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Ask to Join The Tunguska Event (DISCUSSION)


Previously SwiftSwoobat
(Alternate History) On the Thirtieth of June, 2012, the Tunguska asteroid hit Tychy, Poland. The asteroid's diameter was 1/4 times that of our world. It was originally on track for Siberia, though the asteroid's mass drew it closer to Europe, hitting the city in Poland. Humanity was nearly wiped out, the last people inhabit the Americas, Australasia, and Southern Africa. Even so, there is very few. This takes place in the largest still in-tact city, Victoria and Seattle, in the year 2052. Technological advancement has halted, and even reversed in some criteria. Victoria and Seattle have formed relatively stable governments and have successfully rebuilt each other. The sky has been dark for decades, but it has started to clear... a new expeditionary force has been created, the Impact Team. (THIS WILL BE A RP THIS TIME)


The classics, no gory violence, nothing above the a kiss, 'Charms rules, the usual.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
This is an adventure, exploring the petrified world that is Earth.
Put your character's opinion of Exasperated Ewes in Misc.


Age: (14+)

Name: Andrew Martinssen
Age: 17
Appearance: Andrew is of average height, with light blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a grey long sleeved shirt, overlapped by a black t-shirt, and swamp green cargo pants. Finally, he wears black hiking boots and grey skiing gloves.
Personality: Andrew s defiant and brave, but has a crippling fear of the dark. He lightened up a bit when he heard the sky was going to clean up, and created an expeditionary team known as the Impact Team. Andrew sometimes gets caught up in his goals, rarely facing reality.
Skills: Braveness, dreamer, good leader, cooperativeness, high energy, early bird.
Past/History: He grew up with a lower class family, so he knows the hardships of having nothing. Andrew has rarely been heard of, so he wanted to make a name for himself by starting the Team.
Misc.: "Exasperated Ewes brighten up my day!"
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Previously EeviumZ
Name: Eve Maddox
Age: 16
Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'8, Eve has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a leather jacket over a white t-shirt and torn jeans, along with black combat boots. She also wears black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Eve has a burning spirit and passion, and tends to be incredibly brave. She's a rebel, always standing up for her beliefs, no matter the cost. She's extremely protective of those she loves.
- Craftsmanship
- Agility
- Leadership
- Endurance
- Tactics
Past/History: TBD
Misc.: Exasperated Ewes are annoying.
Took a look through your writing and decided to give this a go. I've always wanted to find a General RP that lasts, so fingers crossed.

: Casey Exeter
Age: 27
Appearance: He's been bulky ever since he hit puberty, having needed the muscles to help out around his family's cattle farm on the outskirts of Seattle. He wears whatever's available, which often means a tattered gray tee that allows for sweat stains at the slightest sign of moisture. Not necessarily a good look. His jeans are torn up as well, making him appear as a 2010 teeny-bopper with questionable fashion choices. His face is worn down already, with deep bags under his eyes and sullen cheeks. His dull eyes and unkempt brown hair only add to the sorrowful look.
Personality: Despite his dreary appearance, Casey is actually somewhat optimistic. Especially now that his father is cleared of the cancer that kept him away from the farm. With the farm, and his mother, in capable hands, he's ready to go out and find what's left of the world. He prays that there are others out there, and that perhaps they can form partnerships to make it through this new dawn.
However, while his excitement is real, he's not too thrilled about taking orders from someone 10 years his junior. His father instilled a great sense of pride in him, and he won't back down from a challenge, or even a petty power struggle. He doesn't try to hide his emotions, be they negative or positive, which has caused him to butt heads with others in the past.
Skills: Strong, obviously. He's built muscles over the years.
Not afraid of death. Whether it be his own or another's. He's seen death his whole life, having essentially lived at a slaughterhouse. And if he's to go out, he wants it to be on an expedition into the New World.
People skills. As long as you don't challenge him or insult his pride, he's easy to talk to and get along with, thanks to many deep conversations with his mother.
Survival instincts, learned on one of the many camping trips he took with his father and brother.
Mentoring. He helped raise his brother, and kept those fatherly traits.
Past/History: Born to a loving mother and a mentoring father, Casey had a decent upbringing. He helped out with menial tasks around the farm until he was old enough to help his father with herding, feeding, milking, and slaughtering. When his brother Lenn was born, he began teaching the boy until he too was old enough to help on his own. Then, they would tag along with their father on camping trips to teach them skills in case the farm were to ever go under. The whole Exeter family was well respected within Seattle's community, thanks to their good prices and practices, and the patriarch's overall charisma. So, when Casey's father was diagnosed with bladder cancer, the whole town pitched in. Now, his father is back on his feet, and encouraging Casey to join the Impact Team. He and Lenn can handle the farm. Casey is ready to go.
Misc.: The hell are exasperated ewes?

Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
Name: Daniel Ryals

Age: 15

Appearance: Black hair, at length to the bridge of his nose, and to his neck. Due to working late and constant all nighters, he has bags under his hazel eyes. He's naturally tan, and he constantly looks like he has a neck problem because he tends to bow his head. It's a habit after years of doing it, he can't really help it. He tends to wear a plain black tee, dark gray cargo shorts, a silver watch, and black tennis shoes with socks that should go to just below his knees, but he keeps them rolled down to about an inch over the tongue of his shoes.

Personality: Just wants to get things done. He'd go out of his way to get rid of something that's been nagging at him, and joining the Impact Team is no exception. He just wants to finish this so he can go home.

Skills: He somewhat enjoys analyzing the situation, not to add that he's decently good at it.
He's rather smart, the only physical activity he ever excelled in was running, and he could climb, if it wasn't extreme. His parents forced him into Boy scouts, and he learned a few things. Not to say he's good at them.

Past/History: His parent's enthusiasm was a nuisance to him, no matter how many times he told them that only spoiled brats needed "motivation" they wouldn't leave him alone. So, naturally, he jumped on the chance to join the Impact Team. Not only because he was sick and tired of this world, and wanted to fix it, but he wanted some time away from his headache of a house.

Misc.: tf is an Exasperated Ewe?


Previously SwiftSwoobat
I'm thinking around 8. There will be limited amounts, but some could be anti-heroes... The first plot-detail I have is the clearing of the sky, of course. Then, they will adventure north, but there will be a twist. Obstacles. There has to be obstacles. Some obstacles will be larger and even have character arcs, but so far, that is all I have planned. I like planning ahead, but not too far where this just feels like a book.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Bellamy Blake
Age: 17
Appearance: Standing at 6'5" he is lean but muscular and has a wolf tattoo across his whole back. He has white blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. He wears black military style boots, a pair of dark grey camouflage trousers, a black tank-top and a red neckerchief.
Personality: Bellamy is kind, gentle and understanding. He kind be slightly authoritative and gets very serious in dangerous situations. He is afraid of heights and has never told anyone, except his little sister. He is heterosexual.
  • Marksmanship
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Stealth
  • Tactical thinking
Past/History: The Blakes were a very military orientated family in Seattle, Bellamy joined the army when he was 15 and grew to become very skilled. He was discharged when his father died in action and refused to return. His mother eventually managed to convince him to join the Impact Team when his little sister Ludovica joined.
Misc.: Exasperated Ewes?

Name: Ludovica Blake
Age: 16
Appearance: Standing at 5'4" she is skinny but well developed and has a dove tattoo on the back of her neck. She has golden blonde hair and glittering green eyes. She wears grey western style boots, a pair of blue denim short-shorts, an open red tartan shirt over a white crop-top and a brown stetson.
Personality: Ludovica is sweet, naive and kind. She kind be a little moody and gets very serious when someone is in danger or hurt. She is afraid of drowning and the ocean and isn't afraid to voice her fear. She is a lesbian.
  • Medical knowledge
  • Animal Care
  • Cooking
  • Hunting
Past/History: The Blakes were a very military orientated family in Seattle, However Ludovica got into medicine for both human and animals at a young age and prefer helping people and not killing them. When she heard about the Impact Team shortly after her father died, she decided it would be the best way to help and heal people in need. She even convinced her brother to join.
Misc.: Exasperated Ewes?
Here goes what? Did you create the RP? Cuz I can't find the link. Or maybe you just created it and didn't link it. (The most obvious answer is I'm just bad at looking so sorry if that's the case)


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Oof, I'm gonna go and create an RP ASAP! Also if you live in Vancouver three quarters of the city is decimated, so don't plan on moving to any alternate realities too soon.
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