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Siberian Scythes: Samael Petrikov Backstory.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
To all my friends of the Comet Trail Roleplay. And those who are new. Welcome! This is a story about innocence, repentance, and forgiveness. This is the story, of Samael Petrikov. Here is Samael’s bio before I move forward.
Name(First and last): Samael Petrikov
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Reaper human hybrid
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Samael has bright red hair, and his right eye has the same colored iris to compliment the hair. His left eye is covered by an eyepatch (Remember this for later). His attire mainly consists of a cloak with an armor-like coat on underneath. Dark chains spiral around his outfit. His pants are black jeans and have leather boots that reach his shins. But don’t go any further.

Abilities and Powers:
Scythe arts: Special abilities used by Samael in combat. Ranging from making his scythes have two sharp ends to them. Making them carve through like buzzsaws. But his main technique is with his obsidian scythes. The obsidian scythes can access a magma mode. Breaking the shell of obsidian and showing the heat underneath.

Anima Sola: Samael’s chains on his outfit aren’t just for show, they are also used in combat as well. Anima Sola is an ability that requires a ton of focus. But anima Sola can be used in two primary ways. The first way is to temporarily bind the enemy. By sending chains from the ground and holding the enemy in place. The other method is to use the chains in combat. Whenever Samael wants to he can Increase the heat in them using one of his scythe art abilities.

Reaperflame Transformation: Using the burning reaper blood in his veins, he can transform into a fiery reaper. His skull becomes the top part of the jaw as well as floating to. His entire body becomes a skeleton as well. Sharp teeth are present, As well as pure orange eyes with only a dash of black. The eyes appear broken, like glass. His reaper attire consists of a large black cloak. He has a armor-like attire underneath said cloak. He also gains fiery bone wings. This form increases his scythe arts and Anima Sola usage. It can also increase his strength as well. But can be used up to a certain extent. When the skull’s light is a shallow blue, it is weak.

Personality: The cold and sometimes ruthless Samael only follows orders from either his higher ups or a certain Crimson individual. He listens well and can cooperate with others exceptionally well. So making synergies in battle would not be that hard with Samael.
Relationships: (You can learn more about this in the story!)
Other: He is Russian. Like can speak English but has a thick Russian accent

Check back here often as I will post the first chapter. Then we can go from there.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings
Samael was born with the name Samael Nikolai Petrikov. His mother’s name is Anastasia Kuznetsov. Anastasia has long dark red hair which is where Samael gets his red hair from. Anastasia is known for her ability of chains, or better known as Anima Sola. His father’s name is Vladislav Petrikov. His father is a reaper in disguise. He keeps the reaper part of his blood hidden, Unless absolutely needed to. Vladislav also became the number 2 hero of Russia because of his reaper powers. Samael also has an older sister named Vasilisa Petrikov. Who appaers to be very similar to her mother, not only in appearance but in how she acts.

Samael is the more known reaper between his father. Samael’s name was chosen to be Samael because of Vladislav having a close friend with reaper blood named Samael; Who unfortunately passed before Samael was born.

Samael picked up instruments easily as a kid. He loved to play the guitar, which would eventually be his primary instrument. On off days, Samael and Vladislav would train to help improve Samael’s scythe abilities. Around 7 years old, Samael managed to unlock his magma scythes. But couldn’t control it for years. Also at his age, he could only hold one scythe at a time due to them being kind of heavy with their obsidian shell.

Samael lived a peaceful life…that was, until they came along. King William Cromwell, father to 4 children, the youngest twins being Marcel Cromwell and Porco Cromwell. Vladislav met William and got along really well with him. Stopping at a nearby park, Vladislav let Samael meet the two twins. Samael was not one for socialization, he rarely got any due to training and him wanting to spend time with family. So meeting Marcel and Porco was something new for him that he was able to experience.

William spoke to Vladislav. “Say, Vladislav. What if we were to put our boys against one another. Samael and Marcel.” Vladislav considered the idea, but was still uncertain due to the fact that Samael could not control his lava scythes or his Anima Sola heat mode. “I take your offer with open arms. No bragging about winning. Correct?“ Vladislav asked, curious to how William would respond. “No. Not at all, just a nice way to see how well our boys have grown.” William commented and the two shook on it.

The two left the park and took their children home. Vladislav knew this was going to be a potential disaster for Samael. So he tried to teach Samael more technical hand to hand combat techniques. Samael caught on rather quickly, and in short time, he could pull those moves off without any delay.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Chapter 2: Eyeless
Two weeks following the agreement between Vladislav and William, The two met again with their sons. The time for their combat had begun. Vladislav talked to Samael before the match. “Remember Samael, do the best that you can do. It will be for your improvement.” Vladislav spoke to Samael as he walked towards the field. William had brought some of his own Royal Advisiers to watch over the fight. And step in if at all necessary.

William greeted Vladislav and the two prepped their kids for their ensuing battle. Marcel and Samael and both trained hard. Knowing of the incoming combat, they wanted to be ready to take the other out. “Alright boys. When I say go. You may start.” William spoke and Vladislav nodded. “3. 2. 1.” William counted down and then paused. “Go!” William spoke and the two charged at each other.

Marcel shot Brimsoul blasts at Samael, but because of the moves he learned Samael quickly evaded most of them. Quickly going in and delivering a few good hits, like a 3 punch combo to a sweep kick. After the sweep, Samael activated his anima Sola ability and chains shot from his palm and began to lash them at Marcel. Marcel was a slight bit cut after being lashed, and due to the force, Marcel was lying on the ground. Samael was going to check on him, but something happened.

An explosion of black and red shot into the air and around the spectators. It flung Samael back a bit. What had happneed was that something unprecedented had awoken. Marcel had awoken into something that most claim as a legend during his age. Marcel transformed into his true demon form. Samael was petrified looking at the pitch black creature with pure crimson eyes. But still he fought.

Samael broke his obsidian scythe’s shell and the heat began to flow. Charging at the demon, he slung his scythe for one good strike. The demon stumbled a bit, But it still managed to unfaze the demon. The demon grabbed Samael by the neck and pinned him down to the ground. Samael tried to fight back with an Anima Sola bind. But the demon merely broke the chains.

(Alright. Putting a disclaimer up for this next part. If you don’t want to read the pain ahead, I’ll put a TLDR at the end of that for you all who are sensitive.)
The demon with the ferocity of a King lion, brought his hand up, and pierced into Samael’s left eye. Crimson blood began to fill the eye socket. Slowly filling overflowing and trickling blood on the ground. The demon held the eye as if it were a trophy from it’s battle. The demon proceded to pop the eye with his hand. It was after that moment, Samael let out a blood curdling scream.

Vladislav ran towards the field and immediately entered his Reaperflame mode. (I’ll explain more on this ability when Samael unlocks it. Grabbing one of the demon’s wings and throwing him on the ground. The advisiers around William shot brimstasis shots. Temporary shots to bind the enemy in place. William ran behind his son and delivered a chop to the neck. Incapacitating his son.

Vladislav slowly changed back into his human form and picked up the unconscious Samael and lit one of his knives with magma and began to cauterize the area inside of his socket. Very precisely. He knew that he could not mess up. But was done rather quickly. Anastasia and Vasilisa stood in shock at the bloodshed that had occurred. Anastasia crying because of her son’s potential death.

Vladislav put the fainted Samael on the ground, two advisiers came over to try and heal Samael. “
Stay away from my son!” Vladislav shouted ferociously. “We’re here to help heal your son back Vladislav. Nothing else will happen to him.” One of the two advisiers spoke. Vladislav was still upset about the outcome of this fight. “I want nothing with you, or your king, tell him and his brat when he awake that when we meet again, he will seriously regret messing with the Petrikov family.“ Vladislav spoke as Vasilisa came over and healed Samael to prevent more potential blood pressure.

In no time afterwards, Samael awoke slowly, but he awoke. “
Ow. My head hurts. What happened?” Samael asked curious as to what had occurred around him and to him. Vasilisa was hesitant to answer because of the empty eye socket staring her down. “Little bro. You lost the battle, and you lost your left eye little bro, but I can give you this.” Vasilisa explained as she reached into her pocket and gave him an eyepatch for his left eye. “Just like so!“ Vasilisa spoke as she adjusted it just right. “We are leaving. Now.” Vladislav spoke as he started to walk. Anastasia came over and grabbed Samael and the four of them left.
(TLDR: Samael lost his left eye.)
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Chapter 3: Frostbit Training.
5 months after the encounter with the Cromwells. Samael made it his top priority to take down Marcel and make him pay for his injuries. Climbing into the cold mountains, Samael found a frozen lake and carefully walked over it. ‘
Repentance is due for him. I believe he needs to be pushed down and know his place.’ Samael thought to himself as he found a dry spot in the lake and sat down. He began to focus on the surroundings around him and his revenge. ‘Eye for an eye. I’ll get him back for this. Marcel Cromwell. This will be my revenge!’ Samael thought sharply as the ground around him rumbled. His veins glowed a bright orange.

Repentance for the Reaper!” Samael shouted as everything around him turned a bright orange. In few moments his skin burned away and showed a skull, but no bottom jaw. A disconnect could be seen between the skull and the rib cage. His skull filled with flames and sharp orange pupils filled the black eyes of the skull. Anima Sola chains with sparks of orange burst through the ice and shot into the air. Samael felt a burst out of his back as two fiery Angel wings surrounded bones with tissue tied to the wings to form the shape. The Reaperflame transformation had been unlocked.

Feeling a sharp spike in power, Vladislav quickly flew to the scene. Knowing it was Samael he lowered to see what his son had become. ‘
Ah. So you finally unlocked it Samael. Perfect. Soon you will be accepted into a place where you can fit in.’ Vladislav thought to himself as the figure charged to him. Knowing how to deal with that power. He quickly grabbed the skull and flew towards the water. Submerging the reaper into the water, cause a slow but eventual return of Samael. Incapacitated due to using too much of his power.

2 years Later, Samael would eventually have some control over the form. And be able to withstand hot and cold temperatures. He was growing a lot, and could eventually top his father in power. That was until he was called down to his family. “
My son. You have been accepted.” Vladislav spoke to Samael.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Chapter 4: Vermont and the mist
Samael confused about what he meant asked. “Accepted into what?” Vladislav’s gave Samael a letter. It said he was accepted into Calypso Academy. One of the finest schools for powerful students. The only problem is that it is in the state of Vermont. Samael got ready straight away. Saying goodbye to his family for the time being Samael took a cab to the airport.

Many hours would go by before he arrived on campus at Calypso. Samael saw many unique individuals on his way inside to the gym. He was told that this was where the introduction ceremony took place. Samael took a seat next to a white haired individual with a skull staff. A male, dressed sharp and had green hair walked forward towards the podium.

“Fellow students, we welcome you to Calypso Academy. This school is a fine place to hone in your powers and become a hero. Maybe even be accepted into the acclaimed Comet Trail! I am Principle Whitmore and I will be in charge of a special training session we will have in the second semester. But before that, let’s have some introductory battles!” The principle concluded as the student body walked towards the fields to watch the ensuing battles.

Samael was not called during the battles, which was unfortunate. The first battle saw a bloodmancer named Alexis Vespertine Vs a Virus user named Drevan Hallowheart. Drevan would win the battle due to an interesting form he had. The second battle was a cryomancer named Jack Frostweaver Vs A shadow user named Judas Lial. Judas would walk away with the victory there with a reveal of him being a shadow spider hybrid.

But the third battle is what tipped Samael off. “Can we have a Lucien Bechalot and a Marcel Cromwell come down for the next battle.” Principle Whitmore announced and at that moment Samael stood up. ‘
Cromwell is here! Finally, at least I can get my revenge back sooner than I had anticipated.’ Samael thought to himself as he took a seat. The white haired boy, Who was named Nix Amherst, was confused about Samael’s actions.

The winner of that match would be Marcel, but both showed interesting forms. And the fact that Lucien was blind but still able to land hits on Marcel was surprising for Samael. After that the closing match was between a mage named Sampson Hermocoles and wind manipulator named Julius Featherforth. Sampson would in the closing match with his adaptivity.

Before the day was done the students found their way to the dorms. Samael was quick to find and confront Marcel. “Cromwell!” Called Samael as he walked over to the red headed demon. “Ah. How can I help you today?” Marcel asked holding a hand out. Samael slapped his hand away. “The name is Petrikov.” Samael spoke and Marcel was taken aback by the revelation. “S-Samael?! Is that you?” Marcel asked curious and surprised. “Yes, and don’t think that my repentance won’t come cause it will.” Samael spoke as he walked to his dorm. His roommates would be Alexis, Lucien, and a girl named Nicole.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Filler before Chapter 5
Before you read chapter 5, here are some new bios. This will be one of the first times I do one of these breaks. These are some characters you will be seeing from here on out.
Name(First and last): Drevan Hallowheart

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human (and…Virus?)

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Drevan is known for his dark purle hair. He always wears coats and has jeans on underneath it. For shirts, usually long sleeve for the most part. He also wears boots, but they don’t reach as high as Samael’s does. He also wears a black face mask

Abilities and Powers:
Viral Infection: Similar to Fugo’s stand Purple Haze from JoJos, Drevan has made special gloves with capsules that hold his own made virus. But he can also expel it from his hands if necessary. Except, it’s not a flesh eating virus as it is a distortion virus. Being affected by the virus causes the opponent’s view to be distorted and unfocused.

Virus mode: A last ditch effort by Drevan is to have the virus go through his body. Being somewhat immune to his virus, he can use it to give him a boost in battle. However, it is noted that he will go a bit haywire if used for too long.
Personality: Drevan is your typical bad kid. Always getting into trouble. He comes off also as more of the bully type than most other school stereotypes.

Relationships: None

Other: Urbushaa.
Name(First and last): Alexis Vespertine

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human and Blood Dragon

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Alexis is known for her bright red hair. She always wears hoodies and has sweatpants on underneath it. For shirts, usually long sleeve for the most part. She also wears tennis shoes.

Abilities and Powers:

Blood creation and manipulation: Pretty self explanatory here. Alexis can create blood from her palms and manipulated to whatever she needs in that situation. She mostly uses it in defense or can use it to heal someone’s injuries. It does use some of her own energy though in order to create fresh blood

Dragon mode: Alexis can turn parts of her body into dragon-like parts. She can turn herself into a dragon but it would cost her tons of energy in order to do so. In said form she can breathe blood and use said blood for manipulation.

Personality: Alexis is always open for conversation. She can be easy to approach and slightly energetic. But no where near as much as other people. She always puts herself in front of others.

Relationships: Jack Frostweaver (Crush) Marcel Cromwell (Crush)

Other: N/A
Name(First and last): Judas Lial
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Shadow spider human hybrid. (Human on the surface)
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Judas has long black hair that cuts of about a quarter of his back. He has very rare black irises in his eyes. Then for his attire, he wears white T-shirts and black jackets. He wears black jeans and boots as well.
Abilities and Powers:

Shadow Claws: Using the shadow arms with claws out of his back. He can use it to get more decent range in close quarters combat. The reach is limited to a certain extent. However this makes up for itself by allowing him to make more whenever he needs to.

Dark Arts: Using a shadow sneak, Judas can attack any projectile and deflect it back. When it comes to a person, it does moderate damage. Not to much and not too little.

Shadow Spider Transformation: Being part shadow spider means that he can transform into his version of a spider. His arms and skin turn pitch black and eight of his claw arms come out of his back. His Acidic Saliva kicks in and he gains sharp fangs. Eight beading red eyes can also be scene through his long hair. His hands also gain claws as well. One downside is that his hunger can easily spiral out of control. Not just eat food hunger, well kind of, but a different kind of food. People.

Personality: Judas can be described as a savage person when engaged in an enemy not afraid to take cheap shots to win. But when out of combat he is cool and collected.
Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Formally invited to the Academy
Other: N/A
Name(First and last): Marcel Cromwell
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: With sharp teeth and demon horns Marcel also has medium length crimson hair that covers his left eye. Both eyes different from one another the left eye is Pale white, meanwhile the other one, Dark for the main eye and red for the irises. A sharp pupil can be found in the center of the eye. A large X shaped scar can be found across his face (More on this later). For his outfit, he wears leather jackets with slightly torn jeans. He also wears a crimson scarf on and off for his outfit. He also wears band t-shirts and also has black boots on as well.
Abilities and Powers:
Brimstone Demon: One of Marcel’s main form of offense. His demon form is quick and adds power increase to his main Brimstone spells. His appearance changes drastically during this form. It is limited for the time being because if he strains it to hard he will faint due to exhaustion

Brimstone Spells: A sub ability for Marcel are his spells. Which variety depending on what type of battle is needed. For range he has his basic Brimsoul shots, One of his more deadly spells is Brimstone Descent. He changes into a fiery ball with sharp demon horns and descends on the opponent. After that an explosion occurs not harming Marcel but doing damage to say the least. Also limited in the way that it would use some of Marcel’s energy

Ash Manipulation: One of Marcel’s more deadly abilities is to create and manipulate ashes. He can create enough to make weapons with to defend against enemy attacks. The other way he uses this ability is to blind his opponent.

Personality: Marcel seems to be like a cold and ruthless individual on the exterior, but that is quite the contrary. Once you open up to him he becomes more of like a friend who will defend anyone. Kind and somewhat quick witted. He just really wishes to impress people
Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Completed a test with exceptional skill
Relationships: Porco Cromwell (Brother)
Other: N/A
Name(First and last): Jack Frostweaver

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Jack is known for his pale white hair and Ice blue eyes. He always wears Turtlenecks and has khakis on underneath it. He also wears timbs.

Abilities and Powers:
Cryomancy: Pretty self explanatory here. Jack can create ice from his palms and manipulated to whatever he needs in that situation. He mostly uses it in defense and offense. It does use some of her own energy though in order to create a bunch of ice

Hyper freeze: Jack channels the inner tundra within himself and hones it into his moves and his strategies. Once this is activated, Jack makes it his top priority to finish the match because of his quick energy depletion in this form.

Personality: Jack is your run of the mill popular boy. Everyone looks up to him and tries to be exactly like him in any way, shape, or form. He doesn’t care what anyone says and does things his own way.

Relationships: Samael Petrikov (Enemy #1) Marcel Cromwell (Enemy #2)
Other: N/A
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Chapter 5: Meeting his Classmates
The next Day, Samael would finally start having normal classes. Noting the many faces of people he had seen on the first day. However there were some he despised and he knew which ones. Jack was one of the people. He began flirting with Alexis and she blushed a bit. Samael would walk in shortly thereafter. “Humble yourself will you. It is only the second day.” Samael spoke next to Jack as he walked towards his seat. Jack shot him a look but Samael paid no attention to it.

A few moments later, the teacher would walk in. The teacher’s name was Mr. Woodland. “Now. Today is a going to be a straight forwards day. Introductions, not just from me, but from all of you. I want each of you to go to the front and display, at least, one of your powers.” Mr Woodland spoke as he showed off his power of Nature manipulation, and creation. “So. Who would like to go first.” Woodland spoke as he took a seat in his chair.

As soon as he was done speaking, Samael stood up and walked towards the front of the room and brought his hood down. “My name is Samael Petrikov. I come from Moscow and my ability is through my scythes and reaper blood.” Samael paused as he grabbed for one of his scythes and focused the heat on the exterior. The shell broke and the heat in the room started to rise, His obsidian scythe was shown. But instead of ending it there, he aimed the scythe to his hand.

This.” Samael spoke as he cut his palm with the searing end of the scythe. Closing his hand tightly as a bit of orange dropped from his hand, this would end up being his reaper blood. “Is what true strength is.” Samael spoke as the droplet reached the floor exploring the room into an orange glow. The glow faded slowly as Jack, Marcel, Drevan, and Woodland looked over and saw something in Samael’s spot.

A burning skull dawned in a deep cloak wrapped around it. The only thing visible in the skull’s eyes were two beading orange pupils. The hood of the cloak covered the skull as Anima Sola chains flowed from his back and flaming wings had appeared. The reaperflame transformation was here.

Marcel, Jack, and Drevan were taken aback by this. They had wished they had fought Samael instead of their other opponent. But slowly dying out, the flames reaper had faded and Samael was left standing there with his good eye closed. He opened them and walked back to his desk. Immediately the whole class came around Samael, and asked him a slew of questions.

I believe that more introductions are in order, so I don’t confuse you all.” Samael spoke politely as they all went back to their seats and one at a time more students introduced themselves, and eventually all the students had went up to the front.

From this, Samael learned a couple of things. Marcel had improved his true demon and can transform when pushed, Drevan’s interesting form was called his Virus Form, Nicole was revealed to be Jack’s twin sister. Jack had Hyperfreeze while Nicole had something called “Frozen Fox”, Judas’ spider form was more interesting than he initially thought. And all the others had unique abilities.