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In the year 2150 Pokemon angry at Humans for all the new technology advancements put more strain on Pokemon life than ever and made it easy for people to basically enslave them. One day however a group of Pokemon when all seemed lost for any equal reign over the world found hope, they where an odd group and maybe that is why Pokemon took notice in the first place talk of that odd rebel group making attacks on human cities and wining spread, soon the government was trying everything it could to end them but nothing worked. Not long after the many victory all the Pokemon one by one rose up and with there combined powers the human even with all of the might and weapons did not last long all the Pokemon needed was a leader and now the group was theirs. After the long battle the Earth was no longer habitable, all the fire from the fire types, radiation from the humans, roots from the grass types, flooding from the water types and much more, the Earth time was coming to an end but the grass, rock and psychic types had an idea, if they could slowly make there own world and so they did it took almost 100 years but Pokemon life spans are long, and so a Hidden land of Pokemon was born.
They made it so that all 18 types had a country and each had a ruler some where the part of the group that had liberated the Pokemon, some where new to the thrown all wanted peace right? What is known how ever is that there is a new challenge on the horizon for the peaceful Pokemon.


Hi and welcome this is where you can Ask to join my up coming role play The Hidden land of Pokemon, this is a Pokemon only role play to join follow the rules and give me your bio.

To head back to the role play use this https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-hidden-land-of-pokemon.17919/
No legendary Pokemon.

You can play as much as two characters, as long as you keep track of them and make sure you tell everyone which you're playing at any given time and make sure that one is your main and one is your side.

You can play as a ruler or just a Pokemon it is your choice what you Pokemon's class is.

Swearing is allowed but not to much and no extreme swears.

No Fakemons.

No God modding

You can not kill another players Pokemon without my say so and their say so.

Romance is allowed but same as swearing nothing above PG.

Please follow the Pokemon RP rules.


Age: (5 to 500)
Country: (any of the 18 types)
Main or side: (optional)

Here is mine.
Name: Devowa
Species: Serperior
Gender: Female
Class: Ruler
Age: 115
Country: Grass
Personality: Kind and quirky
Information: Devowa was one of the Group that liberated the Pokemon she was the youngest of the Group but also was the one that started it. She is now the Ruler of the grass types and is worshiped by her Pokemon like a legendary and for good reason she is as powerful as one of them but funny enough she almost never uses it. Unlike most Serperiors Devowa is a very kind person willing to do almost anything to help other Pokemon, being the one that lead the Pokemon to victory she is also a very good strategist and thinks of most battles as a game which is why most likely she never take anything seriously. Some would say she is still to young to be leader, 115 being young for a Pokemon, barely in to adult hood but she is still highly respected. In her childhood she was always the odd one she was shiny for one and spent most of her time sleeping reading and eating most of the other Pokemon made fun of her for being lazy or chubby she saw it differently, she saw it as enjoying life so paid little mind to there teasing but she still understood what is was like to have people and Pokemon not like you or use you which was the reason she wanted to make a difference and start the fight back against people and their using of Pokemon and enslaving them. Most like Devowa nowadays but it can be annoying when she just stop in the middle of something important and start reading something.
Appearance: Devowa is a Shiny with blue stalks instead of green, hanging from one of those stalks is a emerald earring that some would say is the royal symbol of the grass types. Devowa over the years has not gotten any less lazy or hungry and as a side effect she has grown very large being three times the weight of a normal Serperior and twice the size having a very large belly on the half Serpent half Humanoid and a very long and large tail on the full Serpent side.
Main or side: Main

I plan on letting the story grow on its own some but there will be a main plot but after that we will see.

i hope you have fun with this role play.
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Hello! I would like to join and this would be my bio:

Name: Ogden
Species: Nuzleaf
Gender: Male
Class: Student
Age: 16
Country: Grass
Personality: Strong-willed and emphatic
Information: Ogden is a student who lives and works in his Mama Shiftry's herb shop as a clerk part-time. As a child he was impish by nature, often pulling small pranks on neighbors, but has matured since. Ogden is deeply invested into math, science, and politics and gets good grades in school, all though English could be improved upon. His interest in politics has made him study government leaders of all the nations in their history, especially Grass. Ogden is very approachable and loves to hang out with his friends in the village, although when it's time to work he becomes very focused and passionate about it. Ogden's dream is to become an herbal doctor for the village, and maybe even discover a cure for a disease.
Appearance: Ogden is a normal looking Nuzleaf from a distance, however he has an inviting attitude, yet mildly poor posture. A green band representing the Grass nation is seen around his wrist, which was given by his mama Shiftry as a small Seedot. Ogden often wears a brown backpack to carry his books and hiking supplies.
Main or side: Not sure yet, leaning towards main
BehindThemask like you character your in!
I plan on getting a few more people and then starting looking forword to it.

Behind the mask where starting on Saturday just so you know but we are still looking for people that are looking to join, see you there. :)
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Hi there! I hope this isn’t too late. This sounds really intriguing.

Name: Saphira
Species: Sylveon
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Country: Fairy
Class: Ruler
Personality: Cunning, manipulative, ambitious, intelligent, and lonely.
Information: Straying from the typical perception of a fairy type, Saphira is not innocent or gentle. As the new ruler of the Fairy Country, her goals are nowhere near peaceful as she is very power hungry. She keeps a kind and friendly exterior, and definitely uses her cute charm to her advantage. Saphira often plays dumb in order to keep any and all suspicion off of her and her true motives. Her parents were always busy with ruling, and in consequence were distant and seemed uncaring which lead to Saphira wanting to spark a war and conquer the other countries and be the sole ruler. She merely wants someone to love her, but doesn't know any other way on achieving it other than by sheer force and ruling with an iron fist-...er..paw.
Appearance: Not too different from any other Sylveon, though her pink coat is a slightly darker shade than most, and her ribbon-like feelers (Cause that's what they're called) are a little longer than most. In the centre of the bow on her chest is the emblem of the Fairy Country. Her body is sleek and quite small, which allows her to be nimble and agile, though not very fast. While she looks cute and cuddly, beware.
Main or side: Main, though I can play a side character too.
Your in. it is funny your not the only one that has asked today and i thought my RP was dead but it is coming back now that we have two. his Bio will post soon he says.
Yea me too but i do not think the other guy will be posting so it may be just us for a little bit. I will give him one more day to post before starting.
I'd like to join if I could


Name: Acro
Species: Crobat
Gender: Male
Class: Ruler
Age: 230
Country: Posion
Personality: Caring and Loyal
Information: Acro started his life as a trainer's Pokemon, before being mistreated, and thrown to the side. He finally found a trainer who loved him, and evolved him to a Crobat, before releasing him into the wild. He was tired of being mistreated and retreated to the new land, becoming the ruler of the Poison Country.
Appearance: Acro has a scar on his right eye, which is covered up by his black glasses. Which he only takes off in emergency's.
Main or side: Main
Name: Kara
Species: Zorua
Gender: Female
Class: Student
Age: 14
Country: [type]Dark[/type]
Personality: (Nature: Impish, Characteristic: mischevious) Kara is devil-like by nature; she is sly, cunning, but still childish and young. Kara may not seem much like it, but she seriously enjoys academics but is often in trouble because of her impish personality. Still, she can be serious; thus why the Zorua is sly and often cunning but prefers to be infantile.
Information: Kara excels in mathematics, but is more moderate when it comes to language and whatnot. She doesn't seem to live with anyone, apart from a male Zoroark who is too young to be her father- likely her older brother. They don't spend too much time together, and Kara spends most of her free time alone, doodling and sketching as a Mienfoo; or in her true form- where she pulls pranks and is more wicked- in a playful way, of course.
Appearance: Her black fur is a bit lighter than one of a normal Zorua's, and seems more ashen than a dark gray, her eyes a crimson red, that seem to glow at dark. Kara's tips of her paws are a beautiful, near-neon blue, matching the very tip of the tuft of fur on her head, which is the same shade of blue. She's also a bit more fluffy than other Zorua, the ring of fur along her neck being more fluffed out, and same goes for other parts of her fur. She's also taller than the average 2'4 Zorua, and a bit more bulky, too. Around her scruff is a necklace, wrapped around, an Everstone hanging loosely. It was a present from someone; she says. However, instead of being in her true form, the Zorua usually sets up an illusion to disguise herself as a short, normal looking Mienfoo. She never says why, but it's her usual form- an illusion.
Main or side: I'm leaning towards Main.
Hello there.

Name: Kaze
Species: Greninja
Gender: Male
Class: Student
Age: 19
Country: Water
Personality: (Nature: Hasty, Characteristic: Alert to sounds.)
Kaze is very cool-headed, a fact that can be gleaned because no matter the situation, Kaze remains unfazed and calm, even in the face of danger or against some of the more abrasive members of his country. Kaze is also known to be deeply loyal to the people whom he respects. As a result of admiring a vision to reign peace upon the country, he swears fealty to it. Kaze often receives gifts from women, a fact that is usually a reciprocal gesture as a means to repay the favors that he performs for them. His popularity with women stems from his demeanor of politeness and benevolence, although he is blissfully unaware of the charms that he possesses. This lack of awareness over his charisma could be entirely attributed to Kaze's inclination to be humble, which asserts from Kaze's display of humility over his personal attractions which in turn lends credence to his bewildered obliviousness over his popularity with women.
Information: Kaze and his older twin brother, Saizo, are members of a clan that had proudly served the Water Country for several generations. Trained from a young age, Kaze became an exemplary ninja. Some time in their past, their father, Saizo the Fourth, was killed by an unnamed Pokemon in an unexplained incident. His older brother became the new head of their clan, taking up the name Saizo. While Saizo was more vindictive in seeking retribution on his father's assailant, Kaze was more coolheaded. Still, Kaze pledged to support his brother to help him take down their father's killer.
Appearance: Kaze is a regular Greninja with purple eyes that seem to glow when there is an absence of light. He wears a dark purple scarf which is tattered in multiple places. He is slightly taller than a normal Greninja, standing at 5'1".
Main or side: I'm thinking main.
Name: Shade
Species: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Class: Ruler
Age: (5 to 500) 342
Country: (any of the 18 types) Dark
Personality: Harsh, but kind to his type. Cares for his people, and would do anything for them.
Information: Shade lived through the rebirth of the world. He watched, protecting some dark types from others using his illusions. Later, he was elected king over the land, where he can protect everyone. Shade had no family, but thinks of everyone as his.
Appearance: A normal Zoroark, but with a silver vest.
Main or side: (optional) main
(Can I make some information about the country?)
OK Changed my first post to be a little more like the new people joining's story ready when you are guys.
(PS the link to the RP works now sorry for that.)
Dooto: yes they all come, but only leaders talk about their Kingdom. The lower rank just go to the party to have some fun.

Cherished gatherer: Mostly any class that humans have, Pokemon have, so yes you can make an adviser.
Name: Netio
Species: Alolan Persian
Gender: Male
Class: Advisor
Age: 200
Country: Dark
Personality: A laid back but very stuck up man who prides himself for his clean pelt and high position. He tends to scare off strangers, intentionally and unintentionally, sometimes his mysterious behavior and very blunt words scaring students off. Getting to know him though he tends to open up and can joke easily, even flirting.
Information: He has a collection of gemstones, keeping them in his room and the rarest ones being in a case. He wishes for love one day, but feels he cant because of his circular face.
Appearance: Just a reg old Alolan Persian
Main or side: Main
name: Trub
species: Trubbish
gender: Male
class: Jester (I guess you could say helper or something like that)
age: (5 to 500) 65
country: He belongs to Fairy, stolen from Poison.
personality: Normally chillax-ish, makes jokes. He is a jester, after all. Trub can usually be spotted sagging within a coffee shop before being kicked out. He really just joined political things because he had nothing else to do, and it's probably a good opportunity to make jokes, right?
information: Trub is just kinda there most of the time, so just really only acknowledge him if he acknowledges you. Wait, how would the characters know that? Trub, being a trubbish, stinks. So he convinced himelf that he likes collecting nice smelling things, in hopes of getting rid of that. Being a pile of garbage is hard, especially around fairy types.
appearance: Regular trubbish, but with (trash) bags under his eyes, and probably had something nice-smelling on him. Air fresheners, probably.
main or side: I have no idea what this means, so uuhhhhhhh. Main? Yeah, main.

Trub is trash.
Your both in!
(Sorry i have not been around in awhile, real life stuff. So im getting back to the Rp when you guys are ready.)
Name: Boon
Species: Phantump
Gender: Male
Class: Student
Age: 13
Country: Grass
Personality: Boon is a very shy Pokemon that likes to stick to the side of any situation, yet can be very playful and is up for any activity with his close friends. Because of Boon's introverted personality he is unlikely to step up to the many older students of his country that like to "bully" him, whether physically or emotionally. Although, Boon receives a lot of pity from students and advisors alike as a young, innocent and vulnerable Pokemon.
Information: When Boon was born out of his egg, he found himself lost in the middle of the woods that he would later find out to be uninhabited land beside the training grounds of the Grass country's territory. After days of aimless wandering and suffering in the woods he was lead back to the Grass territory by a rogue Haunter that left him soon after his arrival at the Grass territory. He was brought in and raised under the grassland, but he always felt out of place and wanted to see what it was like in other countries such as the ghost territory that he technically could have been a part of. He always wondered why he was born in the middle of a forest in Grass country, and he wanted to see his real parents. Boon made a few friends since he joined the Grass types, but sometimes he likes to be alone because of his introvert personality.
Appearance: Boon looks like a regular Phantump except one of his eyes is pink and the other is blue, and he also has a small chunk taken out of the top of its left mask branch from an injury in the woods as a child.
Main or side: Not sure at this point, possibly main.
i hope i can join!

Name: Flame
species: Litwick
gender: Male
class: Student
country: Ghost
personality: Shy, easily Scared, sentient, nice, helpful, easily confused.
info: Flame is a follower, if he finds a Pokemon that thinks that is Cool/interesting he will follow them no matter what.
appearance: just looks like a regular litwick,
AnonymousTrainer your in!

Zman890 you can join but if you can find the time it would be nice if you added a little more to your characters story.
New character coming up in my next post here is his Bio

Name: Grin
Species: Gengar
Gender: Male
Class: Leader/Part time Jester
Age: 321
Country: Ghost
Personality: Cunning and Crazy
Information: Grin was other one of the strange group the saved the Pokemon world. He lived in a haunted house that no one dared enter because Grin hated people and anyone who went in rarely came out, until one day people wanted to build a park where it stood and destroyed it, but Grin was not one to just let things like that go he vowed revenge and revenge he did get. Grin haunted the town for that day foreword and soon the town was abandoned. One day a strange, pudgy Servine came into town and asked if her and her friend could use this town as a base for a uprising ageist the humans and Grin could not have been happier to help, but he could have never know that his little town would become the starting stop for entire war or that little pudgy Servine would be the one to have started it. Now Grin rules the Ghost types as their mad King. He certainly keeps thing interesting in the Haunted Woods.
Appearance: Grin is a white Gengar even when he is not in mega form and wheres a Jester Hat that has jewels in it like a crown that is his royal symbol. When he is in battle he has a large belt the has smoke bombs on it for having fun with the enemy.
Main or side: Side
Name: Kagune (Name For Shadow Fox)
Species: Zorua
Gender: Female
Class: Student
Age: 15
Country: Dark
Personality: Funny, Prankster, Little Sassy, Outgoing
Information: I don't know what to put here XD
Appearance: Regular Zorua
Main or side: (optional) Plz Main
Do you mind if I join?

Name: Blitz
Species: Charicard
Gender: Female
Class: Student
Age: 13
Country: Fire
Personality: Shy, nice, helpful, but sometimes cold.
Info: Blitz hatched on the island and her parents put her through hard training so she could be ready if humans ever found them and attacked.
Appearance: Charizard has a Blue and a Green eye.
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