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Private/Closed Riley Wants To Battle!

RP Thread is here for anyone that needs it.

For whatever reason, I've been itching to RP a battle between trainers. Having come up with a random OC recently has only exasperated this itch, so I'm looking for someone to have a bit of a friendly match against. I'd prefer to RP with someone who writes a bit more than the 'charms requirements - I'm pretty wordy, and I don't have a lot of patience for one or two sentence posters. Now, with that out of the way...

The trainer I've got in mind is pretty high level, probably around challenging/beating 8th gym leader level, and has a full team of 6. So it would be preferable that your character is around the same level, although if you want to RP a battle between lower leveled trainers, that can be arranged.

The context of the battle doesn't really matter, although we can certainly come up with more of a plot than just "our eyes met, now we must fight" if you want.

So yeah if you're interested, just let me know. No need to bother with a bio, it's not super important here.

Battle Royal Scores:
Adrian Lawson: 0 wins, 1 loses, 0 switches. Total = -1.
Brian Nosurname: 0 wins, 0 loses, 1 switches. Total = 1.
Riley Spencer: 0 wins, 0 loses, 1 switches. Total = 0.
Karma Nikki: 1 wins, 1 loses, 0 switches. Total = 0.
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Psycho Monkey

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Auraaaaaaa-chaaaaaaaaaan! Challenge accepted! >:D Since I have a ton of OCs, I'll either let you decide which one you'd like Riley to battle or you tell me which region this will be set in to give me a way to narrow my list down since certain ones have a better chance of showing up in certain places.
Psyyyyychooo-kuunnnn! Why am I not surprised you showed up for this? :p Uh I can't recall all of your OC's off the top of my head so I rolled for a random number to choose a region and wound up with Kanto. Hopefully that helps.
Trying to cure my boredom. Hellloooo ppeeeoooopppllee, noob here coming through. So what are we going to do straight battling or what? Ah before that can I join?

Psycho Monkey

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*Insert Evil Laugh Here* Congratulations then! You win my oldest and strongest, the great duo Brian and Axel! Oh, and his other five Pokemon too. :p I'm sure I can think of a reasonable excuse for him to be loitering around Kanto.
@Mikaela Strange: Pretty much! We could certainly make the plot more detailed if you wanted but as it stands it's just about a battle. And I'd be happy to RP with you, although unless a fourth person appears that we could have a multi battle with, it will probably be separate threads. Unless we had two people fight with 3 Pokemon each, and one with a team of 6?

@Psycho Monkey Oh good, a chance to kick Brian's arse never fails to excite. So, unless you had any idea's of the context of this fight, I've got something that might be fun. We could be on a cruise on the SS Anne for whatever reason, and on one of the day's there's a friendly tournament going on - winner get's free food for the rest of the cruise. Brian and Riley could run into each other in one of the rounds.

Psycho Monkey

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A cruise on the SS Anne works. How about the reason we're on the ship in the first place is because it's a world cruise visiting all of the regions. Or we can keep it a bit simpler and just have the destination being from Kanto to somewhere and back.
@Psycho Monkey I'm down for a round the world cruise. I'm sure I can come up with some bullshit very legitimate reason for Riley to have afforded such a trip. As for the battle itself, does 6 v 6 do, or would you prefer doubles or...?

@Mikaela Strange Hahaha maybe it's just the uni student in me speaking then, but free food sounds amazing to me. Especially if it's the high class stuff you'd expect on a cruise - that stuff is expensive. But I want to point out that having a RP dedicated to a trainer vs trainer fight means that you'd need a max of either two or four people for it to work, unless someone just wants to sit on the sidelines the whole time (which is super lame if you ask me). So I'm happy to battle you, it will just probably be in a different thread. So we can come up with a completely different situation to the one Psycho and I are coming up with :)
Hi! I would love to join this if it were alright with you all! So, I'm assuming we're playing by the rules somewhat established by the Pokemon XYZ anime, in that each pokemon has 4 moves, yet we can try dodging and all of that jazz. Since I see we're doing a multi battle I think, how many mons does each player use?

And my trainer card:
@TepigTurtwig Actually no - I find it very unrealistic and frankly boring to limit Pokemon to 4 moves each for RPs. It really doesn't make sense that Pokemon magically forget even very basic moves as they grow stronger. So, I'd say roughly figure out what level each Pokemon is (Mine are around level 45-55), and have them know every move they can learn up to that point, plus some TMs, and maybe an egg move/tutor move if it makes sense for the Pokemon's history. But that's all really up to you.

Seeing as there are now four of us, would everyone be interested in doing a multi battle instead? In that case it's probably easiest if each trainer used three Pokemon out of their team. If that's fine with everyone I'll flip a coin or something to determine who is teaming up with who.

Psycho Monkey

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Rather than a Multi-Battle, why don't we try our hands at a Battle Royal? Each of us still uses three Pokemon, we keep track of who KOs who and then after the first person to run out of Pokemon loses we tally up the points to determine the winner.
...I'm going to dip out. I'm not a fan of battles without the limitation of four moves; it allows for too much ass-pulling and no room for making counter-plans against an opponent. Think about it as such; in the Pokemon XYZ anime, they started implementing the 4-move rule, and battles are more fun then they've ever been before as the trainers make more complex strategies that really maximize the effectiveness of each of their attacks. And if you say it's not allowed just because it makes no sense, neither does it make sense that a magical fish (Magikarp, for example) would be hurt by a water gun. And neither does it make sense that a fat rabbit (Diggersby) that's good at digging can summon earthquakes or be immune to blasts of electric energy equivalent or more powerful than lightning bolts.
If that's your own mindset no one can change that but thats what pokecharms rules have, I think. No move limitation, you want to know the reason reread it again. But everyone's different so.... besides I can't blame you for being realistic.
Pokecharms does not have that rule. Or, if they do, they don't describe it using the words "moves" or "battle" at any point during said rule, as I control-f'ed both those words and came straight to the Z-Move and Battle-Bond sections.
@TepigTurtwig Hey that's fine mate, you do you :) Thanks for showing interest anyway! Also um, it actually is in the rules for the site:

Gameplay and Story Segregation -"What is a 'level'?"

Finally, it bears noting that while Pokémon is a game series - a realistic, living Pokémon world does not follow game mechanics to the letter, and would more likely be similar in the way it works to the anime or some of the manga incarnations of the world. This means that things that are blatantly game mechanics and nothing but - the concept of levels and the four-move restriction of the games, for example - would be far more nebulous and may serve as rough estimates, but really do not mean much in any real context.

... But it doesn't seem to be a hard rule honestly, so I bet there are RPs out there that follow the kind of rules you like :)

As for everyone else, we'll still continue as planned, just with a (familliar) NPC that I'll control. I'll alert you guys as soon as I get the thread up.
@Ry_Burst Well if you want to join in we'd be happy to have you. With your OC, I'd suggest choosing a reasonably strong one for this, as everyone else is pretty high leveled, and one that has some random reason for being on the SS Anne. Other than that, it should be all good!
@Sciencewars Ah I'm sorry, at this point I don't think we should include any more trainers - it's already a battle royal which will be very chaotic, and I feel that having another team on the field would be too much. Sorry about that! However, if you still want to battle, I'd be happy to arrange a different RP with you.
You can if you wish, however it certainly isn't necessary. It's just a fun battle so I didn't want to make it too formal
I'm just doing it for Adrian's basic character, leaving his Pokemon somewhat of a mystery. (That's his name by the way, Adrian Lawson.)
Sorry for not posting, family business. I got a question does our character needed to be in there twenties? Just asking, since my character in mind is quite young maybe seventeen and above. Lazy so its not much of a surprise if she just finish the trials in her region.
Look if Red is canonically 14 in GSC with the team he has there (although he must have trained super intensely to get there), I'd say Karma being a bit younger doesn't matter. It just turned out that most people's character's were older I guess. So don't worry about it.

Also, tiny nitpick - I did put Riley in the green corner :p I'll edit my post though, so don't stress.
I think it's best to have a posting order, but be flexible if the plot requires it (so you don't get awkward nothing posts between interactions that are actually needed, but two people don't go too far ahead). So I'll start the battle, although probably tomorrow when I have time.
Ill probably have a slow post fever tomorrow, yes its a condition I made up, caused I have school tomorrow and its 11 pm here. I'll try, however, posting in. Just to warn ya, it may be a cringe to read mine since this will be my first multiple battle with other rp players.
Thanks for expressing interest however given the subject matter of this RP it's very hard to put another trainer into the mix, unless you seriously want to just cheer from the sidelines the whole time.