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The Person Below Me

I use YouTube, but other than that (other than occasionally looking at Twitter posts), I don't.

The person below me is waiting for at least two Nintendo games (for me it's Xenoblade 3 and Breath of the Wild 2).


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Yeah. True. I’m waiting for Silksong and Pokémon Violet.

The person below me has completed some of the Hard Minecraft Advancements
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Previously Night's Shadow
Hahahahahahaha yeah babyyyy dice goblins for the win though most of them get loaned out to the dummies in my dnd group who don’t bring them

The person below me is a well-known nerd in their social circles


Previously PrincessPika~chan
Eh, haven't seen much lately, but I guess I probably still like soft sci-fi stuff.

The person below me loves the singing voice of a character they like.
I mean... Heather from HTTYD: Race to the Edge isn't one of my all time favorite characters, but I would say I like her as a character. And her singing voice is pretty great.

The person below me has watched HTTYD:RTTE

The person below me is mad that the Mario movie got delayed earlier this year but is happy that Xenoblade 3 (or some other game that got ahead of schedule) is ahead of schedule.


Previously Night's Shadow
I have friends of that opinion but if used in moderation I think it can add a lot to a dish. But yeah just straight cilantro tastes like soap

The person below me likes trying the most random / weirdest things they can find on a restaurant’s menu
Kinda? My first Pokémon was from a Gen 4 card pack, but I think I started really getting going at the tail end of Gen 4.

The person below me has strong opinions about the Pokémon Black and White anime.


Previously TheJustinMan
Yep, I have a strong opinion that it's easily the worst anime part, no offense to Black and White.

The person below me truly believes that p Pokemon are only as low as C tier in a tier list, for no Pokemon is truly bad or awful.


Previously PrincessPika~chan
...I have no opinion on either so no.

The person below me is incredibly hyped for a show because they just dropped a new trailer. Bonus if said trailer had something kinda hard to believe in it for any reason.