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Ask to Join Team Sad RP

So who wants to be one of the admins in Team Sad? Here is a bit of an intro to Team Sad and what they do.

Team Sad was founded by a young boy from Unova named Ghasto Spook. Ghasto was bullied for most of his childhood life, and without a father there to support him he became rather the introvert. He and his Cubone would stay indoors all day and then train at night, he also read a lot about the darker side of Pokemon. Learning about how Hypno stole children or about how Banette was a doll possessed by a human spirit. This lead him to, not only meeting the rest of his team, but also wanting to learn about more of these dark backstories and how to possibly save Pokemon from falling victim to being another Phantump or Yamask. Team Sad focused on Darkrai for his ability to alter dreams into nightmares. Team Sad's main plan was to capture Darkrai and harness his powers to give humans all around the Unova region extreme nightmares that were so bad that they couldn't get up. Then go and liberate the Ghost, Psychic and Dark Pokemon to rule the world.

In this Rp I need
Admin one Taken by Lightning-emolga
Admin two,
Admin three,
Lead Scientist,
Grunt Leader,

As you are special members of Team Sad your teams don't need to only be Ghost, Psychic or Dark Pokemon

Team Sad, as the name implies, deals with some pretty sad stuff sometimes. If you don't like dark themes or minor psychological horror then I don't suggest you join.

Team Sad are also firm believers of the White hand theory, buried alive and the Lavender town syndrome theory, if you don't like these theories then I don't suggest that you join, i'm not saying you NEED to believe in something as ridiculous as Lavender town syndrome but members of Team Sad have a liking towards the theories and stories.

If you wanna join, send me your team and what place you would like to hold in Team Sad.

here is my team and, of course, I will be the founder of Team Sad, the young boy Ghasto Spook.
Banette, Mimikyu, Trevenant, Gangar, Alakazam and Alolan Marowak

"Team Sad! Lavender forever!"
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Amigo, I'm kinda aware of that. I'm just trying to understand. You said that the Team Sad are believers in those theories, and the characters we're playing as are a part of that team. I'm just a little confused because the Lavender Town Syndrome "affected" kids that were playing the Pokemon game. So in the World of Pokemon, is the legend about Lavender Town Syndrome about kids that played Pokemon Red/Blue? Or is it about kids that live in Lavender Town? I'm just curious. And are they just stories in this RP, and not real/legends?

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
This is sound interesting, i actually know a lot about the dark things in pokemons so i think i will join soon as one of the admins, just need to find a perfect team for the rp

But if there team sad there must be people that try to stop or normal people that not in the team...
lavender town syndrome, lets just say, affected kids in lavender town with the same symptoms as in the legend. The kind of Pokemon you can use as an admin is up to you, though the Team Sad Gimmick is that all Pokemon on their teams, regardless of type, can learn ghost type moves

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Name: shadow draken

Gender: male

Place: admin

Team: sylveon, shiny gengar, houndoom, luxray, garchomp and meowstic (female).

Personality: shadow want to revenge people for what they did to him and his eevee (now sylveon) in the past but he still act nice sometimes.
Hes not giving up and he know when to be the leader, he using the true power of the pokemons to get his revenge on people.
He cares a lot about pokemons so he trying not to hurt them

Other: all the pokemons in my team can learn ghost attacks, except luxray (i hope its okay)
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