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So I've been playing around with mine on my phone just now, and it made me wonder.

What do you guys have for your phone's alerts? Do you run with a boring default one or mix things up a little?

Most of the time I do leave my phone on vibrate, although - I've been running on the FF7 victory fanfare for my ringtone for a while now :p And I've just told my phone to announce that "I need to construct more pylons" whenever I get a text - epic amounts of high fives go out to the chaps who get that reference. ♥

So what about you? ^^
I also have my phone on vibrate 98% of the time. When it's not (when I'm using it as an alarm), I have the Halloween theme playing for calls and Super Metroid's theme for texts.

I usually forget about my ringtones though because I hardly use them. :3
I usually have my phone on Silent as well, but I try to turn on the sound wgen I get out of school (remembering that can be ridiculously hard at times |D) My current ringtone is Gerudo Valley (ASDFGDERP I luff that song ♥), and my text message tone is a falling ping-pong ball. I should change that into something more interesting, like the 1-Up jingle :3 My alarm tone is pretty interesting as well, it's called Alarm Rock. It has the normal beeping of an alarm, but over time more and more instruments are added to it. First a base, then a guitar, then another guitar and drums. The song is really catchy |D

Like many other people here, I usually keep my phone on vibrate. In fact the only time it's on ringer is when I accidentally push the volume button. Therefore I didn't bother setting a ringtone--it's the boring default one though I think it's kinda soothing. Continuous vibrations mean I'm getting a call, one long vibration means a text message, two intermediate vibration is an email, and two short vibrations is a tweet xD
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I know what songs I would have if I could figure out how to cut them short enough to make ringtones out of them XD

Most of the time, my phone is on vibrate. Since it's in my pocket 99.9% of the time, I might not hear a tone, and I hate missing calls XD

If I had a tone, it'd change often- probably "Calling" from TWEWY just for the "lolol I got a phone call and my ringtone says someone is calling" most of the time, or something crazy like John Freeman just to freak people out.

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When it gets a text message, it is accompanied by a sound clip from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail - namely, the one with the arrow hitting followed by "Message for you, sir!"

My actual ringtone changes whenever I feel like it, though currently it's "House on a Hill" by Kamelot. XD
My current ring tone is set to Metal Gear Solid's Codec Ring. :> The one that goes 'b-reep, b-reep ... b-reep, b-reep ...'

And then my message alert/text message thing/MSN alert for when I'm on it on my phone is the Metal Gear Solid Alert sound. xD It's funny when I leave it on and you hear 'SHWING' and everyone in the room turns to look at it. In my head I just imagine an exclamation mark popping up above their heads ... ♥
My current ringtone? Totally Spies' Compowder beeping.


I also have the Ultimate Weapon ringtone, which starts with gunfire, then continues with grenade launcher sounds an ends with a time bomb beep and a huge explosion.

I'd love to have the Imperial Death March as my ringtone, though xD (Or Leeroy Jenkins, This Is Sparta, The Trololol Song, Falcon Punch, It's A Trap, Combo Breaker, Chewbacca, Benny Hill, etc~)
I used to have metallica's master of puppets as my ringtone, but seeing as that and "welcome home sanitarium" is my only other song on my phone, I stick to the default one. I badly want "Goofy Goober rock" as my ring tone :<

To add some slightly interesting element to this post, my uncle had a ringtone a while back that shouted "IT'S THE WIFE" rather annoyingly. It was burned at the stake withing a two weeks of its purchase.
My notification ringtone (pertaining to updates on the phone and text messages) is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time version of the item fanfare.
So every time I get a text my phone goes DOO-DOO DA DOOOOOOOOO.

Hell yes.
Hell fucking yes.

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My ringtone is good ol' reliable vibrate. I don't need anything fancy schmancy to sound off, plus it's a lot easier to keep people from noticing a low buzzing sound than if One Winged Angel or anything else that might be subject to my whimsy started playing in class or in public.
Psycho Monkey said:
My ringtone is good ol' reliable vibrate. I don't need anything fancy schmancy to sound off, plus it's a lot easier to keep people from noticing a low buzzing sound than if One Winged Angel or anything else that might be subject to my whimsy started playing in class or in public.

While I certainly understand your point, can you imagine how awesome it'd be if said song started playing, people'd be all like "WTF is that?". Then you just bust out your phone and go "Eyup, someone's calling" and answer the phone.

That sounded a lot more awesome in my head, but you get the general idea |D (I hope ^^; )
For calls, it's the "ring ring ring, ring ring ring! phonecall! phonecall!" from the second ep of the anime (Ash's mums I think). It gets a laugh where ever you go just for it's cheesyness, as most people haven't got a clue where it's from!

The absolute best alarm theme would be the Stingray theme, starting with "STANDBY FOR ACTION!", although the position on time-shared with the Team Rocket motto theme (which also does the rounds on text messages, among others.)
My phone is always on vibrate , nowadays .... I used to have a different ringtone for each person on my phone but now I've gotten lazy xD
If I had a phone, I would probably have the 'Na na na's from MCR's 'Na Na Na' as its ringtone. It's just so catchy! For a person in particular, my boyfriend would probably have the 'male enhancement' commercial whistle just for laughs.
I have the current Doctor Who theme song as my ringtone, edited by my mother.

My current text message is a default one, but I really want to change it to Blaziken's Cry.

Yup ♥
mine is "social link go" from the persona 4 comic dub for phone calls, for texts just the default tone. i really want the cartridge load sound from nanoha
Meh, I used to have various ringtones on my old phone... But when I switched phones, I didn't really care for ringtones much 'cause I usually keep it on vibrate... So I'd say I'm stuck with my boring default.
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I don't get many calls, so I don't really pay much attention to my ringtone. I believe I had something set for it, but after someone stole it (Luckily they were caught) I'm not sure if it's even there anymore. Still, I most likely just keep it on vibrate, and the basic ring, if, on some rare occasion, someone calls me.