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Ask to Join ReGeneration One: Kanto Rebooted

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! You probably already know this story. A young trainer named Red gets a Pokémon from Professor Oak, earns all the badges, becomes champion of the league, and all that stuff. The goal of this roleplay is to rewrite (reboot) that old story of the Generation One games, with some new additions, for example: Pokémon from other regions, Mega Evolutions, unofficial but not fan-made Pokémon (such as Gorochu and Missingno) and Battle Bond transformations. I will be writing the protagonist, Red (who is going to be 12 years old in this iteration), and other RP members can roleplay as existing characters (trainers from other regions, rivals, gym leaders, and miscellaneous trainers) or original characters. For now, the thread is open for everyone, but it will eventually become an "Ask to Join" thread. The intro ends here, and Red's tale begins.

Red woke up in his bedroom, on a normal morning. The 12-year-old boy, with black hair and red eyes, turned his gaming console on and started to play a game. A few minutes later, he heard his mother calling: "Red! Professor Oak has called you to the lab!". That could only mean one thing. Professor Oak was the main authority in Pokémon researching, and he usually gifted young boys and girls with these creatures so that they could become Pokémon Trainers. Red dreamed of getting his first Pokémon since the day he learned what they were, and this could finally be his chance. He turned the console off, left the controller on the floor, and switched his clothes, before going down the stairs and walking to the kitchen. There, he found his mother, who had prepared breakfast for her and for her son. They greeted each other and started to eat. Red ate everything at a fast pace, excited to get his long-awaited first Pokémon. Then, he went back to his room, collected a healing medicine (known as a "potion") from his computer via Item Storage System, put it in his backpack along with other things, and went downstairs again. After giving a hug to his mother, the boy opened the door and exited the house. He walked fastly, without running, until he sighted a large building, way bigger than his modest house. He knocked on the door and waited some seconds, until someone with a familiar face opened. It was Blue, his childhood friend and rival.

(Out of character: Can someone please get the role of Blue?)
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( OOC: I'll take the role of Blue, but if it's not ok, then tell me. Also, can you start a discussion thread, so we don't have OOC chatter, like the rules say. )
IC: Blue, a trainer from Pallet Town, woke up for the day. He got ready because he knew that it was the day he would get his first Pokemon from his grandfather, Professor Oak, the lead expert of Pokemon in the Kanto Region and perhaps one of the most well known scientists in the world. He headed downstairs and saw Daisy, his sister, with breakfast. He sat at the table and ate quickly. He didn't want to waste time. He left the house after breakfast and went to the lab. But when he opened the door, he noticed his grandpa wasn't there. He sat and waited, then heard a knock at the door. He went to open it, but when he opened the door, he saw it was Red, his neighbor. " Oh, hey loser. If you're wondering where Gramps is, don't ask me. He's not here. "
(OOC: It would be nice if someone played Professor Oak, but if no one wants that role I can do it myself)

Red left the lab and began to search around Pallet Town, asking people if anyone had seen him, but no one knew. A few minutes passed, until he gave up searching in the town. He walked towards the Route 1, a road that went from Pallet to Viridian City. “There are wild Pokémon in this area, but Rattata and Pidgey are no reason to worry”, he thought. But before he could even step in the tall, green grass, he heard someone with the voice of an old man shouting at him.
As soon as the ship arrived, a young kid jumped out of it. His eyes shinning out of excitement. "Finally here! That was a long trip if I ever had one!" Said Joey as he flexed his body back and forth. "To think I won the first prize in that raffle! Although I still kinda wish to have won that brand new PokeGear. I think I could’ve make a very good use of it." Just as he walked out of the deck, he noticed something that he missed "At least I would’ve known what to do…" He chuckled nervously after realizing he doesn’t really knows anything about this town nor his surroundings, but he quickly shrug the feeling away. "But that's just a part of the experience!" He yelled as he ran right across the town.

5 minutes of straight running without breaking a sweat paid off after seeing a red clothed trainer approaching the tall grass. "Huh. Could he be a Pokémon Trainer?" He muttered as he instinctively reached Rattata's pokeball in his pocket and a grin appeared on his face. "Yes! Then a battle it is!" He said as he ran in the supposed trainer's direction.
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Brock was walking in Pewter City, Vulpix by his side. "Alright", he says looking at gym challengers "We have red and blue" He puts away the letter, and realises he needed to be in the gym! So he ran there.
Red looked behind and saw Professor Oak running towards him. “Wait! Don’t go! It’s dangerous... this area is full of wild Pokémon. Rattata and Pidgey may look harmless, but there are also Spearow, which can be very dangerous when they attack in a flock. Come with me, I was looking for you”, the old researcher said, appearing to be somewhat tired. He started to walk and Red followed him. The red-eyed boy noticed a younger kid looking at him. “I’ll talk to you later, kid”, he said before going with Professor Oak to the lab. When they arrived at the door, the researcher took a key from his pocket and used it to open it. “Wow”, Red exclaimed, when he saw the inside of the laboratory. The professor then walked to a spot near to the wall.
After Red left, Blue took some time to think about what starter to pick. " Hmm... Bulbasaur could do well across the whole journey. A strategically choice. Charmander could be good with raw power and Squirtle with defense. Ok, I think I've decided. " As he decided, he saw Professor Oak and Red walk into the lab. " Oh, hey Gramps! " He peeked at Red. " Hey loser. Once we get our Pokemon, hopefully you can keep up with me. " He turned his attention back to Professor Oak, who was waiting by the wall. " Ok Gramps, can we pick our Pokemon yet? "
Joey found himself surprised when he was outspeed by an old man, who took what Joey wrongly thought it was a trainer away from the grass. The old man wouldn’t had warned that boy about the dangers otherwise. "Even I could tell that… wait." He thought as he stopped on his tracks nearby.

"A kid? What does he thinks he is?" Joey frowned, the comment did annoyed him and managed to kinda ruin his mood. He watched those two walking away and before he even noticed he started to follow them discreetly. Not like he had anything else to do.

Joey sighed when he saw them entering in what it appear to be a laboratory. "Great. What now?" He said to himself before looking at the windows. "Well… Better than nothing I guess." Gathering all his stealth, he stepped at a corner of one of the windows. He recognized the old man and the boy from earlier hanging with another boy close to the former's age. Even through the sound-proof glass, Joey could notice that the other guy wasn’t any friendlier.

"Huh. Not what I expected from Kanto"
"Yes, you can", Professor Oak said. “On the desk there are three unique Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. These creatures are not common ones: they used to be, but their populations were drastically reduced due to overhunting, and now they are rare to find in the wild. For that reason, I don’t want them to fall in the wrong hands, so I selected three young people in this town to obtain them, they being you two and a young lady named Green. So, go on, pick a Pokémon. Choose it wisely”, he finished. Red looked at the desk for a few seconds and then looked at Blue. “Choose it first. You deserve it”, he said towards him with a smile. His longtime friend and rival would sometimes act mean to annoy him, but the red-eyed boy still trusted him.
" Hmm, thanks Red. " He looked at the desk with the starters on it. " Ok, I thought about this for a while, but I've decided. Squirtle, I choose you! " He grabbed the ball and heaved it into the air. The little blue turtle leaped out and landed in Blue's arms. " Ok,. Squirtle, welcome to the team. " He turned to Red. " Ok Red, your turn. "
Professor Oak looked at the Water-type Pokémon his grandson had chosen. "Squirtle, an interesting choice. Its shell can protect it against attacks, which makes it excellent in defensive style battling. When it evolves for the second time, it will turn into a Blastoise and two powerful cannons will grow out of its shell, granting it the ability to shoot water at a high pressure", he said. "And now, Red, are you going to pick Charmander or Bulbasaur?", he asked. Red looked at the two metallic spheres in the desk, containing the two creatures. He started to think: "Bulbasaur can be loyal friends to their trainers, and they are pretty solid fighters too. But the same applies to Charmander. Bulbasaur has an advantage against the nearest gyms of the Pokémon League, the ones in Pewter and Cerulean. I heard the Viridian City gym used to have Ground-type Pokémon trainers, but it's closed so that doesn't matter. But Charmander... it is a fire type. My dad used to tell me that he gave me the name Red because of my energy and passion that burns like a red hot flame, something that is manifested by my eye color... I must honor him and choose Charmander, the Fire Pokémon. It is true that Bulbasaur has an advantage against Blue's Squirtle, but my journey is about me, not about him". Red put his hand over Charmander's Poké Ball and then raised his arm dramatically. "Professor Oak, Blue, I have chosen Charmander, the Fire-type Lizard Pokémon!", he exclaimed.
Blue was stunned by Red's choice. It had been logical to choose the starter strong against Blue's Squirtle. He was confused, but he knew one thing. When Red has an idea, you can't shake it, no matter how crazy it is. He just had to ride with it. After all, it gave him an advantage on his journey. " Ok then, I'm gonna head out. I'm gonna get a map from Daisy. See you later, Gramps. Smell you later, loser. " On that note, Blue left the lab and went back to his house. Daisy was waiting for him. " Oh, hey Blue, Grandpa gave me a call. Did you want a Town Map? ", Daisy asked. " Yes please. ", Blue replied. Daisy gave Blue a Town Map and he was off. He made it to Route 1. When he stepped out into Route 1, it wasn't just his first steps into Route 1. It was the first steps of his journey.
Moxi stood at the entrance to viridian city looking at his map ready to head to pallet town. “Ok let’s see here I got a pretty good map so all I gotta do is head down the path and make it to pallet town to meet, professer Oak and get a Pokédex should be easy enough” Moxi said confidentiality with a smirk while his nidoran and charmander were looking over his shoulder to see what he was looking at “Oh hey you two are you ready to meet Professor Oak.” His Pokémon simply nodded at their trainer “Ok then let’s go!”