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Private/Closed Region of Stars [Discussion]

Welcome to the Region of Stars,

The Region of Stars was created many centuries ago, it consists of one big island it is protected on all sides by huge mountains no one dares to climb. The island has almost all the different biomes you can think of there's Jungles, Forests, Swamps, Deserts, Mountains, Meadows, Caves, Rivers, Lakes and more. The center is a giant lake, its crystal blue waters can heal any wound known to man. The island was created to protect pokemon from humans, so the island has 18 guardians, one of each typing. The 18 guardians live out in their respective biome, some share and work together while others are alone.

Now humans only know of this in legend so there is not much to go off of, no maps created, no books written about the land, so if you do find it, its a shot in the dark on what could happen.
Alright hello, guys! It's been awhile since I've been on so I decided since most the roleplays I was in died I would start a new one. now in this RP, you are allowed one partner to start off with, it can be any evolution stage since we are walking into a land with all the types of pokemon and we are bound to run into some fully evolved pokemon.

Feel free to use any pokemon as your partner, as long as they are not legendaries.

You are now allowed to play as wild pokemon! But please try to make sure this RP has an even amount of trainers and pokemon!

Now, I will say, I will only allow ten people to start off with, you can ask me to hold a spot until you get your form done but I will only hold it for 24 hours.

We will be getting to the island by boat, and if you know me from my past roleplays yes we might sink or crash but that is fine. To enter the island you have to go through a waterfall which is covering a cave, and that is how we will enter.
  1. Please follow all PokeCharm rules, I don't want this RP to be taken down because someone decided they didn't want to follow the main rules.
  2. No legendaries, I will say this only once, there are no legendaries on the island so you can't see/catch one.
  3. No megas, at least for now, if you do have a character that can mega evolve just wait awhile I will be taking this rule down, but it's staying here for now.
  4. No Z moves, At this time Z moves are banned from this RP though it might be added later.
  5. Keep it PG-13, I don't care if it follows the plot, mature themes are to be roleplayed privately.
  6. Pokemon can keep all there moves, there is no limit to what they can use.
  7. If you haven't RPed in 4 weeks you will be removed and your slot will open up to someone else. If you're taking a break from RPing or the site please contact me and you will keep your spot.
  8. The minimum age for all characters to join this journey is 17, no this doesn't mean the RPer has to be 17 I am 14 myself.
  9. Please keep a trainer card in your signature as well as the pokemon levels, if you can't then keep updating one on here so people know your pokemon.
  10. Gore is allowed, as we are on an island and weather can be harmful same as Pokemon, if you are going to post gore then add a warning to your post, if you don't you will be given a warning.
  11. I will not stress this enough make sure your pokemon use only moves they can learn, don't have a Vaporeon use Flamethrower.
  12. If you have any problems contact me and I will try my best to sort it out.
  13. You will have to catch all of your team expect your partner, who will join you from the beginning, you can only have one partner so choose wisely.
  14. No fakemon, sorry creators!
  15. If you decide to make a wild pokemon, you can choose whether or not you want to allow another to try and catch them and add them to their team, if so please specify, I will be adding everyone characters next to their names so I want to know what to put!
[If anyone has any ideas on what Guardian should be for what types please let me know]




Human Form


Pokemon Form


[I will be putting my form down soon]
1. @EnderTheFox [Rosalina White][Arachne]
2. @Mr.Glaceon [Lucy Whrite]
3. @Starry Phantump [Star]
4. @StormingCobra55 [David Grant][Kaleb Storm]
5. @Kibago [no name]
6. @kyuukestu [Felicia Amoraphallia]
7. @Cardboard Shinobi [Kale lanthorn]
8. @SwirlingSoul [Tamao]
9. @LunarSilvally [JC]
10. @Cloudswift [Marina Justins]
Tagged people
[everyone who gets tagged will be put up here even if someone else tags them, I will move them here]

@StormingCobra55 @kyuukestu @Melody-Jez @ItsthatGengarlover @LunarSilvally @Mystic.25

I totally forgot how you liked to be summoned, I think its an icy rock but not sure. *places down an Icy Rock* Yo @Mr.Glaceon you have been summoned.
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I would like to ask if I could perhaps RP as a Pokémon on the island instead of being a trainer with a partner Pokémon.

If I am allowed to, I’ll get the character bio as soon as possible. If not, then I suppose I’d need to create a trainer card and grab the other bio.

I’ll be signing up a bit later because like Glaceon here, I too have school. (University actually.)
Sweet. I’ll get my character bio in as soon as possible. I wouldn’t suggest trying to catch them especially for the beginning of the RP since people have bunnied me because of that.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to know what Pokémon he is, a nice riddle will be provided if they really want to know right now:

“Storing electricity is something that I need to work on. I tend to cry if I accidentally discharge too much at any given moment. Who am I?”
*Pichu get a bit angry with Glaceon*

Pichu Pichu! [Not Understandable]

I’m just going to hope that no one’s too hostile on the island... also, don’t mind the little guy here.
I knew I forgot to explain something...

Since the island was made to protect pokemon from humans they needed strong enough pokemon to be able to fight off any if they did somehow find it. So the guardians were created to be stronger than regular pokemon, there to help protect all the pokemon on the island.

That's just a small explanation, but I don't feel like writing it out right now...
Name: Lucy Whrite
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Appearance: Lucy dresses in a pale blue shirt with a picture of a dusk ball on it. Over that shirt, Lucy wears an off-white jacket with black outlines. She also wears dark grey pants and black shoes.
Personality: Lucy is quite honorable, which is why Honedge likes her so much. Along with that, she is quite nice, but doesn't like dishonesty. She also likes a good battle.
Partner Pokemon: Honedge (shiny)
Other: Lucy is a pretty good cook.
Partner pokemon forum:
Species: Honedge
Nickname: Blade
Gender: NA
Level: 38
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I have an idea for a few of the guardians, the ghost one could be Gengar, steel could be steelix ,and dark could be hydriegon

Name:Star( heh)

Personality:Star has a wide personality,he is very caring and likes to help others, but is brave and confident when it comes to battle, he is very tactical and makes up his own stratagies often
Other:the trainer card will change as I gain more pokemon

Pokemon Form

Species:Sceptile (shiny)
Nickname: Cross

Species: pachirisu
Nickname: Akki
Gender: female
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Name: David Grant
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: About 5”7, brown hair and black eyes, red and green t-shirt and blue pants, black shoes.
Personality: Nice, cares for friends, jokes around sometimes.
Other: Partner bio below.

Species: Axew
Nickname: Kukri
Gender: Male
Level: 23

Trainer Card:

For some reason the image wont appear unless clicked on. The link is below.

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Well, added quite a bit of information to my character. Just a bit of a note, primary moves are the four moves the Pokémon character of mine tends to use in combat more than their other moves. They are NOT restricted to using just these moves in the midst of battle.

Name: His name is currently unknown.
Species: Pichu / Tiny Mouse Pokémon
Gender: Male
Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look somewhat young at first glance.
Appearance: Although Pichu might look like your typical, baby Pokémon seen within the shadows of the iconic mascot, he is somewhat smaller than the average Pichu to begin with. He is a bit lighter while being two inches shorter than the typical Pichu so to speak. He wears a small robe made of a loose layer of fine leaves that a Leavanny decided to make for him after witnessing his condition from a terrible storm.
Personality: [To be announced in the RP since this has somewhat changed now.]
  • Light-Footed: Pichu’s movement training from his prior months has allowed him to move quicker, longer and most importantly, quieter.
  • Night Work: Pichu does well when it comes to working under times of darkness, boosting experience and move growth during this time.
Ability: Static (When an attacking Pokémon makes contact with the user through the means of executing a physical-based attack, the attacking Pokémon may be inflicted with Paralysis, reducing the Pokémon’s speed stat and sometimes having their turn cycle jump.)
Primary Moves: Shock Wave, Protect, Charge Beam, Lucky Chant
Other: He carries around a small, wooden flute he usually plays from time to time to express himself since he has a hard time verbally communicating with others.
Rosalina White
Rosalina is a pale 4"5 with long white hair and icy blue eyes covered by a pare of thin wired framed glasses, she has a small build and slim structure. Her white long-sleeved shirt comes down at the waist while exposing her shoulders, with a pair of slate-colored jean shorts and grey sneakers
Rosalina is very shy, hardly speaks and tries her best to look brave. Her small body makes her feel like she's weak but when it comes to battles her strategy always comes in handy. AND DON'T CALL HER SMALL she will close up and look at the ground feeling like everyone thinks she's weak.

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Also, Guardian suggestions:

Normal: Snorlax
Grass: Tangrowth
Water: Kabutops
Fire: Magmortar
Flying: Charizard
Ground: Palossand
Rock: Golem
Fighting: Kommo-o
Ice: Walrein
Dark: Pangoro
Fairy: Gardevoir
Dragon: Garchomp
Ghost: Gengar
Poison: Garbodor
Psychic: Gallade
Bug: Volcarona
Electric: Zebstrika
Steel: Metagross
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