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Ask to Join The Johto Journeys

Hello there everyone! My name is TheFloof, obviously, and I'm here to create a new RP called: The Johto Journeys. I'm new to PokeCharms, but not RPing. I've spectated around this website without an account to see how things roll here, and I think I'm ready to start. So here it goes:

This RP will take place in my favorite region: Johto. But this time it will be about 20 years in the future from HeartHold and SoulSilver, so naturally there will be changes. For instance, done it is so far in the future many new Pokémon from the other regions will have migrated to Johto. Also, new gym leaders and Elite Members will have risen up to face oncoming challengers, with all new teams and strategies. Lastly, after the defeat of Team Galactic, some remaining members fled to Johto and formed a new group: Team Cosmic with a similar goal in mind, but we'll get to that later.

This RP will consist of 5 RPers, one for each starter (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mareep, and Swinub). I will make exceptions for more RPers if you have a good reason to join. (Ex. Evil Team etc.) But I will not be accepting a lot of extra people so it doesn't get too crowded. Also, you cannot join the evil Team or whatever else, until all 5 starter slots are filled. No matter what.

Finally, I will make a discussion thread for RULES, applications, other details, questions and anything else having to do with my RP. So for now, onto the actual story:


Auriel's eyes opened just as the sun started to rise in the Johto Region, Waking up hundreds of others who slept so soundly. A breeze slowly fluttered through her slightly open window, giving the room a nice chill, despite it being late Summer. Auriel laid in her bed wide-eyed and shaking, for she had overheard her mother talking on the phone the night before talking about someone getting a Pokémon. 'What if she was talking about me!' She thought, hoping she had been. "I'm so excited!" She said out loud, giddy with excitement.

"Auriel!" Her mother called from downstairs "I have news from Professor Cypress". Hearing that, Auriel almost leaped from her bed and bounded down the stairs to the kitchen, still bedraggled and in her pajamas. "What is it" she panted, gasping for breaths. Auriel's mom stood there gaping at how fast she reached the kitchen, but she quickly regained her composure and said "Please sit down first and have some breakfast." Quickly, Auriel sat down at her plate of eggs and bacon, and almost immediately started to chow down on the meal. "Ok, so I got a phone call from Professor Cypress, as I told you before," her mother said "And he would like you to go to his lab for him to give you a present. It is your birthday tomorrow after all"

Once her mother finished explaining, Auriel sprinted up the stairs and got ready to go outside to Professor Cypress' lab. She grabbed her bag, journal, and Running Shoes, just in case.

She stepped outside into the cool breeze, and almost ran to the professor's lab next door. Hopefully she would get a Pokémon, she couldn't wait to go on her very own adventure!


Previously 5DigitNeb
Callum just woke up from his decent sleep period. The sun was just rising currently. He looked out his window and smiled. Then he remembered today was his 11th birthday, and his smile grew. He quickly got out of bed and did the normal things you do to start the day. After changing his clothes and eating breakfast, he walked downstairs. His mother told him to head to Professor Cypress's lab and Cal left the house in his running shoes.
It was a rough drive towards New Bark Town and Kan was forced to stay in the truck to 'guard' there belongings. Honestly her mother just wanted to get rid of her, she wouldn't be surprise if she was immediately sent to a lab to get a starter and start a journey right off the bat. About an hour later, the truck suddenly stopped which caused Kan to get jerk forward and fell on the hard floor. She stood on her knees and rubbed her chin, wincing at the stinging feeling before she grabbed her homemade bucket bag which looked like it just came from a very old thrift store. Her mother opened the door with a scowl "Move it." Kan nodded and went out with a few boxes in hand "Make sure you move all of it in. Got it?" Kan nodded once again.

Once everything was settled, Kan was called by her mother once again "The Professor next door wants to give you a starter so you can go on a journey." Kan didnt show any emotions, she only nodded which earned her a confused looked from her mother. Well that's not good "Aren't you suppose to be happy? Your finally going to leave and hopefully not came back." Kan gulped as she let out a soft "Yeah." Her mother eyed her once more before pointing to a door "Take a shower and get out of here."

Twenty minutes later, Kan was standing out her mother's house wearing a brand new indigo sweater, pantyhose and scarf. She still wouldn't believe her mother bothered to buy her this, even though its cheap quality and all, she looked up at her mother's bedroom window just in time to see a flash of a maroon hair. She tugged on the scarf once more before she smiled up at the window knowing that her mother was probably not in the room anymore. With that she turn around and run towards the lab which was not hard to miss because of its structure.