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The Person Below Me Is...

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Never heard any of them ... But if they're random , they must be funny ! XP

The person below me dreams of touching a cloud one day .
Haha :) that's a fact .

The person below me thinks ice cream needs to learn how to stop melting so fast :-\
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No, not really

The person below me had to read an article at school about how media violence influence aggresive behavior, and because of that, will never be able to look at video games the same way again...
Yes, but pigs will fly before I use it for anything really.
On second thought... *goes off to attach Staraptor wings to a Spoink*

The person below me thinks I'm lame.
true true through and through! and so sad! :'( :'( :'( i did cry...im a softie :-X

the person below thinks darkrai is bad-ass!
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Too bad at art to even consider making one. (Translation: Too insecure about how much people will laugh to make one.)

The person below me went to a party within the last week.
Nope. Some kids party, some kids smoke, I write books :D *realizes how lame he sounds*

TPBM is thinking of getting KH: Re:coded.
1. With my friends
2. When no one is around and my bedroom door is locked. With my chair shoved against it.

The person below me has an account on FF.
No, I'll be an atheist about everything.

FF is Fanfiction.net, by the way.

The person below me (has heard of/likes/hates/fangirls over(any of these really)) the song Overrated, by Less Than Jake.
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