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The whats in your house game

Yes, one Minecraft Poster and a "How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you" poster. Also if you look up the second poster be warned cuz there is mature themes kinda!
I have stuffed animals in my bed (I will have stuffed animals in my bed for the rest of my life), do you?
Okay now I'm changing the game a bit since it could be a little hard if you run out off stuff to say

Now instead of bedroom it will now be what's in your house.

For example
I have a Bicycle in my house to you
Yes/no and e.t.c
No. Sadly.

I have a trap door in my closet, Do you? Dont ask me why.

I have a trap door in my closet leeding to the other room closet. My sister did this, not me! :
No, but I have one of those spinny balls with all the different colored lights. Does that count? xD

I have a bird sculpture that I made in 4th grade in my house. Do you? (Probably not, I'm guessing?)