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Private RP. Those of you who are in it know who you are.

Many years ago, the Greater Mauville Holding company, in partnership with Devon Corporation, Altru Inc., and Mauville City Gym Leader Wattson, launched an ambitious project. Designed to recreate Infinity Energy, the power behind the terrible Kalosian weapon that ended the war three thousand years ago, the four partners broke ground on what would become New Mauville, an underground city. They began by constructing its power station, and followed that up with a offshore mining platform - dubbed Sea Mauville - made to exploit the natural resources that lay on the ocean floor.

Or, so they said. In truth, Sea Mauville was a research and development station. It was there, safely away from anything that could possibly be damaged should something go wrong, the work into Infinity Energy was carried out. Unbeknownst to Devon, Wattson, and the GMH, Altru had an ulterior motive. In truth, the oil company, based in the Almia region, was merely a front for Team Dim Sun. In its search into new forms of energy, Dim Sun had cracked the code, realized what perhaps no one else wanted to realize. Infinity Energy was the lifeforce of Pokemon.

Thanks to the brave efforts of the Rangers of Almia, Dim Sun was exposed for what it really was. The Shadow Crystal was restored to light, and Altru CEO and Dim Sun Boss Blake Hall was stopped. Though in Almia all seemed well, this revelation reverberated through the rest of the world. Exposed for what it really was, Altru's international standing was ruined. Wattson pulled the plug on the New Mauville project, and Devon bailed out of the partnership, unable to stomach the brewing PR disaster. Greater Mauville Holdings, left holding the bag, was destroyed. Its research team permanently disbanded, Sea Mauville soon fell into ruin. It and New Mauville were declared no-go zones, the official story being that they became habitats for dangerous Pokemon.

That was years ago now. Shortly after the Sootopolis Event, Teams Magma and Aqua disbanded. The leadership of both organizations pledged to work together to create the better world they both sought for people and Pokemon. But, it never does quite work out that way, does it? A splinter, a remnant if you will, of Old Magma still exists. Lead by Courtney, this faction refuses to let go of the dream of increased landmass, and the living space this new land would create for both people and Pokemon. They concocted a new plan. The problem with Groudon and Kyogre was the lack of control Maxie and Archie had over them. What if perfect control could be achieved?

Legend states that the Legendary Pokemon Regigigas towed the continents into their current positions. Humans lived with Regigigas, they revered it, and they made Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in its image. But then they came to fear it. They sealed Regigigas away, putting it to sleep on the bottom of the ocean. The only way to reawaken it would be to gather one of each Legendary Golem together. A hard task, but not impossible, not for the organization that woke Groudon from its slumber.

Team Dim Sun might be long gone, but its dark legacy still remains. Several Miniremo Units made their way to New Mauville while Altru was still active. So far from the purifying light of the Luminous Crystal, they remain active. The plan is simple, use these Miniremo Units to control the golems, and boost them with Infinity Energy until they have the power necessary to reawaken the legendary Gigas. Then, simply control Gigas with the Miniremos. Perfect control, through science. No more baubles, no more mystics, no more legends. Regigigas will be made to tow the land again, drag it from distant, inhospitable waters to the tropical coast of Hoenn. And it will become new habitats, new homes.

But of course, it's never that simple, is it? A new generation of heroes has already appeared on the scene, they just don't know it yet...


The basic premise of this RP is that we will be a group of Trainers going on a journey through Hoenn. Along the way, they will stumble into this revived Magma and its plot, and be forced to contend with not only the most fanatical of the Eco-Terrorists on Magma's side, but several powerful, though by no means insurmountable, Legendary Pokemon, and perhaps even come to terms with the mistakes of the past: Both their own, and those of the people tied to this event.

What makes this RP fun is that Regigigas isn't just a colorful golem with a silly voice, it's also fucknormous, big enough that even submerged under the sea, bits of it poke out of the water and have become forested islands. A Pokemon like this can't be controlled by a simple Miniremo Unit. Even the Incredible Machine itself may not be able to handle it. So, once it is awoken, Gigas must be dealt with indirectly, by dealing with the mind controlled Regis one way or another, while taking care not to get in the way of Gigas's rampage.

But that comes far, far in the future. There's a lot of journeying that has to be done before that. The Hoenn of this RP is primarily based on the Hoenn of Emerald, but with several OR/AS inspired twists for flavor. It's Mauville, not Mall-ville. The Gym set is the Emerald lineup, with eighth Gym Leader Juan and Champion Wallace, while Steven Stone is a powerful wandering trainer, who stepped down from the Championship to pursue leads on the Regis. He'll likely be a recurring character in the RP.

Other recurring characters include the Bosses and Admins of Teams Magma and Aqua. Maxie, Tabitha, and Courtney have their Emerald designs, and the Magma grunts wear their RSE era uniforms. Archie, Shelly, and Matt have their OR/AS designs, - though Archie will likely wear his RSE design's outfit when he needs to be less... Extra - and the Aqua grunts wear their OR/AS era uniforms.

While most of the Gym League, Elite 4, and the Champion have designs mostly faithful to their original looks in OR/AS compared to RSE, Wallace's new outfit is right out. He will be wearing his RSE outfit, with or without his Emerald-addition cape. There is also a general preference for Brawly to have his sportier, OR/AS look as his primary. Real people tend to not wear the same thing every day, and most of the other Gym Leaders have outfits that are either exactly the same between generations or their similar in style enough to be different outfits a character might both wear.

This post will be updated as further plot threads are defined.

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Just as an alert to all well-meaning would-be-reporters of potential abuse of Legendaries in backstory and plot - yes, all of this is approved. I am personally involved in this RP and in the planning thereof, no need to get your fancy knickers in a bunch.
Name: Noir
Gender: NB
Hometown: Sootopolis City
Age: 14
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Clothing: Black
Personality: Bl-- they're not in a good place right now and are doing the "taciturn loner" thing.
Skills: Not too many to speak of, they're a sullen eighth grader looking for a chance for some independence.
Past: Hunter-- er, Noir is running away from home to start their pokemon journey. We'll see how it turns out.
Family: Don't ask.

Species: Torchic
Nickname: Agni
Gender: F
Personality: Hardy
Angle: A typical starter pokemon, she's wondering how she got stuck with this bizarre loner, but she's willing to give it a go before bailing at the next pokemon center.

Psycho Monkey

Member of the Literary Elite Four
Name: Dewey Fenwick
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn
Age: 20
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 148lbs.
Hair: Wavy brown
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Civilian clothes: Brown pants, black leather boots, a white shirt, a dark brown vest that has holsters for his two knives hidden under it.
Team Aqua uniform: Standard with his vest over top.
Identifying Marks: None but slouches a lot
Musculature: Built for swimming
Personality: A man bored with life who will do what he feels is necessary in his pursuit of science; ethics and morals be damned. Has a rebellious attitude and hates being told how he should live his life. He has no trouble collaborating and making compromises with others so long as he can still achieve his objectives.
Skills: Sailing, knot tying, navigation, and other skills necessary for boating; scuba diving; using his two knives as weapons and as tools; an understanding of marine biology gained from reading and some hands on experience though he has never actually attended any universities.

Past: The Fenwick family has been breeding and raising what they call “super-star” Pokémon for generations. Fenwick trained Pokémon are usable in battle, contests, athletic competitions, and various stage productions. Growing up, Dewey found the whole deal to be shallow and vain and resented the fact that his parents were trying to force the legacy on him. They even gave him their best Horsea, Tsunami III, and told him to raise it to their absurd expectations. Never mind the fact that Dewey was more interested in science and the natural world around him than he was material gain. All his life Dewey rebelled and fought against the oppression and tyranny until he finally got so sick of the pressure. He up and left with Tsunami when he was 13-year-old.

During the following five years, Dewy supported himself by working odd jobs that suited his interests and traveling the seas as a deckhand on various ships. It was during this time he acquired nearly all of his skills and knowledge regarding the ocean. Though he hated his family, he frequently found himself returning to his hometown of Lilycove City because of the port. He had considered just plain leaving Hoenn and never returning many times, but found a reason to stay in Team Aqua.

Dewey first learned of Team Aqua during the aftermath of a bar fight. He had been sitting in a pub with his sailor buddies, all minding their own business when some guy got all bent out of shape because a woman had hustled him in pool. Turns out the brute was the type to hit a lady. He picked up a billiard ball and threw it at the woman but was too drunk to aim, instead hitting one of the bigger and more irritable sailors. A huge brawl broke out that Dewey somehow managed not to get dragged into despite the fact all his buddies were involved. He snuck outside where he met the woman who set the whole thing in motion. They got to talking, one thing led to another, and the next morning he was waking up in her bed in a very good mood. Two things Dewey learned about her were her name, Chelsea, and that she was a member of Team Aqua, an organization dedicated to the expansion of the sea and the preservation of the Pokémon that call it home. Dewey was intrigued. This organization seemed right up his alley and he believed his knowledge and skill could be of use to the Aquas. He joined without a second thought and worked mostly as a researcher for Team Aqua completely abandoning his job as a deckhand. He was more interested in pursuing science than manual labor so the decision wasn’t hard at all.

Much of his research was designated to the study of how Water-types battle below the surface and what anatomical features give better combat advantages. The purpose of course was so Team Aqua could have better adapted to their new world. He also had an insatiable curiosity in the power of the Legendary Kyogre and its ability to control the weather and sea, namely conservation of matter and energy. Just where was all that rain water going to come from and how was it supposed to raise sea levels?

He kind of got his answer to that query, just not the way he expected. During the Sootopolis Event, Kyogre had been awakened as had Groudon. Groudon’s harsh sunlight evaporated water which Kyogre then gathered into torrential rains creating a more extreme version of the water cycle. Not the results Dewey had been expecting, but whatever. That whole situation was a giant mess and he was just glad he survived it in one piece.

With the unification of Team Aqua and Team Magma, Dewey thought he’d be out of a job and would need to find new work to satisfy his curiosity, but it turned out Aqua had one more project for him to work on. Kyogre and Groudon’s clash, while brief, had very slightly altered Hoenn’s climate allowing for new species of Pokémon to migrate to the region. It would appear Team Aqua’s goal of creating new habitats for Pokémon had been a success after all, just not they way they had envisioned. Dewey’s job was to first visit Prof. Birch in Littleroot Town to get ahold of a Pokédex and then document any new Pokémon discovered in the wild not listed in the Regional Dex. What’s more, he’d be doing it solo as Chelsea was going to be busy with her own projects for the time being.

Family: The Fenwicks originated in Kanto but a branch moved to Hoenn sometime before Dewey was born. He is estranged from all them.
Love Relationships?: Dewey has an open-ended friends with benefits relationship with Chelsea out of mutual respect and fulfillment of biological needs.

Nickname: Tsunami III
Gender: Female
Ability: Sniper
History: Tsunami was bred from good stock with two of her ancestors (the ones who share her name) being two of the best trained and most disciplined Pokémon raised by the Fenwick family. Both excelled in their fields and won numerous achievements and awards. Tsunami was full of promise and expected to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors to do great things. But she was given to Dewey upon hatching and it all went downhill from there.
Personality: Tsunami is dutiful to a fault. On the one hand she feels obligated to live up to the expectations of her family’s legacy but on the other she doesn’t want to go against her Trainer’s wishes giving her conflicting loyalties.

Species: Wartortle
Nickname: Jacques
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
History: Even if he doesn’t look it, Jacques is over 100 years old which by Wartortle standards (1000 year life expectancy) makes him still a kid. While sailing to the Sevii Islands as a teenager, Dewey met Jacques as a Wartortle sitting on a rock like a grump. He continued to observe the Wartortle over the next few days and before the voyage was over, Dewey caught him. Since Jacques is the only Pokémon with hands Dewey owns, he frequently makes the Turtle Pokémon help with his work much to the latter’s chagrin. Jacques figures he’ll outlive his Trainer so he puts up with it simply because he figures he could use the exercise.
Personality: Jacques is a grump. A lazy grump. He’d much rather just sit around and be a grump. He reluctantly does the work given to him by Dewey but he’ll openly be a grump about it. Dewey calls him a grumpy old man because of this behavior.

Species: Carvanha
Nickname: Coriolis
Gender: Male
Ability: Rough Skin
History: Dewey caught Coriolis on Route 118 sometime after joining Team Aqua. He serves his Trainer well when needed in battle.
Personality: While most Carvanha travel in schools for safety in numbers, Coriolis is a bit of a loner which made him an easy catch for Dewey. He loves to thrash about in battle, a feature Dewey often exploits for his research.


Magearna before it was cool
Name: Cyril Walton
Gender: Male
Hometown: Littleroot
Age: 13
Height: 5’8
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Beach Blonde; Just above shoulder-length
Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Light brown army jacket, black t-shirt, brown cargo pants, white skate shoes, and a black knit cap.

Identifying Marks: His left eyebrow has a light scar, making it appear a bit wilder than the right, and one eye always seems to be a little more open than the other, lending to an unfortunate “confused look” for his neutral expression that’s brought about a number of misunderstandings in the past.

Musculature: On the bulkier side, he’s clearly found little motivation to exercise lately. That being said, he looks like he might have been a bit more active at some point.

Personality: He’s been a pretty sheltered child up to this point, hardly ever leaving Littleroot, considering even a stroll up north to Oldale to be something of an adventure in itself. Though he’s been homeschooled in Hoenn culture and, to a lesser extent, the Pokemon world at large, his lack of experience has left him rather naïve and more open to believe the myths and legends told in ancient lore… or, more unfortunately, by anyone with a convincing enough matter of speaking. He possesses a great desire to see more beyond what little of the region he’s walked upon, but something has always held him back, either of his own skittish volition or someone else’s, and it’s worn on his idealism. As such he’s lately been one to shift from optimist to pessimist and vice-versa rather swiftly depending on his mood.

Skills: He can be quite the retainer of information… if it interests him enough. Not exactly everything fits the bill, but, if something does draw his intrigue, he can rather easily bring it back up on a needed occasion, and he’s not one to easily forget it with time. One of those subjects of interest just happens to be Pokemon training, which he firmly intends to put to practice.

Past: It seemed like with every passing year the world seemed an increasingly more dangerous place. How did those young kids manage, traveling through an entire region when so many recent perils were still fresh in the minds of the public? That was something that Cyril had no way of answering himself. News of a region-wide hostile takeover attempt in Kanto was terrifying enough, but then there came the weather debacle, hitting right close to home. Hoenn looked about ready to be completely torn apart by constant shifting between torrential downpours and searing droughts. The nightmare eventually came to an end, but plenty of damage had been done in its wake.

It all served to give the Waltons second thoughts about their youngest child going off on his own. A shame too, because, even though no one in the family really made a long-lasting career of it, they’d always seen the journey as something of a rite of passage for their children, that first step toward adulthood and independence. The world was changing though… and it suddenly just didn’t seem right to have a minor wandering around on his own. This, however, conflicted with a growing wanderlust as Cyril grew older and learned more about the wonders of a world he’d essentially been closed off from seeing on his own terms. It wasn’t as if his parents were entirely unreasonable, if he’d been insistent enough, they likely would’ve relented, but their fears had influenced him, and the constant thoughts of “I really want to go, but I really shouldn’t” threw him into an anxious wreck. It took a good pep talk from the oldest of the three Walton brothers paying a visit one day to pull Cyril out of this state, insisting that everything worthwhile had a risk to it. He knew his youngest sibling didn’t want to spend his entire life in the same town watching new trainers constantly come and go while he lived stagnantly. He was, of course, right, and Cyril, though still plentifully uncertain, decided to finally just bite the bullet. Professor Birch almost always seemed to have a starter Pokemon available for those ready to begin their training career, Littleroot natives naturally knew that more than anyone. All he had to do was pay the guy a visit…

Family: Cyril’s father, Orville, a Unovan Expatriate, had shown a passion early on for looking after neglected or abused Pokemon, making the care of them his top priority as he performed volunteer work at Pokemon Centers the region over, eventually making something of a name for himself to the point where he caught the attention of a representative of the Aether Foundation who was visiting the area. Recognizing the young man’s dedication, he was brought on board and proceeded to work for the organization for many years. It was while working here that Orville met his future wife.

Cyril’s mother, Astrid is a masterful mechanical engineer who had been contracted by the Aether Foundation to keep their machines running properly. She’d always had a knack for technology, displaying her talents at an early age while growing up in Laverre City, having paid frequent visits to the Pokeball factory just north of the town. She’d worked there for a duration before going in a more freelance direction until Aether discovered her and offered her the sort of steady pay she couldn’t easily refuse.

The two hit it off quickly, and began dating after a time. Just as it seemed to be developing into a serious relationship, Astrid was contacted by the Devon Corporation, offering her employment at a substantially higher pay. She couldn’t pass this up, and Orville, upon facing such an ultimatum, ultimately decided to resign from his position in Aether to go along with Astrid to her new home in Hoenn. Devon’s down payment and their own collective savings had been more than enough to get a nice house in the pleasant town of Littleroot where they raised their family of three sons.

The oldest boy, Giles, followed after his father’s life interests and currently works an assisting job at a Pokemon center in Slateport.

The middle child, Murray, was always somewhat aloof growing up, though he did seem to have a rather passionate interest in certain environmental matters. As of late his current occupation is unknown. The rest of the family only know the boy isn’t completely missing from the occasional letter he sends their way.

As of now, Astrid works diligently for Devon Corp., often away from home for a long duration, though Orville keeps the place in order, and both have always been sure to provide for their family.


Species: Mudkip
Nickname: TBD
Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent
History: As of now the Mudkip soon to be Cyril’s companion is still under Professor Birch’s care.
Personality: Likely a docile sort, as many Mudkip are, though it remains to be seen how the relationship with her new trainer will be.

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ugh. FINALLY put together a bio for this girl. Now the rest of you have no excuse. ENGAGE.

Name: Elizabeth Kendrick
Gender: Female
Hometown: Oldale Town, Hoenn
Age: 22
Height: 1.60m
Weight: A healthy weight for her height and body type.
Hair: Ash brown, slightly wavy, falls beyond the middle of her back.
Eyes: Greyish-blue. She wears a pair of delicate-framed round glasses which she doesn't see all that well without.
Clothing: Typically spotted in a sundress (of which she has several, typically pale with tastefully-arranged patterns on them), a wide brimmed hat and sneakers.
Identifying Marks: None in particular.
Musculature: Average - she exercises sometimes, but doesn't really put all that much effort into conscious body maintenance. Journeying will probably do her a world of good, really.
Personality: Laid back, takes one day at the time and not all that adventurous to be honest - she is a person that craves stability and routine and, if she's honest, she's still got some misgivings about this whole journey thing - but she hopes that this entire lark may teach her some new things about herself.
Skills: She has some first aid and sewing skills - and a variety of office job skills that would probably not be relevant in any way, shape or form to her journey.

Past: Elizabeth lived her entire life in Oldale Town and, for many years, was quite content with the peaceful little town and its surrounding routes being the entirety of her world. When her childhood friends went off on their big trainer journeys, she remained behind, not really seeing the appeal of wandering off into the wilds and braving the elements rather than staying home where it's nice and comfortable. Over time, she pursued some higher education, got a string of somewhat boring but steady jobs, saved up to eventually move into a little place of her own, not too far away from her childhood home... and that would have likely been that - a peaceful life of unassuming mediocrity for her.

Except the loneliness, of course. As childhood friends were changed by their experiences and journeys, contact between them and her fizzled away as they had very little in common anymore - and while she generally got along with her work colleagues, they were never really friends per se. Eventually, Elizabeth decided that maybe it was time she caught a Pokémon to keep her company - despite only having some vague theoretical knowledge from her younger school years about it. And one day, she purchased a few Poké Balls at the local mart, stepped out into Route 102... and just hucked a curveball at the first Pokémon she saw milling about and minding its own business.

It was probably through sheer dumb luck that she ended up surprising the Surskit with an accidentally-excellent throw - and even dumber luck that the creature consented to be caught rather than escape the ball, turn around and attack her for daring to disturb it. One way or another - she now had a Pokémon of her own - and that made her, at least officially, a trainer. In practice - not much changed in her life, except that now she had a strange water-bug for a pet of sorts. The female Surskit, which she has named Bluebell, was fairly laid back and low-maintenance herself - and the two came to get along swimmingly.

On weekends, when Elizabeth wasn't working, she often took the Surskit out to the nearby routes to get some time out in the open and revisit her natural habitat - where she could skate on water to her heart's content in something larger than a bathtub. Sometimes, during these excursions, she'd end up getting into a minor battle with a wild Pokémon - but these encounters mostly had the Pond Skater Pokémon acting on what experience she already had rather than any form of directed combat. Usually these were minor tiffs with other, more territorial Surskits, the occasional Lotad or more aggressive Poochyena - but one such encounter was with a Pokémon the likes of which Elizabeth has never seen before, and in a fit of curiosity, she captured it. Now having two Pokémon to call her own, she would have probably been content to stop there.

However, the Male Ralts that she has recently caught - and named Snowdrop - turned out to be somewhat of a living contradiction - like other Ralts it was a timid creature, but over time, it seemed to build up some kind of antsy energy that rendered it more and more difficult to handle - unless it released that pent up energy in battle. Now, her weekend excursions with her two Pokémon started taking a slightly more directed approach for sparring exercises - both against each other and against other Pokémon where one covered the other's weaknesses. Elizabeth started doing more reading about battles, and putting some of what she read into practice - but for the most part, there wasn't much change in her routine.

Until her current boring-but-steady position - which she has been holding for several years and liked to think she was valued in - was 'streamlined' away as the company was gobbled up by a larger corporation, practically without warning. Being dismissed like that after however many years was surprisingly hurtful for her - and led her to decide that, quite honestly, fuck it. If she could do everything right and still be discarded like she meant nothing, she may as well take her chances and re-evaluate all her choices until then. What has she really done in her life? Maybe it was time for a change of pace before finding another job and settling into routine again. Ah, what the hell - She needed a vacation anyway.

Knowing, however, that the roads could be dangerous, Elizabeth decided that perhaps she should do some more battle practice and teach her partners some new techniques before she sets out. It is probably out in Route 102 that she will encounter the rest of the group and fall into this adventure.

Family: Elizabeth's mother has been out of the picture since she was very young - too young to remember too much about her or about the circumstances of her departure, or to really understand them. Her father never remarried, and essentially dedicated his life to raising her as a single parent. Fortunately for Elizabeth, her father was actually a very good one for her, and where he could not do things entirely on his own, he had the backup of his own parents. No relatives on her mother's side ever reached out to her, and she essentially considers her father and his parents to be her only family - though her two Pokémon would definitely count.

Love Relationships?: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnope.

Species: Surskit
Nickname: Bluebell
Gender: Female
Ability: Swift Swim

Species: Ralts
Nickname: Snowdrop
Gender: Male
Ability: Trace

(See the "Past" section for Bluebell and Snowdrop's personality and history - as what little of it they have with her is detailed there).

Over the course of the RP she will also obtain an Axew and a Dhelmise, and Snowdrop is slated to evolve into a Gallade rather than a Gardevoir. Not settled on anything else at the moment otherwise.