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RP Guide


The Last of the Snowmen
Former Administrator
Just a handy guide for those new to Charms Role Play or for those who’ve been around and simply want to try it out.

1. Your plot.

Like a story or a movie, the driving force behind an RP is the plot. You need a good one to keep other RPers interested. This means that you need to try your best to make it as original and un-cliché as possible, which is pretty hard since few ideas are ever original anymore. Of course, sometimes cliché ideas are fairly enjoyable, so it’s really up to you to judge what you think people will and will not like. Use the RP discussion forums to discuss your idea to see if people are interested, and they can also tell you what you can change.

You also need to decide if you’re the one who keeps the plot moving in your RP, or if you’re going to let the other RPers decide through their actions and whatnot.

2. Your writing.

The way you write determines who is going to be interested in your RP. Even if you have the most amazing plot ever conceived, if u type liek this whith crapy spelign and no grammer ur fic wil never be raed. Srsly. No one will pay any attention to it, and God will hate you. =)


Those are really the two BIG things when it comes to Roleplays, but I highly, HIGHLY suggest you read this thread. Please read it, oh gods please. A lot of what is in there will translate nicely over into RP.

Moving on.

There are other things to consider when writing an opening post. Make sure there’s room for other characters to come in!

“And then Bob bumped into a shadowy figure!” is also not the right way to end your post =|

If you end your post in public place, then you have no worries, as it would be easy for another person’s character to come into the picture. But otherwise, you have to be careful, because if there isn’t an opening then no one will post.

When you’re posting in someone else’s topic.

If you’re the one posting in a topic that isn’t yours then there are a few things to consider.


There :’D I got it out of my system.

A lot of times people will have their own little rules for their RPs, and these must be respected. If you fail to adhere to them then it can result in a warning and/or a possible removal from the RP.

Also make sure you read all of the posts after that to make sure you know exactly what the hell is going on.

The next thing is to please respect the plot. Don’t bring in your own devices that steer it off course.

And please respect other RPers, and don’t be a godmodding douchebag.


If you need to talk to the other RPers or make a comment, then use the OOC/BIC tags. If the comment or question or whatever is fairly long then it’s best to ask them in a PM, otherwise, use those tags.

OOC = Out Of Character. This means that you’re not writing as your character, and you’re making a note or a comment, or asking a question.

BIC = Back In Character. Say this when you’re done with your OOC to let people know that you’re now writing as your character again.
*Note: If you don’t have any OOC comments then there is no need for a BIC tag in your post.

I also typically put the tags in bold, mostly because I think it looks nicer, but you don’t have to. Just make sure they’re easy to see.

That should be about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. Another thing I will tell you is not to be bummed when your RP dies. Yes, I said when and not if. Because as long as I’ve been here not a single RP or PRP has ever finished. Not to discourage you, of course ;3 Just bug the heck out of the people in your RP, or accept that it’s dead and make a new one.

Also take a look at these threads.
*General Role Play Rules
*Back to school, kids. Grammar Time!
*Writing Tips – yes, linking it again just in case you didn’t read it. Which you should. Right now.
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