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I just thought of the perfect character:

Name: Arianna Haydale
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Arianna is short for her age, and has light purple hair and blue eyes. She usually has a calm face, always trying to fulfill her duties.
Clothing: What the royals wear, though she wears an amulet that her mother gave her.
Rank: Messenger
Personality: She is a mess when she manages all the messages in the castle. She will often confuse things with each other and flunk her tasks. Her mother always scolds her for this and forced her into messaging, as it is a family tradition. She always tries her best, though actually is not loyal to the throne, but always schemes to assassinate the royal family in her free time. That's right, her clumsiness is just a facade, which is the reason you should read this entire paragraph. Despite that, she is incredibly kind to Pokemon, nurturing them even if they are in perfect health. Her mother always yells at her for using her Hoppip around the castle.
Partner: Swablu (Cirrus), Female
Palace Pokemon: Pachirisu (Parcel), Male and Gligar (Glide), Female
Pokemon Team: Cirrus, Parcel, Hoppip (Dandelion), and Glide.
Mother: Brittany Haydale, 43 (Messenger)
Father: Joshua Haydale, 44 (Knight)
Siblings: Karissa Haydale, 12 (Messenger) and Montgomery Haydale, 5
History: Arianna has served in the castle since she was 8, though those were unimportant messages. She is known for her fear to participate in battles and her clumsiness.
Other: None

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Just a heads up: Dubkip_Playz attempted to create a sockpuppet for some inexplicable reason, and so their accounts were merged and set read only - which means they aren't relevant to this RP anymore.
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Gotta say, I'm not really interested in this rp anymore. With every post, it just gets more difficult to make creative posts, nevermind paragraphs consisting of four sentences. I'mma leave here, if that's alright.
heya! if i can, i'll be joining!

Name: Ruth Diane Kennedi.
Gender: Female.
Age: Seventeen.
Appearance: Ruth has long, dark brown, 'poofy' hair that reaches down just slightly above her back. She has pale skin, making her light blue eyes really show.
Clothing: She usually wears clothing that doesn't restrict her movement. When its more casual, she'll happy wear a pink, baggy turtleneck and a white scarf, along with leggings. There is times where she can dress formal; however, she is mostly seen in her casual attire.
Rank: Knight.
Personality: Bubbly, excitable and social; these are three words to describe the mess of a knight which is Ruth. Perhaps, yes, she's not the most intelligent; but she tries her best, and to her, that's what matters the most. She's generous and has overall good intentions. When young, she always wanted to be royalty, yet now, she's definitely content to simply serve them- hence why she protects royalty and the village with her life. She often enjoys going down to the village in her free time, letting small children gawk at her Pokemon and pet them.

Partner: Monferno [ Athena. ]

Palace Pokemon:
= Meganium
= Absol.
= Stoutland.
= Zebstrika. [ Strika. ]
= Unfezant.
= Persian.

Pokemon Team:
= Monferno [ Athena, female. ]
= Glameow [ Theodore; male. ]
= Arcanine, shiny. [ Ari; male. ]
= Leafeon. [ Elijah; male. ]
= Furfrou [ Raphael; male. ]
= Houndour. [ Amelie; female. ]

Mother: Valerie Kennedi [ alive. ] [ foster mother. ]
Father: Augustus Kennedi [ alive. ] [ foster father ]
Siblings: Tobias Kennedi, 12. [ alive. ] [ foster brother. ] Zachary Kennedi, 14. [ alive. ] [ foster brother. ]

= Ruth's foster uncle owns a farm, with plenty of Pokemon. She stores some she doesn't use as often there when needed.
Is it okay if I join?

Name: Crimson Chibana
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Rank: Knight
Description: Standing at 5'7", Lean but athletic build, Crimson rocks dark red hair and very deep silver eyes.
Personality: Abandoned as a child, Crimson became very clingy to people. His trust in people is always high. He never knows when to not smile but he tends to cry. A lot when he's alone.
Partner: Sparky (F)(Alolan-Raichu)
Palace Pokemon: Hydro (M)(Greninja), Queen (F) (Gardievor) [Shiny], Voltage [F] (Luxray), Archer [M] (Decidueye), Hercules (M) (Heracross)
Pokemon Team:
Hydro (M)(Greninja), Tank (F)(Venusaur) and Shade (F)(Gengar)[Shiny], Sparky (F)(Alolan-Raichu), Warrior [M} (Lucario)
Father: Adrian Chibana (???)
Mother: Hannah Chibana (Alive)
Siblings: none
  • His family left him to die
  • He is afraid of Bug Type pokemon (except for Heracross.)
  • His sexuality is asexual/biromantic
  • He can understand the cries of pokemon since he was raised by them
  • He is extremely strategic