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Previously Schrift007
what's this? Schrift has an rp? He disappears for months and comes back with this? He's super totally awesome? Awesome-sauce.

It's a normal day for you, you're out doing your thing. Walking in the park, working on the streets, going out with friends, you know, the usual. But then all of a sudden a figure approaches you, someone wearing a black formal suit. In one hand they hold a letter, as they approach you and congratulate you for being qualified enough for the god of highschool tournament. You know what the tournament is, it's massive and a global event even bigger than the Olympics. The god of highschool tournament is a fighting tournament where the winner will have their wish granted. best part of the prize is that the wish can be anything from bringing back the dead to becoming a god. You agree to join the tournament, with your reasons to join varying widely.

Now let's track back a year to the previous God of Highschool tournament. The first public God of Highschool tournament, before that it was a secret underground tournament that only the best martial artists and fighters in the world knew of. It was held by a man known to the world as Mujin Park, a member of the organisation known as the six. When the tournament was publicised, it revealed to the world the hidden power of humanity. Fighters such as Han Daewi, Mira Yu, Ilpyo Park(not related to Mujin Park), all showing the world what martial arts were truly capable of. However it was during the final that things would take a turn for the worst. It was during the finals that a mysterious figure attacked the tournament. Witnesses claimed that a giant sword was dropped from the heavens towards the tournament, however it was briefly held off by an opposing force stopping it from falling. But then above the sword the unthinkable happened. A being of white fell from above it. A being that could only be described as a god. This event was known as the descent. There are so many retellings of it, it's almost impossible to know exactly what happened. Though everyone does agree on a few things, one being that this event had left a lot of South Korea in ruins with Seol and neighbouring cities having withstood the brunt of the attack.However the world saw the rise of a new figure a man only by the name of Mandeok. He was the one that managed to rebuild what was destroyed. He brought light to an organisation only known as NOX. A group that helped people after the descent. Making shelter for the many that were left homeless, supplying food to those that couldn't afford meals, putting together buildings, giving education at camps designed as a temporary replacement for school until Korea could get back on its feet. And this is only a short list of what NOX had done. All this together, it rose Mandeok to the top as he rose to power within Asia and eventually world itself. Now with Mandeok and NOX managing to single-handedly bring back a country falling apart, the world would soon see the return of the God of Highschool tournament.

Now 7 years after the descent, the world is beginning to see the return of the God of Highshcool tournament. Hosted by NOX, new fighters are being selected. However this tournament is different to its predecessor in a few ways. This time the tournament is global, meaning fighters from around the world shall be joining. Since the last God of Highschool, technology has managed to make significant steps forward. This has lead to the advancements of nanobots seen in the previous tournament. Previous iterations of the nanobots were able to heal fighters with injuries that would normally take months or sometimes years to heal to heal in a day. Now with stronger nanobots that can heal and keep a fighter up in fighting condition for longer, the God of Highschool tournament couldn't have been safer. The implementation of wristbands that monitor a fighter has been kept from the previous tournament. These monitor a fighter's Level, a fighter HP and their God Points(GP). A fighter's level is determined by their physical strength and their speed, their HP determined by their health and ability to continue fighting and their GP measured by their ability use of Charyeok. Though just because someone has a higher level than someone, it doesn't mean that they will necessarily come out on top in that fight. Adding onto levels, some martial arts can increase a user's level. This means their true level can be hidden if the fighter simply doesn't fight with their martial art.

Since the last God of Highschool tournament, the use of Charyeoks have become somewhat more common amongst people. Though still rare. If you're wondering what a charyeok is, it literally means borrowing power from a "god". Charyeoks are massive parts of a fighter's arsenal due to how powerful they are. Borrowing power is not limited to gods as it can also be borrowed from demons, monsters and even human ghosts. Upon accessing that god's power, they're able to shape it (through their imagination and empathy) as their own unique ability. Charyeok varies greatly, seeing as how the way it appears depends on the entity giving power, the user's imagination and personality, as well as their own innate power/energy. There are multiple types of Charyeok that exist in this world. The first type is Weapon Summoning/Reinforcement: Pretty self explanatory, this is when Charyeok is manifested as a force that the user summoned as their weapon and/or uses to bolsters their current weapon. The Second type is Hero Summoning: This is when Charyeok is manifested as a distinct entity or object which the user can control, usually based on a deity, hero or beast with a significance in human history. These entities/objects can also be 'equipped' to the user, altering their appearance and increasing their natural skills. And finally, Parasitic: This type of Charyeok manifests itself as an entity that lives on a part of the user's body, spreading and growing more powerful with every use. It is currently unknown what will happen if it completely spreads, but it is assumed that the user will gain vast power or be consumed by the entity. Though there are more variations, these are the main/most common Charyeoks. However not everyone can form that contract to have access to a Charyeok. Because of this some humans fight purely with martial arts or even better, a National Treasure.

National Treasures, or Halidom in Vatican, are items from human history that gain a significant amount of fame and as such are well coveted by persons for their power. They each have a will of their own and chooses a master who is most worthy of them, this choice is called the National Treasure Certification Exam. This exam seems to involve a voluntary response by the treasure to its owners, e.g. teleporting to Yu Mi-Ra which proved her ownership. There are different types of National Treasures and, as such, they each have a different appearance. Some of the treasures are even capable of changing their forms. These weapons range from swords to bats, knives, guns, even rocket launchers. Though abilities granted by National Treasures may vary, the most common is that they enhance the user's attacks, they can teleport back to the user and they briefly amplify a charyeok user's ability for a small period of time. However do note that National Treasures are VERY rare. Maybe rarer to own than a charyeok. And owning one doesn't mean that you will have the powers that it can grant, that ability has to be trained and nurtured just like every other skill or ability.

Now lets move onto the tournament itself and its format. It starts with the preliminaries which decide who will be able to pass through to the global rounds. The preliminaries will be held as a free for all, with only the few who remain standing at the end of it being chosen to go to the Global Matches. Compared to the preliminary matches, the global matches are much much harder. Here the use of Charyeoks are much much more common. This will take place on an island in teams of 3, where again it acts as a free for all battle royal style match up, however the last three teams left standing on this island will be able to move onto the final tournament. Here it's an actual tournament, with it working in brackets. The winner of this tournament will go on to claim their wish as the new God of Highschool.

  • Shockingly you have to follow pokecharm's rules, now I wonder why [insert sarcasm]
  • Though this is a heavy combat rp, there will be plenty of times for character interaction
  • Romance is allowed though just don't take it too far
  • Add the words, Kiwi on Pizza, somewhere in your Bio to show that you've read the rules
  • Max number of character is 3, though depending how the rp goes I may increase this number
  • Please don't be really OP when making your character, everyone has their flaws. I don't want someone's oc to be an edge lord who ha mastered 100+ martial arts and they can summon the sun as their charyeok.
  • Fighting styles can be made up, but as I said for the previous rule, don't make them too op.
  • Please remember that National treasures are meant to be really RARE
  • Levels, HP and GP will increase as the rp goes on.
  • And finally if you're out of the tournament, that does not mean you're out of the RP unless you decide to leave.

Age: (16+)
Fighting style:
Charyeok: (please explain what it does and its type)
Weapons: (if any, if you include a national treasure please explain any abilities it does have)
Level: (7-15)
Hp: (400-1000, keep in mind that just cause you will have a high level, you don't necessarily have a high hp)
GP: (Keep it below 250)
Backstory: (include their reason for joining God of higschool)

Name: Ryo Kengan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at 5'9 with a well defined body, he looks to be around 140lbs. His eyes always seem to have a cold or aggressive gaze as he often walks around with his chin held high. His hair is a white mess of fluff on his head, it seems he doesn't really care about his hairstyle as it constantly just looks messy. Often times they brush past his eyebrows but never on his eyes, those cold blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a white buttoned up shirt with its sleeves rolled up with a black waist coat over it, while on the bottom he sports a pair of black trousers and black shoes. Why does he wear this so much? Mainly because of his occupation as a waiter in a restaurant, he works so much he has decided to just stick with this attire since all he has to do to get ready is put on a waist coat and tie. Though if you ever do get the chance to see him in anything else, feel honoured. Though it would normally consist of him wearing a green jacket with a black hood, a pair of jeans and hightop shoes.

Personality: Off his personality alone, Ryu can come off as cold and distant. The most fitting word to describe him would have to be condescending. He has just a general vibe of him looking down at you, with a short fuse to boot he can be a handful. It doesn't help that he does have a reason to have such a massive ego that it's hard to even give him an ego check. A bit of a hothead who's pride is worn on his sleeves, that doesn't exactly make him all that bad. If you manage to get past that hard rocky layer, he isn't all that bad. Deep down he's just a guy who loves his family a lot who'd rather be baking than bashing in people's heads. While young and naive, in combat he really does deserve to be called a prodigy of martial arts. A quick thinker who uses his absurd strength to help him fight, he really is a force to be reckoned with. In team settings, he is the kind that fights alone. He tries to work alone in teams as best as he can and isn't really much of a team player. Although he does possess a charyeok he doesn't use it much as he sees it more of a burden to him than a skill that he can use.

Fighting style: Genkai no nai ken, Ryo's fighting style literally translates to "the fist with no bounds" and for good reasons. This martial arts style is based upon versatility with its foundations being to turn the user into a literal weapon. Hands like swords, shins like shields, legs like spears, elbows like axes, knees like hammers, this entire fighting style utilises as much of the body as possible. It incorporates the striking style of Muay Thai with the acrobatics of Capoeira, kicks of Taekwondo, plus various other martial arts. It's real strength is its versatility, with it being able to switch its style and rhythm so much so that it's hard to really read. However, Ryo doesn't exactly have this style mastered. It's a style passed down by the Junim line but after the incident from the previous GOH he never managed to fully learn all its secrets. Though he does have its basics down there is still so much room for growth. Ryo's main way of utilising this martial art is by destroying the opponents defence. Often times by breaking them so it leaves them unable to put up any sort of defence and by which time he can go for a killing blow. Due to Ryo's insane natural raw strength, he doesn't even use this style sometimes. A lot of times he uses a style that's akin to a bar brawler, not really taking his opponents too seriously.

Charyeok: The dragon king Yulong, a very very powerful charyeok, this charyeok is a Hero Summoning charyeok. It allows for the user to summon a dragon avatar. However... Ryo isn't exactly well versed with his Charyeok. Infact he can barely use it to a large degree. The most he can do is summon a small wall of scales as a shield, or if he has the stamina he can summon a dragon's head. Although capable of firing a blast of pressurised fire, just summoning the head itself is a massive take on Ryo's stamina and using the blast can leave him exhausted to the point where he will need a moment to be able to fight again. So Ryo only uses this for defensive purposes only or just not at all.

Weapons: N/A

Level: 15 is the true level but most times it appears at level 10 unless he uses his martial art.

Hp: 750

GP: 15/75, although he has a powerful charyeok his control and use of it only gives him a GP of 15 with the use of the head moving it up to 75 briefly.

Backstory: Ryo was born a Kengan, which meant he lived the life of a Kengan for as long as he could remember. The Kengan used to be known for their formidable fighting capability though through history they became lost, their techniques only known by those of linear descent. Ryo grew up fighting for the most part of his childhood, it was just training to become strong. At school he never really managed to gain accomplishments academically. Though it did make him realise one thing, he had strength. He was strong. As a kid he was able to easily over power his own class and even kids of older ages. Combine this with his martial arts and you simply have the whole school under him. However unlike a lot of people with strength, Ryo was a friendly child. He never really got into fights and those that he did he never really tried to hurt his opponents... well except that time he threw an elder student through a wall. When I say strong, I meant strong.

At the age of 10 Ryo's sister was born. A baby girl who was named Rize. So far his life had been going well... UNTIL THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED- oop wait wrong story. It wasn't until Ryo turned 12 did his life fall apart. During the descent, a large part of Seol was destroyed. this destruction had led to him losing his parents and his sister losing her ability to walk properly. Losing his family and seeing what he had left hurt, this changed Ryo. He became colder. He watched others enjoy what he had lost. And to be fair it was understandable why he became the way he is now. Why did he have to lose his family? Why did his sister have to get hurt? Why him? He was kind, he was friendly, he helped others how he could, he was open and selfless. Yet bad things still happened to him. This new thought in his head, that definitely changed him for the worst. He was more prone to aggression and lashing out. It got so bad that he was moved between schools multiple times. However even without his parents, Ryo worked hard to provide for his sister in whatever way he could. They ended up spending a lot of their life living in a NOX camp.

Ryo ended up working his first job at the age of 13 where he began making money so he could support his sister. At first making money was slow, mainly due to the fact that he couldn't really find jobs that accepted 13 year olds but soon he got a job as a parcel delivery boy. It wasn't much but it did help him and his sister. Though this was first job, he soon started to work multiple jobs at once. But even then he had to struggle to help her. Trying to balance school work, training and work was really taking a toll on him. However this toll didn't slow him down if anything it made him work harder to support her. Though you're probably wondering why he was trying to support her if they were already at a camp that was looking after those with nothing. That's simply because Rize's dream was to lead a normal life in a normal home. She wanted to be in a home they could call their own. Ryo wanted to get that home for his sister so he worked hard to provide money so she could live out her dream. And to be fair, he was getting close to it.

However it wouldn't really be long till tragedy plagued Ryo again, or should I say his sister? Around 2 years later she became heavily sick. The cause stemmed from a disease that was spreading in her lungs. This. This shattered Ryo. All that hard work, everything he could do... did it all equate to nothing? Treatment never seemed pleasant for his sister, though time and time again Ryo stayed by her side as he looked after her. And to be fair she did the same for him, maybe not physically but she gave him hope. She motivated him to keep going forward, she was the reason he worked hard. Sure this was a stepback but it only made Ryo want to work harder to support her. For the next year, Ryo spent his money all on her. All of it went towards her treatment. Every penny towards her.

It wasn't long till his luck came through though. While working his usual shift as a waiter, Ryo did his usual rounds. Then he came across one table. A table with a single man in a suit. Nothing stood out about him except from the NOX symbol on his suit. Ryo didn't take much notice of it at first. Little did he know this would be his life changing opportunity sitting right infront of him. Ryo had been chosen to participate in the next God Of Highschool Tournament. Finally. A chance. He could fix everything. He could help his sister, he could bring her dream to life. He could help her. He could finally do something. Ryo didn't waste time accepting this offer. It was official, he was going to participate in the next God of Highschool.

Other: Hm, I've already written Kiwi on pizza on this post somewhere.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask me!


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Kin Taeran

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, flat-chested, and slight of frame, most people would never be able to guess that the childlike ginger-blond was, in reality, a remarkable martial artist. The number of times Taeran has been mistaken for a lost child is far greater than she would like to admit, and the freckled girl’s fashion sense does nothing to diminish those numbers. It will be a cold day in hell when Taeran is seen outside without her poncho-style frog hoodie, and usually shin-length, loose pants. She constantly refuses to wear shoes, and her wavy chin-length hair is usually a mess from running through bushes. It looks like someone at some point gave a halfhearted attempt to tame it with a waterfall braid across the back, but loose strands of hair always fall across her acid-green eyes regardless.

Personality: Taeran’s personality matches her looks completely. If you didn’t know her real age, most people would assume they were talking to a twelve-year-old. Wild and with a love of the outdoors, Taeran’s passion for mess never goes unseen. She is indeed chaos incarnate, with essentially no filter and a way with words that makes you feel sometimes that you have been wholeheartedly roasted over a Fortnite voice chat by a child you recently tried to insult.

Fighting style: Yasei Seibutsu no Ken — the Fist of Wild Beasts is a fighting style that mimics the movements of different animals. It’s a fluid, versatile art that requires large amounts of flexibility, stamina, and dexterity. Rather than focus on building up strength of the individual, members of the Fist of Wild Beasts learn to redirect strength of others, so that even the strongest opponents can be brought to their knees.

Charyeok: Water Leaper—Parasitic—In Taeran’s upper back, growing within her body, is a water leaper: a froglike creature with wings instead of forelegs and a long, whiplike tail with a stinger at the end. The frog demon grants Taeran the power to secrete slime all over her body and clothing. This slime, rather than being sticky, is viscous but smooth, and reduces pain felt by the user by a large amount. Attacks slide off and opponents slip on the clear liquid. Wherever the slime is secreted from, brown spots similar to those found on most frogs manifest on the skin beneath.

Stage 2: When Taeran relinquishes some control over this ability, the water leaper’s influence over her body grows stronger. The frog demon’s wings and stinger tail tear out from beneath the skin of her back, granting her flight and an extra limb to fight with. The venom in the stinger contains an anticoagulant that also slows brain function, and may cause uncontrollable puking in the case of an allergic reaction. Taeran’s body can also secrete the antidote.

Stage 3: If Taeran were to lose control completely and grant the water leaper free reign on her body, her back would be completely torn open, revealing the growing skin of the frog demon beneath. The wings and tail would grow far larger, and, in essence, the human body would become an extension of the water leaper, rather than the other way around.

*Stages 2 and 3 are both extremely painful (stage 3 more so, of course) once reverted back to Taeran’s original form. She has named the water leaper Dwight.

Weapons: She’s got a decorated sword that she thinks makes her look cool when she swings it around, but has absolutely no idea how to use it and usually just leaves it at home to look at. No weapon expertise.

Level: 12

Hp: 777

GP: 120 (normal, controlled usage, S1), 195 (limits broken, spreading mostly uncontrolled, S2), ??? (control completely lost, entire body taken over, S3)

Backstory: Taeran was born into a wealthy family, prioritizing business prowess, public relations, and propriety above all else. She was born and raised to be the heir to her father’s estate, companies, and great riches. She learned how to be a lady, keeping manners present at all times, always retaining a respectful distance from her parents and addressing the servants with detached politeness. Or, at least… that’s how she was supposed to act.

Instead, Taeran was vibrant and chaotic, having the utmost desire to not sit still, not use utensils, and not wear shoes or dresses. She was wild and uncontrollable, and left her parents constantly fumbling to pick up after her. She ruined more than one business relationship by bursting in on meetings at the wrong time, and her parents had no idea what to do with her. Her spirit was not just a phase, but a part of her personality. She had no talent for business and certainly no talent for handling people. It was clear Taeran would not make a good heir.

Thus, Taeran’s sister was born when she was seven. Minwoo was everything Taeran was not; soft-spoken, book-smart, and polite. She had a mind for numbers and money that Taeran could not even begin to comprehend, and while Taeran was flighty and forgetful, Minwoo’s photographic memory retained every last detail of business accounts and meeting transcripts.

However, later, the family was made aware of a clause in the generations-old contract stating that the eldest child was to be made the heir of the esteemed Kin family. It didn’t matter if there was another, better-suited sibling for the job. After this revelation, Taeran’s father gave her a choice. She could get down to business and take a page out of Minwoo’s book, giving up the outdoors and the wild side she loved so much for an office job in business; or, she could renounce the family that gave her birth and she would be wiped from the records. If she chose the second option, her family would still support her and send monthly checks big enough to cover most of her expenses, and she would be free.

Taeran was at a loss, but she knew as well as anyone else the choice she had been given was no choice at all. She would rather die than spend the rest of her life indoors with nothing but her workers and money management to keep her company. She knew her sister had a far greater mind for that. But what Taeran didn’t understand was why her parents didn’t simply void the contract and make Minwoo the heir. Her mind, so much more focused on climbing trees than business, couldn’t fathom a contract that bound tightly enough that a father would give up his child. Taeran, though, craved freedom far more than approval at the cost of said freedom.

The girl lived on her own from the age of fourteen, renting a decent apartment with the money wired to her from her family’s business. She kept in touch with her sister as much as she could, and enjoyed her freedom, lonely though it was. Lonely, that is, until she stumbled upon the dojo of the Fist of Wild Beasts.

Martial arts was the outlet Taeran had been searching for, and she took to the fighting style like a fish to water. As students came and went, changing dojos, quitting, or branching out on their own, Taeran stayed faithful to the dojo, and Master Suo. The sensei became almost like a grandfather to her, and they grew close as she learned more.

Finally, when he thought she was ready, he told Taeran about the God of Highschool tournament. It was to be part of her training to participate and match her skills against other martial artists, and use that experience to determine where she needed to improve. It was never Suo’s intention for her to win the tournament, just to have the experience under her belt to grow in her martial arts journey— but of course, he knew, with Taeran’s competitive nature, she would be gunning for the gold. All she wanted was to fight. Maybe then, she could convince herself that her freedom really was worth it.

Other: kiiiiiwi on piiiiiiza
Name: Isak Olsson.
Age: 19.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: 6’1 tall and have the same muscle build as a swimmer. He has black hair and green eyes. He wears a purple hoodie and ripped jeans. Underneath the hoodie he usually wears a black t-shirt (mostly with some sort of rock band logo on it). He also has an ear-piercing in his left ear and ‘spiderbites’ on his left side of his lip (if you don’t know what that is, it’s two piercings on your lower lip).
Personality: Mischievous and playful. Loyal to a fault and his empathy goes a long way.
Fighting style: Speedy offensive, but weak hits. Trained in Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.
Charyeok: Cerberus (for much later on in the tournament). With this charyeok, Isak can teleport short distances for surprise attacks or blind one opponent at a time for a short period (5-10 seconds depending on how good their eyesight is). He needs to be careful with his teleportation though as he could teleport himself into a wall if he doesn’t mind his surroundings. To blind an opponent he needs to “throw” darkness into the eyes of the opponent which means he is more likely to miss his target than for the ability to benefit him in some way, making him lose precious time and energy.
Weapons: Daggers.
Level: 10.
Hp: 650.
GP: 45.
Backstory: He never met his real dad, his mom met another man when he was 3. He got a sister (Jean) when he was 7 years old. This is also the age that Isak discovered Kick-boxing and Tae Kwon Do and started taking lessons on these two sports every week, even trained on his own during the weekends. His sister was diagnosed with cancer when Isak was 15 years old and so his parents started neglecting Isak more and more to make sure that Jean was as comfortable as possible. Isak didn’t mind that, he wanted the best for his sister after all. While his parents took care of his sister, Isak started to train more and more when he had time for it. He managed to win money at some competitions which he immediately gave to his parents so they could put it on hospital bills for Jean. He became one of the best fighters in his town. Eventually Isak started college and one day when walking home, he was approached by a man in a black suit who came with an interesting offer.
Other: Kiwi on pizza is gross.
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Name: Shiro Vainglory
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Young Male of a rather athletic build, white hair and so palę, that if it wasnt for his Amber eyes some would think he is an albino. Shiro is not the shortest of inviduals, being 5'7-8 feets tall and weighting around 157 lbs. He tends to be wearing a white themed clothing. Its usually a jacket with a black shirt under it or if its quite hot outside, a white t-shirt. He also wears a black jeans and white military boots or sandals.
Personality: Shiro is like a snowflake, cold in touch but beautiful if you get to understand him well.
Although Shiro himself would never admit any of the above, being a rather shy and indecisive kid. Shiro also seems to be often overworking himself due to a lack of trust in his own abilities.

Shiro is also quite patient, but also a bit of a pushover when it comes to the relations with others. Often agreeing with people even if he has different opinion mainly due to fear of being left alone.

With all those traits however, most suprising one is that he loves fighting and things related to it. Due to his own reason in search for strenght. He believes Title of the strongest is not outside his grasp.
Fighting style: Akuma no Michi San-Kata {Devil's Way, Three Styles} (Current)- Devil's way is a constantly evolving martial arts focusing On the growth from generation to generation. Martial art of its Origin being the Floating King Aikido, which was a style tought in a few noble families. As all other Aikidos it focused on counters and throws. Later, a certain Noble wanted to improve it and went to a Journey. Said Noble later learned Silat of the Fallen school which was focusing on Elbows as main striking Weapon for the very close combat, diverting the power of the opponent and then attacking with heavy strikes.

The Noble then decided to make Martial arts that would constantly learn from others, adapt and grow stronger, however he knew a Limits one person can have with getting many martial arts. Thus there is a Rule that its up to next generation to add one new martial art to the style as a sign of mastering it. The Noble later had a student that added a third style to the Akuma no Michi, which was Kaiwan Karate.

Now, Shiro is searching for a new amazing martial art that he may adapt to Akuma no Michi, in order to achieve mastery in his style.
Charyeok: Archdevil of the 6th Circle, Mastema-
Mastema's cell is sleeping in Shiro's body. Waiting to Strike and get out, going to once again cause Havoc and fear to the Divine.

In his 0 state, All of his powers are sealed and unable to get out. Wanting to win like a genuine fighter makes Shiro really not want to go for his Charyeok.

In 1st state, Mastema's power grows, allowing cell to multiply and create on Shiro's back huge wings of purest darkness. While they cant affect and be affected by solid beings, they can still greatly demage them through their Shadows as well as they can make solid copies of those things from their Shadows. However, making a copy is a bit tiring and the limit is on amount of Shadows that the being has. (For example, you can cast more than one Shadow when standing right below source of light.)

It is clear that this Charyeok has more to it than that, however Shiro's will is too weak for now to go against Mastema if the Archdevil will want to take over.
Weapons: Doesnt useb any Weapon as of now.
Level: 8-12, Depends on the style he is using and how well versed he is with it. For example, currently he has problems with the Floating Aikido style, then he is quite better with Kaiwan Karate and then he is the best at Using Fallen Silat as of now.
Hp: 680
GP: 240 (default), Unknown for other forms of usage as he is incapable for example to fuse with a Hero not to lose Control over himself.
Backstory: Many at least once shared this simple thought or dream. It came to them either in time of crisis, or when they were about to face great challange or when they witnessed the feats of other people.

I want to be strong!

Fate can be a cruel thing. Shiro was born weak and fragile like a porcelain doll. It didnt really help that he looked like one too with his Amber eyes and pale skin. Whatever the reason was, his parents couldnt take care of him and he went to an orphanage when a pair of two girlfriends adopted the weak child.
Shiro often was sick, he went through many operations in Just 10 years Just So he can life a normal life. Only due to his Loving Mothers that never gave up on him. Shiro could push forward and pass all challanges.
However he still had that dream. I want a strong body to protect Moms! I want a strong mind to be able to overcome any problem. I want to obtain this absolute strenght.

Once again, Fate showed that it works in a weird way. As it gave Shiro a chance to gain what he dreams of. Shiro met his Master who passed onto him a rather new Martial art with a great potencial. Akuma no Michi.. It took a lot out of the boy, to train his body to its Limits, to overcome partial training that was essencial for a Kaiwan Karate and Fallen Silat. Flesh on his hands was torn, his whole body in pain, Bones constantly broken and much more than that. Shiro gained strenght though, by constantly destroying his own body, It was regenerating and getting stronger and stronger.
After his training was finished and he was about to set on a Journey to upgrade Akuma no Michi, He has meet GOH official and was invited to take part in it, which he agreed immidietly.
Greatest Martial Turnament was a chance to find perfect martial art for Akuma no Michi. He will fullfill his duty to his Master, gain a strenght for his family, friends and himself. Maybe he can also wish to get rid of those nightmares that he has since he was a small child, always the same.
You think that a not so long ago weak boy like him cant do it?

Other:Kiwi on pizza?
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Name: Ryo Zuyuki
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: His appearence has drastically changed since he got out of high school. He now has brown hair, a red headband, a beard, blue eyes and several scars. He often wears a gi with a ripped top.
Personality: Ryo is a dark but humble man, helping anyone to further his quest in becoming a true fighter.
Fighting style: Ronenjiken (A mix of karate, judo, kung fu and Muay Thai; a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to tournaments)
Charyeok: Parasitic - Takes the form of a scar, and sometimes is a voice in his HEAD. Allows him to summon energy balls with his own hands.
Weapons: "Why should I use one?"
Level: 14
HP: 950
GP: 150
Backstory: Ryo has been fighting since he was 5, when he got his Charyeok. He threw his first punch when he met a bully in his front yard and nearly knocked him out in a single hit. When he was 12, he got into a brutal punch-up... and knocked the attacker out! He nearly got suspended for it, but then one of his classmates claimed that he was defending himself. When he was 17, he became a target for physical assault since he could fight 2 people at once. When he finally left high school, he began fighting to become a true fighter. It's been 10 years and he still hasn't figured it out. It seems that his Charyeok, who has been a voice in his head, has reached its potential as a projectile. He joined the God of Highschool tournament because he thought he could find the answer to becoming a true warrior.
Other: He doesn't mind eating kiwi or pizza.

Edit 1: I listened to @Schrift.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Name: Vermin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Vermin is reaching close to 6'5", with a slightly-athletic-yet-still-average build. He has a tanned caucasian complexion and long, messy dark-brown hair that hangs down to just above his shoulders, with an oversized dark-grey beanie always worn over his head, seemingly covering his eyes as well. Vermin typically wears a torn, olive-green coat with yellow-ish fur lining the collar, with some pins stuck to the right side of his coat. Alongside his, he wears fingerless black gloves, torn dark-blue jeans and worn, black boots for legwear with long, white socks underneath, overall giving him the meak, pathetic look of a homeless dude he was going for. Gotta look the part, after all.

Personality: Vermin is the kind of hotheaded, confident guy who, once he put his mind to something, would not let anyone else tell him otherwise or let something get in his way. He doesn't take mockery or teasing from anyone, often rebuking with sarcasm or, if he picks up on a more hostile intent, responds with equal hostility. Some might think of him as unhinged, some might think of him as stupid. Him? He's just looking to have some fun.

Fighting style: Street Style - Whether be it with a bat or not, Vermin has picked up quite a few tricks along his life. This concludes into a sort of hybrid style consisting of moves taken from wrestling, boxing, basic martial arts techniques and regular moves like kicking and punching.

Charyeok: Rising Phoenix - Weapon Summoning/Reinforcement - A eternal avian of fire and flame, its power culminated within Vermin allows him to call upon its flames to bind his attacks with, allowing him to imbue things such as his bat, his body/hands or even projectiles with burning flames, assuming he's the one who threw/shot them. While his hands are imbued, it also allows him to spread the flames via throwing fireballs towards his opponent or, if his whole body is imbued, allows him to perform short-range warps by vaporizing into flames and re-appearing elsewhere.

Weapons: Just a simple metal bat.

Level: 10

HP: 500

GP: 100

Backstory: Vermin had gotten his name from what others kept calling him - biological parents included. He had not turned out what his parents wanted to be, and so, he was treated like the filth he was named after, his younger sibling having taken all the positive reinforcement instead. Still, Vermin hadn't blamed the newer family member. In fact, he just felt bad for the kid, given the kind of pressure his already bad parents were likely gonna push onto him. ..Well that, or the endless spoiling.

Either way, Vermin wasn't up to stick with his parents' attitude anymore and so he skipped town, taking the things he needed with him (his trusty bat included), wrapping them up in a large blanket and left his home, never to be seen again from his family. Vermin had now roamed the streets at a young age, taking the few odd jobs he could as he wandered from town to town, occasionally stopping to help out some people down on their luck or to find some supplies for himself. Despite being homeless, Vermin felt more comfortable in the streets than he was at home. He was free man at last. ..as free as he was legally allowed to be, at least.

By roaming around, Vermin came to be a jack-of-all trades when it came to doing small jobs and quickly became knowledgeable in street smarts and basic combat ability. By word of mouth, he had heard of the God of Highschool several times now and had thought to himself one night over it. Sure, it may bring attention to him if he won.. but that would also mean he can rub his victory in his parents' faces out of spite. That and, well.. admittedly, Vermin had fun picking fights with people, so it was a win-win situation either way for him.

So, Vermin went on his way to find one of the people in suits responsible for it, having memorized the specific clothing they were in, and had simply asked to participate. Of course, he had to prove himself with a quick trial, which he did so by setting his bat ablaze for but a brief moment. This was more than enough to convince the agent to allow him entry and now, Vermin couldn't be more pumped to fight some dudes and potentially gain a cash prize or something.

Other: Kiwis? On Pizza? Vermin would take that any day of the week over the things he'd find in dumpsters sometimes..
To entertain himself, Vermin often keeps a baseball and a tennis ball with himself, either throwing it against a wall or just tossing it up and down in one hand. Also helps him reduce stress by taking his mind off of things should the need arise.
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Name: Jake Harrington
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jake is relatively tall standing at 6'4", he has a slender but still somewhat muscular body type. He has messy brown hair and turquoise eyes and a spattering of freckles across his face. He pretty much always wears a black shirt, brown trousers and black trainers even when fighting.
Personality: Jake is generally pretty kind and is a bit of a goof. He enjoys messing around and loves a good fight. Despite being relatively kind he does have pretty much no brain to mouth filter meaning he often says whatever he is thinking without considering the repercussions of his words. As he uses the knife in combat and his sanity starts to go, he becomes psychotic and unfeeling.
Fighting style: Slasher Style - A unique fighting style invented by his family to honor the Charyeok that his great-great-grandfather wielded. The style is similar to that of a horror movie Slasher with many wide swings and slashes but also has moves that are more small and stabby.
Charyeok: None
Weapons: The Ripper's Blade - A black steel blade with a slight curve and a red and black hilt with a Ruby in the tip. The blade once owned by the anonymous killer Jack the Ripper grants the wielder enhanced speed, reflexes and durability. It also has an extra ability that causes the wielder to become stronger and crazier the more blood the blade is exposed to.
Level: 15
Hp: 500
GP: 75 but can go upto 150 at full insanity mode.
Backstory: Fighting has been prominent in Jake's family for generations. His great-great-grandfather had Hero Summoning Charyeok in the form of Jack the Ripper, this Charyeok past on to each new generation except for Jake. Jake did not gain the ability to use Jack the Ripper, this didn't stop his family teaching him Slasher Style and when he turned 17, he claimed The Ripper's Dagger to make up for nit having the Charyeok. He trained as hard as his body would let him until he was able to best almost every member of his family. He decided to join th tournament as he desires the Hero Summoning Charyeok of Jack the Ripper and figures if he wins he can just wish for it.
Other: kiwi on pizza
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Alright, this seems fun! Here's my character, a rootin', tootin', cowgal!

Name: Annie Darkwood
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Annie comes in at 5'8". She has bright blonde hair that she wears in braided pigtails, and green eyes. She wears a brown cowboy hat. Her outfit consists of a blue and white plaid long-sleeve button-up shirt, with a tan leather vest over it. There is a small toy tin star pinned over the left side of the vest that says 'Sheriff' on it. She wears tan pants, with leather chaps over them. And of course, cowboy boots. Bringing together her outfit, she has brown leather gloves. On her hips she wears a gunbelt, with a pair of revolvers, a bowie knife, and a rope lasso hanging from it. Commonly seen chewing bubble gum.
Personality: Annie has a very cheerful and energetic personality. She's also fiercely competitive. She almost never backs down from a challenge or dare, even if it isn't a great idea. Brash, outgoing, and has a strong sense of justice.
Fighting style: Frontier Brawlin' - A reckless, chaotic fighting style, if it can even be called that. True to it's name, its looks like it would be more in place in a bar brawl than a fighting tournament. It's a brute strength, inelegant style that focuses on enduring the attacks of opponents to hit them back even harder. Not below using dirty techniques to get the upper hands either. Doesn't really seem to pull from any specific style, except for the occasional wrestling (wrasslin') move.
Charyeok: Wyatt Earp - Hero Summoning. The Hero Wyatt Earp grants Annie the ability Overawe, making it harder to hit her with attacks while she is standing still. Also gives her the same skills with guns and gunfighting that Wyatt Earp had.
Weapons: How many weapons is she allowed to bring, lol? Two revolvers, a .45 Colt Peacemaker and a Colt Thunderer. Also, a Bowie Knife and a Lasso. If she's able to, she might also try to bring in a Winchester Model 1866 rifle and a Tomahawk. 'MURICA!
Level: 9 normally, boosted to level 10 while fistfighting and to level 11 while badly hurt.
Hp: 950
GP: 125
Backstory: Annie grew up on a ranch in a large family with many brothers and sisters. Her parents were very quick to notice that there was something a little different about Annie. Mainly, she was incredibly freaking strong and very quick. As a kid, she managed to stop a charging bull with her bare hands and grab a rattlesnake by neck mid-bite. She developed an interest in cowboy shooting, and learned how to use various older guns to participate in the sport Cowboy Action Shooting (real sport, look it up!). She also found that she was pretty good in a fight. As she grew older, she realized that she had a Charyeok. Very cool, but she wasn't that interested in learning more about it. That was, until the bank began to foreclose on her family's ranch! Learning about the God of Highschool tournament, she realized if she won, she could use her wish to save her family's farm! So off she went to train and join the tournament.
Other: Kiwi on Pizza. Also, Annie is hoping she goes against a fighter with the Charyeok of an ancient samurai warrior, as she has heard legends of how swift they can draw their blades. She hopes to fight one to see which is faster, her cowboy style or their samurai style.
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@Void_Nugget Oh ho ho I just love this one, jack the ripper is always interesting. Love the charyeok.

@Captain Cardboard Awesome Ocs! I love them, Also whoop! Somebody realised it's completely fine to have guns in this tourney XD yeah it's fine if she has her rifle and tomahawk :D Yeah, accepted!

Also this rp will be up before sunday at most, the rp will be left as ask to join at least till the prelims end.
Name: Adrian Marks (Ghost)-what he wants people to call him its his ninja alias.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Adrian has tan skin, he wears his his black spiky hair gelled to his right side. He stands at 5'10 and weighs 70 kg. He wears black gi without sleeves, and a headband with a metal symbol on the forehead, half black balaclava that covers the bottom half of his face, black gloves, he walks around barefoot.
Personality: Adrian has one interest in life, Ninja's and every action he takes is devoted to that interest, he is incredibly smart, having vast knowledge of chemistry, medicine , toxicology and the creation of explosives, but only applies this knowledge to his love of ninjas. Adrian's knowledge on Ninjas comes from movie and media and not real research, so a-lot of his thoughts on them are not correct, seeing them as much more flashy than they actually are. Adrian has absolute confidence in his ability and due to wanting to live up to his fathers name he will do anything to avoid losing, no matter how dirty.
Fighting style: Furi o suru clan Ninjutsu
Adrian built this fighting style off what he saw in movies about ninjas, it relies on trickery and deception taking cheap shots and confusing the opponent through acrobatic airborne attacks, and lots of feints
Charyeok: he has not yet awakened one.
Weapons: Shruriken, Kusarigami, Tanto Sword, handmade bombs, Flash bangs, smoke bombs, climbing claws,
Level: 8
Hp: 500
GP: 0
Backstory:Born into a poor family at a young age, life wasn't easy, he stayed in his room watching movies about ninjas constantly pretending to be one as a kid. Adrian's father was never in his life and his mother to avoid upsetting her child told him he is a powerfull Ninja, who was busy on a mission. This delighted Adrian who made it his life goal to not let down his fathers reputation. Adrian has never trained any martial arts or actually exercised he simply as a child practiced activities what he though ninjas do like climbing, and surviving long periods of time alone in the woods, at a young age this lead to him being remarkably athletic. Ever since he was a young child Adrian was ruthlessly bullied for his obsession with ninjas. Then one day he got fed up and brutally beat 4 children calling him names. Due to this he became infamous as a high school delinquent and problem child this lead to him being expelled. His life only got worse after this event, Adrian's obsession went into the only thing he cared about in life, he wouldn't eat or talk to others simply to watch ninja movies, or practicing his techniques. Adrian learnt how to make bombs and weaponry, sitting in his room all day. At the age of 15 Adrian became a small time criminal using his self taught espionage skills to rob expensive items Adrians mother had attempted to talk to him about his lifestyle, and obsession but he'd brush her off and she knew trying to talk to him about his Father would likely cause his life to crumble so she simply left him be. Adrian saw the invitation for the God of High-school as a chance to gain recognition from his Father, and finally meet his hero.
Other: Kiwi on Pizza
I took a bit to make this character, so I hope it isn't too late to join.
Name: Kana Asahina
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kana has a short bob of black hair, reaching just above her shoulders, with side-swept bangs and side bangs that reach to her chest, accompanied with reddish-pink eyes. Her hair is as well-kept as she can keep it, with all the moving and flips she does, which messes her hair often. Kana is 5'7, and leans slightly toward a slimmer stature. Kana wears a mono white shirt, with a short black dress over it that gradients to white towards the bottom. On the lower half of her body, she wears black shorts. She has black socks with red stripes towards the top, that reach just below the knees. She doesn't wear shoes, because "they get in the way of my fighting."
Personality: Kana is lively and free-spirited, and views the world with more practical reason. She's always looking for the next thing to have fun with, and heavily enjoys activities that provide her thrill. This is one of the reasons she adores fighting so much. Kana is quick-thinking, and can think of capable combos in a shorter time than most.
Fighting style: Hebi no Odori (lit. Dance of Serpents) - A style of fighting Kana had gradually created during her life. It involves lots of nimble movements with her body to both launch and dodge attacks. She maneuvers around her opponent in order to attack them, launching as many hits in quick succession. Her movements around the opponent allow her to neutralize as many core spots of the body as she can, and can hinder the opponents ability to hit her. She believes this to be the best form of movement, as always trying to catch up with her movements can lead to confusion, but locking your vision in place to pick her off can allow her to hit blind spots. It's core strength however is that it allows her to harass the opponent while setting up her larger scale attacks for her charyeok.
Charyeok: Serpent King, Basilisk is a Weapon Summoning charyeok.It allows Kana to summon chains that can latch onto objects or opponents, and wrap around them, allowing her to bring them to her, or her to them. The chains have an indefinite length, but do have limited reach. These chains cannot suddenly snipe a target from the other side of the world and bring them to her. This may seem negligible but it's a key feature of her charyeok that can be abused. It also enhances her throwing darts, and allow them to be more sturdy. The chains appear anyway from her body where she wants it to.
Weapons: Throwing darts, not necessarily for attacking but more for pivoting her attacks. Durable, and can penetrate most material.
Level: 10
Hp: 750
GP: 125
Backstory: Kana grew up in a richer household, with 2 loving parents and one sister. She enjoyed activities that could entertain her, and loved moving around. As her mother was a gymnast, Kana naturally had a knack for agile and quick moves that she had gradually learned from her mom. Kana was amazing at solving puzzles and brain related things, although she never had a true interest in it, finding activities like fighting provided her with more fun. As she grew up, her skill in fighting became better and better, and realized she had a charyeok and while getting used to it wasn't really easy, but it's become a key part of her fighting style. A key to helping her with this was her friend, Ena. Ena helped her come up with ideas that could suit Kana's style, as all Kana could think about was having fun with her charyeok. To Kana, Ena was her best friend. Ena's family had financial troubles that Kana didn't know about, and they were getting worse over time. Ena had to tell Kana that she was moving away, as they couldn't stay where they were anymore, and were moving across the world, but she couldn't, and by the time Kana realized Ena had moved, it was too late. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, would it? She has the money to travel after all. However, the country Ena had moved to had recently corrupted and secluded from the rest of the world soon after Ena had arrived, and wasn't allowing anyone out, nor in. Devastated, she wouldn't know what to do for a few years. Years after Ena moved, she heard about the God of Highschool tournament. "A wish, to grant anything? This is my chance to see Ena again!"
Other: Isn't kiwi on pizza really sweet? Never tried it. Unless I'm supposed to have tried it and I'm thinking of something else LMAO
Name: Shiori "Zilong" Nochizuma
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long, black hair tied back with brown eyes, her complexion being average, on a busty frame. There is a dragon tattoo on her back, which will come into play with her Charyeok. She commonly wears a red haori, with a green obi, which is the commonly selected color for her Charyeok's faction. She also has a sheath, but that is decorative for now, it will eventually get a weapon in it. When Zhao Yun hops in, she gains some tiger motifs, mainly in the form of face stripes, as the Dragon shifts to a tiger.

Personality: Shiori is a serious, watchful, but can be a sweet, kind, caring, girl, like one would expect, but one doesn't expect her Tactical knowledge, or her to have integrity.

Fighting style: Sojutsu: She has studied Sojutsu and adapted it to using two spears. When she would block, she could use one to block and the other to make a attack at the legs. If she makes a stab with one, she isn't left as open as one would expect, due to her adaptation of style, she would respond with a second spear from no where.

Charyeok: Zhao Yun: General of Tiger's Might: Is a Hero Summoning type Charyeok that allows Shiori to use the aspects that Zhao Yun had in life. He usually shows in the form of his helmet, which is equipped. Her strength is increased to an amount similar to what he had in life, which is double her own, which allows her to wield her heavier spear more effectively. With her strength increase, she also gets situational insight. She also has the ability Tactical Rescue, which gives her a somewhat of a blitz like attack, but also gives her insight to to her target's location. It's at that point, her tattoo turns back to a dragon, or at least over her eye, as His might gets its share, which makes her mind more of a brilliant strategist's.

Weapons: a Lighter, shorter and heavier, longer spear, of which the heavier spear gets more involved during the fighting due to her fighting style.

Level: 9 (normal)/13 (possessed)
Hp: 860
GP: 40 (normal)/185 (possessed)

Backstory: Shiori was born to her parents, who divorced when she was two. It was around a young age she was able to figure a solution to a very tough military battle Map from an older age, and how that army won. It was from those readings of those maps with her father that people realized she had a Charyeok, but one night, she had a dream, which contained a man in white armor on a white horse (Zhao Yun himself). She explained that dream to her father, and it was at that point she realized she had a Charyeok, but as to what it could do, she didn't know. She then picked up spear training as a hobby originally to keep her arms in use, but it ended up helping her out when she was attacked by some people looking to contract with her Charyeok, but was fought off with the power of her Charyeok, which gave her the title "Zilong" as she had taken the appearance of Zhao Yun. It was during this time she had heard rumors about siblings, she's always wanted to meet them, if she wins the God of Highschool tournament, she would like to meet and bond with her siblings, if the wish reveals she has them, and who they are.

Other: kiwi on pizza? I've tried pineapple before, and it makes sense with things like ham.
Damn...it was So long and I planned for it to be longer, but as I noticed how bad I am in writing combat scenes that are wayy too long and repetitive, I Just had to finish it faster.
Also sorry that I didnt include everyone's character that was before Shiro in post (that was at first intended as well)