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The Doctor's Clinic Rules and Guidelines

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Note that all the usual rules of Pokecharms apply to this board as well as every other board within the forums.

If posting a topic asking for help:

1. Firstly, the Clinic is for competitive teams/moveset ONLY - that means no EV training advice, no in-game teams, nothing but competitive moveset and team advice goes here.

2. Do NOT ask for someone to make a team for you - this is not only lazy, but it's also pointless if people recommend team members that you cannot acquire or if people recommend Pokemon that you just plain don't like. Asking for advice on one team member is fine, anything more than two will get your topic locked instantly.

3. Please read the Competitive Battling Guide sticky topics BEFOREHAND if you've very little experience in competitive battling or in Pokemon as a whole. There is no point in people giving you specific moveset advice if you have no clue of the basics, and there's no point in people regurgitating the basics of competitive battling for you if they can all be found in another topic. If you're unsure whether you fit the bill of being a novice or experienced player, it may be worth reading the guides anyway - you may find some useful information.

4. Please refrain from locking your topic(s) after just one or two pieces of moveset advice. This became a major issue once before and it severely stagnated the discussion value of this board, and also cluttered up the board with a ton of locked topics. If I feel a topic posted here needs to be locked due to SPAM/Gravedigging, I will lock it myself. Otherwise, all topics are to be kept unlocked by their creators unless the creator asks for (and is granted) permission to lock the topic by me.

5. Be sure to use the prefixes to list which metagame you're playing in. If your team's metagame isn't listed, please choose Other and then say which metagame you're using in your initial post.

6. It's generally assumed that you'll be will have all move tutors available to you unless you specifically state otherwise, so if you're using an earlier Pokemon generation or don't have access to certain move tutors, be sure to say so in your initial topic post.

7. When posting movesets for your Pokemon, please use the following layout:

Pokemon @ Hold Item

- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

8. Finally, don't just post a team of 6 Pokemon and expect us to make all your movesets from scratch - at least go as far as to suggest your own ideas for movesets, as well as making sure we know exactly what you want each Pokemon to do for you. Going back to the point about asking us to pick your team members for you, the Clinic is for giving advice and helping people along, not for people to ask for other members to make all their movesets from scratch because they're too lazy to do it themselves.

If posting advice to someone else:

1. For the love of Arceus, do NOT post advice if you don't know what you're talking about. By giving someone advice that contains false or inaccurate information, you risk worsening their team if they follow that information. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're talking about if you're posting advice - if you're not sure what you're doing, you're probably far better off keeping your mouth shut and your fingers away from your keyboard.

2. Try not to be patronizing with advice - there's a difference between being blunt and being an ass, and the latter is not acceptable in any board, not just this one. This also goes for the topic creator as well - if you act in a rude manner towards someone trying to help you, expect to get your topic locked very quickly.

3. If I've posted a link to a Competitive Battle Guide thread in someone's Clinic topic, that means they're expected to read that BEFORE getting further advice. This is to give them a grasp of the basics so that they have a better understanding of basic team building. Do NOT post your own advice until the topic owner has responded showing they've read and understood the topic in question, or you will risk confusing them with stuff they don't fully understand yet.

Anyone caught breaking any of the above rules, or any of the usual rules of Pokecharms in this board will receive an official warning.
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