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Sun & Moon VS US/UM- Which is Better?

Which Alola Games Are Better?

  • Sun & Moon

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    Votes: 4 80.0%

  • Total voters
I know Gen 7’s nearing its end, but I wanted to start this discussion up since I want to see what everyone thinks is he better Alola Region game?

Obviously, USUM is the obvious choice since it’s more complete with the move tutors, additional Ultra Beasts, Team Rainbow Rocket, & the ability to travel Ultra Space. However, the one element the original Sun & Moon has over their remakes (or whatever you prefer to call them) is that they have a better story. While the protagonist is more of a blank slate in every incarnation of Alola than anything else we’ve seen in a Pokémon game, I feel the first games specifically have a stronger plot due to Lillie’s character arc, Lusamine as a villain makes more sense, & the elements with Nebby & Tapu Koko are wrapped up in a neat bow. Though USUM kind of spoiled the original game since the replay value isn’t as good, I still think that Sun & Moon has the best story to come out of a Pokémon game since Black & White.

So, before everyone heads over to the Galar region, I want to see what people consider to be the better Alola Pokémon game


Previously RaptorPack21
Ultra Sun and Moon are the obvious winners here in my opinion. With the extra pokemon added to the dex and new pokemon like poipole and naganadel and even ultra necrozma, they are the superiors.
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon made Sun and Moon feel like demo games, and that's not really a good thing on Sun and Moon's part. I have my theories about it, but while I do agree with you that Sun and Moon's story was better, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are leagues better than their predecessors.