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PWT Variety Team

(I'm hoping this counts here, since battle subway teams count)
Hi! I'm looking for help and improvement on my singles PWT team.

Spiritomb @Wise Glasses
252 SpAtt 252 HP 4 Spd
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Nasty Plot

Mainly used as my opener. 252 SpAtt for better hits with the STAB moves, and 252 HP just for generally surviving hits.

Zebstrika @Muscle Band
Motor Drive/Sap Sipper
252 Att 252 Spd
Flame Charge
Wild Charge
Thunder Wave
Magnet Rise

Used as an attacking Pokémon (as all of the Pokemon on this set are), flame charge for boost on speed as well as slight coverage on grass, thunder wave to help pacify, and magnet rise to get away from the ground weakness.

Medicham @Life Orb
Pure Power
252 Att 252 Spd
Psycho Cut
Drain Punch
Ice Punch
Rock Slide

The main sweeper of the team. Lots of physical coverage on types, and can be helped by status moves from first 2 Pokemon.


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Battle Subway, PWT, same difference.

- Spiritomb doesn't really need Hypnosis when Zebstrika has Thunder Wave and Hypnosis's accuracy is awful anyway. Icy Wind can inflict further speed drops to enemies since Spiritomb is so slow there's a chance enemies can still outspeed him even when paralyzed, Hidden Power Fire/Ground/Fighting will beat down Steel-types and Pain Split can heal you after you set up Nasty Plot. Stick with Pressure

- Jolly is a better nature for Zebstrika; more Speed is more important than more damage on fast sweepers. Sap Sipper is the better ability to use here since you already have means to boost your Speed stat (and lower the enemy's Speed stat too.)

- Jolly nature for Medicham as well (I'm guessing Modest was a typo anyway.) Normally Rock Slide would be fairly redundant but Alder's Volcarona probably makes it worth having. Consider Low Kick as a possible option over Drain Punch if you find you need to do more damage (Low Kick is as powerful as Close Combat against heavy opponents.)

Overall your team seems very basic and simplistic, but it's only PWT anyway so you don't need something painstakingly complicated and thought out.