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Private/Closed Riley Wants To Battle!

It would certainly appear that way. I don't mind changing the order up if it's necessary however (as Psycho has done already). Perhaps just discuss it here if you feel you need to, otherwise keep to the order.

Also sorry about the delay guys - kind of hard to write up a decent post when you've only got a mobile on you.
Sorry about the delay post-wise. If it's not up in an hour or two, it should be done by this evening I haven't been feeling 100% as of late, (allergies or something) but I will persevere.
Hey @Ry_Burst, could you give us a description of Adrian here if you're not going to include on in a post? It's just hard to visualize what's happening when you have no idea what one of the character's looks like.
My life is in chaos so I won’t be able to post. I hate making people wait so I’ll leave the rp, sorry guys. School’s is... ya know... you guys could write that my character have an asthma attack and got pulled out of the battle. Sorry again
@Aura Here's a little something. I kinda forgot to describe his character in the RP, (must have slipped my mind). Here is pretty much all the info I have on him, that's written up at the moment. I'll probably add more in the future.

  • Name: Adrian Lawson
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
  • Physical Appearance: Adrian is a tall man, with charcoal hair, that’s straight and smooth. It swoops down across his head, with a bit of a ruffle above his forehead. His skin is a darkish peach, but he’s not extremely tan. Just a faint something, along his forearms and face. His eyes are a sharp blue, and his nose is a bit stubby. He prefers to keep his face clean shaven, but there are times, when black stubble dots the bottom half of his face. His body has some muscle that shows, with it mainly in his biceps and shoulder muscles.
  • Clothing: Adrian wears a vanity of clothes, but in his case, simplicity is best a lot of the time. He wears a black tight t-shirt and dark navy jeans, with black sneakers. On his wrist is a black Pokegear device and he wears pair of black aviator sunglasses clipped to his shirt.
  • Personality: Silent and cunning. Adrian is someone who plans things out like a game of chess, always trying to think ahead. However there are imes, where he loses his temper, and goes all out power-wise. He is easier to out maneuver when he battles like this. He care is a silent loving care towards his pokemon, making sure their needs are met no they feel 100%. While he doesn't often go out and play with them, he talks with them ad battles with them to increase their bonds.
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@Ry_Burst Thanks that really helps me out :)

@Mikaela Strange If you can't post for a while it's okay, I'm quite happy to wait until you can post again. However if you're sure that's what you want to do I can't exactly stop you - but only if you're sure.

Psycho Monkey

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Mikaela, I've been in RPs that have been on and off for years due to people (including myself) being slow at posting. Life always comes first so if you still want to participate in this battle I have no qualms about waiting for you to have free time to post. Of course like Aura said, if you are adamant about dropping out, then you need to do what's best for you.
Hey guys, since Mikaela hasn't let us know if she wants to take the RP slowly, I'm going to assume that's a no. Rather than have Karma have an asthma attack (unless anyone has a massive problem with this?), I'm instead going to take control of her, so if Mikaela does decide later that she is ready to join in again, this can be very easily arranged. I've already gone and edited my post to include Karma's move (Diana used protect btw), so feel free to go nuts posting again.
Okay, I can roll with that. Also as for Spite, in the games in is for lowering the target’s PP. Since there isn’t a thing as PP, they’ve done in the manga as it working as a Disable that doesn’t last as long. I honestly don’t really care how you interpret it, but I’d thought I would mention it.
I'm fine with interpreting Sprite that way honestly - you could see it as temporarily exhausting the Pokemon or something. Although your post does bring something up: What are you guy's opinions on using two moves in a single post? I know I've already restrained myself from doing it for the sake of fairness, but it's a bit of a grey area.
Well, I’m restricting myself to one attacking move. But often enough, we get stuck in situations where only two or three react and the others kinda stands there. I’d say two attacks isn’t a major problem, but I’m trying to make only one damaging move at a time. Creating and firing an atttack like Shadow Ball and other damaging moves, in my head take more time to go through. Things like Double Team or Yawn take much less time in my opinion. Plus, it allows for combos, which is somewhat of an essential in RP battling.

But it’s your call. If you don’t think we should use more than two at a time, I’m fine with that.

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I don't mind the use of multiple moves so long as they either combo together such as using Arm Thrust with the last hit being Force Palm, or otherwise using one offensive and one defensive move like using Protect followed by a counterattack. I think using three moves at once is pushing it unless the writer can make it very convincing but at that point the opponents are going to know what's up and would realistically do what they can to shut the spammer down rather than take the attacks.
Yeah I think having a max of two attacks in a turn works fine if it's a part of a clever combo, or being defensive. Just don't go too nuts with it okay? ^^
“Hyper Beam! Then use Giga Impact! Finish it with Blast Burn!” Long ago a kid made a post like this. I cried..........

Anyways, I get it. I’m probably not gonna use two offensive moves unless it’s needed for a combo or counter. :)
“Rayquaza, mega evolve then use dragon dance! Then use Dragon Ascent! Follow it up with Hyper Beam, then go in with Giga Impact, and use dragon claw at the end! Then use zap cannon combined with blast burn and frenzy plant, and don’t let them run away by using blizzard, then use Draco meteor! Finally, use protect and then detect to make sure they can’t hurt you!” Drake Steel called to his bonded partner, smirking the whole time.

... I dunno why you’re crying Ry, that felt pretty fantastic to me c:
Aw man, now that I'm no longer spending every waking moment of my existence sobbing hysterically over my notes, let's get back to the fight shall we? Or... not given that USUM just came out but we’ll get there eventually >>

Also, let me tell you both a fun(?) fact about me. I usually like to draw other people's character's that I'm RPing with, just so I can picture them better in my head. Usually it doesn't amount to more than a sketch, but sometimes well...

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If only I could make out what Brian was saying! XD Whatever it is Adrian is clearly not amused and Riley is too distracted by how similar the two look to care. I can't decide which expression makes me giggle like a lunatic more. Probably all three. XD
"This is legit here to just look like generic text. No seriously. Stop reading."

...Sorry to burst your bubble on what crazy thing's Brian is saying >> I kinda just needed it to look like he was talking. So, caption it as you wish I guess?
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Honestly, I cannot describe how much I love that picture. It’s just......awesome! I can’t think of any other word to describe it. Great job! :)

As for my post, I should get something up in a bit. Shouldn’t take too long on my end.

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As I was working on my post I came up with two queries. First, how would moves like U-Turn and Volt Switch come into play since they require contact to actually work? Right now I have it phrased as "Noivern dashed towards Diana then doubled back turning into a red light as he went into his Dusk Ball." That way it keeps it neutral even if in-game it requires contact to work. But that leads into my next question and that is what we do with the rest of Karma's Pokemon when Diana is eventually defeated? I don't think Mikaela will be coming back any time soon and she didn't exactly leave us a list to work off of.

(Also I can totes see Brian saying exactly that just to be a troll >:D)
I’d say with U-Turn, the Pokemon shifts into energy and goes forward, so it could in a sense hit anything, and bounce back. So you could simply say how it was going towards Diana, but leaving room for a post that says how Diana took the hit or dodged. And if it was a dodge, then we will imply that it bounced off the ground. So basically, maybe keep it neutral, as maybe it doesn’t require contact with a Pokemon to work.
I have a question regarding the Trick Room. Is it anime style, where it’s a literal pink box surrounding the competitors? Or is it something else. Also are we making it something tangible at all, so that it can be broken, or is it purely a nontangiable thing that will wear off?

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I'd say it's an intangible field surrounding everything that cannot be interfered with until the effects wear off on their own. The only way to end Trick Room prematurely would be to use the move again.
I’d say trick room would wear off over time, which I’m counting to be 5 turns from when Brandy uses it (so, every three posts is roughly a turn).

Psssst @Ry_Burst, Baby-Doll Eyes is a single target move, and you’ve forgotten to deal with Brandy’s attack.
Sorry. I’ve taking care of a robotic baby for class this weekend, and have been running low on sleep. I must have misread, Brandy changing her attack.

And as for Baby Doll Eyes, that confused me a bit. It hits multiple in a triple battle and when you mentioned how Brandy “stared daggers at the Steelix,” I guess I jumped the gun, and assumed it would for a Battle Royal.


Anyways, I’ll edit. Sorry about that.
Serebii why have you betrayed me with your misinformation? D:

Thanks for the clarification, I'll keep that in mind for the future though >> But unless you really want to take the attack drop, then for now we'll just go with it being aimed at Piloswine.
How the frick has it been this long since I posted jesus christ what I wrong with me?!

Ugh, anyway, I'm really sorry about being gone for so long and not posting. Life got... kinda weird for me. I know that's super vague but it's not worth going into. Anyway I figured I'd just ask if you guys want to continue this? I'd totally understand if you don't, it's been a while.
I'm down with continuing it. We kinda just skipped past the time of year when I'm extremely busy, so I even have more time to post. :p So I mean, It's good timing for me.