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The Person Below Me

Oh, god yes. Took me 15 minutes once to explain to a customer that there were strawberries and cheesecake in a STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE BLIZZARD.

The person below me has an unhealthy addiction to music.
A dragon?! Hmm they are such fierce creatures. Your choice
The person below me has met a beautiful female/male that caught there eye and is scared to try and ask them out.
Errr. True )(Since a new wizard has come to Clash Royale today called the Electro Wizard and I like to make friends with other wizards, whatever the element)
The person below me is cold.
I can add my best bro Electro Wizard since he came out today.
The person below me is glad that I am going to invite a new member here and I will invite him to this thread first since this is my favourite thread.
Disgaea is a game series made by Nis America. It is based on a demon lord (a child) who wants to conqueror to become the bestest of the lords. This series also has anime only for the first games and the game has quite memorial characters likes Laharl, Flonne, Etna and the silly prinnies.
The person below me thinks 2017 is going to be a bad year.
Yes, I have more than 100 on Pokecharms and also have a few on Wattpad and Fanfiction. I used to not be that good, but I've improved greatly over the years I've been on Charms.
The person below me watched Pokemon Origins.