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Ask to Join Solacrest Academy IC

“Aye, much better than just standing around and letting the winds pass us over. Dogu, get back here.” Evander agreed as he called over the Baltoy. They hung around Matthias a lot, probably because he looked like a contemplative person.

If I know one thing, Psychic types love deep thinkers… What’s whirling around in that head of his?

As the Psychic type whirled himself on over, he stood up and began to realize that he had lost track of Lilium. He probably sauntered off to find a sunny spot on this verdant campus.

“Blast it, where’d that lad wander off to now? Lilium, can you come back here?” Evan called out, facing where he saw him last, but he couldn’t spot a thing. How’d he manage to lose a prehistoric plant in just a couple minutes?

@Your-Friday-Filet (Matthias)
@Draco Nightshade (Riley)

Meanwhile, Lilium had plopped himself near a bush, a decent distance from the bench. The Grass type wanted to check out his surroundings and see if anything interesting was nearby. He stretched out his neck much longer than expected, raising it towards the sun, allowing him to see nearby crowds from above.

That’s when he caught sight of a peculiar looking Pokémon, looking like somebody had stuck an Archen’s upper half onto a Tyrantrum’s lower half. Its colors were all wrong, the upper half being electric yellows and the bottom half being red and green like a Christmas present. This strange dinosaur had caught the plant’s attention, even after the odd theropod was returned to it’s Pokeball. It had been between two people, a tired girl with green hair streaks and a lean boy with glasses.

Lilium retracted his neck, and slunk it through the bush, his head peeping out the other end. He blended in quite well with the foliage, being one himself. He wanted to keep a close eye on these people, mostly because the Cradily was bored, and after the incident with Xatu, he wanted to make sure no other Pokémon would harm his trainer. As he scouted the area, he hoped it would go better than Dogu’s attempt at exploration…

@Inkage (Adeliade)
@~Aura~Slashz~ (Jack)
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Adelaide smiled again at the use of 'yank', saying "Oh...maybe that isn't the best term. And plenty of Galarian natives abound here; I can tell by all the accents I've heard round here."

She sighed, and put her bag on the ground. Adelaide sat besides it, and opened her bag to pull out a portable tea set. The teapot was a nice, creamy shade of white, with blue and yellow mixed in. It was the sort of pot a Polteageist would love to live in. Pouring the container of tea into the teapot, she began to speak as if this was not an uncomfortable spot for a tea party. "Come on, have a sit down. No point in having tea without a proper set, yeah?" Adelaide then took out a pair of cups from her bag as well, setting them on the plate that comes with the teapot and pouring some tea in each. "The brew is my own. I have quite a bit of it from my plane ride over, but I'm afraid it's not hot."

She sipped from her cup and began to ramble animatedly.

"Dracozolt. The one thing to remember about this species is that you will never see one again. If you do, it was most likely obtained illegally."

"I obtained mine from an illegal fighting ring, and, although I was supposed to 'put him down' so to speak, I could not bring myself to. He is too adorable."

"Dracozolt are an artificial mash-up of two pre-historic Pokemon that are so ancient and short lived that there is no complete fossil specimens. Only halves of them have been found, and the four commonly found in Galar are the fossilized bird, drake, fish, and dino. Dracozolt is the illegal restoration and combination of the bird and drake fossil. Let me reinforce that this practice is highly immoral and that Dracozolt have NEVER existed in the wild. EVER." Adelaide's expression clouded with rage. "Dracozolt, luckily, has the least amount of problems being alive out of the four possible combinations with current discovered Galarian fossils. It's very existence shakes the foundations of biology as we know it! How can the halves of these creatures possibly be alive together? They're not built correctly, and natural selection would have removed them from the gene pool! It's ludicrous, and yet there you are. But anyway, Dracozolt have incredible physical prowess and can concentrate electricity in their jaws."

Adelaide finished their tea and said,
"I'm sorry, I was going to ask you something but I can't think about what it was...was it...OH, in my fervor I forgot about why I'm telling you all this! I do hope it isn't a bother."



Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson

"Really? Guess I haven't looked enough. Thanks for letting me know, I thought I'd have to deal with battling with those damn Palde-" Jack was satisfied to know.

Stop talking about that crap, man.

Jack sat down beside Adelaide, immediately taking a sip of tea. He recognized the taste immediately, the mellow, sweet taste of chamomile. Certainly, the Galarian trainer enjoyed it, as his expression seemed a lot more soothed from earlier. Certainly, at least for now, the thoughts

"Ah, chamomile. I do see you're in good taste, ma'am. I do prefer it hot, but this is certainly fine," Jack smiled as he continued to sip on the tea.

Jack was interested in the Dracozolt story. That Dracozolt certainly seemed strong, no doubt, and as he said earlier, he certainly wanted one. However, he was disappointed to here that Dracozolt was extremely rare - and practically unobtainable from legal means. From there, Jack's interest in the subject completely dropped. Biology was certainly his least favorite subject, other than English, so he definitely didn't want to listen to this further.

Ok, lady, I'm not here to get a biology lesson....

Jack stared at Adelaide, pretending to listen to her spiel, while continuing to sip his tea. He actually finished his tea relatively quickly, a lot more quick than he usually would.

"Yeah, it wasn't a bother. Don't worry," Jack's tone was certainly unconvincing. He sipped his teacup once more, but remembered he didn't have anything in the cup.
Riley Grant

"I'm game. But I think we should find Lilium first." Riley stood up with a groan, his joints having started to stiffen while he sat cracked and popped as they straightened. "Shouldn't be too hard to spot a large, walking Prehistoric plant. Right?"
Her trainer having gotten up, and deciding she too would like to rest, Alice tapped a pokeball with her nose. However, she accidentally tapped the wrong one. While she meant to return herself, she instead let out the Persian known as Tucker. Alice jumped back in surprise, having not expected to choose the wrong ball.
"What the - Tucker?!" The large Normal type stretched his body before turning towards his trainer and rearing on his hind legs, placed his forepaws on Riley's shoulders as a sort of hug. Riley sighed as he returned the hug, scratching the feline's back. "Geez oh wiz. I hope you guys don't mind a little extra company."
@Abra Kadabra Alakazam! @Your-Friday-Filet
Adelaide raised her eyebrows at the other's reply. Well, at least he was keeping a thin veil of courtesy. He did not seem to care about Dracozolt beyond it's battle capabilities, and his annoyance and detachment showed.

"Oh, my apologies, sir. I keep forgetting that many people do not consider a Pokemon's character or biological story; merely whether they can take down other Pokemon. Forgive my inconsideration," she said apologetically. Though her statement would've sounded sarcastic coming from anyone else, Adelaide merely sounded a bit embarrassed and genuine in her apology.

"Let's see...Dracozolt run around and use their tails in battle to charge up electricity. The movement of their lower half is actually what creates the electricity it uses in it's attacks! Although Dracozolt only have an average amount of speed. It's skin perfectly absorbs electric shocks, and the power they put into their attacks make it easier for the opposing Pokemon to dodge them, as the buildup takes just a smidge longer than the average Pokemon. They excell in sandy environments as well, becoming much faster than usual. All important to consider when battling with them. I myself am...hesitant to make him battle, but as Chompers seems to enjoy the sport, I occasionally have to let him blow off some steam on the court."

Adelaide smiled. "Reading the movements of the opposing Pokemon to tell when they'll attack- I would hazard a guess that that is one of the most important parts of battling. Buuuuuuuut...as I am not a battle major, what would I knooooooow?"

Pouring some more tea into her new associate's cup, she smiled and introduced herself.

"My name is Adelaide. Buuuuut you can call me anything you like. And if you forget it, I can always tell you my name again..."



Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson

Jack without a doubt saw Adelaide’s apology as sarcasm. He was actually considering leaving because of both that and the long biology lectures the woman was giving him, but because she was nice to bring tea, he had to hold his feelings back for the time being. Of course, as he wasn’t in Galar anymore, he would have to find himself a source of free tea - and he saw Adelaide as the perfect opportunity for providing him with that.

Despite that, while Jack certainly was very both annoyed and bored, he still reluctantly admitted to himself that it was great that she was interested in this, because fossils are certainly kind of important to find hidden history. But Jack remained disinterested himself.

That being said, Jack did pay a bit more attention to the next thing Adelaide had to say. It was somewhat interesting to hear of Dracozolt’s battle capabilities, and hearing it made him slightly jealous he didn’t have one of his own.

He also seemed a bit annoyed that Adelaide barely battled with it - seeing such potential being wasted in his opinion.

But for now, he decided it was the proper time to introduce himself.

“I’m The Most Ho-“ Jack cut himself off. It still seemed like his ego was still destroyed from the previous battle, and he decided not to do his annoyingly long introduction. He sighed.

“The name’s Jack Wilson. I’m from Hammerlocke,” he said, his tone certainly not the most enthusiastic, especially compared to his signature long introduction.

“And I must say, you should probably battle with that Pokemon more. That thing’s probably so aggressive because you don’t let it battle often,” he criticized Adelaide after his introduction. He sipped on more tea, simply giving a slight nod of gratitude as Adelaide refilled his cup.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Valentina Rutherford
@Inkage @~Aura~Slashz~

Wandering aimlessly around with her eyes barely open, Tina yawned slightly as she overheard a conversation, something about tea or something she was hardly paying attention and then all of a sudden she was face first against something hard and rough, she had walked into a tree, she stumbled back slightly into the large snorlax standing behind her. She glanced up at her partner "thanks Biscuit, I was um..I'm not sure what I was doing but hey look...people" she said in a tired voice as she motioned to the pair that were quite close to where she'd just familiarised herself with the flora. With Biscuit close by she sauntered over to the pair and after an awkwardly long time of trying to consider what to say she simply said "Hi...I'm Tina" the proceeded to yawn loudly "nice to...um..meet you" she added rubbing her eyes slightly as Biscuit simply fell asleep behind her "oh this is Biscuit...my best friend" she glanced down "is that tea?" she asked curiously not many people she knew drank tea, she herself was pretty familiar with coffee but not tea.


Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson
@Inkage, @Void_Nugget

Jack continued sipping on his tea - unintentionally quickly finishing his cup again. A part of him really wished there was some biscuits alongside this, but of course there were none. Oh well, the tea was free (and of course lukewarm) nonetheless. Jack’s mental complaints were, of course, outside reason, so he decide not to heed them.

He was just about to stand up before he heard someone else’s voice. A short, pink-haired girl approached them, and nervously introduced herself.

Damnit, I was just about to leave. Great…

Jack’s eyebrow raised in both curiosity and a slight bit of annoyance as the girl questioned if what they were having was tea. He was confused, at first, but he ‘pieced’ things together quickly.

I’m going to have to get used to these bloody Yanks.

“Damn, looks like the bloody Yanks are here. Of course you don’t know about tea, you all threw it in the bloody harbor,” Jack rolled his eyes, not really looking at Tina.

“Oi, Addie, get this Yank some tea. It’s certainly going to be better than that damned coffee,” Jack commanded Adelaide, giving her a nickname. On the word coffee, Jack did what could be only described as the worst valley girl accent impression ever sounded.
Adelaide blinked, and was about to make another comment when she heard a thump. Turning, she noticed a pink haired youth who had apparently walked into a tree, upsetting the shrubbery and the flow of her conversation.
Addie blinked again as this youth approached and introduced herself. "G'Day, Tina. Are you really unaware of what tea-" she was going to ask whether Tina knew what tea was, but Jack cut in with yet another off-putting comment. Except it was slightly funny.

Addie laughed, and said "Well, normally we Galarians would make you pay back the missed taxes with compound interest, but since you are unaware of the bliss of chamomile, have a seat and we'll educate you.! I don't suppose anyone has a fire type that could heat the tea? No?" Adelaide pulled out a third cup from her bag, filling it with the teapot. She then offered the cup to the 'Yank' and said "iced tea and 'lattes' are dirt juice compared to the bliss of real tea. And no, sugar is not an option, I'm afraid."

"Now where were we? Ah, yes. I was just about to forgive you of that woefully ignorant comment. You could not know just how much a Pokemon that was made for a fighting ring suffers, Jack. His aggressive behavior is due to the fact that he is a herbivore stuck onto the body of a carnivore. He is biologically confused on what to eat, so he attempts to eat and attack...well, anything that moves, really. I, thankfully, have him conditioned not to attack things when I have a hand on his leash. But even that took great amounts of effort to achieve, and even then, he still has a taste for fingers." Adelaide smiled and finished her cup of tea, giving what was left of the bottle to Jack.

"It is a mistake that many people make, I'm afraid. Not all Pokemon should battle, even if they're capable. But that is neither here nor there- we can argue about it sooome other timeee. Perhaps over some biscuits and hot tea. I am always open to debate the fine points of people-Pokemon relationships."

"On an unrelated note, I love your hair, Tina. Is that natural or dyed? It goes well with your hat."

@Void_Nugget @~Aura~Slashz~


Previously Shadow_Pup
Valentina Rutherford

Unfazed by the guys comments Tina simply smiled "I do know what tea is, well I think I do, just don't see many people drinking it" she took the cup when it was offered to her and sipped on I as she half listened to what they were talking, "I don't think I could handle an aggressive pokemon, I mean my Komala is kind of stubborn but at least he isn't aggressive" she stated in her usual sleepy tone, after a few more sips of the tea she glanced up, "I have to say this doesn't give the same awake feeling as coffee, it actually makes me kind of..." she gradually got quieter as she started to nod off, luckily her Delcatty popped put of its ball and gave her a little shove "woah..thanks Delilah" she finished her tea and gave the cup back, "oh my hair yeah it's dyed" she said plainly, "hey so just based on what snippets I got of your convo do you guys like to um battle and stuff, never really been my thing but it's often fun to watch" she added rubbing her eyes as she let out a little yawn only to be scolded by Delilah who could tell that she wasn't really paying the right amount of attention to her new acquaintances.


Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson
@Inkage, @Void_Nugget

"It is through battle that a Pokemon and a trainer's bond reach its potential. And not just battle once every month or so, I hope you know. Battling makes a Pokemon way more obedient," Jack argued back at Adelaide, not even budging an inch despite her valid reasoning.

"And as much as I hate those damned illegal fighting rings, I also hate trainers who waste a Pokemon's potential who do stupid crap like not battling with them at all. They may as well give up their license immediately," Jack indirectly insulted Adelaide, seemingly gaining passion in his voice while he poured the rest of the bottle into his cup.

"I know that damn Dracozolt wasn't even meant to exist, but it regardless, it still is made to battle. You need to let it battle more." Jack may have sounded a bit concerned as he said that, but in reality, he wasn't at all. He was honestly quite pissed, and was somehow hoping Adelaide would give the Dracozolt to him.

Jack then directed his attention to Tina.

"Yeah, they're two busy drinking their caramel chocolate strawberry diabetes milkshake coffee thing with two pumps of processed sugar. I have no ideas how you Yanks are even alive after drinking one of those," Jack didn't really look at Tina while he said that.

"Oh, Sherlock, I literally just explained why battling is one of the best things in the world." he responded to Tina's question about whether he was interested in battle.
Adelaide raised her eyebrows at Jack, regarding him with a curious expression that replaced the look of detached serenity that had been her expression moments before.

Adelaide considered the points he made. They were all valid ones, and she'd probably agree if he was not discussing Dracozolt. Most Pokemon love battling, that was true, but Adelaide did not think that meant that they should. There were more healthy outlets, she was sure, that didn't involve hitting someone until they passed out.

As Adelaide did not think she'd be able to get him to see her point of view, she simply told Jack,
"There are many different kinds of Pokemon trainers. Some keep Pokemon as pets, and some use them as tools. Others battle with them, while a few even breed them for fun and profit. There is nothing wrong with that. The world takes all kinds to operate, and as neither of us will relent on this, let's just agree to disagree."

"And I'll thank you to not imply that I'm mistreating my Pokemon," she said dryly.

Turning towards Tina, Adelaide answered her query with a tone of sweetness. "I have nothing against battling, but I do not often participate in the sport. It can, on occasion, be very exciting to watch. But honestly, am I the only one who thinks Leon's matches are boring? We all know he's going to win by a landslide, so why even bother turning on the telly to watch his matches? It would be much more exciting to see him lose for once. Leon is the champion of Galar," she said, anticipating a question from Tina. "I hear the champion of this region is quite the powerhouse as well."


Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson
@Inkage, @Void_Nugget

Jack realized Adelaide wasn't giving an inch, so he decided it would be best not to press further. Although he would generally argue further and attempt to prove her ways were wrong, it was getting to the point where he was compromising his free source of tea. That is what Jack saw Adelaide as, at least for now. He didn't care for any part of the biology 'mess,' but he wouldn't mind bearing through her long lectures as long as he got a few cups of tea, preferably daily. One expense being covered would mean more money for the TMs and Move Tutors he planned to get for his team.

"I guess you're right.. we'll just agree to disagree," Jack conceded, albeit reluctantly, which may have seemed sudden.

Jack's father taught him from a young age that battling is "the best way to create a relationship with a Pokémon" — something you wouldn't get by just keeping them as a pet or using them for research. Jack was undoubtedly headstrong in that belief, and he wouldn't be convinced otherwise.

However, as Adelaide turned towards Tina, explaining her opinion on battling, Jack immediately cut in like he was the intended recipient. When she mentioned Leon, his eyes seemed to light up in passion.

"You're saying Leon's matches are boring?! They aren't! Seeing the crowd cheer for that overconfident fool, especially in person, is fantastic!" Jack exclaimed proudly, being a bit hypocritical.

"He's not that tough of a trainer. My father almost beat him in the year he retired," Jack proudly stated. His father had battled a much younger Leon before, and the match was close, but Leon ended up dominating in the end. Little did anyone know then that that was one of the closest attempts at beating Leon.

"And I'll easily destroy him once I get up to the Galar League! I'll surpass what my father did!" Jack exclaimed. His ego was undoubtedly returning.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Valentina Rutherford
@Inkage @~Aura~Slashz~

Tina watched the interactions between the two with mild intrigue, when Adelaide responded to her she smiled and shrugged, "To be honest while I find battles fun to watch I mostly watch them to better understand pokemon injuries and stuff, I love taking care of pokemon although my own pokemon take more care of me" she mumble the final part of her statement, at the mention of champions, she shrugged "I don't really pay attention to who the champions of places are, if I'm honest becoming champion and battling through a league sounds really tiring" she stated yawning slightly as she did and glancing between the two, "oh, I almost forgot that dinosaur pokemon you had, the one you guys are arguing about, it's really interesting, the colours are amazing it would be incredible to paint" she said seeming still pretty sedated but very excited at the same time somehow.
Adelaide cocked her head at Jack, listening to his sudden agreement and confident speech with curiosity. "Ah, but he is the unbeatable Champion. And the reason he's unbeatable is because he isn't overconfident. He perfectly understands the abilities of his Pokemon and the abilities of his opponent. That is why nobody has beat him. It takes a great strategist to be as good at battling as he is." She yawned, stretching, and said,
"But honestly, I would love to see it all pass. Much more exciting to see a king toppled than to see him sit lazily on his throne."

"I'm sure your father taught you quite a bit about battle strategies, as he would've had to use it against Leon, hmm? But again, what do I knooooow~? Quite the advantage, having your father be an expert at Pokemon battling..."

"Well, to be honest....Battle watching is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me...I do it when I'm bored. Something my father instilled in me, I suppose~" Adelaide sighed breezily, looking off into the distance. "But I hate participating. It's just not my thing."

Twirling a lock of her hair absently, she listened to Tina talk as well. She smiled serenely at the compliments to Dracozolt, saying, "Oh, yes. I suppose there is an odd beauty to his appearance. Are you a painter? Perhaps I can get my Dracozolt to sit for a bit of a painting session, if you'd like. I'd be highly interested to see what they'd look like in paint..."

"He isn't supposed to exist, really. He's the result of an illegal combination of several different fossils- Oh! We don't really need to get into that," Adelaide amended quickly, glancing towards Jack a tad apprehensively. "Talking in circles isn't something we need to do today..." She laughed a bit nervously.

"I also have a Hattena, named Serene," she said after a beat, removing the Pokemon's ball from her hip and displaying it.
"I won't release her here for obvious reasons related to Serene's stress levels. They don't like crowded environments. Who is your partner Pokemon, Jack? Well, since you're a battler, I suppose you have several, but who's your favorite? The one you use the most?"

@~Aura~Slashz~ @Void_Nugget


Previously Shadow_Pup
Valentina Rutherford
@Inkage @~Aura~Slashz~

Momentarily lost in thought about painting the unique pokemon Tina almost missed the girls response "hmm.. oh yeah I paint, I travel to different regions and paint places, pokemon, trainers and whatever I think is kind of pretty or cool, I was just in um Alola I think, yeah Alola that was a beautiful place to paint.." she paused to yawn and realised she'd gotten quite exited as she listened to the comment on partner pokemon and leant against Biscuit a bit more as she tried to remember if she'd seen a Hattena before, Delilah nudged Tina's pokedex into her hand the screen displaying info on Hattena that she'd already logged, she racked her brain trying to remember when she'd been to Galar "oh..Hattena I know that one I saw a few of them when I was in Galar, it was only a brief visit if I remember correctly, I was commissioned to paint some guy called Leon, he had this Charizard who was kind of cool and a joy to paint, his pose was kind of a bit too energetic though" she said casually not really processing that the Leon she'd painted had been the Leon that the two were talking about earlier.


Previously Airslashz
Jack Wilson
@Inkage, @Void_Nugget

"So do I! Once I get out of this damn academy, I'm going to beat him easily! And yes, my father would know how to beat him; he's analyzed his strategies ever since Leon became champion! So, of course, I'll beat him once I get my endorsement!" Jack exclaimed proudly. Once again, he ignored the fact that he was being way, way too overconfident.

"I don't think you'd be a capable competitive battler anyways, so I think you should remain a spectator," Jack added, not meaning to insult Adelaide. However, it certainly came off that way. He raised his eyebrow at Adelaide when Dracozolt was mentioned once again but quickly backed off as it seemed Adelaide had backed off from talking.

"Damn, you're a painter? It would be awesome if you painted me with my team when I become champion next year," Jack turned towards Tina, his interest shifting slightly.

"I'm just hoping the painting turns well, however. I don't know what to expect from a short, cotton candy-haired Yank," Jack joked, chuckling a little bit.

"Ah, a Hattena? Nice, I've heard they can be strong when they evolve. Oh, and yeah, I guess I have two partner Pokemon. I can't really choose between the two. One's a Thwackey, close to evolving, and another's an Aegislash," he responded.