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Open The Marlowe river pack ( wolf RP )

The Marlowe river pack has been around longer than anyone can remember. They have dominated territory and fought bravely. There are two other packs that dominate the surrounding area. The Lachlan mountain pack and the Ekon valley pack. They have all lived together at peace, but who’s to say trouble might never happen? Do you have what it takes to be part of the Marlowe river pack?

Hello everybody! Let’s lay down spme rules.

1. Hate the character not the roleplayer.
2. This is all in third person.
3. All posts must be at least one paragraph long
4. No cussing
5. There can be romance but nothing rated R

These are the alphas of each pack:

Marlowe alpha male: Saturn
Marlowe alpha female: Craft

Lachlan alpha male: Storm
Lachlan alpha female: Rush

Ekon alpha male: Grappler
Ekon alpha female: Bee

This is what your character sheet should look like:

Age ( in wolf years ):

Here’s mine:

Name: Task
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Rank: Hunter
Skills: Great at herding and running
Appearance: She has short gray hair, but the hair on her tail is longer. Her eyes are bright yellow.
Personality: She’s energetic and playful. It’s hard for her to stay serious.
Crush: None
Mate: None
Pups: None
Siblings: Weary ( deceased )
Mother: Echo ( deceased )
Father: Leap ( deceased )

~+~+~ ~+~+~

Task has been running. Not because she was being chased, or because she was taking a lovely morning jog. She has found a large herd of caribou. She couldn’t catch and kill one on her own though. She needed someone’s help. The Marlowe river pack needed to store as much energy as they could. Winter was coming, and that meant many months of darkness.
Task’s ear’s pricked at the sound of wolves nearby. She changed her direction to where the noise was coming from. When they came into view she halted. “ I found caribou. They’re in the north direction. Could you help me take one down? “