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Ask to Join The Dream


Previously mallard
Discussion Thread: https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/get-isekaid.29945/ (Open - Get Isekai'd)

There was no warning for the events of May 22nd, 2022. Even the news seemed quiet for the day, but at night around the world, when a select few fell asleep, they would disappear without a trace. No one on Earth could figure out where they had gone, and neither did those who disappeared as they woke up atop a stone circle. The platform was huge in consideration for the thousands of people that appeared atop it. Not all were people though, some were demons, others were animals, but all seemed to be equally confused. The circle floated a couple miles above an unfamiliar landscape, one of green, rolling hills with patches of dark forest or bustling civilization.
A roar of panic began almost instantly among the Dreamers.

Damon Duke
The man that now went under the name Damon Duke appeared in the crowd. He was vaguely aware of how his form had changed, but he had no idea where he was. He looked around to see others just as confused as he was, but Damon opted to keep to himself, and inspected his new body instead(not like that, get your mind out of the gutter).

Maximilian Sunburst
Maximilian appeared, he too didn't have a clue what was going on, but it was interesting, all right. He smirked, and his yellow eyes swept across the crowd to take note of as much as possible. He had a feeling that this event was gonna last a while.


Previously Night's Shadow
In a rather remote region of Alaska, a young, dark-haired girl slept fitfully. Minutes of sleep were punctuated by eyelids flickering open and constant changing of position. She tossed and turned for what felt like hours, but was probably only thirty minutes or so. She turned back to her right, then groaned into her pillow and rolled onto her back, smothering her face into the soft fabric.

The pillow fell onto an empty bed.

The girl’s eyes snapped open in startled surprise, and she was greeted by a light directly overhead, blinding in comparison to the dim starlight that had been filtering through her sheer-curtained window. Sounds of confusion bloomed in her ears, growing to be almost deafening. Her ears flicked back as she struggled to turn over and stand up, her four legs seeming to be different, somehow—

Wait. Four…?

The dark-haired girl sprang up immediately, oddly smooth and well-balanced, far more so than she had ever been. Fur on her elegant, feline back began to stand on end, and she felt the urge to hiss a warning to everyone around her. She stopped herself, barely, though wickedly sharp claws scratched along the stone ground with a sound like nails on chalkboard as her paws tensed and relaxed.

The girl was grateful, at the very least, that whatever had happened to her— at least everything that needed to be covered, was. A soft leather jacket covered her arms, shoulders, and chest, though stopped halfway down her stomach, revealing where her human abdominal muscles blended smoothly into the fur-covered wiry muscle of a cat. Patterns of vibrant blue shimmered in her fear-bushed fur, a clear but unconscious message to stay away. The people—though some could barely be called that—closest to the girl edged away nervously at the sight of the rippling spots.

Rain, the girl thought. It looks like rain.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Hey you, you're finally awake."

Loufe awoke to the sound of a voice, though it was rather faint due to his grogginess. Shaking himself awake, Loufe sat up. And that's when he saw them.
Strange looking monsters, and some unfamiliar humans, all standing around in the stone platform Loufe himself was. New area, new people, new-Loufe looked over himself-clothes(phew), his anxiety was going into overdrive. Though no would could see under his hood, Loufe was utterly paralyzed.
Perhaps luckily, a wisp snapped him out of his stupor. Though invisible to most, Loufe could see it whizz in front of his face. It was dark purple, rather small, though it made up for it by flaring up.
Loufe flinched at the harsh tone. Was that living fire? "Y-Yes?"
"Oh good, you can see and hear me. I was starting to think you were ignoring me."
"Wha...who are you?"
"Dead, and don't worry about it. In that order" The spirit smoothly both answered and evaded the question."The main thing is that you're here. And uh....whoever these guys are."
At the mention, Loufe changed his focus from ghosts to the actual living people around him. Watching the others freak out, make the best of the situation, or just go catatonic, Loufe felt like he was comparing options over his next course of action.
Going catatonic was starting to look really good right now.

Oh this is weird.
A slime squelched along the platform. It was borderline impossible to tell what it was thinking, though all things considered, it was rather calm.
Well, perhaps it was more reluctant acceptance. As far as they were concerned, this was what was happening now, and they'd have to deal with it. But still....why this...thing?
As someone who wasn't particularly interested in fantasy before his last slumber, this experience was extremely alien. But comparing themselves to the built, large, or at least humanoid people around him, they couldn't help but feel they pulled the short end of the stick.
"Whatever" he thought aloud, not bothering to question the logic in them speaking without....anything. "Guess I'm a...gelatin blob now. This'll make college a bit more difficult."

Perhaps one of the only people to adjust to her new form rather quickly, likely in part of it being fundamentally the same, a foliage-made girl ran across the platform, greeting the occasional person on the way.
"This is so cool! Oh hey, nice fangs! Isn't this like that anime genre? Cool wings! I don't remember dying though. You are killing that buddy!"
She was glad to see her new look didn't affect her athleticism. In fact, she more energized than before. She heard of lots of sleep doing wonders, but this is amazing!
"Ace of Spades."


A measured smile curled along the lips of the girl, as she made piercing eye contact with the boy sitting across her; he shrank nervously under her unwavering gaze, fidgeting this way and that while a low cheer slowly rose to a crescendo from the circle of people around them. Finally, the girl to his right reached over and flipped the cards he had just dropped in the centre. Seven of Hearts; she had called his bluff. A chorus of 'woahh's and whistles rang out around the circle, and the boy to her right leaned over and gave her a hearty slap on her shoulder.

"Damn, you're good at this," The defeated male chuckled, collecting up the deck as his punishment and surveying them in his hand, the cards facing him, while the girl opposite continued to keenly study the backs of the deck. "Oh, yeah, don't cross her, she's got that trained poker face too," The friendly guy chuckled, continuing to pat her on the shoulder, "Bold to call the bluff of a single card drop, she's got those mind games going," His pats were getting more spirited. The girl kept her winces under wraps, opting to slyly lean over and pick up a chip from the bowl in the centre, successfully pulling away from the man's grasp. The girl to her left sighed with a smile and affectionately bumped shoulders with her, "Heh, bee, this is a bit of an unfair advantage though, huh? She's always been good at keeping a straight face," The end of the sentence rose in volume as she turned to address the rest of the circle, and when the chorus of agreements died down, the solitary man sitting outside the circle on the floor extended his hand with a flourish, card clutched between his index and middle finger.

"To the victor go the spoils, of course," He proclaimed dramatically, and the girl - the winner of the round of Bluff - reached out to accept it. The Joker. She giggled, and let the smile stretch into a smug grin. "Thank you, thank you, no paparazzi please," Laughing quietly at her own joke, she pocketed the Joker, and dropped all cards in her hand... except one. "You see," She called out to the boy across her, the finalist in the fierce competition of card games, who was collecting up the deck to shuffle them. A moment of silence, and then she flipped her hand, revealing the card to the circle. The college students burst out into raucous laughter and now it was the opponent at the receiving end of shoulder pats and hair ruffles. Neatly nestled in her hand, extracted from her own deck of cards, was the Ace of Spades.


"Thanks for coming, guys. Visit again!" She waved happily, sporting the same measured smile until her friends walked away out of sight. It was a short walk away back to their own dormitories, but the darkness of the night swallowed them up quickly, and she stood there in the doorway, shivering slightly in the cold nocturnal breeze. Leaning against the doorframe, she took a minute to rub her neck and sigh, smile lingering, and eventually fading when she thought of the aftermath of the party she'd have to clear up. Shaking her head, she stepped back inside, pushing the door close behind her and stepping over the chip crumbs and soft drink cans scattered across her living room rug. She'd just have to take care of them in the morning. Her fingers idly traced over the table surface as she carefully avoided the mess and headed deeper into the little apartment towards her bedroom, stopping when her nails encountered a stray playing card. Did somebody forget to shuffle this back into the deck? She picked it up and let out another quiet giggle; when she collapsed onto the bed and stretched out, glad for the eventful day to end, she did so with a singular card clutched tightly in her hand.


It hardly felt like she slept, and it certainly wasn't her own fault. She hadn't touched a drop of alcohol last night; so why did the sun feel so bright today? The girl woke up with a squint, cupping her eyes with a hand and sitting upright with her legs folded. Oh. She stilled, feeling the immediate difference of a little too much skin rubbing against her clothes. Hmm, no, not skin, something else, something softer, something different. Atleast that's all that seemed to be different about her; she mutely watched some kind of a walking forest woman enthusiastically trot across in front of her, and in her peripheral vision she caught sight of something quadrupedal and glowing. In fact, lots of.... individuals around her seemed like something straight out of a fever dream. In-double-fact, the girl would have been inclined to believe she really was in a dream, until her gaze dropped to what she held in her hand. The same clothes she wore to bed, the same hairpins stuck in her hair, the same scraps of paper and a singular coin of change in her pocket, the same nail polish on her fingers. The same Ace of Spades, held between her index and middle finger.


Previously Deathstalker62
How curious. He could swear that, just a moment ago, he had gone to lay down in his bed to get some rest. And in the moment that his body finally fell asleep, it woke up again. And when it did, things felt.. different. The ground was cold and hard, not warm and soft like his bed should've been. It felt rough, like the surface of stone. And, his clothes. He could feel something over them. A long, soft fabric.

Opening his eyes, the man looked down to find himself donning a black, cult-like robe. Strange. Then, his eyes fell on his hands. They looked human, but not at the same time. The shape was matching, but the colour was of a metallic grey. Had he died in his sleep? Was this purgatory, and these hands belonged to that of his pale corpse whose form he had taken on?

His hands now moved to the ground again as the man went to stand up, slowly and carefully. How odd. There seemed to be many strange creatures like him all around, a crowd of strangers. Some panicked, some excited, all of them confused. Well, whatever the case was, the man remained calm. After all, they must be all gathered here for a reason, right? That reason would surely show itself soon. The man crossed his arms and remained deep in thought as he stood, examining those around him.

' So.. I am to assume that all these people around me were brought here in the same way I was.. which I don't know about. A world we know nothing about, with nothing to our names. Almost like we were brought back to zero.. or returned to Null. '

Who on in their right mind turned on the lights in the middle of the night? Was it the girl he had brought over from the bar? His roommate playing a prank? The cops? Whoever it was, they had some nerve doing such a thing. Maybe it was morning, which explained why he didn't feel like the room was spinning anymore. His eyes slowly adjusted to the scenery around him. Was he at an after party? Maybe it was Halloween? Nah, most of the costumes looked like some comic con type of stuff. Oh wait, that one girl had given him some weird shrooms earlier, maybe they were special ones.

"Alright, this is some crazy trip." Hecthor stood up, feeling a bit odd at first but managing to stand on his two feet. "What am I wearing?" He looked down at his odd outfit, some brown saggy pants and a green shirt. "Okay, weird choice of clothes brain."

The people around him looked as confused as he was. But that made sense, if he was confused, then the images his mind projected was probably the same as his feelings. Therefore, he needed to think or feel something else.

"Party time! Where's the imaginary beer and ping pong table? Get some Skrillex jams going, I'm gonna party so hard my brain going to wake me up!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Hey hey, paws off!"

A angry shortstack waded through the crowd of scaley slimy weirdos. All these people looking like they just come out of a hardcore comicon. Him? He was dressed kinda funny...but a lot of his clothes seemed familiar somehow. Like his hat. Despite only being paired with them now, he seemed to know why they looked they way they looked instinctively, as if it was a familiar dream. At least he thought he knew anyway. It was definitely overtop style based on his actual profession...funny...

All these taller, often more muscular characters completely cluttered the platform. Oi, with this loada idiots I ain't ever gonna get through to 'em. with the crowd still overcome by panic, Grak could feel himself starting to me closed in by them as they bumped and shoved.

"Didn't you hear me?? Get outta my way!"

That's when two translucent hands suddenly appeared overlayed near his as they had helped him push others off of him. Wait wha-

And as quickly as they came, they vanished as if they were never even there to begin with. ...what in the fresh diddy was that? Oh ho boy...they gave me that fun kinda cookie instead of the regular kind didn't they?
Zalia Du Orth had come to, not sure as to what happened when she went to sleep, one moment she was in her room, next moment, she was here, unsure of what was going on. She had noticed some sort of something big and structural, so Naturally, she went to hit it, just to get an idea if something went wrong or something, she hit it, but she did a lot more damage than she intended to.

"What is going on here?" Zalia thought, "This is going to be a long one."

She was wearing some basic clothes, and had some small equipment as she went to see what was around..
Nino Calamar opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed, besides the fact that he was no longer in his bedroom, was that he was surrounded by a lot of other people. People...? Well, most seemed to be a person or something similar to that. And the majority of them were absolutely giant. Cal then flew into a panic. What if he was just really short? Or maybe he had died? Was this cielo?
"...blubbing hell." Blubbing hell. BLUBBING HELL?! His mind raced to find reasoning for the sudden change in his dialect. Then, Nino looked down. Tentacles wiggled under him. No way... Calamar started to think, a tear rolling down his velvety yet squishy face. I've turned into a squid?! Wait, octopus?! NO, squid?! What even is the difference? No me jodas...
"Whai's it have ta 'appen to me?! WhaiwhaiwhaiwhaiWHAIIIIII?!!!!!!!" The little octopus took a moment, before he noticed he was wearing his sombrero and poncho, both of which he hadn't worn for years. I'm definitely dreaming. Wake up! Despierta!
Uggg, my head. The hell...?
Those were the first thoughts that range through Chris, as he blinked and scanned the curious sights around hum. Dozens, hell hundreds no...thousands!? There were so many people around him, and "people" was only scratching the surface as there seemed to be various other creatures from the more fantastic to just the downright bizarre. That's when he had taken notice his view of the world seemed to be behind some sort of lenses, and as he glanced down at himself Chris had gotten a bit of a shock to his system as he realized what he was wearing and well, even among this field it had been an attire that stood out.

He made his way to his feet as he glanced at his spandex, superhero-style outfit that had felt like something ripped right out of Ultraman or Power Rangers. A light current cased the golden scarf around his suit's neck to blow into the wind as he stumbled a bit on his feet and realized that had not been the only change to him. While he had no way to see given he had the helmet and suit on, his body seemed a bit simmer and based on the fact that his right knee seemed to no longer have a gimp in it, younger even and with a greater spring to his step which only raised further questions. And this name...Emerald Vanguard, why did that seem just, right for this odd appearance he was given? Why had he known that name at all?

Just what was going on? However, a sudden meek apology had caught his ears as a scene developed between two by him.


"W-woah uh, s-so many people and...i-is this a tiara!?" A young girl seemed to speak aloud, or least...she used to just be some girl. Upon going to bed in her isolated guest room to waking up in a larger than life stadium Daphne just seemed to be so confused. Around here seemed to be some weird people, some wearing weird costumes, some who seemed to be like...animal men? Some guy in a weird hat? Was that an octopus!? However, her thoughts were interrupted when this strange daze hit her mind as a certain phrase seemed to linger in Daphne's mind. A name even, but not for others around her in this giant stadium rather at herself oddly enough.

And this name, Jada...why about that had resonated with her?

This whole thing had been so confusing. She soon got up and tried to sheepishly move around, though as she had gotten on her feet she noticed she lacked any footwear though they remained impossibly clean in spite of this. Her wings began to flap as she worked to glide ar...w-wait did she say wings!?

"I-I have wings. I am flying...I am flying!?" Daphne or Jada or whatever she had called herself panicked a bit at the shocked as her wings flapped her forward on reflex and she quickly slammed into a wall as she fell on her back. A soft groan sounded as she sat up and saw what she bumped into, and the "wall" being a amazon-like woman who glanced back at her and quickly the blood vanished from her face.

"I-I am sorry I-I didn't mean to...!" The fairy girl began to sputter out as she tried to apologize as this whole situation caused the worry to rise about harm to herself.

"Oh god, d-did I not get any fluid last night?" A woman asked herself, Abigail had probably been the most confused person in this stadium. Though she had some stiff competition, as just the night before she lied in her hospital bed and eventually drifted to sleep only to wake up in this setting that seemed straight out of some fantasy novel or Roman history book. Around her had been all sorts of weird creatures, people and well about everything in-between as she blinked with a look of utter bewilderment on her face. "I-I have to be dreaming this, right?"

It certainly felt like a dream, after all Abigail had not gone to bed with a set of toned abs. In fact, her body seemed to be something out of her own dreams, as rather than frail, weak and stricken by sickness it seemed to be energetic and strong. She had this feeling she could do...well, do anything now and she had not been sure how to feel about it! And why did the name "Zera" just seem to whisper in her mind as she processed all of this.

This woman's body had not even budged when she felt something bump into her back, and Abigail turned as she saw what seemed to be a young fairy girl who quickly tried to word out an apology as she seemed to think she would hurt her. H-hold on just because she had some muscle dimension to her didn't mean she suddenly desired to hurt whoever she saw!

"H-hey hey it's okay I don't want to hurt you." Zera, no wait it was Abigail right? Why had this name cluttered her mind!? Either way she tried to express she meant no harm as a man in a green spandex suit seemed to walk over to them given the commotion.
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Previously mallard
Max Sunburst
There was a mischievous sort of glint in Maximilian's Eyes as he surveyed his surroundings. There was so much chaos around him as people and monsters alike were either losing their minds or confused as heck. Chaos was groovy. His eyes darted to a certain translucent blob that spoke in the voice of a grown man. Now that was comedy.

In an instant, a large mass of some swirling darkness came into existence in the airspace above the Dreamers' heads. Its appearance was so sudden that it caused a minor shockwave from the displaced air. The mass itself was writhing in form, and glowed faintly in all the colors of the rainbow. Then, it spoke.

"Hear me, Dreamers. This is my Dream, and I may be called Lucid. I will not be your foe for this adventure, you may think of me as a deity that is ever-present yet rarely interfering.
You have already realized that most of you have taken different forms than what you had in the waking realm. These are your bodies for the foreseeable future as you complete the Dream. There are two ways to exit this Dream: either you find me in my castle and slay me, or you perish here. Only the former will have you wake up.
To find my castle you must make your way through multiple dimensions, which are separated by stone Gates in the middle of each starting area. However you will find that each Gate will not activate without a key, and each key is in the possession of a particular monster in each dimension, and it will not be an easy task to retrieve it.
You might ask how you will fight these beasts when you are but mortals, yet the answer is simple: this is a world of opportunity, where any skill you might practice will grow in strength... including magics and the such.
Below you is the first dimension. The Plains is a relatively peaceful world where no monster is too drastic. It is inhabited by the Stagnants, a race of people much more powerful than you now, but have limited short-term potential. Befriend or rise above them, whichever you see fit."

The voice began deep and guttural, but as it went on with its announcement, it slowly shifted to one more human and feminine. Then they were transported to the ground in an instant, in various parts around a sprawling city.
The city of the Stagnants was primarily made of calcite; clean-cut white architecture with accents of dark wood. It was a vibrant city, from vines and houseplants wherever you looked, to colorful banners, often depicting a teal flag with a golden diamond in the center. Carts and pedestrians meandered through the cobble streets, past the occasional shop set up on the side. The name of this settlement? Beacon.
As the Dreamers appeared, common Stagnants stared with disdain if not disgust; even the birds stopped chirping at the sudden appearance. The Dreamers themselves were mostly still confused or scared, aside from a select few out of the many.

Damon Duke
The Duke was scared and confused.

The sudden boom of the big black blob caused him to yelp like a chihuahua, and the thing talking just plain disturbed him in both voice and content.
But he didn't have to wait long; soon enough he was in an even more unfamiliar place with weird aliens staring at him. He meekly smiled and offered a faint wave, though the Stagnants were not impressed. Picking up on this, Damon inched into an alley. Once there, though far from alone from other Dreamers who headed the same way, he took a deep breath. While relaxing, he found that there was a small dagger sheathed in quality leather on his left hip(he was left-handed), and a small pouch of coins on his right.

Huh, neat.

Elinore looked around with glee, much in contrast to any and all humanoids around her. She then looked to her feet and took a few swinging steps, which grew her grin somehow larger. She then took one more look around the crowd before deciding who to speak to... The green gal(Flora) seemed fun.
So Elinore sauntered over to the girl.

"Hey! This whole thing seems super fun, wouldn'tcha say?"

Max Sunburst... again.
The crimson hair of the boy rustled in the wind as he continued to be silently amused by his surroundings. He watched as some suckers escaped, some tried to talk to others with varying degrees of success, and others were still taking in their surroundings like Max was. Then, having waited long enough, he began to walk, with no idea of a destination, but just to explore.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"...Sooooo like, are our bodies still wherever we were? If this is really a 'dream'?" Grak spoke in quotations. "Cause like, I dunno if you know this, but im kinda a big-"

Before he could finish his own sentence, he was magically whisked away to somewhere on a surprisingly clean city corner. He blinked, processing what just happened. Thats when he shook his fist at the air.

"Ey! I was talkin'! Ugh, I see manners ain't a big thing in this world, figures..."

A woman with a stroller passed by him, cocking an eyebrow as she saw him yell at the sky. He stopped and noticed the woman, growling upon her judgmental look.

"Waddya want? Can'tcha see I'm busy?! Scram!"

She did just that, hurrying along her way as the loud gremlin hunched over, crossing his arms. Something was telling him it wasn't just the cookies...
This booming voice had caused the "discussion" between the fairy, amazon and the spandex-clad individual to stop as they turned to the almost divine delivery of what was spoken to them. Course, this had been a lot to take in all at once...a Dream world? Several multiverses? This guy who called himself a god they had to defeat if they desired to wake up?

This was...

"W-wait this is nuts!? H-how did we get here, why are you making us do this!?"

The panicked voice of the young fairy sounded as Jada, which for some reason she seemed almost compelled to refer to herself as, asked as she bumped a bit against both Zere and Emerald Vanguard. Course it was not much of a shock that the youngest of this momentary trio had handled this was a bit more nervous energy, however, because she had been close to them when they were suddenly warped into a town they landed in front of an ally together.

"This day gets weirder and weirder..." Emerald Vanguard noted, why did he just decide to accept that name? This whole mess had become more confusing as Zera focused on trying to calm Jada down which seemed to help as he scanned outside the ally to see if he'd notice anything that might help this situation.


Previously Gamingfan2
"...but soon after the snap, the strain of the stones was too much. Everything went black, and I ended up here."
"... That's the plot of Endgame"
"It's based off a true story."
Loufe sighed, giving up on getting a legitimate answer from the spirit. It seemed like even it didn't know, only spouting off other stories in an attempt to look cool.
"Well excuuuuse me. My clearest memory is of watching your unconscious ass wake up. I mean-" before he could continue, a new, power-exuding entity took center stage, dumping a truck off an information dump before they were transported into a city.
Loufe watched as most of the inhabitants looked in distrust. A bit harsh, but fair. Though his body was mostly obscured, it that only made him look more suspicious. It looked like he had something to hide.
"What, got something to say? Spit it out punk!" The wisp (which he really needed to name) barked out, whizzing across one of the bigger Stagnant's face in an attempt to intimidate then, which was a total failure as they could only see Loufe himself, who remained stock still while he processed the absolutely unbelievable situation he was stuck in.

Finally relaxing after her romping around, Flora began studying her own body, only slightly paying attention to Lucid.
So, she was made of green stuff right? Hmm, so like, what if she...
"Aha!" She exclaimed, striking forward. She didn't know what she expected, but seeing nothing but tiny seeds appear and clatter on the floor as a bit of a disappointment.
"Aw man......where am I?"
Having recovered from her disappointment, Flora just realized she was somewhere new. Seeing more faces to greet, she lightened up and-
Thankfully for the terrified Stagnants, Flora was stopped by another Dreamer. Seeing a potential friend that wasn't curled up in the fetal position, she grinned wider.
"You said it! I mean, all I can really do is throw seeds but like... I'm sure I'll figure it out!"
She gasped suddenly, as if having a brilliant idea .
"Ooooooh~. What can you do?"

Gelato was in utter disbelief. This couldn't be happening. He had a life, and a bright future, he couldn't just leave it for some...some...childish ROLEPLAY!
But he was given no chance to voice any concerns, and was in a new area before he could even squish in rage.
"Ugh....could I at least have gotten a better body?" He sighed, before noticing an.. octopus, struggling not to far away.
It gave him a feeling of closeness, like shared suffering. He slid closer.
" So, uh....I see lady luck wasn't kind to you either" he started awkwardly. Closeness or no, it was surreal talking to an octopus.

"So it's not a trip?" The horned human scratched the top of his head, finally feeling the horns sticking out of his head. "Ouch!" He yelped he felt a short electric shock on his hand. "Why do my horns shock me? Well it could've been worse." He looked around at some of the others who seemed to be in a similar situation.

With a small idea of what he needed to do and still not completely convinced it's not some mushrooms he ate, Hecthor began to walk away from the group, looking around the town and trying to get acquainted with it. If this was a game, he would need to level up and in order to do that he must defeat enemies. He looked at his own hands and then once again at the town. As long as he didn't stray too far, he might be alright.

"Time to go find some low level monsters!"


Previously Night's Shadow
The dark-haired girl was no longer able to suppress her catlike urges. Her ears pressed themselves flat against her head, the sound of the dark entity’s voice loud for the others, but deafening for her. She hissed, an odd sight with very human facial features, and basically silent compared to the voice of the dark cloud.

Then, suddenly, silence. Blessed silence. Paws no longer scratched against rough-hewn stone, but soft, spongy dirt. The rich smell of plant life filled the girl’s nose. It smelled like rain had fallen recently, leaving the mulch to release peace into the air. Rain—the girl—relaxed marginally. The sound of birdsong, the sea of green, the smell of water, did wonders for her nerves. A large centipede skittered over her paw, and without thinking, she lifted it. The insect dangled from a wicked claw, then fell to the ground and scrambled away, seeking refuge under a rock.

Past her raised front paw, Rain caught sight of buildings beyond the treeline, everything a pristine white that was almost blinding in the light. She subconsciously took half a step backwards, back into the trees. Outside there were other creatures, hybrids, and nothing that would get her out of this place. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was sure that if her body was still at home, it would die in three days without water. And if it wasn’t still at home, and her body had somehow transformed into this… thing… then her mother would be absolutely terrified for her “little girl.”

While Rain was glad for the break from the overprotection of a single mom with an only daughter, she was pretty sure she was ready to go back… well… maybe after a little fun was had.

Rain stepped backwards, heading deeper into the forest. Briars caught in her hair, flowers catching in knots and branches snatching at her face. She snarled, not seriously, at the offending foliage, her glowing blue markings flashing slightly brighter for a moment.
Nino was too distracted by his change in appearance to notice the booming voice in the sky. A voice distracted him from his distress. At first he was startled, then confused in his change of location, and finally just plain weirded out by the gelatinous blob talking to him. He felt some sort of connection to this slime resembling person, almost as if they had both experienced the same change. Which, now that he thought about it, was likely. An awkward smile rose on Cal's face as he realised he wasn't alone in this bizarre transformation.

"... Wady wuck is a pendeja. I wood watha die than be an ocdobus. No, scwid? Eh... whadeva I am." Nino silently cursed at his inability to talk properly. He then also noticed that he could speak a bit of Spanish - though he couldn't remember if he was Spanish or not. "Mai name is..." He also couldn't remember what his name was. The only thing he seemed to remember was that he used to be a human. A name sprung to his mind, even if it was a ridiculous one that probably wasn't his actual name. "Mai name is Nino Calamar. I dunnow which is mai suwname so you can caw me whadeva you wanna. Nino, Calamar, Cal, Mar, Ni-mar. Go loco wid it."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Grak tapped his foot on the ground. He found himself in a bazar of some kind. Being a scammer and trader at heart, he naturally gravitated to where ware were sold. Except there was one big problem: what on earth passed as currency in this deviantart reject world?

"Geez, it's like when I get a good idea, things just don't work out for me." Grak grumbled to himself. "And now those weirdos are runnin' the town too, like nobody knows that's goin' on!"

He threw his hands in the air dramatically to convey his emotion. That's when suddenly, the transparent hands flickered for a brief moment again. Grak was taken aback, shaking his head.


It wasn't just a one time thing. This was a pattern. This needed testing.

"Okay...hmmmmm! Summon...hand!"



"Hand...come out!"



"Bigga Slapper, get out here!"

It seemed no matter what he did, he couldn't get it to obey his commands. That's when he growled and stomped his foot.

"Get out here or buzz off!!"

That's when they flickered on, hovering inches over his own hands. He ogled them for a few seconds before he suddenly got a knowing smirk on himself.

"Why...first try!" He lied to himself, flexing his hands. "Hope I don't always have to be super aggravated to use these big sluggas all the time. Blood pressure is very important Ya know~"

He continued to speak as if he had anyone that actually cared about him or his feat. He was his own best company all while he put his large holo-hands on his hips and giving a triumphant laugh.
"It will be okay, it will be okay I need you to work with me okay?" Zera said, the muscular woman had moved to a knee and placed both hands upon the shoulders of this fairy girl. This whole situation had been crazy, sort of like a bizarre death game really where the options are either beat the boss or fail and lose. This was messed up! Yet she could not panic, and with a younger girl with them she figured she needed to try and calm her nerves to better their chances.

"We'll make it through this, okay. I know this is insane but am sure we can find a way out of it." Zera explained, as she tried to find strength in her new being as she slowly accepted this new odd persona of hers. After all, someone who had the strength she seemed to would be more useful than someone stricken with illness.

Slowly Jada nodded as the fairy girl worked to get her composure. She knew she couldn't be a baby here, this whole thing was just insane and she had not been sure if this was a "Dream" or a nightmare but she had not been prepared to be a liability and wet herself. She...she was a magical fairy now after all, she'd not let herself fall as she worked to get her breathing and the reassuring words of Zera seemed to help settle her for the moment.

"I-I am...I am okay. Thank you..." Jada seemed to say as she glanced at the superhero-looking guy and well she figured they needed a hero right now she she hoped he lived up to his persona.

"W-what do we do now?"

Emerald Vanguard may have had the look and well the name of some heroic champion, but he had not been comfortable about any of this. He sensed an ulterior motive behind it all, perhaps this "god" got a sick pleasure in watching people squirm and struggle. However, as he looked into what seemed to be a town with several markets ahead of them as they were just outside the alley he noted the two individuals who had been sucked with him seemed to be more settled and he quickly understood one thing: 3 heads were better than one.

"I am not sure. But if this is the "peaceful" world as this "god" calls it, then it is only gonna get harder from here. Now, nothing in his little rules said teamwork was prohibited, so I suggest we stick together. If we figure out how to acquire these "skills" and get as strong as we can here, it will better our odds to beat him." Emerald Vanguard said, he noted his voice had a slight almost classic serial dramatic inflection to it. This caused him to blink behind the mask before he cleared his throat. "I prepose an alliance between us. Figured it'd be mutually beneficial." Emerald Vanguard said as he outlined his offer to the pair.


Previously Deathstalker62
So.. a mysterious deity kidnaps a bunch of people and drops them off in its world of worlds, only way of returning being to kill it. And combined with the fact that there were all these different species around, not one of these 'dreamers' were the same and that they started off with nothing..

..wait a minute..

..did he..

..did he just get trapped in a god-damned RPG..?

Oh, great. Fantastic. Absolutely amazing. No really, it was some damn good timing. It sure enough was a great break from the constant onslaught of that boring cycle that was his previous life. Wake up, go to work, get off work, eat, sleep and repeat. Day in, day out. Each day had been barely different from the last. But here? Here, it was his time now. No need to suck up to higher-ups in chances for better pay, or god forbid, a promotion. No need to constantly show up at the same place over and over, only to do the same exact activities. Now, his journey was his choice and his alone.

The changeling glanced around at the fellow unwilling participants of this grand adventure, watching them each start either talking to others or go off to do something else. As for Null? He made his way down the streets, looking for the first building that looked to be a library. Upon finding one, the grey man immediately headed to the magic section - or at least, to the shelves whose books looks like what tomes and grimoires could resemble if imagined. Null went on to read the tomes that he could find, some describing magic in general, some about summoning magic and.. a bestiary of the local wildlife. After all, one could never be too careful if he had ever planned to go out the city's boundaries, even if this area was meant to be more peaceful than the others.


Previously Night's Shadow
Rain’s paws pounded the ground with increasing speed, oddly silent, sending ripples through the cyan spots on her flanks. She bounded off trees, claws leaving deep furrows in the bark with gained traction. She couldn’t remember the last time she had this much fun running.

The girl skidded to a halt in a small clearing and immediately tripped over her own paws, still unused to her new form. “Oww…” Rain groaned as she tried to lift herself back up with her arms. Her feline paws scrabbled at the air, and she let her torso slump back to the ground with a sigh. She couldn’t think too hard about her movements or her memories of being fully human ended up reaching to use muscles that no longer existed, replaced with catlike structures. Rain rolled over onto her side, then her stomach, trying to lift herself up again. She wobbled on her four legs, ears twitching, arms extended. The girl consciously tried to walk forward, holding an arm out to catch herself on a tree if she fell again.

Snap! The sound of a twig breaking behind her caused Rain to whirl around, immediately lithe and graceful with instinct. A strange creature that looked like some very small ancient relative of both a wild boar and a rhinoceros faced her from across the clearing. It snorted, scraping at the ground with one of its cleft hooves. Rain’s ears pricked up, her fur puffing slightly. Odd patterns shifted deep in the soft hair. The Rottweiler-sized boarhino, previously semihostile, began to turn and head back into the brush, unsettled by something.

The instinct to give chase was overwhelming. Rain leaped, rappelling off a tree and pouncing directly onto the creature’s back. A squealing cry was cut short as Rain felt its spine give way beneath her powerful paws. It was already dead, but the girl’s claws continued to slash at the piglike creature’s body, tearing bloody strips out of the corpse. A strange smile twisted her face.

Rain gasped and disengaged, her mind returning. The cat in her was pleased with its work, a warm, contented feeling beginning at her paws. Or maybe that was the warmth of the blood that stained them. Part of Rain wanted to lick them clean, but the vast majority of her brain locked down on the catlike instincts. Well, that… just happened. Note to self— try to avoid going completely berserk around other people… creatures… whatever. I need to get these instincts under control. And figure out why I still feel like that kill should have been made with a bow.
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Some of the most memorable moments one can experience in life only occur when they do something astoundingly idiotic. And Gene liked to live by that philosophy.

Sure, it was way too late to be free climbing. And sure, he was climbing along an unmarked path. But his friends were with him, and they knew what they were doing. This was just another fond, idiotic memory in the making…right?

“GENE!!!!” One of Gene’s friends screamed in shock from below, as the soft limestone he’d been gripping onto gave way under his weight.
The young man tumbled backwards, being ragdolled along the side of the jagged cliff-face as he had no harness.
He tumbled nearly forty feet straight down, before slamming flat on his back with an eerily hollow thump.


Gene began to stir; consciousness rushing back to his body soon after experiencing what he believed to be a potentially fatal accident.
He… didn’t wanna wake up. He wasn’t in pain- just tired. Very tired.
But to his surprise, even his exhaustion only lasted a few seconds. Had it all been a dream? Had he even gone out with his friends last night?
His mind finally began to clear and his eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Holy shit- I’m dead!” Was all the young man could manage as stared up in shock and horror at the multi-colored entity floating in the sky above him.
He was surprised- it’s not at all what he expected god to look like…unless…
“Holy shit- I’m in Hell!”
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Zera seemed to mill it over. While teaming up with some stranger had not been her first impulse, especially given one who seemed dressed like he came out of some East-Asian fetish club, but given this bizarre situation she had found herself in she figured that traversing with company had its benefits to aimlessly moving alone.

Besides, they DID have a mutual goal in all of this so he had nothing to gain by making an empty promise with this.

"I...I think that would be acceptable." Zera said as the muscular warrior woman seemed to agree to this.

-----Jada Glitterdash-----​
This had been a bit, conflicting. Jada had grown up told by her maid caretaker that she needed to not trust strangers. On the other hand, this man and even this woman with her despite only having met them for a couple minutes had shown more concern for her well being and kindness than frankly she ever experienced. So after the fairy milled it over she seemed to come to a decision as for the first time a smile crossed her lips. A small smile but a smile none the less.

"S-sure, I think that would be good." Jada said, as now it seemed she had some people to trust in this world. She hoped it wasn't misplaced.

-----Emerald Vanguard----
"Alright, good...this is good! This whole situation is scary, it is frankly beyond my own understanding, but I am sure together we can find a way to make it out of this mess in one piece. Together, we can not just survive but thrive!" Emerald Vanguard had began to say, and it seemed his persona was gaining a bit more sway the more these strange tidbits seemed to sink into his mind. His confidence seemed to rise as he had given what seemed to be a booming speech of motivation, his body even positioned itself upright and he seemed to radiate this almost heroic assurance. As if everything had now been okay.

"Now is just the matter of...where we, actually go from here..."

Which was immediately shattered when this admission came out of his lips.


Previously mallard
"Woah! Seeds!? Are you like a druid or something?" she squealed, maybe a bit too eager for this interaction, though this seemed to match Flora's energy. She then responded to Flora's question:
"As for me, I dunno what I can do yet."

Her eyes shifted to her hip, where a dagger hung. "...I guess I could stab someone!"

The crackle of electricity accompanied the sight of a fireplace, though from the logs emitted a fire that seemed more like a green lightning, sharp and unfriendly.
The flickering glow illuminated part of the room, revealing the outline of a tall man sat in a grand armchair. He was obviously brooding about whatever it is that large men brood about.
Then, the brooding was suddenly abrupted by an opening door, which spilled yellow light into the room, as well as the Stagnant who opened it shouting:

"My Lord! Strange monsters have appeared all over the land! They seem to be generally docile, but they're hysterical!"

The light from the doorway revealed a lot, such as the majestic, purple velvet curtains that hung closed over three tall windows, which were behind a large mahogany desk with another armchair, though it wasn't as fantastic as the currently occupied one.
Speaking of, the man slowly turned into the light, revealing his slender, pale, and hairless face, his black, cold eyes staring deadpan into his informant. L'Khroagh Smitter.

"Mobilize all available guard, have all of these creatures within city borders gathered in the center of the plaza immediately."

With a nod, the lesser Stagnant hastily hauled butt to get the troops ready. While the city was swinging into motion, so was L'Khroagh, as he slowly stood to his full height.

He would do what was necessary for his people.
"All at once. It had happened all at once. The rush of people, brought together by happenstance; whether the circumstances were unfortunate or not were yet to be seen." The rhythmic scratching of pen on paper was interrupted as the writer raised her head to nod at the Stagnant approaching. The man - it was difficult to tell Stagnant apart from each other but this one had a gruff voice, so the girl had simply boldly assumed - slammed down a chipped plate with a slab of meat and a single, thick chunk of bread and shuffled off, none too happy. The girl paused, gaze hovering between the food and the Stagnant, sighed, and returned to her scribblings. "The beginning was confusing enough, and then it appeared - Lucid. It spoke of a dream, and itself, a deity. Wherever this place is, it seemed to differentiate it as a dream realm and a waking realm. Is it speaking the truth? It spoke of a mission, to find it in its castle and destroy it. A mission to complete the Dream."

Another pause, and the girl lifted her pen off the paper. If they could even be called that. The events had happened in a whirl; the entity had shown itself, and just like that, dropped them into some kind of civilization. The buildings had been blindingly white, and quite pristine; it reminded her of the quaint little cottages she'd visited once. There was a startling lack of large technology like LED display TVs like Times Square, or advertisement boards. If anything, the streets looked too clean, as though the inhabitants of the civilization were very well-behaved. If the shock of seeing different species and individuals wasn't enough, then being introduced to these so called Stagnants certainly was. Seeing all these interesting forms straight out of a Tolkien movie was one thing, and seeing something scarily akin to Voldemort was another. She was ashamed to say, she matched the Stagnant's gaze of surprise and disgust the first time she saw them in teeming numbers, before having the good graces to drop her gaze, draw up her hood and scurry away to quieter corners. Taking a minute to do a quick pat down revealed a bag of coins and... a dagger. So this was it, then? They really were thrust into a game of survival with nothing except a knife to their name? The being had said so; dying in this dream meant you never get to wake up. What was this? Why was this? And if given the opportunity, would she have it in her to kill someone to save herself?

Another sigh, and she leaned back further into her chair. The tavern she had found herself in was sparsely populated, and she had been met with the same accusing glares when she walked in, but she'd been able to block them out within 10 minutes of getting a seat and a meal. It had been all of a few minutes since the string of events and none of those minutes had been easy. The pen she was writing with was just a feather plucked from her back, the biggest one she could find, whittled into a quill of writing capacity with her dagger. The cuts were easy; she'd done them before. The ink was tricky to get; she wouldn't have known where to buy one even if she had the money. But all inks were just two things; a pigment and a binder. It wasn't the best, but a combination of dirt and spit had made her the most rudimentary of inks. Writing with it made her feel like a caveman discovering civilization all over again. The 'paper' had been even harder; it was a thin sheet of bark, stripped carefully from a tree hidden far from the public roads. Half of the poor thing had been shaved away before she could figure out how to get a decently large strip of pith to write on. The sheet of papyrus-like material was uneven, curling at the edges, still moist, and now emblazoned with words in a small, neat handwriting.

She carefully rolled up the crinkled sheet of wood and stowed it in the bag of coins. The coins themselves were startlingly different from the ones she was used to. She pulled out the one she'd found in her pocket and glinted them both in the dull tavern lamplight, marvelling at the pair. With a quick glance around, she hurriedly dropped them back in and pulled her meal closer. Grey hoodie up, movements quick and quiet, she tried to draw as little attention to herself as she crouched in the dimly lit seating area. The food was... not all too appetizing, but that's what you'd expect from the cheapest meal on the menu. Even so, it had taken a decent amount of her money, and she'd winced at the payment. The slab of meat was thick and underseasoned, the mashed potatoes were overcooked and graying and the bread was sourdough, and she hated sourdough. Was this all they ate here? Where were the vegetables? Had they never heard of scurvy? And the biggest disappointment of them all, she felt no semblance of satisfaction or fulfilment as she mopped up the last vestiges of her food. Had she turned into a horrible vampire or something? Did she not need to eat? Was she going to throw this all up later because her body couldn't digest it? But she could still taste the food... she pursed her lips and leaned back again, contemplating her next move. The plucked feather lay next to her plate, blending in well in the dim light. A black feather. Her shoulders were speckled with feathers of a gradient; black, white, grey. She looked like a little mottled raven.

She watched the Stagnant at the bar roughly wipe the counter and all at once, she was moving on her own.

"Hello, my name is Raven. Do you have any openings? I'd like to work here for you." Her tone must have caught the Stagnant off guard, because he stopped wiping while eyeing her incredulously. He raised a hand to dismissively wave her away but she was ready for that. "Please, think about it. A lot of new people have appeared in town, and they'll be needing food," She paused for a second at the blatant lie, and hoped he didn't know that, "and you'll be needing extra hands to keep up with the extra business." In the kind of assertion only a soft spoken teenage girl can do, she placed a hand on the counter, still maintaining steady eye contact with the Stagnant. "We don't hire the likes of you around here," The Stagnant finally deigned to speak, voice harsh, but low. So he wouldn't insult her publicly; that was a start. " ...I'll work for cheap," She piped up, and then dropped her voice again, "and... you can set me on kitchen duty, no one will have to see me work here. No one will have to know. I can cook well, and," She paused again, struggling to sweeten the deal, "and, in fact, I'll even bring my own ingredients. New ingredients, fresh from the fields, enough to widen the menu range. You don't have to pay me much or feed me, all I'll need..." She glanced around, racking her brains. It was a long shot, but she had to try. "All I need is a place to stay. Give me a room and I'll work here, whatever job it is, cooking, cleaning, the dishes, whatever," Fighting off the urge to shrug noncommittally, she looked up pleadingly, watching the gears work away under the Stagnant's still veneer.

(Leaving this open ended here in case @Psymallard decides the Stagnant would really not hire her. Ideally I was going to write a reasonable deal where she gets paid a tiny amount of gold per day, works mornings and nights at the busiest hours, and starts small as a kitchen assistant but over time gains enough trust to become a chef once her cooking is good enough)

Nobody becomes rich from the get-go. In a world where they were the invasive species, Raven didn't indulge in huge hopes. She knew it would take time, and effort, and dedication. There was a small ruckus on the streets outside; the patter of many feet drifted to her ears, and she knew she had to move fast and stay low. Some had left the city premises to kill the wildlife and practice their newfound skills. Some had taken to running off to do... whatever it was they wanted to do. And here she was; she hadn't even discovered what her skill was. So far she'd only been mildly irritated by the strange glitter she kept finding everywhere. It was all over her; her hands, her clothes, her face too, she'd wager. Dusting it off just seemed to leave behind marginally more of it, so she ignored it for the most part, and thankfully so did the people around her. Even now, she wasn't sure if playing it safe was the right way to go; but in a world where dying here meant perhaps never waking up in reality either... well, she didn't feel too explorative in terms of the truth of that statement. Her eyes roved over the inhabitants of the tavern, and almost as though she knew she'd find them, her eyes settled on a figure at the back. A hunched over silhouette draped with dull robes and a gnarled wooden stick, upon which the Stagnant leaned heavily. Every small movement from them created a gentle, jangling chime, emanating from the many necklaces draped around its neck, bejewelled with small, shiny stones, no doubt of a magical nature. If that wasn't telling of their unusual nature already, the quick cat-like glint in their eyes as Raven approached was the dead giveaway. Taverns attracted all kinds of people; the proletariat, the poor, the ones like herself, trying to get by... the ones trying to keep a low profile and blend in, the ones who may or may not be looking for something, always curious about the world. The ones who know more than they let on. The ones who understand and practice the magics of this world. One way or another, this was a wizard and she was determined to introduce herself.

"Hello, my name is Raven. Do you have any openings? I'd like to work for you..."

"All at once. Life tended to happen all at once. I do not know why we've all been brought here; for some it's a second chance, for some it's a death curse. For some... it's what we make of it. That is all."


Previously Gamingfan2
"Um..." Gelato was a bit taken aback by the muffled speech. Though he managed to focus enough to understand most of it, even the Spanish, being one of the many subjects he studied for a while before betting bored.
"Gotcha. Nino."
This whole situation was weird. Especially given what was the apparently purpose of this. How the heck was an octopus and....gelatin supposed to take down anything, let alone some fantasy-god?
Maybe he should ask for help.
Well, suddenly the area has a lot more armed people. Seeing how they behaved, the appeared to be what passed for law around here.
"Uh, hello?" The slime called out. Maybe they could reason with them. Find out anything useful.
It's not like they look any sort of threatening.
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It didn't take long to find some slow and happy looking slimes jumping about the outside of town. Now, in reality how would one kill a creature like that with a knife? Wouldn't it just not hurt them? He had to try though, worst case he can run back to town to avoid being slime food. With caution, he pulled out his knife and began to slowly creep towards the small pack of green slime jumping about.

"They're really something ain't they?"

The female voice made Hecthor stop in his tracks as he turned around and saw a young girl standing next to him, holding a basket filled with fruits and vegetables. "Are they?" He had no idea how to respond, but it seemed like a good opportunity to get info on them.

"Yes!" The girl's voice filled with excitement, "They are cute and squishy and they always come back to life no matter how hard you kill them. Slimes are my favorite! But I'm not allowed near them."

"So they can die? How?"

"Oh with anything really, some people punch them, some stab them, some set them on fire..."

As the girl detailed 1000 ways to kill a slime, Hecthor grew a bit more confident. It seemed people would constantly just walk around killing these creatures so it must be a very easy task. He began creeping towards them again, the girl walking behind him, still listing different ways to kill the small slimy mobs. Once he was close enough to a yellow one, it turned around and with a happy smile, it began to hop towards the duo.

"Take this!" Hecthor slashed towards the creature.

The yellow slime fell to the ground as it's body was split in half and it's happy face faded away as it slowly began to disappear. Once the creature was gone a small gooey yellow chunk was left in its place.

"Oh you can make things with this, here." The little girl pulled out a flask and scooped up the remains of the slime into it. "I can make some tasty syrups, the color of the slime gives it different flavors!"

Hecthor grew a bit more confident, the little monsters were no issue to deal with, heck the rest of the pack didn't seem to have notice one of them had died. With power rushing through his body he leaped into action, attacking slimes one by one and collecting the few little slimy chunks they left behind.
Due to the initial shock and panic Gene underwent while finding himself in this strange place, he neglected to listen to just about anything the giant being in the sky was saying.
Instead, he spent several seconds stumbling around in fear; finally noticing the various other people and… monsters who’d popped up around him.
His initial idea of this being hell was only cemented by the sight of so many others being in the same situation he was- implying that his being here wasn’t an uncommon event.

“Strange…” The young man muttered to himself as he finally managed to collect his wits and take in his surroundings. If this was hell- it sure seemed a lot more… pleasant than he would’ve expected. Certainly not pleasant enough to be Heaven; a bit terrifying, in fact.
It was pretty apparent that most of the other individuals popping up around Gene were just as scared and confused as he was, so there wasn’t a point in walking around asking for directions. He instead chose to quickly inspect himself; seeing if there might’ve been a Devil brand on him or something of the likes.
While he was brand-free, he couldn’t help but notice his change in attire, a small, sheathed dagger at his waist, and a small bag containing-


-a small shake confirmed it to be some type of coin pouch.
If this weren’t enough, on closer inspection- he came to find that he himself had changed!
Hesitantly, he nudged his way through the crowd and made it to the window of a nearby building.

“Damn…” Fortunately, the change wasn’t as dramatic as he’d initially feared. It seemed he’d grown a bit taller, his body had become a bit leaner, and his hair had grown out a considerable amount. The only thing that seemed truly unnaturally were his eyes; the iris’ now pale silver in color, even giving off the faintest glow.
In all honesty… he didn’t hate the change. If anything, he’d say he basically became a better version of himself.
But all of this only led to even more confusion. He didn’t think he was in hell anymore- he didn’t really know what to think.

“…I need a drink.” Gene breathed wearily, redirecting his gaze to a nearby tavern.
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Nino seemed to understand the jelly's thoughts. Looking around, he noticed a tavern. Some parts of when he was a human were clearer than others, and one of those was something he used to know a lot about. Isekais. A glint of hope flashed his pupils, and his eyes widened as his view of this cruel reality expanded greatly. This happened to be the exact situation that occured in most of what he could remember, so he quickly devised a plan. He started to speak, opening his non-existent mouth, before realising it might be beneficial to limit his choice of words to make things less confusing for his gelatinous friend. "Kiwl god, ovapoward magic weabons need. Need monee do buy dem. Taberns have quest or job. Vaminos!" Nino Calamar used one of his several tentacles to point at the tavern before starting to nimbly wriggle his little octopus body in that direction.
"We'll we're off to a good start..." Zera said with a sweat drop as needless to say Vanguard's little admission had not left her feeling more confident about their situation. Still, they needed a plan to move forward in this strange town as staying by an ally entrance had not been ideal and she had began to try and think of what they could do.

-----Jada Glitterdash-----​
Jada had a sweat drop as it seemed Emerald Vanguard had been pretty good about rising morale but seemed to lack a plan which, in fairness, nobody here seemed to have one. The fairy girl began to think as she glanced to the town and some inspiration had come to her.

"W-we could go into town and maybe find a place that has info on the area? S-sort of like a starting hub town for a video game." Jada preposed given that beyond the death game elements to things it had seemed similar to a game world much as anything.

-----Emerald Vanguard-----​
Soon enough it seemed the youngest of their group seemed to be inspired with an idea, and honestly it seemed to be simple enough. Emerald Vanguard had not been much of a gamer back home but the idea of checking the town to find info on what they could had been a solid enough base to jump on.

"Very well, then let us make haste!" Emerald Vanguard declared, and he paused. Had he really just said "haste" as it seemed his new persona was leaking more into him. Course, as he began to lead the trio into town the sounds of matching seemed to catch his ear....


Previously mallard
Damon Duke
As he was assessing himself and his surroundings still, he heard a sound. Rhythmic and growing louder, it was a unique sound that was made up of similar noises from different points happening simultaneously. Marching. That's what it was, no denying it. Damon pushed away from the wall, panic beginning to well up within him and his anonymous alleymates. The guard detail turned the corner, and so the chase was on.
The Duke was faster than most others in his form, and it helped that those slower than him slowed down the Stagnant soldiers. One guard strode ahead of the pack, slowly closing in on Damon, all while shouting things like "Stop" and "Slow down", like that ever worked.
In his distress, his eyes slid over to a fellow Dreamer that he was about to pass, and hastily decided to shoulder check them into a pile of crates to topple them over. Duke checked over his shoulder to see if it was successful or not, but his expectations were dashed as the Stagnant's long stride took him over the boxes effortlessly. The guard was almost within spearing distance when Damon tripped... and fell down the hillside of the city limits.
The guard was about to continue chase when another Dreamer caught his attention. He gave a growl to Damon and headed off, and so did the Dreamer, into a patch of woods.

As Elinore and Flora chatted it up, a stagnant dressed in a chainmail shirt with baggy blue padded sleeves and pants, as well as shiny steel helmet, gauntlets, and boots approached the two. He gripped his nasty-looking spear firmly, and demanded, "Come with me."

Elinore, without a second thought, replied in a cheery tone, "Okay!"

The guard looked to Flora.

Max Sunburst
Max was just cruising along when he was intercepted by a guard Stagnant. He shrugged at the man's order, and sauntered after him to the plaza.

Ra'ed Boghäs
The Stagnant barkeep stared down Raven with his tired, yet intense, eyes as she desperately scrambled to come up with an agreement. What was she? Ra'ed first assumed she was a goblin, he'd never seen a goblin but she fit some of the criteria: (relatively) short, had a fleshy protrusion in the center of her face, and was mildly annoying. But, goblins were also green and greedy, both of which adjectives he would not have used to describe this girl.
He desperately needed help, though he'd admit it to no one other than the co-owner. Another tavern down the street had been drawing more customers, and he hated that he couldn't blame them. The new tavern, called The Wondertap, was financed by a noble, and Ra'ed and this tavern just could not keep up. This put him in a tight position, maybe the help was necessary.
The slender Stagnant man sighed, slung his towel over his shoulder, and caved,

"That is quite enough, girl. You may sleep in the cellar, as long as you do not mind rats. Take today to adjust yourself, you begin tomorrow. But. If you break my trust, I'll have you know that meat is expensive these days. Do we have an understanding?"

Just then, the door burst open- a Dreamer with a glass ball for a head was fleeing for his life, quickly snagged by a following guard that knocked him out with the butt of his spear. Ra'ed leaned over the counter while watching this.

"I think it would be in your best interest to make haste to the kitchen, now."
Gene had quietly sauntered into the bar just into time to witness an unknown girl begging one of those…things for a job. Once again- just confusion added to the mountain. He simply waited there, listening in on the conversation until the barkeep was available.
Unfortunately, the conversation would soon be interrupted as a strange looking man burst through the bar doors in a panic, only to immediately be dragged back out by one of the yet-to-be identified creatures.

“Shit-“ Was all that could be heard from Gene before he dove through the nearest window, shattering the glass as he did so.
In a scrambled panic, he gripped hold of the windowsill and began scaling the side of the building. “Better keep a tight grip this time…” The nimble-bodied free climber mumbled half-jokingly as he hoisted himself up onto the slanted roofs ledge.
From there, he could get a relatively decent view of the nearby area. Several of the creatures had arrived and began capturing the new arrivals.

“So they’re natives to this place- that much is clear…but why are we here?” After taking a moment to assess the panic, one of the Stagnants below caught sight of the roof-dweller, and began shouting out to his comrades for assistance.
Scared for his life, Gene quickly began traversing across the rooftops of the closely-packed buildings nearby.
It was pretty clear that getting a drink wasn’t an option- so he instead opted to look for a secluded location near the edge of the city until things seemed to die down.
-----Emerald Vanguard-----​
Well, this situation had taken a turn. Seemed that the sounds the trio had heard had been marching as troops seemed to be mobilized and were on the hunt for Dreamers. Some of them had been "encouraged" to move towards the center of town, others seemed to flee to avoid being moved and if the sounds of broken glass and other bits of commotion suggested that some were being forced.

Emerald Vanguard seemed to grow defensive as the sounds of marching drew closer. "This is...troubling, keep close." He suggested to his newfound allies while he tried to think of a way out of this mess.

"Alright this is getting nerving..." Zera said as her amazon-body seemed to reflex into a combat stance as this whole situation had been sketchy enough, now some armed guards had been attempting to gather people which seemed to suggest a set up for something.

"...do you want to run? Perhaps we can hide somewhere." Zera suggested though how thorough the search would be remained to be seen. She guided them into the ally as they discussed this.

-----Jada Glitterdash-----
"OMG OMG OMG we're gonna die we're gonna die!"
Needless to say Jada had not taken the news of approaching armed guards coming to collect Dreamers too well. As they moved into the ally her fairy wings seemed to flap on reflex as her breathing seemed to increase as she had a slight panic attack as she was unsure why they had been rounded up.

Were they going to be locked up? Was this some like execution squad like in one of those death game anime? This had been too crazy!

"That was tiring, why do you need 15 of each again?" The horned human placed his hands on his hips as he looked at the never ending hordes of slimes bouncing around the field.

"To make syrups of course, thank you for your help, here's some gold and a syrup on the house!"

He looked at the gold coins on his hand and the small container with a slimy red liquid in it. Well, it couldn't hurt to taste it. So, he did. For some reason, after he finished it, he felt the fatigue go away and was fresh and filled with energy again. It was like, magic. Then again, slime could be made of cocaine...

With his new found energy, he once again returned to slime slaying, slowly getting better at it every time. He kept collecting the slime left behind by the slimes, maybe he could make some of that weird potion wit them. He knew the red gave him energy, what would the other colors do?
-----Jada Glitterdash-----​
Jada had felt the urge to scream as they were moved into the alley and the sounds of what seemed to be the steps of guards sounded through the town. This had not done much to calm the newfound fairy girl from worries that this whole thing had been some sort of sick trap or something.

She had been compelled to fly up and away with these wings, and looked to the other two as if she hoped they had a plan.

-----Emerald Vanguard-----​
"Okay come on think think you idiot, what to do next..." Emerald Vanguard had this thought as he sensed the emotions were high and as they hung in the open ally. The streps draw closer as the sentei-inspired hero tried to figure out where to go from here before he noticed a door to a building beside them.

"If we can get in there..." Emerald Vanguard had said to his two well at the moment "drift acquaintances" as he tried to open the door but it seemed to be locked. Damn it! Probably a back entrance or something...

"Hey hey it's okay..." Zera said as she again tried to calm Jada as she noted the younger girl seemed to be the most distressed about this, though even this make-shift amazon seemed to be worried about the sounds of stomps as it seemed like a fair number of guards had been sent though attention shifted to a door by the side of one of the buildings this alley had been between.

"Move!" Zera called out once this spandex man seemed to confirm it was locked, and she rushed as she bust the door open and led the trio inside to hide, amazed at her own strength.
Time slowed as the girl absorbed every word the Stagnant said. It was... enough? She could sleep in the cellar? What if she did mind rats though? She agreed to be a chef, not be put on the menu for some rats... or Stagnants. But confusion was replaced by a blossoming joy as the barkeep finished his sentence. He had accepted her service despite his obvious distaste for humans - and even offered her a day off, instead of working her right away. Perhaps they weren't so bad after all--

Her rosy dreams shattered like- well, startlingly like a bar window. Another human, one she'd noticed when they'd been deposited in the town but hadn't interacted with, had opted to make a quick getaway, straight out the window apparently. In perfect timing, the door burst open and a Stagnant guard collared a Dreamer who hadn't been as quick as the window-diver. The barkeep was quicker to react than her; he leaned over and urged her with some low, urgent words. Sparing a glance at the scattered shards of glass, Raven swallowed hard and scurried off as silently as she could.

She drew her hood up close, ruffling her hair around her face and neck as she soundlessly snuck to the back of the tavern, taking in the kitchen with a wrinkle of her nose. The place could use some tidying, and most definitely a new paint job. Dishes and pans were piled high in the sink, and a non-descript soup bubbled away in a pot. Everything whispered quietly of a place of efficiency with no frills involved. But why? Raven pursed her mouth, callously judging the man's taste, picking up a lit piece of wood from the stove before turning away to inspect the storage room. It was sparsely stocked, but she found what she was really looking for; a nearly blocked trap door, leading presumably down to the cellar. Kicking a few stray carrots aside, she lifted the door, climbing down carefully and shutting it neatly close behind her.

She was struck with immediate regret; it was horribly dark in there, with no immediate light source around other than the dimly glowing embers from the splint in her hand. She closed her eyes to allow them to adjust to the darkness and recoiled in blind horror as she heard the scrabbling of rats, a moderate distance away but still far too close to comfort for her. Her arms flailed through the darkness to find the closest wall, and she clung to it stubbornly, feeling the dirt under her hands and the rank scent of water and rats in the air.


Previously Gamingfan2
Flora looked to the guard.

"....Aight." she replied cooly, following Elinore's lead. Whatever this was, it looked interesting.

"Uh...huh" Gelato had to take a moment to fully translate his speech impaired acquaintance.
"I guess that's our best course of action. Beats sitting here." He shrugged as best as a blob could, slithering asking his companion. Quests were like favors right? He wasn't sure what he nor Nino could do in their states, but as long as it wasn't too challenging, they could probably figure it out.
Maybe. Possibly.

A pack of giant rats stuffed their cheeks full of food. Slimes hopped around aimlessly. A few goblins wandered the area.
All the while Loufe studied them at a distance.
His dead companion groaned "Aren't you supposed to like, kill them?"
"With what, exactly?"
"...the dagger?"
Loufe looked at the weapon nervously.
"Yeah, I never really used one before, don't think it's gonna work out. Besides, watching them is fun"
"False, it is a waste."
The wisp's complaints were ignored. Loufe simply kept watching the monsters live their lives. It wasn't really a good use of his time, he knew it, but it was actually rather fascinating seeing the fantasy beasts simply exist before his eyes. Not like he had much of a plan.

"Okay, I'm pretty tired now." The horned man walked over and took a sit under a tree. "I've gathered more than enough slime, I think. I don't think I can get any better at killing them though. The again, they are just bouncing around, they can't really do much harm." He looked at the big filled with different colored slime. "Okay so that girl used the red ones to make some potion that made me regain my energy. What do the other colors do?" He looked at the bag, going through the different colors, trying to imagine what each of them could accomplish. "Guess I could ask in town."

He stood up, gathered his things and began making his way back to town. It seemed the local natives were still not used to him, as their eyes followed him everywhere, with every step he took, a new set of eyes landed on him. He felt like he should leave soon, but he couldn't just jump into a world he didn't know about. If there was a way to make the slimes into potions, he could use them to travel across the land to another village, where the citizens weren't spooked by him. At last, he found a shop labeled, alchemy.

"Hello?" Hecthor called out as he stepped inside and the bill chimed. "I need to know how to make potions with slime."

A crazy red haired lady emerged from behind the counter, wearing thick purple glasses, with one side broken. "Slime into potions? That's easy. You new here? I charge for making each one, if you don't got money, you might as well sell those slimes."

"Uh well I got a little bit. How much would you charge for all of these?" Hecthor dumped the entire collection of different colored slimes he had spent hours collecting.

The lady look astonished and then gave Hecthor a sinister look. "How about we make a deal?"


Previously mallard
The Plaza
As Flora and Elinore joined with the huge group of other Dreamers, the latter of the two glanced about the people, clearly very interested in what other Dreamers looked like and their reactions. The girls didn't have much time for small talk before the large blue doors on a particularly large and ancient-looking building swung open, and a tall man in dark robes stepped into the sunlight.

One Stagnant guard adorned in especially fancy-looking armor and important-looking badges, a high-ranking officer of sorts, approached the robed man's side and announced, "This is all of them we could find, m'lord. The rest 'ave either fled or gone to hiding."

The lord gave his officer a small glance of acknowledgement, before turning a judgmental, almost disgusted, gaze towards the group of Dreamers.

"I am Lord L'Khroagh Smitter, and I am the authority in this place. To me, you are all aliens. A potential threat to my people that has appeared without warning at my doorstep. Now, those who have fled have their own fate, to be hunted like criminals, if not monsters. Your fate is still malleable. Who would be brave enough to represent your fellows and assist me in deciding your fate?"

The Restaurant
As Raven shivered in the darkness, a creak on the wooden stairs behind her announced the arrival of another Stagnant. This one was a bit shorter than the average of his species, standing at 6'5", but he was also a lot wider. An obese specimen of Stagnant looked odd, as lumpy flesh hung off of almost exclusively his front torso, distributed between his cheeks, neck, and belly. His forearms and fingers were just as thin as any other Stagnant. Speaking of fingers, this man's were greasy, and he wiped his free hand on an egregiously stained apron, the other arm cradling a burlap sheet.

"Pardon if I startled ya, but my brother told me you was hired. He can be real abrasive sometimes, but he's really a softie deep, deep down. Anyway, I'm the co-owner with my brother and head chef 'round here. You can call me Ra'geb, nice to meetcha! I just came down here to give ya this sheet so ya can turn it into a hammock or sumthin'."

He offered up the sheet with one hand, with a nervous grin of yellow, needle-like teeth.

It's finally happened. She got kidnapped, drugged and then sent to Crazyland, most likely by one of her father's nemesis. That's what happened, right? At least that makes more sense than this so called Luciwhatever wanting them to defeat him so she can go home. Also, she's now a cat.

After Lucifer finished monologing and moved all of them onto the ground, Stella found herself on a large city plaza with weird noseless people wandering here and there. They mostly ignored her though, with a few took a glance at her briefly before continuing their activity. Hello? I just got plopped here against my will by the ruler of hell? Anybody wants to console me or something?? That's what flashing in her mind but she decided to just keep silent while observing the place. She unconsciously lifted her front right leg and then started licking it thoroughly.

Not long after, loads of people who seemed to be guards with a lots of weird people from before started flooding the plaza. Again, none paid a mind to a cat watching them from the edge of the plaza. Stella felts irritated that she got ignored like this. After a sizable amount of people were gathered, someone came out of the largest building on the plaza. He introduced himself as Lord Roach Smiter and asked the crowd about who wants to decide people's fate. That's an enticing offer, at first she didn't want anything to do with these voldermortkin but she's sick of getting ignored just because she's a cat so this might be a good opportunity. Raising her head as high as a cat could possibly do, Stella walked towards the front side, easily slipping through the crowds.

Stella was a bit hesitant after realizing that she must tilt her head upward just so she could meet him in the eyes. Damn cat body! As if on cue, her shadow suddenly emerged from the ground and changed itself to the shape of a butler with a pillow on its hands.

"Wha-" She couldn't hide her surprise when that happened, especially when the shadow butler put her on the shadow pillow and then raised her up she could easily met the lord's eyes without looking up too much. Stella immediately regained her composure.

"If you are searching for these people's boss. Then look no further, because she is in front of you." She claimed confidently.