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RERP! (Oh, excuse me.)

Raccoon City, September 24th, 1998.

At a home American football game, of which the Raccoon Sharks are playing against the Old Court Thunders, a single Zombie causes a riot to break out within the crowd and causes panic. Fifty Police officers are called to the scene.

You were there. In one second, you're screaming for your team, the next.. For your life. You somehow survive this single attack, and a few surviving police officers take you and a couple other survivors to the station. They say it will be safe here. They were wrong.

The rest is a secret

Obviously, this is going to be a Resident Evil RP. Rex and I developed the idea, and we will be determining the way the events unfold. It will span through a timeline of Resident Evil events from the 24th of September until the 1st of October. Rex and I will let members know through OUR posts when a day passes and we will show the dates. This will help everyone stay on the same timeline to avoid confusion. We will be avoiding canon characters and events, and will instead create our own.. obstacles.

You will have the choice to be any one of these categories: Low level Umbrella employee, Raccoon City Police Department rookie officer, civilian with any career of choice (as long as it's reasonable.) We MAY allow for S.W.A.T. or high level police officers from more experienced RPers.

Who is interested? Opinions?

Rex will be posting a timeline as well.
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Resident Furry
A timeline detailing events from the Raccoon City outbreak, running from September 22nd until October 1st. Unimportant events have been omitted. The timeline covers events seen in Resident Evils 2, 3: Nemesis, Outbreak, Outbreak: File #2, and The Umbrella Chronicles. We will be avoiding locations mentioned on the timeline for the dates that they are mentioned on as to avoid running into canon characters preforming canon events.

September 22
• HUNKs team find William Birkin. Due to a sudden noise, Birkin is accidentally shot down with an MP5, and his attaché case full of "t" and G-virus samples is taken.
• Unknown to his squad, Birkin has a sample on him, and injects it directly into his chest. The virus takes instant effect; he becomes his own creation and decimates Hunk’s team in the sewers back in the city. In the process, Birkin eats the remaining samples of G-virus, and shatters the t-Virus capsules. The biohazardous toxin flows into the city water system, and mutates the rats of the sewer, who then spread the virus into the city.
• Upon hearing of Birkin's assassination and mutation, widespread panic occurs in his Laboratory. Several MA-125R Hunter escape and run amok through the labs, killing several scientists before a researcher lowers the temperature, freezing them on the spot.
September 24
• At a home American football game, of which the Raccoon Sharks are playing against the Old Court Thunders, a single Zombie causes a riot to break out within the crowd and causes panic. Fifty Police officers are called to the scene.
• Eight everyday people of Raccoon City – Kevin Ryman, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft, Yoko Suzuki, Cindy Lennox, George Hamilton, Mark Wilkins [Security guard] and Jim Chapman are all having a night out at 'J's Bar', when suddenly it is attacked by zombies. They flee into the streets.
• Meanwhile the Raccoon Police Department decide to evacuate as much of the city as they possibly can, in the panic many police officers are killed, and they muster a plan to destroy a large wave of zombies that are on the Raccoon Main Street.
• The eight survivors of J's Bar separate during their escape, and some find themselves within the Apple Inn which is currently on fire due to a boiler explosion and a nearby tanker explosion. The other survivors will end up near a Zoo.
• Inside the towering inferno that is the Apple Inn, the survivors battle against swarms of zombies and find themselves attacked by the 'Regis Licker', a creature that kills its victims via its tongue. They defeat the Licker and escape into the streets outside, where they rendezvous with the other J’s Bar survivors. Outside, they are gathered together by the RPD who drive as many of the survivors to safety as possible.
• Three RPD officers, Elliot, Eric and Harry rig Raccoon Main to explode, as Eric finishes the wiring, the zombies storm the barricade and Elliot and Eric are killed. The J's Bar survivors arrive and with their help, detonate the bombs in Raccoon Main.
• Some of the survivors go to the Raccoon Zoo, in hopes of reaching the escape helicopter. However, they are forced to go through the area, infested with the attractions, including a very hungry Elephant, a Lion, and two Lionesses.
• The three eventually reached a train station, where they travelled away. The train stops at one point, as a rescue helicopter crashes nearby, killing forty refugees.
September 25
The army barricades roads heading in to Raccoon City and isolates it from any contact from the outside world, other than military action within the city.
September 26
• The Hospital staff are wiped out by the Zombie outbreak. The Hospital's director begins showing signs of infection as well.
• Three survivors arrive in the Hospital in search of medical supplies. They are aided by Dr. Hursh, who is killed by a "Leech Man", as a Leech colony grows in the sewers. The survivors escape via the sewers, after reading a note by an Umbrella employee describing a facility linking to the hospital through there.
• A 42 year old Restaurant owner enters the RPD Parking lot-turned Refugee camp. 10 minutes later, he is killed by arms fire after showing signs of infection.
• Chief Iron's stalks several of the RPD officers, shooting them dead.
• Helicopters hover above Raccoon's rooftops and the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Squad (UBCS) are deployed.
• Numerous armed Police officers prepare a last effort to stop the infection, by barricading a busy street to stop them as they evacuate civilians.
• The officers and the majority of UBCS personnel are killed within minutes.
September 27
• An Umbrella scientist, Monica shoots dead another Umbrella employee and steals a G-virus specimen and tries to escape using the underground train.
• The J's Bar survivors enter an underground train tunnel from the sewers, there they emerge into a dead end. At that time Monica activates the train doors and the survivors enter the Umbrella labs.
• Monica decides to use the Marshalling Yard train as an alternative, and steals Yoko Suzuki's ID card.
• Monica is attacked by William Birkin and impregnated with an embryo.
• The survivors activate the temperature controls to unfreeze the Marshaling yard elevator. This unfreezes the Hunter Rs also. The survivors make their way up the elevator, where they are forced to fight the adult G-creature that erupted from Monica's chest. They escape on the train.
• Twelve people are injured as Zombies overrun the West barricade of the Police department.
• The "Licker" is first encountered and named by surviving Police officers.
• A UBCS member makes it the Saint Michael Clock Tower and notes his experiences.
September 28
• Zombies overrun the Operations room, leading to the deaths of a further four men. Four surviving officers, believing themselves to be the very last, agree that the only way out is through the sewers.
• Survivors arrive at the Raccoon Police Department. There, they find Marvin Branagh attempting to lead a few of the surviving police officers to safety. Fellow officer Rita is sent through the underground beneath the station in an attempt to get reinforcements. However Marvin needs the help of the Outbreak survivors to escape.
• Once Rita is free of the station she runs and gets help from Harry, Marvin arranges everyone to meet outside the precinct, and while they wait zombies breach the barricades and attack. Marvin is critically wounded by zombies, and as the rescue van arrives, Rita and the Outbreak survivors get on board, leaving Marvin behind at his own request. He battles the remaining zombies and enters the offices, where he eventually passes out.
• The UBCS member with the pocket diary is found dead in the clock tower, defending a girl – also now dead, and his final entry.
• Jill Valentine attempts to escape Raccoon City.
• Brad Vickers is killed by Umbrella's BOW – the Nemesis.
• Jill meets up with UBCS survivors Carlos Oliveria, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef.
• Mikhail kills himself with a hand grenade, attempting to kill the Nemesis as well.
• In a battle outside the clock tower, Jill is infected with the NE-T virus and passes out.
September 29
• Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City for his first day as a Raccoon Police Officer. At the same time, Claire Redfield arrives in Raccoon in her search for her brother Chris, who she had lost contact with.
• Leon inspects a "corpse," only to be attacked by it. As the increasing amounts of the undead close in, Leon runs to an alleyway where he meets Claire and shoots at a Zombie that was about to attack her. The two commandeer a Police Cruiser and drive off to the Police Department. When they are close by, a Zombie attacks Leon from the back seat. The car crashes into a lamp post and the zombie is launched out through the window. A truck who's driver is becoming a zombie, heads to the car on a collision course. The two jump out of the car as the truck is destroyed. Unable to get to the other side, the two split apart to make their own way to the RPD.
• Claire meets Gun Shop owner; Robert Kendo shortly before he is killed by attacking Zombies. At the same time, Leon reaches the RPDs backyard and proceeds up the stairs to the Heliport, witnessing a Helicopter crash into the building.
• Claire and Leon meet each other again, only to discover that Chris left town earlier that month. With no where else to go, the two are determined to escape the City alive.
• While Claire and Leon are searching for survivors, a T-103 codenamed "T1" is launched from a Helicopter above and proceeds to hunt Leon.
• Claire finds a survivor; Sherry Birkin, along with police chief Brian Irons. The two escape the police department through a secret room in Irons' office, with Claire witnessing Irons' death.
• Meanwhile, Leon meets survivor Ada Wong, who is looking for another survivor; Ben Bertolucci along with the whereabouts of her missing boyfriend John. Ben is attacked by a monster and later bleeds to death. Leon and Ada escape through a manhole in the K9 den.
• Sherry drops her Pendant, which Ada finds later.
• Claire, and later Leon, are attacked by an Alligator which had mutated to enormous proportions.
• Claire meets Annette Birkin, who describes to her, her husbands transformation following an assassination attempt, into a hideous creature.
• Claire and Sherry make it to an Underground Gondola station and travel to the other side.
September 30
• Claire and Sherry make it to the other side and activate the large elevator near the factory.
• Leon and Ada use the gondola to travel to the Factory, the monster attacks them but heads off.
• The monster attacks Claire and Sherry as they descend the elevator, it mutates before being defeated.
• As Leon and Ada descend, the monster also attacks them before too being defeated, the two go to B1F.
• Sherry becomes ill and Claire takes her to a bed in the Security room next to the B4F Turntable Room.
• Annette Birkin tells Claire to make an antidote to the "G-virus", which has entered Sherry's bloodstream making her ill.
• The auto-destruct system is activated and the survivors prepare to evacuate through an underground train. Annette is killed by William. Ada is smashed against the wall whilst saving Leon from a Tyrant, with Leon abandoning her believing her to be dead.
• Claire is attacked by William whilst waiting for an elevator, he mutates into a hideous hexapodal form before Claire kills him.
• Leon is attacked by T1, who had mutated into its "R" form, as he starts up power to the Train. Ada regains consciousness and throws Leon a Rocket Launcher, which he destroys the Tyrant with it.
• Leon, Claire and Sherry escape the facility on the train as it is destroyed.
October 1
• Jill Valentine awakens after losing consciousness after a fight with Nemesis T02 two days earlier. Carlos Oliveira recovers an experimental t-virus vaccine to cure Jill, discovering that not only is Nicholai Ginovaef still alive, but that he is also a traitor to his fellow mercenaries. Jill is cured and the two escape to the "Dead Factory".
• Nicholai beats Carlos to the escape helicopter, leaving Jill and Carlos to find another way out of the city, having just discovered that a missile has been fired at the city. Jill kills the Nemesis T02 and escapes on a helicopter with Carlos, piloted by Barry Burton, who was looking for her.
• Meanwhile, Dr. George Hamilton and a pair of other civilians head to the Raccoon University, seeking information on the t-virus. They discover the documents needed to make an antidote, which they use to cure themselves.
• Former Umbrella employee and University laboratory researcher Greg Muller releases the Thanatos Tyrant to halt any attempts by Umbrella's special forces to assassinate him. The team would be swiftly cut down by the B.O.W.. Greg would be killed shortly later however, as Nicholai completed another Monitor mission. The Tyrant would be killed from contact with the antidote, ironically made with its own blood. The civilians would escape after receiving help from the Raccoon Fire Department.
• Elsewhere, plumber David King and two other survivors enter an Umbrella facility looking for pharmaceutical supplies. He finds a lot more than he was expecting: A Tyrant programmed to defeat other B.O.W.s, and of course: Umbrella's official t-virus vaccine. The Tyrant would regain self-control and rebel, killing researcher Carter and wounding Linda, along with destroying the only sample. After escaping to the streets via the sewers, they would be attacked by Umbrella mercenary Arnold, ordered to kill the traitorous Security Service agent Rodriguez and retrieve a "package". The contents of the crate would be revealed after Umbrella businessman Tommy Nielson caused Rodriguez' helicopter to drop it. The creature, "Nyx" would prove to be the contents, killing the entire UBCS team sent to retrieve it and absorbing them into its body. The Tyrant too, would be absorbed, shortly before the creature put its eyes on the survivors. After a lengthy battle, the creature sustains enough damage to melt it, and the survivors abandon Raccoon in a HUMVEE used by the UBCS.
• Ada Wong escapes the Raccoon City Underground Research Facility by the sewers leading back into the city from the mountains. Ordered by Wesker to survive and deliver her G-virus sample at all costs, she retrieves a hook-shot from the corpse of her "contact" and uses it to escape the zombies. Reaching the highway, she is fought to defeat the Tyrant, which managed to survive its previous encounter with David King. Spotting a Helicopter ahead, she uses her new toy to hitch a ride, escaping the city with her mission successful.

Timeline was copied from the Resident Evil Wikia's larger timeline of events in 1998. Credit goes to them for compiling.

I've also arranged a few links to the things you would have to know if you want to join:
A civilian needs the least amount of info. Information about Raccoon City and the Umbrella Corporation are really the only things.
Low-Level Police:
http://residentevil.wikia.com/Special_T ... ue_Service
A regular police man, along with the Civilian's knowledge, needs to add knowledge of the Police Station itself, as well as S.T.A.R.S. and the Police Chief Brain Irons. Optionally, information about the S.T.A.R.S. members can be added to those who are dedicated.
High Level Police & SWAT:
http://residentevil.wikia.com/Special_T ... ue_Service
Along with everything else, High-Level Cops and SWAT officers need to know about the RPD's SWAT team. Information about S.T.A.R.S. personnel remains optional, along with information about other Police Officers.
Low Level Umbrella Researchers:
http://residentevil.wikia.com/Undergrou ... h_Facility
Umbrella Researchers have a small handful of things they need to know about. Along with the Civilian's knowledge of the city and Umbrella, they need to know about Dr. William Birkin, the T-Virus, and Birkin's Underground Lab. They also have the highest amount of optional knowledge under them, with the G-Virus, other Umbrella Employees, Nemesis, Zombies, the various B.O.W.s, the Arklay Research Facility, Management Training Facility, Lisa Trevor, and NE-Alpha parasite all things that a researcher may want to look up.
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