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Open The City of Wonders (DS)

Welcome to Zunal, or as others nickname it, The City of Wonders. Life is abundant here, but that is because it is half-abandoned. Nature is spread throughout every root of every tree, and animals frolic in the city. Residents of the area treat one another kindly and violence is never a problem. Tourist come from all around to smell the fresh air and they always leave feeling much safer and calm. You decided to come and check out the area.

A group of bandits have come to the area but have started to spread fear around the area. Threats and fights are all that will come out of this, but in a month, the Global Allied Legion (G.A.L) will arrive and sort out the hostiles. Who knows if a month will be too late. You are unaware of the current activity of these people, but they should not be a threat to the South, East, and West area's of the city. You plan only to be here for a couple of days at most before you leave just to see the wonderful views.


My Bio:
Name: Lucas Friller
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Same as profile picture
Personality: He has a bright attitude but his emotions can be changed quickly. His lifestyle has always been adventurous and active.
Bio: His parents sent him away to explore the world. They would always tell him, "The world is burning, enjoy what you can and experience the colors we have." He always remembers this as it was the last time in a few years sense he has seen his parents.
Other: N/A