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The Person Below Me


Previously PrincessPika~chan

The person below me is confused because they saw a show with a voice actor they know in, but that character sounded nothing like the other roles they know the voice actor from...
(Seriously, Umehito sounds nothing like Endeavor like what-)


Previously Lily May
I have not. I'd love to join, but I'm afraid I don't have time for any RPing at all. *sigh*

The person below me has seen a fire truck up close.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Confused.. about what? Yeah i'm confused about what you just said.

The person below me probably plays Genshin Impact and is going to watch the livestream in 5 minutes


Previously PrincessPika~chan
Not particularly. Just certain shades. *cough cough*Shiny Espeon green*cough cough*

The person below me absolutely hates when their computer is being slow as hell...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

The person below me wanted to watch anime but got caught up in other stuff and now barely has time for two episodes...


Previously PrincessPika~chan
Eh, I'm not really tired. So no.

The person below me just watched something with a Chuunibyou in~
(Ako is so cute–)


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Even if you don't know what a Chuunibyou is, you can always google it. Same for anything, really...

The person below me is annoyed they missed a day on a daily thing they were doing...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

That's not what I meant. I didn't mean music in anime, I meant anime about music. *sigh *

The person below me has watched at least two anime, excluding Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Gintama, Bleach and Pokemon.
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