaster of this school. They sure had a strange dress code for a school, as the curly haired girls gaze was fixated on Vitalio's strange glasses. Right after the deputy headmaster finished his little speech a weak hum could be heard from the speakers in the middle of the room. The hum switched to psssss and a strange gas filled the room. Jaidens vision started to become blurry and in seconds she had passed out.

The curly haired girl shot into a sitting position with a yelp escaping her mouth. Her whole body was aching. She was confused as to where she was, as she appeared to be in a mostly empty room that had an abnormally high ceiling. Inside the room was a desk, simple wooden chair to accompany it, bed she was currently laying in, a security camera and a small speaker high up on the upper corners of the room, a similar metal door as the entrance to the building with no buttons or speakers and her bags that she had brought with her on the floor. She started examine herself to try and find the root her pain, but noticed she was currently wearing something very similar to a hospital gown, she looked down beside her bed to discover her purple hoodie and jeans laying on the floor next to the bed. She didn't find what caused her body to ache, but her body also started to feel heavy, as if it was completely worn out.

Questions started to pop up in Jaidens head. She was confused as to what had happened to her, where she was and what happened to the others in the lobby. Was she still in the school? Why does it feel like everything hurts? What happened to her clothes? More and more questions came to her head with no answers, but the dark skinned girls thoughts stopped as she heard someone speak.

"Welcome students to Meadow Academy, a school for specially gifted children. You might be wondering what happened and why were you knocked unconscious. If you haven't noticed already, this is a research and experimentation facility. You are one of the very few to be selected to be a part of our project. What we mean is that you are one of the very few in the world to have received "super powers", as you may call it. You have been given a chance to become a "real" super hero to protect those who are incapable to protect themselves against great dangers . You'll achieve this goal by going through a special training to help you control and use your newly received abilities. We will also continue your education along with our program. There have rules with great consequences if not followed. Your first day of 'Meadow Academy' will start tomorrow, so rest now. Tomorrow is a new start," a calm male voice said and what seemed to be a prerecorded message ended there.

The message had left Jaiden, even more confused than before.
"Why me?" she simply muttered out with a shaky voice to herself. It was clear that she was at the brink of crying, but she didn't have the strength to do so and changed her sitting position so that she had her arms wrapped around her knees with her trying to understand what had just happened to her until she finally fell asleep.
Thomas listened to the Deputy Headmaster, but he couldn't focus, becouse of his weird glasses. After a second he heard a strange sound and slowly fell at the ground, losing his consciousness.

He woke up in a bed... A bed. Tommy jumped out of bed and looked around, he was in a room. He examined the room, chair, desk, Metal doors, camera, speaker... Yup, he definitly ended up in prison or something really similar. His entire body was in pain, especially his chest. He was wearing hospital gown "At least I am not naked..." Then he heard a speech of the voice from the speaker.. "... As I could sleep here!!" he yelled.

From his entire body emanate electricity. Blue lightnings surrounded his body, but he fell at the floor after the few seconds, tired. His entire body hurt even more. "Why... Ehh, you want to play like this, fine" he stood up. He took his glasses from the desk and put them on. "See you tommorow then, you freak" he wanted to show middle finger to the camera, but he didn't do it in the end. He just stuck out his tongue and fell at the bed. His pain and thoughts didn't let him sleep though.. He was awake for few hours and eventually fell asleep for a while.
Alright, this was getting more strange by the second. The Deputy Headmaster didn't seem as if he cared about Stygi being there, it's kind of looked like he enjoyed his company nonetheless. Strange. I thought for sure, I was gonna get the boot. Suddenly, Maxi could no longer feel his legs and his vision began to go blurry and then ultimately... pitch black.

Maxi would soon erupt from a bed, whilst in some kind of hospital gown. That's all he could really pick up, before he felt a sharp pain seemingly shoot throughout his entire body. Although it wasn't as bad as the pain that continuously pulsed in his head. He firmly placed both palms on his face and let out a short cry due to the overbearing sensation of aching. That was when he heard a voice coming from somewhere, no... it wasn't the audio recording that was playing- this felt like it was coming from within. The boy closed his eyes and focused on that voice.

D.. worr.. Ma..i.. I. you


Don't worry Maxi, I'll protect you.

Maxi didn't know what to make of this, was that him trying to comfort himself? Nah, it didn't sound like him at all. Well whatever the case, this definitely wasn't the time to try and figure it out. Therefore with gritted teeth, Maxi fell back on the bed and gazed directly at the ceiling above, closing his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep, despite all the questions that lingered in his mind.
One moment Tyler was taking in the new appearance of the deputy headmaster—with his borderline sci-fi glasses and immaculately kept pin-straight black hair—the next, the boy felt his vision start to fuzz at the edges. The features of every student there began to blur together in his mind. The girl in the oversized sweatshirt had already slumped over, unconscious. No, no, no—he couldn’t fall asleep now. He had so much to ask… he had to change his records… he…
Reaching a hand out to grip the handle of his bag, Tyler fell like a stone to the ground, fully enveloped in the inky blackness of unconciousness.

His clothes were gone.

That was the first thing he noticed upon his awakening. He had been adorned in nothing but a hospital gown, his outfit left lying on the bedside table.

What happened? Where am I?

The feeling was all too familiar—seeing the edges of his vision slowly fade to black as the pain in his chest and the lack of air in his lungs forcibly dragging him, kicking and screaming, into the realm of slumber.

What was new, however, was the pain. A broken rib—a broken bone, felt more localized. It hurt, like a barrage of hot needles being stabbed over and over into your skin, each throb of the wound hurting more than the last. This was a different sensation. His blood felt like liquid lead in his veins—white hot, sending a burning sensation through his heart that travelled to his head all the way down to his fingertips. Upon looking down at his arms, he half expected them to be dancing with flickering embers. Instead, he found an IV firmly embedded in his wrist.

Hearing the announcement over the newfound roar in his ears was difficult, but he’d gotten the gist. They weren’t invited to Meadow Academy as students, but rather as lab rats. Just another batch of fresh meat to succumb to their testing. He didn’t believe for a moment what the voice had said about superpowers—if they wanted to make them feel better about being injected with chemicals and left alone to rot, they’d have to do it in a way that felt more real. A new fire began to ignite in his veins, not one of pain, but of pure, unfiltered anger. The burst of adrenaline didn’t last long, however, as his body quickly recompensed for its bit of remaining fire, making him feel more even more sluggish than before.

Tyler checked the bag on the IV pole. Empty. Grimacing, he yanked the needle from his arm, tossing it against the wall. “Specially gifted my ass,” he muttered, shuffling himself off the hospital cot to get re-dressed. He desperately hoped that his sweatshirt alone would be enough to disguise his chest.

Ignoring the throbbing pain that desperately made him wish to become dead to the world once more, he tried the handle on the door. Locked. Of course, what was he expecting. He crawled back onto the bed, rapidly examining his surroundings. Truth be told, there wasn’t much. Any and all medical tools had been removed, and the only evidence of a procedure in the first place was the blinding pain behind his temples and the stray droplets of blood on the discarded gown that almost certainly belonged to him. The rest of the room smelled strongly of bleach and rubbing alcohol—whatever nightmare had been here before was gone now.

He sent one last glare at the security camera before drawing the curtain around his cot and slowly, but surely, giving into the siren song of sleep.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Kiarei stared steadily at the deputy headmaster as he made his speech. She had a habit of observing how everybody looked. It may have been creepy, but it came in handy before in the past. As she finished her assessment and looked down at the dog, she heard a hissing noise. After a couple of seconds, a strange gas filled the room. About half of her classmates had already been affected by it before her eyes drifted to a close and she slumped against the couch.

Her eyes flew open as she slowly came back to her senses. A little later, she managed to pull herself into a sitting position. For an unknown reason, her body felt heavy. It ached as if knives had been stabbed into her. Since she had never broken any bones in her body, she didn't know what that pain felt like. This has got to be worse though. She decided, as she looked over herself and realized that her clothes were replaced with a loose gown. She couldn't remember the last time she had worn something similar to it. As she gazed at her arm, the sight of the needle weirdly calmed her down. She gingerly took off the iv and set it aside.

Moments later, she glanced around the room. It was quite sparse. Apart from her luggage, the room only held a desk with a chair, and the bed she was on at the moment. However, a second inspection later and she realized there was also a security camera and a speaker. Not to mention, the room housed an awful smell. However, she was not in the mood to decorate, so she would fix all of it tomorrow. The small trinkets I brought should lighten up the room a bit. And I'm sure I brought at least one perfume to spray around the room. Though she rarely used perfume, there were a few smells that soothed her.

As she listened to the announcement, a look of disgust crossed her face. In the past when she was a little child, she would've probably complained to her dolls. After a moment of decision, she got up off her bed and walked over to her bags. She slowly opened the duffel bag, the zipping noise the only sound she heard aside from her breathing and her light footsteps. She picked up a doll, only looking at it after she closed her bag. It was one of the dolls she had yet to decorate. While she sometimes bought decorate dolls, she accessorized the majority of them herself.

As she walked back to her bed, she saw the needle once again. Anger at the fact that she had been used as an experiment, confusion at what was happening to her, and a slight sadness at the fact that something did happen welled into one as she picked up the needle and stabbed the doll. Satisfaction hit her like a sack of bricks and her breathing slowed to a normal speed. She glanced around the room once more before she walked back over to her baggage. If she were to even get an hour of sleep, she would have to change into something more comfortable first.

After dumping the hospital gown on the floor and changing into a more comfortable nightgown, she grabbed the blanket she had brought and trudged back to her bed. Since she got cold easily, she always brought something to keep her warm while she traveled. I knew my tendency to overpack would come in handy someday. With a sad smile on her face, she laid under the blanket. Many questions fought to the top of her mind, but she pushed them away as she tried to grasp onto sleep. At least now I know why there's so much security. Eventually, she drifted off into a natural sleep, though she tossed and turned throughout the night.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Ian's eyes snapped out, as he sat up quickly with a harsh gasp. "Ahh hell!" He cursed out, his entire body aching at even moving. It felt like every bone in his body was pulled out and rearranged, his skin leaving a lingering pain that seemed like it didn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Looking down to glance at his skin, he noticed...He was in a hospital gown.

Ian's surrounding's became more clear, as the skeptical teen's worst fears seemed to have come true. "Oh no no no no..." The sight of the room he was in, essentially a prison cell, it terrified him. "Who did this! I knew this place was bad news! Let me out!" He yelled out as loud as possible. Before he could say anymore, a voice boomed over the speaker. Seemingly a proper 'welcome' message.

It left Ian stunned, standing in shock. "Super powers? Make us Super Heroes! Yeah right. Because this is the kind of place to make someone a goddamn hero!" Putting all his force into his fist, he punched the wall to let off some steam. But the state his body was in, it only just hurt him more. He fell back, gripping his fist and cursing. Pressing his back to his bed, he shut his eyes, drifting off to sleep, praying to whoever would listen that he'd wake up from this nightmare.


Previously EeviumZ
...The world was blurred, until it wasn't.
The teen blinked awake, her brown irises clouded, dark circles beneath her eyes. Her blue hair was slightly in her face, and her normal clothing had vanished, having been replaced with a white hospital gown.
Wait.... WHAT?
She came to her senses quickly, the world clearing up again. She was in a near empty room, with only a few bits of simple furniture. She noticed the high ceiling, and the fact that there were no windows to be seen.
She didn't need to hear the "speech". She'd seen enough movies to know what was happening here.
Annoyed with herself for being such an idiot, she shouted something rather profane, directed towards the people who had put her here. She then sit down, bringing her knees to her chest, beyond stressed.


Previously El Spazzino
His face immediately turned to this 'Deputy Headmaster'. He only paid attention to the parts where it said he was awesome. When the gas fsssshed out, he tripped when his fight or flight instincts kicked in and passed out.
"Eugh..." He ached as he woke up in an empty room, on an uncomfortable bed. Haybales and alleyways feel better than this... He thought about the room. He laid on his fluffy jacket listening to the speech go on and on.
"I guess this is co- wait, no, nononono, this is not cool." He convinced himself that being experimented was not a good situation to be in. He was too tired to care, until he heard an ethereal sound emit from his palms, and glancing at his palms, finding a leaf in the size and shape of a small letter. He unfolded the leaflet, and a dark blue ram gushed out from it.
"WoahOAHOAHOAH!" He said in awe before falling to the floor, witnessing the leaf letter evaporate in a dark blue vapor, and along with the ram when they slammed into the metal door.
"...So, this is what I can do? Not gonna lie, that's soooo awesome." He told himself.
Thomas eventually woke up and changed his clothes to his normal ones. He searched his backpack and found a book titled 'Ogniem i mieczem' (Fire and sword). He didn't read much of it however, as he heard new annoucement. "Attencion!!! Dear students! We want to test your physical capabilities! You are going to be escorted to special, earlier prepared training room. You will be escorted there by leaving your rooms in chosen by us order. After the two minutes after taking one of you there we will take second one, untill you all reach your destination" said the voice through speaker, with monotonous thone of voice. Tommy frowned and after a second, his doors opened "So.. I am first"

Thomas was escorted by a guard of some sort, prepared to deal with electricity power. He had baseball bat, guns that Thomas never saw before or heard about and black non-conductive clothing with a mask. He was completely covered by his clothes, to not have any slits. He wasn't very talkative, as Thomas tried to ask questions. The man just noded or didn't made any reaction at all.

"I wonder if others are fine... They are probably in the same situation like me.. Curse the one that made this place. I get what happend but.. I can't accept it.." Tom was thinking.

He eventually reached big, white room, that almost looked like that one in matrix movie, white walls probably were made for room to seems bigger than it is. "Azure Bolt, in our opinion you don't wear a proper outfit for the test. Go to the changing room" said the guard and gave him a white t-shirt and black shorts, then pointed at the small door in the back, door to the changing room. It took Thomas a while after he called him 'Azure Bolt...' Experiment or super hero name of some sort. Thomas didn't give a crap about this.

As he changed, Thomas noticed on his body something weird. He had on his chest tatooed AS-02...some kind of code? He didn't know, he also had sewn wound after operation a bit under it.

He finally walked out from changing room. He looked around again. Cameras were everywhere... "Now, We will wait for the rest"
"Excuse me, what does AS-02 means?" asked Thomas.
"Hmm, isn't that simple to figure out? You are a replacement for AS-01"

"Replacement... Someone had much earlier AS-01 and I am a replacement... This is sick..."

"Oh, Deputy Headmaster! Its an honor, Vitalio sir..." said one of 'probably scientists that looked at the white room from cameras. They had prepared microphone, if they wanted to tell something to students.
"Don't worry, I just came here to watch our new students.." said Vitalio, he sounded serious and it didn't suit his clothes and blue visor-like glasses.
Jaiden woke up to the message from the speakers. She didn't sleep well, as she kept waking up. She listened to the message and she was still unsure what "Meadow Academy" had done to her specifically, but she tried to wrap her head around it all. She got up to change her clothing from the hospital gown to her usual clothing except she didn't put her hoodie on and instead wrapped around her waist and tied the sleeves together with a knot. When she changed her clothing she noticed 'SS-03' written on the side of her body. What was that supposed to mean?

Just as Jaiden finished dressing herself the metal door to her room opened and behind standing was some sort of a guard. The guard's equipment looked like it was made to deal with something quite specific. The guard had a armored helmet (which protected the whole head), body armor and some weaponry that looked like it came straight from a sci-fi movie. The guard also had a big flash light with multiple buttons and wires hooked on a battery, which rested on the guards back.

"Looks like it's my turn," she muttered to herself and walked over to the guard. During the walk Jaiden tried asking multiple questions such as, 'why do you have that big flash light?', 'where are we going', 'why are you people doing this' and so on. The guard didn't react or answer to any of her question and just kept walking. Eventually they reached a big white room and the dark skinned girl noticed that someone else had arrived before her.

"Subject Shell Shield has successfully arrived on destination without further complications," the guard reported as he pushed a button on their helmet. Jaiden looked at the guard confused. "'Shell Shield'? What was that supposed to be? Is it a code name of some sort? Oh wait. SS could be short for that 'Shell Shield', but what's that 03 then supposed to be then?" she thought to herself. The guard who escorted her suddenly stared at the curly haired girl.

"Your clothing seems to be proper for our test, but please leave your excess clothing in the changing room," He said and pointed towards a door in the back. Jaiden didn't question the guard and did as commanded. She did a brief visit to the changing room to leave her hoodie there and returned. Her gaze was now fixated on the blond boy and the guard who had accompanied him there. She recognized him as one of the other students in the lobby before this all went down, but she couldn't seem to remember his name. Before Jaiden got a chance to say anything to him the guard cut her of with, "Now we wait for the rest, before we begin,"
Tyler couldn’t sleep.

After his brief nap, he had searched the ten-by-ten space for what seemed like hours. Unfortunately, he hadn’t accomplished much. He’d already fallen asleep in his clothes the night before, and the staff hadn’t been kind enough to provide him with an additional set. The lightswitch didn’t respond to his touch, leaving him to pace around in the dark. The room was just as empty as he’d seen it at first glance, presumably on purpose. Any and all drawers were shut tight, reinforced with a lock opened only by a key he could not find. The only items that offered any clue as to the truth of the situation was a single droplet of black ink, the bag hanging from the IV pole (whatever was on the label had been twice redacted; holding it up to the light pouring through the crack in the door offered no answers), a blocky permanent marker, and a clipboard with a sheet of paper detailing a bit of his information. He quickly took to marking out fields on his own file. Name: he frowned, scribbling it out until the ink bit through the paper. He left only what had been deemed an alias, “Tyler”. In a matter of moments, his date of birth, blood type, post code—all of the information he’d provided at the time of his scouting—all of it, in moments, had been coated in a haphazard wave of black. They most certainly had another copy on hand—no one would be careless enough to leave the sole copy of that information alone within arms reach of a patient who was more than likely going to be extremely angry at their endeavors, but the little act of rebellion still felt satisfying nonetheless.

The only part of the file untouched by his indiscriminate redaction was a serial code.
MI - 00 [Mimic]
The remainder of the printer paper offered no elaboration, unfortunately. If anything, it seemed randomly generated... almost. MI could stand for “Mimic”, or… Michigan, but he doubted it was that simple. The pair of zeroes only added to the mystery.

Finally, long after the ruined document had been tossed aside, he felt his eyelids grow heavy, some unseen force lulling him back to sleep…
…only for the lights to switch on and the school announcement to echo through the speakers mere moments later.

Like clockwork, exactly four minutes after the chime of the alarm had echoed throughout the hospital room, Tyler was retrieved (extracted, more accurately), by a pair of guards with steely expressions and equally tough iron grips on his wrists. The pair practically dragged him out of the room, his clothes having been tentatively deemed “test appropriate” (whatever that meant) so long as he ditched the sweatshirt. Reluctantly, he complied, only tossing it on the floor once they had reached the white room.

At last, the guards released hold of Tyler’s wrists, one of them immediately reaching towards a button on a device roosting atop his ear. “Subject 00 has arrived at the destination. Bring out the next subject.”

Great. Now he wasn’t even being given a name at all. Now he was just a pair of goose eggs written down on a piece of paper and… wait.
The same code he had seen written down on the clipboard in the operation room had been freshly inked onto his shoulder, the surrounding skin still red and inflamed. Immediately he attempted to rub it off as if it were a temporary tattoo. No dice.
…He was going to have a lot of explaining to do once he saw his parents.

He had too many questions and, quite clearly, not enough time to get all of the answers, so he instead chose to remain silent. Instead, he spared a glance at the pair who had been dragged here before him. He recognized them from the waiting room—somewhat, at least. The girl he recognized right away, her signature pair of buns still poised atop her head, but the boy was a bit more difficult. Was he the one with the dog? No, obviously not. Plus, this boy’s hair was blonde. He vaguely remembered him mentioning something about… drawing, was it? Truth be told, he hadn’t been paying much attention. He’d have to go with that.
They had probably both introduced themselves at some point, but no matter how much he racked his memory, he couldn’t seem to remember their names.
He spared the pair a wave, only to immediately return to staring at the far wall once the tense atmosphere of the testing room began to weigh down on his shoulders. Introductions would have to wait… yet again.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Kiarei woke up and looked around the room. After she made sure it hadn't just been a nightmare, she slowly got off her bed and went to change. Once she was clothed in her normal attire, she reached for her comb. She brushed it through her hair as she gazed at the doll she had previously stabbed yesterday. She couldn't remember exactly what she was feeling, but she recalled it feeling somehow right. As she set down the brush, the intercom blared out a message once again. She gasped in surprise and ran towards her suitcase, already halfway undressed when she approached. As she rummaged through the suitcase, she realized something was on the side of her leg. She stifled a scream, with a thought that it was a bug, but soon realized it was just a code of sort. VD-00, how weird.

Though she wasn't fond of exercising, she had packed a few pairs of sporty clothes just in case. She now sported a pair of exercise shorts, and a comfortable though still relatively tight t-shirt. She had traded her usual boots out for a pair of sneakers that were, seemingly brand new. She was never one to involuntarily exercise, but even she wasn't stupid enough to attempt the exam in her usual attire. Not to mention, imagine if I showed up with what I normally wore and they provided me with clothes. She shuddered as she remembered the loose gown she had woken up in yesterday.

Soon after she finished changing, the doors opened. As she stepped outside her room, she immediately saw the guard. He seemed to be dressed in a full-body suit and a helmet. The suit didn't seem to be over-the-top protective, but it left no skin visible. On his waist, there hung a doll-sized bag along with a tiny bag and a pair of handcuffs, it also held two weapons. A baton and a gun of sorts that she had never seen before. The guard hustled her away to her destination. From the brisk pace they moved at, they arrived relatively fast. There had been an awkward silence in which none had tried to speak, and she was fine with that.

As they slowed to a stopping point, she stepped forward into the room. The guard announced the arrival of someone named Ms.Voodoo, after a pause she realized he must've been referring to her. She thought back to the code she had seen a few minutes prior. The guard's voice snapped her out of her trance. "Your attire is acceptable, stay silent and wait for the arrival of others," he said. She looked around the room, seeing three others besides her. Jaiden, Thomas, and Tyler, she remembered suddenly. Memorizing personal information, even about strangers, was a strange talent of hers. She sighed and closed her eyes as she waited, hoping that there was still a chance this was all a nightmare.
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Ian sat on the bed, staring at the door. All he wanted was to get out, but it was obvious he'd not be able to any time soon. No way this 'school' was lax about it's security. He'd have to play along for now and plan his escape from this hell hole. And hey, he had super powers now, apparently. It could be easier than he thought. Hearing the announcment, Ian got to his feet and changed into a pair of jogging pants and a plain white t-shirt.

He noticed a marking that rested along his upper arm. MT-02. "Not exactly how I envisioned my first tattoo..." Before he could inspect it further, the door suddenly slid open, a guard in heavy gear standing on the other side. Not an inch of the man underneath could be seen. "Your turn MT-02, follow me." The guard spoke in a sterm commanding voice. "Sure thing Buzz Lightyear, lead the way." Ian muttered as he got back on his feet and followed the man.

The entire way down, Ian's eyes were darting left and right, trying to get an understanding of his surroundings. "Don't get any funny ideas Metal." Metal, must be another 'code name' At least it sounded cool enough. "Nah, just apprciating my new school. Really like the prison feel you got, very chic." The guard ignored Ian's pestering, instead just pushing the student into the room with the others. "Metal is on site, over." With that, he left. Ian made his way over to the gathering of fellow students.


Previously El Spazzino
Frank was moving in his sleep, more instinctively. This, was because he was having a nightmare. Now, Frank didn't have many nightmares these days, but Frank was shaken up from this predicament.
"Eh, probably to the, recent changes in scenery." He said to convince himself that it was just a dream. Frank paced around his quote-on-quote room. The boy was toying around with his newly found power. For now, he could only summon spirit rams, and they are so soft. He was playing with them for hours, and soon, he pulled up his pants to his knees, to be more faster and not so-not cold. He noticed a certain thing that looked like it was a serial code on the side of his legs. It read,

'CM-07'. Huh, cool. Wonder what that stand for...? He wondered.

By that time, he was just sitting down, spacing out, when the doors suddenly opened, and two guards told him,
"CM-07, follow me."
"What does that even stand for, dude?" He responded. The guards didn't answer. Dang, what a load of party poopers. Of course, it would be plain idiotic if he were to not follow, so he followed in silence. On the way, if things went bad, he needed a plan. He just looked around in awe, when in reality, he was observing.
"Your attire is acceptable, though the jacket does not." The guards told him. In response, Frank wrapped the hoodie around his waist in response, revealing... a striped shirt that looked like the colors of his pants were inverted. Neat.

"Coupon Mailman has arrived with no situations." The guard said, Frank going to his fellow students. He waited and waited and waited. It was boring.
"Thanks mom, dad. I know I haven't been the best kid, but thanks for letting me go to the academy!" Maxi held a great, wide grin as he displayed his gratitude. "I'll make you guys proud!" A cold darkness soon encompassed everything in sight, smothering his would-be happy moment in cluelessness and desperation.

Bursting awake in a cold sweat, Maxi's eyes were wide open, as they roughly scanned the surrounding area. "The hell am I..?" That question was quickly blotted out by another mystery, stemming from an unknown voice.

Did you sleep well?

"W-who!" Maxi reflexively shouted, whilst he hastily checked the entire vicinity of the room. However, the expedition was short lived, and the kid brushed it off as his mind playing tricks on him.
Although the door being forcefully opened, was indeed real. Two guards soon stepped into the room with a demanding presence.

"FN-02 get dressed, you're heading out." One of the guards stated, through the fully covered mask they wore. Thus, being a little intimidated, Maxi got dressed as quickly as he could. Unfortunately having to leave behind his favorite jacket, because it wasn't "suitable" enough. Afterwards, he was moved down a hallway, where he just so happened to be the topic of the hour.

"So this short, average looking kid was chosen to be the new Forbidden? Really?" One of the guards would ask, teasingly.

Maxi unconsciously bit his lip, upon catching drift of the masked person's comment.

"Be quiet, don't gauge everything by sight alone." The other guard snapped, before falling silent once again.

Maxi, don't mind what they say. Try to ignore it the best you can.

Oh, don't worry, I'm more bothered by this uncontrollable voice in my head.

. . .

"The 'Forbidden' has arrived on the designated location without complications."

Maxi found himself inside the giant room, in which the kids from the other day resided. He didn't particularly trust any of them, given he only knew them for about 10 seconds. Thanks to that, Maxi didn't go out of his way to greet any of them. Plus, there was always the chance that these kids were in on whatever was going on here. They simply couldn't be trusted. Not yet at least.
"Attention students. The test is going to begin shortly, but first a quick rundown of all the different categories in the physical capability test. First of, you are going do the Cooper test. to run for twelve minutes straight and try to get as far as possible. You can't stop until the timer stops. There are going to be few minute pauses between all the tests, so you'll have a chance to catch your breath. Next Strength check. Nothing much to explain, as it's just checking the limits on how much you can lift. Then you'll be running down a obstacle course to check your acrobatic skill. Next is a accuracy test, which is done by throwing an object towards a target. Lastly is the flexibility test, more on that later. Also no power usage during this or you will have to take the test again," boomed a voice from the various speakers in the room. This time the message didn't sound like it was prerecorded.

The floor and one of the walls in the room started to shift, with the floor changing to look like a running track except the colors were black and white. A part of the wall shifted and flipped around to reveal a giant screen with big red 12:00 marked on it.

"Get into your positions!" one of the guards shouted and pointed towards the starting line on the running track. Jaiden reluctantly walked over there, with an obvious nervous expression on her face and did a few quick stretches. It wasn't because she wasn't good in these kinds of PE tests. Quite the opposite. She was among the best in her old school, as she did gymnastics, had a slight interest in parkour and was otherwise really active. The part that the dark skinned girl was nervous about was if she was still good enough, as she had an accident while practicing gymnastics and broke her arm and had recently started with her old hobby again.

As she got to the starting line she took a quick glance over at the other teens beside her. The countdown for the first test began.
"Three," said one of the speakers and Jaiden moved her left leg back to take a starting position, "Two," boomed the speaker once again and the dark skinned girl took a deep breath to try and calm herself down a bit, "One," she breathed out and took on a determined look, "Go," and so the first of the five tests began.

Jaiden took a sprinting start and then slowed down slightly to keep a steady pace. Around halfway through the time she started to feel her legs tingling from running, but she kept going and started on third lap around the track. She was breathing heavily and sweat was pouring from her. When the giant time showed 1:00 and the last minute began, she gathered her strength and picked up her speed to sprint and did all she got to reach her own mental goal, which was six and a half laps and at the time she had run just about five laps. To Jaiden this was a race against the clock against herself and for a moment she even forgot where she was and what had happened to the during the past few days.

"Beep," the speakers boomed once again to notify the "students" that the time had ended and 00:00 was flashing on the giant timer. The curly haired girl stopped and nearly immediately collapsed on the ground and laid on her back staring at the bright white ceiling with her chest moving up and down with each breath. She had just crossed her goal when the timer ran out and Jaiden felt proud of her for a second, until the speakers spoke once again and she was pulled back to reality.

"First test is over and we shall continue with the next one in about ten minutes,"
Thomas prepared himself for the run. He wasn't really interested in it or.. Maybe he just didn't care for doing something they wanted. After wall and the floor moved, Teen took a deep breath. 5 laps should be fine for them..

When the run started, Thomas glanced at other teens and he was suprised as he noticed that dark-skinned girl is quite determined to make a good run.. And she was quite fast, at first he said to himself that this is stupid, but something in him took a challenge to not be too much behind.

As time ended he was a few meters to reach the 6 lap, trying to not be worse than others. He panted tired and noticed that the girl fell at the ground, he shruged and came to her. He reached out for her to help her stood up "Don't get too tired, those idiots prepared more tests for us.."


Previously EeviumZ

Allie had been almost dragged out of her tiny room, with no warning and no reason given. She shouted incoherent things at her captors, before noting a strange... tattoo? on her leg. It read C-00.

Once she arrived in the room, she could tell she was late. She'd put up a good fight against her captors, which had delayed them quite a bit.
The kids from before were running. Why they were running, she didn't know. Was this a test or something?

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Kiarei looked at the clock in disbelief as she walked over to the starting line. Sure, she was fast. She excelled in aim and her small frame allowed her to dodge well. Not to mention, her mother had practically threatened her to at least do yoga if she wouldn't do a sport. The problem was that she lacked stamina and brute strength. She knew that she wouldn't have a problem with the power usage part, however. I don't even know what mine is, or if I even got one. As she glanced around she couldn't help but wonder if any of her classmates had experienced theirs already. After a few quick stretches, the countdown started. As it reached zero, she started her brisk jog.

As expected, she was nearing her second lap when she started feeling tired. She frowned and continued pressing on, hoping that it would disappear. When she reached her third lap, she slowed down considerably as she steadied her breathing. A glance at the clock told her time was running out. She wasn't mad at the fact that she had finished roughly four and a half laps. In fact, she was just glad it was ending. As she stared ahead and tried to ignore the burn in her legs, she remembered exactly why she despised exercise.

When the timer signaled that the first trail was up, she immediately stopped. She saw Jaiden collapse in the corner of her eye, but then saw Thomas hurry over. She walked over to the wall and leaned against it, her eyes closed as she took in steady breaths. She had managed to finish five laps, but at that moment she didn't care or feel a sense of accomplishment. Her thoughts drifted to the tattoo she saw earlier on her leg. VD-00 I believe. And they called me Ms.Voodoo. After a pause, she sighed and opened her eyes. What a twisted sense of humor.


Previously El Spazzino
"Oh, speed, first? Yeah, I can do that!" He told himself quietly. He remembered his multiple runs to get away from the fuzz back at home, just for stealing multiple items. Luckily, his reputation as a thief was extremely well hidden, but then it hit him. Did the school know I was a simple rugrat? This thought pressed on him for 40 seconds, but he shook it off and prepared to run. He had bigger fish to fry than care about his life before. He had energy to burn out. The clock ticked, and Frank tried the best he can, when he ran, all his thoughts were just a simple phrase, Don't get caught.

And he followed through with this, not tracking how many laps he was doing. He reminisced about that time he spent an hour running away from a goose. He glanced, seeing the multiple students looking more tired than an overworked business worker. Huh, maybe they- While Frank was thinking, he stumbled for no reason. Did I get distracted? He thought. "Auaghauasgahagh!" He yelled before falling on the floor. Thankfully, the timer was over.

He got up, feeling sore. The rush of adrenaline fell, and Frank sulked, getting up and sitting against the wall. Alas, more tests, more suffering. Maybe things would get better, he figured. He daydreamed about playing with rams in the forest to calm him. After that, he turned to observe the other multiple students. He realized that people here were different ages, and that confused him for a while. Eh, it's probably a foreign thing...

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
"Running, just great..." Ian muttered out under his breath. He was never the athletic kid in class, prefering video games over most real life activity. He tried to keep in shape by taking the occasional run, but he was nothing slectacular. They wanna see how far I can go, not how fast. I just have to pace myself. Ian told himself, before getting in position.

Once the countdown ended, he started to run at a reasonable pace, not putting all his energy into it. Once he'd get tired he'd slow to a jog, before returning to a run. He kept this process up the entire time, and he didn't tire out untill the very end.

Once the timer stopped, Ian slid to a stop as well. He felt the slight ache in his legs and lower back, cursing as he fell down into a sitting position.
Testing, already? Tyler didn’t know what else he should’ve expected.
He wouldn’t have a problem with power usage—whatever that meant. At the time of the announcement, he’d been throughly unconvinced. He assumed the term ‘superpower’ was the Academy’s term of reassurance—the only ‘superpowers’ they were really getting were more along the lines of the power to have all of your blood replaced with liquid mercury just to see what would happen. Or the power to have a clip attached to a major artery that, if removed, will cause you to keel over and die immediately. Something like that.
However, after he’d seen how serious the school was the school was about security—plus the crackling of neon blue electricity he swore he’d seen crackle between the blonde boy’s fingers—he was a bit less skeptical of the whole ordeal.
Which brought of the question of which power he’d been assigned. Judging by the small amount of information Meadow Academy had so graciously decided to not elaborate on, it likely had something to do with the word “Mimic”. Maybe he had no ability of his own, but could imprint on those of others? Perhaps that’s what the I on his tattoo stood for?

The brown-haired boy didn’t have time to think about it any further as he was ushered to the starting line and briefed on a series of tests that they all would be put through. Strength was definitely going to be a problem, but the other tests shouldn’t be too terrible.
Luckily, Tyler wasn’t too unaccustomed to athletic activities. He’d done football before… granted, that was a few years ago, but that should still carry over, right?


By the end of the ten minutes, Tyler was desperately trying to disguise the fact that he was breathing heavily, wiping a bead of sweat off his brow. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to be the worst off out of the crowd—out of the corner of his eye, he noticed one girl had collapsed on the floor, and during the test itself he’d almost tripped over the smaller boy he remembered had been the one to start the series of introductions.
Already, his legs had begun to burn, and a sharp, jabbing pain was working its way between his ribs. Granted, that might have been due to the fact that he hadn’t even attempted to pace himself. Breaking out into a full-on sprint on the first lap probably wasn’t the best idea. Hindsight is 20/20, he supposed.
Speaking of 20/20… where were his glasses?
Not that it was the best idea to bring them to what was essentially a glorified session of gym class anyway—plus, the accuracy test shouldn’t be too much of a problem, assuming the targets were farther than a foot in front of their faces.

He briefly considered sitting on the sidelines for the remainder of the tests—he’d always hated gym class, for more reasons than one, but he quickly remembered the announcer’s warning about having to do everything over again. For once, any acts of rebellion would have to wait. No way in hell was he running for another ten minutes.
Jaiden steered her gaze over to the blond boy, who was approaching her. She had somewhat managed to stabilize her breath. She threw herself to a sitting position and kept looking at the blond as he approached. What was he going to do? Was he going to say something to her or? Her legs felt sore from the run and the aching spread to her lower back. The dark skinned girl tried to keep a semi neutral expression, but it showed clearly that she looked cautious.

"Y-yeah," Jaiden muttered out as a response to the blond. Honestly, she was a bit surprised that the boy showed kindness in this current situation. With the experimentation and all, but something made her feel like she could trust the others in the same situation as her, including the blue eyed boy in front of the curly haired girl. She grabbed the boys hand, helped herself up and mouthed "thanks," as a sign of gratitude.
"No problem" he replied quickly. Thomas looked around, all of them were in the same situation.. As he looked at security of this place, he felt it isn't everything and without others help escape is impossible.

Let's not forget that as he approached the girl was cautious and would just avoid him if she wanted.. They lack trust.

Someone could say 'Thomas is amazing, how can he be so calm now'... He isn't, he is worried as hell and would love just to escape this place.. But he isn't alone, the best kind of support for him to somehow figure out, how to deal with this problem is for him to give support himself.

"If what they say is true even in the smallest part... Then we are for them just a lab-rats. Staying together may be important for us.." Thomas whispered to Jaiden and he turned around. He spotted a girl with long, blue hair. She was probably late, as he didn't see her earlier with them. "I am Thomas, if you forget my name. As I forgot yours in truth..Let's try to talk later with the others after tests." he said to Jaiden as he slowly left her and approached slowly the blue haired girl.

"Hey there.." he said and tried to sound calm.
"So far so good. For their age most of the students did really well and we can always train those who didn't reach our minimal goal" said one of the scientists.
"What are you thinking, Mr.Vitalio" asked another scientist.
"I would like to watch them with my own eyes and hear what they think with both of my ears" said Deputy Headmaster and headed to the test room.
"Mann... I really am scared when he is here" whispered one of scientists, as Vitalio left.
"Me too" said another one.
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