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Themed Pokemon runs.

Hello everyone.

I started something I have never tried before in a pokemon run. A themed run. In this case I was randomly assigned a trainer class and have to try and complete the game only with pokemon that I think that trainer class would raise.

In my current case I am going through Y as Maxwell, a young aspiring Gardener trainer. So I am restricted to Bug and Grass types for the most part with the exception of certain pokemon that I judge could be used for gardening or mention growing/taking care of plants in the pokedex entry.

I found this to be a fun exercise and I like trying to think up pokemon for the gardening assistance. Here is my team so far if you are curious:
Brambles the Chespin (M)
Benedict the Burmy (M)
Janus the Spewpa (M)
Dawn the Butterfree (F)
Chance the Shiny Bunnelby (F)
Pi the Panpour (M)
Since my theme is not too hard to follow without external help I am doing it in Y since it offers the most variety of pokemon overall. Some people run them as Nuzlockes as well but id rather take it easy for this run and just relax with it.

So have any of you ever tried something like that? Or if not would you like to?


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I'd probably do this. It seems interesting.
Now that I'm really thinking about it, I could do a run with my OC!
Definitely trying this.


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I've only attempted a single themed run before and I never actually finished it. It was a monotype Flying-type team that I raised during one of my various replays of Pearl, consisting of Swablu, Mantyke, Doduo, Gligar, Combee F, and Skarmory. In the end I gave up on the run at about gym 6 because despite me falling in love with my team, it just wasn't that fun. Not enough variety for my tastes. xp

I think if I'm ever to do another themed run it'll be based on a specific character who uses a team with a variety of types, not a monotype team. That being said, I may never actually attempt such again because there are still so many Pokemon that I'd like to train and themed runs inevitably restrict what I can choose. We'll see. :)


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Ooo~ This sounds fun and challenging. Maybe this is what i need to get to playing through Platinum.

Alright, I got Ghost-Type Elite Four member. This will be fun. :)
Sableye's not in Platinum sooob
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OK, actually gonna start is this time. No Nuzlocke, just gonna enjoy the ride.

I get . . . 60. 60 = Teacher. This may be funz.
EDIT: Can'd because boring. Gonna try another one. New number is 75. Artist.

Okay, I have a team mostly planned. It goes like this:
-Paint the Delphox
-Canvas the Vivillon (Not sure if keeping)
-Style the Furfrou
-Vincent the Smeargle
-Ink the Octillery

What do you think? And please gimme a suggestion for my last member. Thanks!
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I wonder if anyone else has a link to the chart? It isn't working for me. I'm aware that this thread is older but I would really like to try this! :)

Reposting the roleplay run image, the quality is annoyingly small. I will most likely transcribe it at one point.
The Gardener run in pokemon Y ended quite well, I will fetch my team from there some other time.

Started up another similar run for Black 2, this time as a scientist! Rules ended up as follows:
Typical Nuzlocke capture rules do not apply. Instead the pokemon have to fit the following criteria:
- Electric and psychic types that suit the theme
- Amorphous poison and steel types
- Ditto and Porygon are the exception

- Nuzlocke death rules are in effect.
- Potions are limited to one per battle, rest of the items are fair game.

So here is the current team, just got over the biggest hurdle of beating Clay. Took a while to find a Tynamo and train it to Eelektrik but it payed off big time. Fluke and Biohazard rocked his socks off, thank Arceus for levitate. Newest captures are Wintermute and Overdrive which I will be working on this week.


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Soooo I never actually did that Ghost type run in Platinum. :v But now I'm going for a Navigator run in FireRed! I'm only in Viridian forest as of now but my team is:
- Karpa (Squirtle)
- Mynie (Pidgey)
- Lowfat (Caterpie)
I'm really gonna do it this time :D

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For the rest of today, all of my posts shall mention ME RETURNING.
But anyway, new run! Got Team Magma Grunt, have Y, will travel.
You know, I actually thought of doing a run like this, only except instead of using a particular type, I wanted to use a particular Pokemon.

I'm of course referring to Bidoof, just Bidoof. Never evolving it, never using ANY other kind of Pokemon. Just a team to six Bidoofs trying to take out 8 gyms, an evil organization, and the Elite Four. I would have to devise really diverse move sets for each Bidoof to try and have them cover as many different types as possible. I should also Nickname them so I could tell them apart. It would have to be greatest Battle Battalion of Bidoofs ever brought to battle!

I legitimately wonder how much grinding I'd have to do before I beat the game. Honestly, I think such a run would test one patients more then anything else. Because I imagine by getting to the sixth gym, you'd be god damn sick of using Bidoof.

And no, I don't think a "Magikarp run" would be a viable option, because I'm pretty sure you couldn't beat the game even with a team of LV. 100 Magikarps. I think, not 100% sure, but I'm fairly positive.

But getting back on topic, I vaguely remember beating Yellow version way back in the day with just an Electric type team, I think my team was:

and Zapdos
Currently on and of trying that in alpha shapirre( off part is I also play omega ruby) is a sandstorm team.Got my excadrill, hippodawn, swampert, torreterra, tyranitar and sandslash.
Man I haven't posted in this thread in ages. The scientist run did not pan out in the end. The nuzlocke was ended not too long after I posted actually, right after Skyla.

Currently ongoing:
> Platinum - Archeologist run, permadeath in place to keep it interesting.
> Y Rising star permadeath run - No pokemon that can evolve at all. Carbink starter (freshly hatched and transferred from my Alpha Sapphire)
> Omega Ruby - Punk Girl run (permadeath, croagunk starter.)
Not necessarily a themed run,but i did a "nerd" run in a pokemon ruby hack with kalos pokemon,named any and all pokemon i caught after anime characters.Or tried to,never could find a nerdy name for the riolu.
I did a themed run before on Black awhile ago. Kept to using and catching only Fire-Type and Dragon-Type Pokemon, so that was cool :3 could hardly get through the first gym because my Tepig and Pansear were having trouble with Cress' Panpour XD but I finally made it through.