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Open Six Kingdoms: Coup against Wethera.

A letter from Mr. Koso, Adventurer's Guild Registrar for Friendship

845 LD, A time of Trials and Tribulations for Clan Rochester, Royal Family of Wethera. The Royal Family was at the City of Friendship, visiting the King's In-laws for the Midsummer Festival that was thrown every year when Lord Darosius Zelmazar, Duke of Mountainstone Harbor, attacked the City. Your Characters are in the City During the attack, doing various things.

I will need five people to Join Princess Emmaline Ariana Felicity Rochester in the Investigation into Lord Zelmazar, and eventually help to stop him. We are recruiting from all-over the land. Wethera, Fimia, Pastia, Rommel, Tenyengcheng, Southern Proxima, and Arton are able to send adventurers from their Kingdoms for application to assist the Younger Princess of Wethera. Here is Princess Emmaline's Application

Full, Legal Name: Emmaline Ariana Felicity Rochester

Titles, if any: Princess Emmaline of Wethera, Angel's Shroud

Age: 13

Date of Birth: 03/05/832 LD

Your Gender: Female (She/Her)

Your Sexuality: Bicurious

Your Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Clan Rochester (Member, Youngest Princess of the Mad Dragon King, bloodline is tainted with the blood of a shadowed Dragon), Clan Silver (Descendant, Mother is Ariana, Queen of Wethera, her bloodline is touched by a celestial being), Clan Escobar (Defunct clan, her Paternal Grandmother was Cousins with Lance Escobar, Marquis of Regresta, Deceased 824 LD).

Elemental Alignment: Radiant Shadows (Radiant and Shadow)

Height: Currently 177 cm (5'9.7")

Weight: Currently 76.7 kg (169.1 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Emmaline is an Early bloomer, having a busty figure, her semi long grey hair stays out of her way. Her silvery-grey eyes are a trait shared by most descendants of the Silver Clan. Her hair however changes color depending on which side of her Elemental Alignment is used. If she is using the Radiant side, her hair turns white, and her body gives off a radiant aura as wisps seemingly fly off. When her Shadow side is active, her hair turns black with streaks of an ominous purple. Princess Emmaline is commonly seen in Black Leather with Red Threading, and pieces of Half plate on the left side of her chest, with a strap tied to a pauldron on her right shoulder, her hips with straps to a piece on her midsection, with a corresponding piece to her back. Her bracers have metal on the outsides as guards for her lower arms. She wears leather boots that are pretty much silent.

Your fighting style: Emmaline will go in, make her strikes and the get out of there, if she is normal or In the Radiant side her Element. If she is in the Shadow side, she is more likely to fight head on.

Your connection to your Element: Her Element is a bit Finicky, but other than that, it is at well above average.

Your Backstory: Emmaline was born To Connor I, The Mad Dragon King of Wethera, and Ariana Silver Rochester, Queen of Wethera. She had friends in High and low places, from Royalty to Heroes' children to even a commoner girl. When she was six, The Death Mist, The Mad Dragon King's Personal Assassin, spotted potential in Assassination in her. She then trained Emmaline in the art of Assassination, in which she were to receive the Death Mist Daggers when she turned 15. As she trained with the Death Mist, her Element started manifesting in the Shadow side, which made her more likely to do the work she needed to do as an Assassin. As she trained both sides, and bonded with an injured Kirin, she eventually had to prepare for the Midsummer Festival, and arrived in the festival shortly before it was attacked. As part of her Thirteenth birthday, Princess Emma was gifted Chrysaor after her father found it while exploring a ruin near Chrysanthemum in the north of Wethera.

Your Weapon (s): Chrysaor, A Shortsword that is golden in making, various Arcane symbols mark themselves throughout the blade, the sword can channel Lightning throughout itself, being able to cut through most objects. The difficulty of the cutting of the object is dependent on how magical the object, it cannot cut through any Legendary weapon or One of the Mythical Weapons of old, however, depending on the Wielders Strength, and the Opponent's, it could possibly leave a crack in the Opposing weapon. All Mythical Weapons of Old will restore themselves after 12 hours in their sheaths.

Any additional notes about yourself: Emmaline has been taking care of an Injured Kirin from The Northern Toad Mountains of Tenyengcheng. She also received Some Boots of Silent Step as an Eleventh birthday present.

Another Group has been funded by the Archmage Soladar of Rommel to investigate the Death of Pastia High General Francis Constitution, spearheading this campaign is his own Daughter, Lady Lyra Anna Constitution.

Full, Legal Name: Lady Lyra Anna Constitution

Titles, if any: Lady Lyra, Axeman's Daughter

Age: 16 (soon to be 17)

Date of Birth: 7/26/828 LD

Your Gender: Female

Your Sexuality: Straight/Taken

Your Alignment: True Neutral

Home Nation: Pastia

Bloodline: Constitution (Member, Francis was her father, Deceased 844 LD), Far North Mages.

Elemental Alignment: Earth

Height: 178 cm (5'10.1")

Weight: 74.4 Kg (164.0 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Lyra is on a Semi-bulky frame, semi-busty figure, having slightly above average Muscle mass due to her Far North Ancestry and her skin is semi dark due to her Far North Ancestry. She has long, flowing Dark hair and her eyes are Red from her Constitution Clan Ancestry. Lyra wears special Scale Mail that does not impede on her Stealth. She wears leather leggings to defend her legs and metal boots. Lyra's midsection has scars on it from various fights, and a large claw scar on the bottom of her breasts from a Storm Elemental, and as of recently, there is a hickey on her shoulder, kept hidden.

Your fighting style: Lyra is a close Range fighter through and Through, keeping pressure with large, two handed weapons. She can imbue Earth to slow down her opponents slightly.

Your connection to your Element: Lyra is not that great in this category, and can really only Imbue Earth to her weapon.

Your Backstory: Lyra was born to Francis Constitution and Moira Tranum-Constitution in the summer of 828 LD, and in the 830s, she was training for the day she would Claim a Mythical Weapon of Old that her father found while on duty. When she was 11, she went on her first adventure, and her group got ambushed by a Storm Elemental. Lyra killed the Elemental, but not without taking six wounds that would scar and automatically cauterize. Several years later, an officials meeting would occur, and that was the last time Francis Constitution would be seen Alive. It was during that time, she bonded with Prince James of Wethera. She was invited to the Midsummer Festival, and Joined James with his family. It was on one of the nights spent traveling, she received the hickey. The wagon she was on with Prince James got ambushed by Lord Zelmazar's Men.

Your Weapon(s): Lyra currently wields a Crystal Greatsword, and has a Greataxe on hand called The Rolling Mistslicer. The Crystal Greatsword has what looks like a giant Quartz Crystal as its blade. This Blade is naturally more in sync with those of the Earth Alignment. She will Claim Hephaestus on 1/1/846 LD.

Any additional notes about yourself: Lyra is one of the best dancers in her hometown. Some say it's how she moves her hips that attracted Prince James of Wethera.

A young man wishes to Take Down and reclaim any Outposts that were taken off the Wetheran Military by Lord Zelmazar. He is naturally strong, and besides that, from what my sources say, has claimed Galatine.

Full, Legal Name (First, Middle (if any), and Last Name, Please): Sormund Nathalius Knightdragon

Titles, if any: Sun Knight, Shadow Knight

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 7/6/826 LD

Your Gender: Male

Your Sexuality: Bisexual

Your Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Clan Thistlefoot (Descendant, Maternal Grandmother was member), Clan Dragovall (Paternal Grandmother was Member).

Elemental Alignment: Water

Height: 191 cm (6'3.2")

Weight: 100.3 kg (221.1 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Sormund has Brown hair, and golden eyes, on a rather muscled frame from the years of training he did to wield Galatine. He wears half plate armor, however, he also wears various pieces of leather where the half plate doesn't cover. The leather is black with white threads. His armor is very solid and allows him to tank hits most wouldn't. Sormund has various Battle scars from various combat situations, but none were quite like the scar that ran up his leg from an Encounter with Princess Laura and her Terra Crow. That was Two Months ago.

Your fighting style: Sormund prefers to Launch a distance attack first, usually Fire, before getting into the fray himself.

Your connection to your Element: Kaput, like, he literally cannot use his Element after the Terra Crow.

Your Backstory: Sormund was born to Knight level parents in 826 LD. When he was young, his father put him through 10 years of intensive training, he did have time off, not a lot, though. Eventually, when the intense training ended, he went off on an adventure, well he found Galatine hiding in a bunch of old ruins. Had to be chased out by a Dragon, but it was totally worth it for him. After that adventure, parties would be after Galatine. Sormund would eventually fall for a girl named Caria, but she was killed by a rival party wanting Galatine. Sormund left the party hopelessly Slaughtered, and Buried Caria. After letting her parents know, he went on his way, the memories of Her would play through, until one day, I accidentally walked into the Albuquerque Game Preserve, that was Two months ago, I barely survived getting out of there, had to fight Princess Laura and her Terra Crow, Now I was passing the time waiting for a party to arrive, dealing with some of the smaller outposts seemed to have an off feeling to it.

Your Weapon(s): Galatine, a large Greatsword with motifs of Fire on the edge the blade on one side, and motifs of shadow on the other side. The handle has red and black leather straps, representing the elements associated with this sword. The Sword has two sides to its ability. One is Extreme Radiance: which allows him to send fire from the sword to sixty feet out in a 75° Arc that is one foot wide, it hits hard. You should survive at least one of either of the abilities of Galatine, unless your bloodline is Purely Human and your a first time Adventurer.

The other ability of Galatine is Extreme shadows, which launches Darkness similar to Extreme Radiance's distance and Arc.

Any additional notes about yourself: My Element was ordered to be Sealed by Princess Laura, as punishment for almost killing a Constellated Jaguar after I saw Movement. It will be unsealed as a pardon for helping with the Defense of the Kingdom against Lord Zelmazar.

Full, Legal Name:
Titles, if any:
Age: (no younger than 13 please).
Date of Birth: mm/dd/yyy LD (if known)
Your Gender:
Your Sexuality:
Your Alignment: (Think Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, etc...)
Home Nation:
Bloodline: (Any noble bloodlines go here, either Member or Descendant, if Member, please Prove)
Elemental Alignment: (Common Elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Radiant and Shadow, Very rarely are Elemental Alignments Paired)
Physical Appearance: (Anything that is not your height or weight goes here)
Your fighting style:
Your connection to your Element: (Goes from Imbue only to Element can control you).
Your Backstory:
Your Weapon (s): (Max Two, ask me if you want a Mythic Weapon of old, three will be claimed, max Three Mythic Weapons a Party).
Any additional notes about yourself:

My sources have gotten some information on Lord Zelmazar, but not much.

Full, Legal Name: Lord Darosius Sheldeer Zelmazar, Senior.

Titles, if any: Lord Zelmazar, Duke of Mountainstone Harbor.

Age: 47

Date of Birth: our best Guess is late 797-early 798 LD.

Your Gender: Male

Your Sexuality: Unknown, however he has a wife and two sons, ages 26 and 21.

Your Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Zelmazar (Current head of Clan)

Elemental Alignment: Radiant

Height: Sources estimate 185.4 cm (6'0.99")

Weight: Sources estimate 112.7 kg (248.5 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Lord Zelmazar is a mix between muscle and fat, having been training in Martial arts recently. His hair is commonly hidden in a helmet, and has golden eyes. He wears an Armor suit under his fine clothes of red and black. He wears the Soul-Eater Greaves on his hands at all times in case of having to defend himself.

Your fighting style: Unknown, but my sources say that Lord Zelmazar is Hand to Hand combat with some Radiant magic.

Your connection to your Element: He is above average in his connection to his Radiance.

Your Backstory: My Sources are asking you to help them find out more about this

Your Weapon (s): The Soul-Eater Greaves, and a longsword.

Any additional notes about yourself: We will share more information when it comes to light.

Also, a Few Allies are Already on the Scene. Prince James Rochester was seen having some intimate time with Lyra right before their wagon was attacked. Crown Prince Jason was cuddling with Cassie Arsodel, however, here is some more information about him, and his Brother and Sister (All important NPCs).

Full, Legal Name: James Connor Sylvester Rochester

Titles, if any: Prince James of Wethera.

Age: 15

Date of Birth: 01/03/830 LD (if known)

Your Gender: Male

Your Sexuality: Straight/taken

Your Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Clan Rochester (Royal Family of Wethera, Member, younger prince), Clan Silver (Descendant, Queen Ariana was member), Clan Escobar (Defunct, Paternal Grandmother was Cousins with Lance Escobar, Marquis of Regresta, Deceased 824 LD)

Elemental Alignment: An aggressive form of Shadow

Height: 181.5 (5'11.5")

Weight: 83.9 kg (184.98 lbs)

Physical Appearance: James has semi long Black hair with streaks of Electric blue from the Draconic blood. His Frame is slightly toned from training to use a sword from his brother, Jason. He usually wears a red cloak with a symbol of three ravens circling a silver starling. He wears scattered armor fragments from broken suits of armor that he was trying to fix, along with some leather that he used to fill the holes temporarily. His pants are similar to his upper body clothes, and he wears armored boots. On his head lies a small crown, representing his royal status.

Your fighting style: James prefers to use Magic in battle, and his speciality is messing with other's spells.

Your connection to your Element: His case of Shadow Element is a bit Aggressive.

Your Backstory: James was the youngest of the Triplets of the Royal Family. When he was young, he was interested in enchantments and how they affected armor and weapons, amongst other things.

Your Weapon(s): Staff of the Shadow Horde, this 1.82 meter (6'0") staff has a horde of Shadow demons that serve as his Royal Familiar. He also bears Forgemind, an ornate longsword with the ability produce a common, low level enchantment on an non magical object it touches.

Any additional notes about yourself: James has been from what our sources say, shaking up a carriage with Lyra. He has not made a Declaration of Marriage to Lyra yet.

Full, Legal Name: Jason Darryl Silver Rochester

Titles, if any: Crown Prince Jason of Wethera

Age: 15

Date of Birth: 01/03/830 LD

Your Gender: Male

Your Sexuality: Straight/Taken

Your Alignment: Lawful Good

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Rochester (Member, Crown Prince), Silver (Descendant, Mother is Ariana Silver, Queen of Wethera), Escobar (Defunct, Paternal Grandmother was Cousins with Lance Escobar, Marquis of Regresta, Deceased 824 LD)

Elemental Alignment: Shadowed Lightning (From Clan Rochester bloodline)

Height: 183.2 cm (6'0.125")

Weight: 106.9 kg (235.7 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Jason has Short Brown Blonde hair with Electric blue streaks due to his ancestry. His eyes are a silvery-grey due to his mother. He wears a fine, red and black outfit with heavy armor under the outfit, and A somewhat average sized crown on his head. His boots are armored. He has a greatsword hanging off his back at all times.

Your fighting style: Jason is a Close quarters combatant who tends to use his Shadowed Lightning to increase the potentcy of his greatsword swings.

Your connection to your Element: Jason is more imbue level, unlike his brother.

Your Backstory: Jason was born the First of the Triplets, and the Heir to Wethera in 830 LD. His years were spent between combat training and learning about the Kingdom. He went on adventures in the Kingdom as part of his Learning. He was on a holiday to visit his family in Friendship for his Mother's birthday when Lord Zelmazar attacked the City.

Your Weapon(s): Forrest, a Greatsword which allows Jason to place an awakened, full sized, oak tree to defend an area for 24 hours, can be used once per week. Warhorn of the Underbelly, this calls a Remorhaz to his aid as his Royal Familiar.

Any additional notes about yourself: Jason has just made his Declaration of Marriage to Cassie Arsodel, who responded with so much joy and excitement, she broke down crying. They are celebrating their Engagement currently.

Full, Legal Name: Laura Adrianna Ashley Rochester

Titles, if any: Princess Laura of Wethera, The Master Ranger of the Preserve.

Age: 15

Date of Birth: 01/03/830 LD (if known)

Your Gender: Female

Your Sexuality: Bisexual

Your Alignment: Lawful Good

Home Nation: Wethera

Bloodline: Same as James, Jason, and Emmaline.

Elemental Alignment: Radiant

Height: 171 cm (5'7.3")

Weight: 64.4 kg (142.0 lbs)

Physical Appearance: Princess Laura has the Brown blonde hair, but her hair has white streaks, and is often in some sort of low ponytail that reaches her hips. Princess Laura's figure is more hips than chest, as her chest is somewhat flat. The figure is covered by a piece of scale mail whose midsection got cut out by a creature, the claw marks scarred to her stomach. She has various small scars across her body from getting nibbled on by various creatures in the preserve. She wears leather pants to help prevent more scars with armored boots.

Your fighting style: Laura is a Ranged Combat, preferring to hit her opponents from far back.

Your connection to your Element: She can use her Element to blind humanoids temporarily.

Your Backstory: Laura was born as the Second Triplet of the Royal Family of Rochester in 830 LD. Laura always had a gentle disposition and a care for Animals of all shapes and sizes. She learned to care for the animals on the Preserve with the help of the Otter Archmagus Flippers and a dragon by the name of Erdoshan, Studier of Creatures Far and Wide. She would train in longbow with the help of Flippers, and eventually be able to protect and provide for the Preserve. She was also trained in non Elemental Sealing magic by Erdoshan. Two months ago, Sormund Knightdragon almost killed a member of a Preserved species, a Constellated Jaguar. Princess Laura put her knowledge to work and sealed Sormund's Elemental Alignment away, meaning he can use about as much magic as a duck. She sat with her sister when The City of Friendship was attacked.

Your Weapon (s): A Sunbow, a magic longbow that resonates with Radiant Element. She has a pendant that serves as a locator for her Terra Crow, her Royal Familiar.

Any additional notes about yourself: Laura has been getting offers since she became of age to bear nobles' children. Please don't ask her to do so, she will not take it well.

The Mythical Weapons of old have been Resurging to help protect the Kingdom of Wethera, amongst others. From my sources, At least Three have been claimed, particularly Hephaestus, a Labrys that is known to connect with the Earth Alignment, Galatine, a Greatsword that Can Either be connected to Fire or Shadow, and Chrysaor, a golden Shortsword that connects to the Lightning Alignment. My sources stated That Hamayumi has been Stolen from the Kirins in the Northern Toad Mountains of Tenyengcheng. The other fourteen have yet to resurge, but rumor has it that the Strands of Arachne have been sighted near Riosora, twenty-six miles away. One of the Eighteen have been Claimed by Lord Zelmazar himself.

The names of the Eighteen will be revealed here for those who Wish to claim them. (OOC: I will DM you the details of the Weapon when you claim them. I will own four between my characters the rest are free to claim, keep in mind that I want Each Side to have 9).

Hamayumi (Longbow)- @Draco Nightshade (reserved)

Description: A longbow of the finest wood of Tenyengcheng, and etched with wards against Evil. The Longbow's size Adjusts to the User, with the proportion of a 6'0" person wields a 6'6" bow. The bow has a dragon bone grip with the finest Leather the Kirins could produce.


Bane of Evil: This Bow's arrows are 20% more effective against those of the Evil Alignments. It also produces its own Arrows.

The Light: This Bow can make its arrows out of light instead, which gives it connections to the Radiant Element.

Lore: Hamayumi was stolen in 827 LD during the Fall of the Count from the Kirins and Toads of The Northern Toad Mountains, right under the Nose of Hirō Yūshirō. It is currently in the hands of its Thief, A Northern Proximan by the name of Allad the Pyro. This bow will actively fight against you if you are Evil.

Strands of Arachne (Chain)- Unclaimed
Description: A set of white metal chains that are paired, about seven feet long each and are rather light for what they look like.


The Web: The Chains can as a different ability, make themselves rather sticky, like spider silk, for the Duration of Combat.

The Flaming: The chains can light themselves on fire for the Duration of combat. The chains are 20% more effective against the target this way and the target can possibly catch on fire.

Notes: Each Chain acts independently and each one can have one of the abilities at a time

Lore: The Strands of Arachne had been sighted, not physically, however, strange fires have been occuring near Riosora. Keep this in mind when claiming the weapon.
Chrysaor (Shortsword)- @Cmeriwether (Princess Emmaline Ariana Felicity Rochester) (Bio posted in Emmaline's Character Sheet)

Galatine (Greatsword)- @Cmeriwether (Sormund Knightdragon) (Bio in Sormund's Character sheet)

Hephaestus (Labrys, a two bladed Greataxe)- @Cmeriwether (Lady Lyra Anna Constitution)

(Will write later as Lyra claims it during the RP)

Soul-Eater Talons (Combat Gaunlets)- @Cmeriwether (Lord Darosius Zelmazar)

Description: A pair of Gauntlets with Arcane symbols, both gauntlets have the symbols etched into the metal of the gauntlets.


Soul Eating: The Wielder of this weapon, when they kill someone with this weapon, will consume the soul of the one killed. This property does not effect Mythical Weapon Wielders and only banishes adventurer's souls.

Lore: The Soul-Eater Greaves were found in a cave belonging to a powerful creature. Lord Darosius Zelmazar found the Greaves after the Creature living there left.

Axe (Battleaxe, one handed, one bladed)- Unclaimed

Description: Axe looks like an ordinary, one handed battleaxe from the Far North, However, it etchings are as ordinary as its looks.


The Fearmonger and the Curio: For every humanoid with earshot of the Wielder of Axe, a rune glows for curiosity, and two runes glow for fear, there are 10 runes on Axe, each rune gives 4% more effectiveness against enemies of the Wielder. Max bonus 40% (All 10 runes Active)

Lore: Axe was seemingly lost in a battlefield in 589 LD, but was discovered by The Head Mapmaker of the Tenyengcheng Empire Takeshi Hokuto in 820 LD while mapping an area near Regentsville. It has changed hands several times since.

Kusunagi (Katana)- @EeveeBlueSisters (JC)

Description: a Katana with a blue blade edge and a brown inner area, this sword has a guard that looks like a rock with a blue wrapped handle.


The Seas: The weapon Glows on the edge, making the sword covered in water. Anyone that is touched by the sword has any poisons, venom, and non magical illnesses cleansed. The person touched by the sword can be touched no more than once a month.

The Cliffs: The Brown part of the blade glows, allowing for Earth to cover the blade, any opponent hit by the blade while this ability is active is now 40% slower for a few seconds.

Lore: Kusunagi is hidden deep in the Myuyang forest outside of Tenyengcheng City. As such, keep in mind when claiming this weapon as a visit to the Forest will be needed in your character's backstory.

Fragarach (Rapier)- Odium (@Clite of Dragonbow )

Description: A sword of legends and myths, the swords appearance will be what you set it to. Keep in mind that this is a Rapier.


The Knight: Fragarach will protect you, giving you an incorporeal suit of armor that functions as Armor. This lasts until the end of Combat.

The Fighter: Fragarach can conjure a fighter to defend yourself, allowing for you to handle other matters. The conjured fighter disappears at the end of Combat.

Lore: Fragarach was last seen near the town of Penguinville in United Stalia. As such, keep this location in mind when creating the claiming section of your character's back story.

Carnwennan (Dagger)- Unclaimed

Description: Carnwennan is a wooden handle with an eight inch orange blade. The handle has etchings that fuel the Weapon's ability.


The Shadow Cloak: Carnwennan can shroud its wielder in shadows, rendering them nearly invisibile to most enemies. Mythical Weapon Wielders can see your outline in Carnwennan's shadows. Anytime you would strike an enemy with Carnwennan, you can double the effectiveness of the strike. This effect has a limit of six uses per combat, based on the etchings on its handle.

Lore: Carnwennan is known to hop around from wielder to wielder, until it finds someone it is comfortable with.

The Sealed Grimoire of Solomon (Magic focus)- Unclaimed

Description: The Grimoire is a green, leather bound book with a buckle that seals the book, there is a seal that not even Soladar can break. The seal has two snakes, each circling the other.


The Transmutor: For the Duration of Combat, you can change your Element once to the element of your choice from the list of common elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Radiant and Shadow).

The Summoner: You can summon a small creature from the cover of the book that can assist you with combat, you can see through this creature and any magic you use can be casted through this creature. The creature returns to the book cover when combat is over. On the other side of the cover is various weapons, you can choose to summon a weapon instead. A flintlock summoned will use your Elemental Alignment as its ammo, shooting magic instead. All weapons can, once per day, spread an Arc of Magic to your Elemental Alignment.

Lore: The Sealed Grimoire of Solomon was seen in Yostek Palace in Arton, where it was kept under watch by the Partially Insane Dragon Gorixartha, but when it was Stolen, King Brandon I tasked his son Prince Michael to track down the Thief, with Gorixartha on hand, along side the legendary Moonslayer, and see how the Thief uses it.

Arondight (Longsword)- @EeveeBlueSisters (Reserved)

Description: A sword with a cold, steel blue blade, with icy Handle. This sword is commonly seen steaming around the blade.


The Mist: Arondight can expand the Steam to create a mist over a small area around its wielder. This lasts until the end of combat.

The Avalanche: Arondight can freeze its blade to increase the power of its attacks by 25%. However, once per day, The Wielder can drop the blade's ice to hit enemies around the wielder in a 20ft radius, this affects opponents double what a normal attack would do.

Lore: Arondight was last seen in the City of Chrysanthemum, in the North of Wethera, particularly in the hands of Ferd Arsodel, a merchant who travels between Essar and Chrysanthemum. If you can get it peacefully, you will be able to claim it, if not, you will be considered an Enemy of Wethera. Ferd Arsodel is the Father of Cassie Arsodel, the Future Queen of Wethera, and the Crown Prince will hunt you down himself for the grief imposed on Cassie.

The Reclining Moon Blade (Guandao)- (must Come from Tenyengcheng to Claim) Unclaimed.

Description: A guandao with a waxing crescent as the shape of the blade, on a long, ornate pole with various Kanji engraved.


Possession: A spirit living inside the Guandao can temporarily possess you during combat. While the spirit is in possession, the following effects are in place:

1. Your Alignment is changed to Water
2. Your attacks hit 10% harder, this bonus increases as how close to the new Moon it is, with a maximum of 25% during a new moon.
3. When Possession occurs in the night, your endurance is Increased by 10%, with a bonus up to 25% when in the new moon.
4. When possessed, you have a water Veil around you, impeding opponent attacks. It is however, weak to fire or Radiant Elemental attacks.

This ability ends when combat ends, and can be used once every 2 combats.

The Night's Mask: You heal wounds twice as fast at night.

Lore: The Weapon is struck into the top of the tallest cliff facing the ocean on the southern tip of Tenyengcheng's southern half. It will possess you upon gripping the weapon to pull out, and you are to fight the Possession. Once you do, the weapon will fall out into your hands.

Mjolnir (Based off Original) (Maul, which is a Two Handed Hammer)- Unclaimed
Description: A 1.5 m (5'0") Long brown handled, with a runed hammer head. The hammer head is metal and is shaped to be effective on both sides.


Lightning Thrower: The weapon, despite being a Maul, can be thrown sixty feet in a direction you throw, upon hit or the hammer reaches it's max Range, it returns to your hand. It will spin Horizontally as it reaches its destination.

Bane amongst the Giants: This weapon is 20% more effective against Giants.

Lore: The Giants of the Frozen North kept this Maul Sealed until Magnus, Grand Chieftain of the Barbarians claimed it for himself. When he went to rule from the main village, he sent the hammer down to Arton for its safety. It was in the hands of Cyprus Ironmouse, but has been hidden away in a cave not far from the Wetheran border with Arton.

Pinaka, the Sniper (Based somewhat off Mythology) (Shortbow)-

Description: A short bow with the proportion of a 6'0" person has a 3'6" bow. The bow is made with some of the finest wood that Southern Proxima (Mostly Desert) has to offer. The bow has a grip wrapped with a fine cloth. There are scar markings on the wood from being clipped by various attacks that previous owners were targeted by.


Unkillable Arrows: Arrows shot from this bow can not be stopped by interception, such as throwing magic at it or shooting another arrow. The arrow can still miss, but a structure or creature will end its flight.

The Winds will Find Favor: This weapon has a connection with the Wind Alignment.

Lore: The Weapon was crafted in Southern Proxima, but was lost at sea after it had around 6 owners. However, it washed up in 829 LD on the Shores of the Floral Harbor in Wethera, it is currently for Sale in the Merchant's Guild by Ferd Arsodel.

The Dragon Hunter (One handed Hammer)- Unclaimed

Description: A Warhammer with Dragon head shaped ends, gems in the eyes of each dragon head, with a Dragon scale on the end of the handle. The handle is wood scarred by a Fire breathing Dragon's breath weapon, and a wrapping from the Shed scales of a young dragon.


Dragon Hunter: This weapon can locate the nearest dragon within 30 miles once a day. Keep in mind if multiple dragons are in range, the hammer will pick up as many as four, the number of gems in eyes of the Hammer's heads.

Dragon Slammer: The Hammer is 20% more against dragons than most other creatures.

Lore: The Dragon Hunter was the Weapon wielded by the First King of Pastia, intending to drive dragons out of their Land. Said Hammer was kept on the Person of Nadine Shadowhammer, one of the eight rightful heirs to the Pastian Throne, until she was killed in a clash involving the Demon Lord Mammon in 843 LD. The weapon now sits on Nadine's Grave, and is waiting for a Worthy wielder.

Mammon's Polearm (Light Spear, this one should be on Lord Zelmazar's side)- Reserved (@Clite of Dragonbow )
Description: The Spear is a 2.14 m (7 ft) pole with a ten inch spear head melded into the shaft. Mammon's influence on the spear has been made clear, the spear has an eye shaped gem on the back end of the pole, and has made the handle red, green and black. The spearhead has been seemingly charred by the Demon Lord's influence.


Mammon's Form: The Demon Lord can Possess the Wielder of this weapon. When the Demon Lord does possess the Wielder, the Wielder's eyes glow green, and and incorporeal Demonic wings sprout from the Wielder's back. The wings can be used to glide from one place to another, or to slow falling off places. The Demon Lord Imparts four aspects to the Weapon's wielder.

1. Your Elemental Alignment is now an aggressive state of Fire.
2. Your effectiveness of your attacks are increased by 5% for each person that fears you, up to a max of 25%.
3. When Possession occurs under the presence of a large sum of wealth, Endurance is Increased by 5% for every million Axel.
4. A fire Veil forms around you, impeding your opponents attacks, but is weak to Radiant and Shadow.

Greed's Recovery: Your Wound heal twice as fast when around sums of money equal to one million Axel or more.

Lore: Mammon started to try and take an entire town in Pastia in 843 LD, with the sacrifice of Nadine Shadowhammer, and the help of a destroyed Mythic Weapon Of Old from the Battle of the Tomb of Orange, Mammon was sealed away. The Spear was found by Lord Zelmazar and clashed with the Soul-Eater Greaves, telling the guards to give it to his First Squad Leader.

The Storm Splitter (Pike)- On Hold until I receive an answer from @D34N.U5R

Description, an 2.44 m (8 ft) pike with a thundercloud for the shape of the blade. The handle is steel blue with cracks filled in with white, like lightning bolts. It seems to spark when wielded by the right person.


Split: The weapon Can split Large objects in two, once per Combat, the weapon has enough power to split open a city gate (This can be used to initiate combat as well).

The Storm's Malice: This weapon has Connection to the Lightning Alignment.

Lore: The Storm Splitter usually seen at the site of major loss of life to summon a leader forward in the trying times. In this case, this one can be claimed at the City of Friendship during the attack.

The Royal clans are as follows and special notes are included. You can be from another clan besides these.

Clan Rochester is the Royal Family of Wethera. The earliest relationship is around 4th cousin with the Crown Prince, and you have no right of succession. Keep in mind Rochesters typically have Lightning or Shadow as Their Elemental Alignment due to the draconic Ancestry.

The Royal clan of Arton, a small kingdom at the bottom of the continent, and to the east of Wethera. The Members of this clan typically have Fire as their Alignment due to the Demonic Ancestry.

Clan Shadowhammer is the Royal clan for Pastia, a kingdom above Arton and on Wethera's eastern Border. No character should be a Member, as Annalise, Queen of Pastia is the last living member after the death of Nadine Shadowhammer, but Descendants, Such as Queen Ariana's cousin, Felicity, her mother, siblings and her kids. This Clan typically has Wind as their Alignment, and no character has claim to the Throne as your character cannot be a member.

Clan Feldora is the Royal Family for the young Kingdom of Rommel to the north of Pastia. The Members for this Clan typically have Radiant for their Alignment. Not much is known about this Royal Family due to the young age of the clan's existence.

Clan Lostcastle is the Royal Family for United Stalia. They are typically have Fire Alignment, but it is a bit Aggressive. This Clan has mostly descendants, but not a lot of members.

Clan Fimm is the Royal Family for Fimia. The members of thus Clan typically have the Shadow Alignment. There has been a bit of influx in this Clan after Princess Crystalia was Exiled due to her power. The membership is extremely low, but the descendant count is middling.

Clan Ryojin is the Imperial Family for The Empire of Tenyengcheng. Membership is very low. Descendants are not very common due to the Tenyengcheng tradition of low child count. Magic is not very common amongst Members of Clan Ryojin

Royal Family for the Kingdom of Southern Proxima. Not much is known about the clan due to where the Clan rules from. It is literally dead center in the middle of a desert. Most Members have minor to middling Psychic powers.
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Ooooh, seems fun.

Full, Legal Name: Ellisar Qinmaris
Titles, if any: The One Lost From His Home
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 12/12/823 LD
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown, most likely pansexual
Alignment: Unknown, but is not Evil nor Lawful
Home Nation: Unknown, most likely Arton
Bloodline: None
Elemental Alignment: Fire
Height: 182cm (6'0")
Weight: 78kg (172lb)
Physical Appearance: Brown, (very) spiky hair and dark eyes are the only real glaring features he has.
Fighting style: Aims to confuse the opponent by creating afterimages made of fire (and setting self on fire), slowly knocking them off balance.
Connection to Element: He is quite above average in Fire (forgot to change that XD) magic, but not so much as to being even close to the best.
Backstory: Not much is known about him. He only knows that he was lost from his home at the age of 10 and wandered through the world ever since. He found a new home in Arton, but he isn't sure where exactly he came from. Maybe he hit his head too many times.
Weapon(s): Just a giant halberd with very slight magical proportions.
Any additional notes: Severe amnesia
Full, Legal Name: Akira Kaminari
Age: 13
Date of Birth: 07/03/832 LD
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home Nation: Tenyengcheng
Bloodline: None
Elemental Alignment: Lightning
Height: 165.10cm (5'5")
Weight: 56kg (123.46lb)
Physical Appearance: Dark blue, messy and somewhat spiky hair, brown eyes, skinny build, literally nothing else to describe.
Fighting style: Darting around and creating as much chaos as possible.
Connection to Element: Pretty average
Backstory: Akira has met a lot of nasty people in the part of Tenyengcheng where he grew up. He was always the one to get out of bad situations. He never got serious wounds. He only got into trouble. He had good behaviour, but he always did it in a "fun" way, which of course caused trouble.
Weapon(s): Just a regular-ass pair of nunchucks and a sword that can split into 2.
Any additional notes: He can potentially finish a fight before the opponent(s) get any hits in. The chances of that actually happening though, are quite low... but never zero.
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Which Group is Ellisar In? I would suggest Either Lyra or Sormund. Also he's 21 due to the intended date of the attack, stated below.

I'm putting Akira with Emmaline since this group is meant to have younger adventerers. But Akira's birthday needs to be changed as the intended date for the attack is 7/17/845 LD. I would make it 7/7 so that he's recently 13.

Which Group is Ellisar In? I would suggest Either Lyra or Sormund. Also he's 21 due to the intended date of the attack, stated below.

I'm putting Akira with Emmaline since this group is meant to have younger adventerers. But Akira's birthday needs to be changed as the intended date for the attack is 7/17/845 LD. I would make it 7/7 so that he's recently 13.
Completed the edits. (Why am I so formal all of a sudden?)
I'd put Ellisar in Sormund's group, honestly. It just seems right.

Here's the post for anyone who wants to read it.

Also, I have a few more tags that might consider this.

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You can start your first post, Akira should start working his way towards Princess Emma and Princess Laura, and Ellisar should work his way towards Sormund.

Here's the post for anyone who wants to read it.

Also, I have a few more tags that might consider this.

@MarcelGalliard790 @Banan-chan @Gamingfan
I managed to finished, hopefully the backstory is OK, just let me know of anything needs to be edited gn guys ^^

Full, Legal Name: JC Rose Valentine
Titles, if any: The Masked Knight of Tenyengcheng
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 02/14/825 LD
Your Gender: Female
Your Sexuality: Straight
Your Alignment: Lawful Good,
Home Nation: Clan Ryojin, Tenyengcheng
Bloodline: None
Elemental Alignment: Water
Height: 160.02 (5'3)
Weight: 47kg (104lbs)
Physical Appearance: She is light skinned with a well feminine build. She has long dark brown hair that is put up in a high ponytail secured with a dark purple ribbon which almost touches the ground unless she bends down. She is light blue eyes with her right eye almost blind which her bang covers. She wears glasses upon her face. She has a few scars towards her wrists, stomach, and ankles which are all covered by white bandages. After receiving such painful scars, she took upon this more carefully to add light armor to the stomach area, and a bit to her wrists and ankles to prevent this from happening again being awfully mindful of her chest garment as well. A grey and silver cross is around her neck with a blue gem in the middle of it. Initially, her outfit is all black with color or colors from the clan of Ryojin, Tenyengcheng on her armor.
Your fighting style: She knows Martial arts most importantly, a black belt as she is physically and mentally prepared for anything when she doesn't have her weapon in hand. When it comes to her fighting style with her weapon however, she studies her opponents first before making a move. She attacks at far range until she reappears behind her opponent with her sword unscathed. Her movements are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. The only thing u may be able to see is the gleam of silver/blue coming from her blade.
Your connection to your Element: She has a strong connection where she can be able to wield it
Your Backstory: Originally, she wanted to join the clan of Rochester, but tragedy happened when she was a young girl, she lost of her father to the evil that trespassed than discovered her lost sibling Apollo. Her family, including herself went on the run to the evil chasing them. She didn't understand the reason until she was old enough to understand. Eventually, she settled in Tenyengcheng of Clan Ryojin, or further more "hide" from the evil chasing them. She learned Martial Arts before she learned swordsmenship to protect the people of her clan which initially, gave her the title "The Masked Knight of Tenyengcheng" from the empire do to her good deeds. But, in her mind, she felt like she was missing something but, she didn't know exactly what it was. She went on a free ride with her horse as if to clear her mind of things. This only guide her to the Forest outside of Tenyengcheng as if, something was calling out to her. Entering the forest only lead her to a sword left untouched, the sword of Kusunagi. She felt hesitant to approach at first believing she may not be worthy to wield it at first, but she took it upon herself to push that feeling aside once she got off her horse to approach it. She carefully grabbed the swords blue wrapped handle before revealed the blue edge of the sword to confirm her words as it was indeed the sword of Kusunagi. She made a vow to herself that she would never use it for the evil or unscathed it if she necessary has to
Your Weapon (s): Kusunagi, Bow and Arrow
Any additional notes about yourself:
She will always wear a white wolf blue-streaked mask to hide her facial appearance. This is never taken off unless she is alone. Only her family knows what her facial appearance looks like. Don't ask her to take it off, she will avoid without question. She has a horse named DawnAngel, a North Swedish horse who is armored in some parts to protect her vitals just not completely. She has been taking care of an injured deer for quite some time in secret.
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A Retainer of Clan Ryojin, interesting for sure. You nailed the Kusunagi section. I do have one question.

Will she be with Emmaline, Sormund or Lyra?

Once that question is answered, you're accepted!

I almost forgot, I would make her birth year 825 to keep in line with her Age.
Important NPC Time!

Full, Legal Name: Warcliffe Leon
Titles, if any: Driver for Royal Carriage One of Wethera
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 04/09/814 LD (if known)
Your Gender: Male
Your Sexuality: Straight/Taken
Your Alignment: Neutral Good
Home Nation: Wethera
Bloodline: None known
Elemental Alignment: Wind
Height: 177 cm (5'9.7")
Weight: 81.6 kg (179.9 lbs)
Physical Appearance: He is bald with blue eyes, clean shaven, on a semi muscular frame due to being ex-Disastrous Guard.
Your fighting style: Close Combat, with Disastrous Guard training, meaning he will use his environment to help Distract his opponents so blows are more likely to connect.
Your connection to your Element: Not the best, can use to Boost his punches.
Your Backstory: Classified due to Ex-Disastrous Guard Status. Except this, he became the Driver for the Carriage after a six year stint with the Disastrous Guard.
Your Weapon (s): A pair of Magic Claws that resonate with his wind element.
Any additional notes about yourself: He is one of about three people in the world that can call Princess Emmaline "Emmy".

The Disastrous Guard is the Eighth of the Nine branches of the Royal Guard of Wethera. This particular branch is known from breaking out Wetheran Prisoners held in other Kingdoms, or preemptively dealing with threats that enter the kingdom amongst other things. The Current Grand Commander of this branch of the Royal Guard is Ezra Stonewill.

At the End of the Attack, Ezra will appear to Give Sormund's Group their first assignment.

Full, Legal Name: Ezra Karl Stonewill
Titles, if any: Grand Commander Stonewill of the DisastrousGuard
Age: 44
Date of Birth: 09/08/800 LD
Your Gender: Male
Your Sexuality: Taken
Your Alignment: True Neutral
Home Nation: Wethera
Bloodline: Clan Stonewill (Member, Youngest child), Clan Silver (Married into, Felicity Silver is his wife)
Elemental Alignment: Unknown
Height: 179.8 cm (5'10.8")
Weight: 69.4 kg (153.0 lbs)
Physical Appearance: Ezra's eyes are split Heterochromatic, with brown and blue being the colors. He has Short red hair. His somewhat slim frame has muscle from using a bow and Arrow.
Your fighting style: Ezra is a Ranged combatant, preferring to stay rather far away from the main action.
Your connection to your Element: Unknown
Your Backstory: Classified, as he is the Current Grand Commander
Your Weapon (s): A longbow that produces its own Arrows, but other than that, is completely mundane.
Any additional notes about yourself: He has a wife and seven, you read that right, seven kids.

JC asked a Question to Akira.

Also are you sure you didn't want to claim any Mythical Weapons, three can be claimed pretty early, being Carnwennan, Storm Splitter, and Arondight (Arondight can be claimed as a Reward for the Emmaline group for the next part of her plot.)
Also are you sure you didn't want to claim any Mythical Weapons, three can be claimed pretty early, being Carnwennan, Storm Splitter, and Arondight (Arondight can be claimed as a Reward for the Emmaline group for the next part of her plot.)
I genuinely didn't want one at first but now you got me thinking. Storm Splitter sounds cool but Akira would have quite a bit of trouble lifting it (mainly because it's, what, over 2 meters tall), Carnwennan seems like it wouldn't fit Akira's personality as much but at the same time it wouldn't fit Ellisar's either and Arondight... that would genuinely fit most other characters better than Akira and Ellisar, in my opinion. Lemme think about it.

Also, I'll respond ASAP, but since I gotta go to school in not even 2 minutes, I'm gonna need Psiphon to interact, and I'm gonna take a while.