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To Johto... and Beyond! (The Official GS Retro Playthrough Thread)


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Pokémon Gold and Silver have just been re-released on the 3DS worldwide, and so it's time for our second Retro Playthrough thread!

What starter did you choose? How far through are you? What does your team look like? What're you missing from later games? This is the thread for anything to do with the second generation of Pokémon games on Virtual Console. :)

Tip: If you want to post types, try the [type]electric[/type] BBcodes. That'll produce something like this: [type]electric[/type] Obviously replace electric with whatever type you want. ^^
I downloaded Silver last night, currently just getting to ilex forest, been taking my time trying to maximise happiness on my togepi and zubat. Got super lucky this morning, took fisherman ralph's phone number and within 10 minutes he called me up about qwilfish!

Current team
Cyndaquil lv 20 (Mighty)
Zubat lv14 (Kibat)
Togepi lv13
Wooper lv12 (Sploosh)
Qwilfish lv 10 (Puffi)

I'm actually super excited to play through silver again, though the sheer lack of moves on pokemon is shocking, and omg i wish leech life had it's gen 7 boost back then, zubat struggled so much I used my tm for swift on it =(
I've only played a little bit of it, this is my card so far. I'll just keep editing the post though, with each new badge/Pokemon

All these new towns I've never seen or heard of make the game fun. I don't even have to go through much stress of which Pokemon to choose due to only 250 Pokemon, and I can get a Jigglypuff without using friendship, which is useful because I hate the friendship in the Pokemon games.


(Bill is one of my many Pokemon OCs in my head, just to let people know. I'm not basing my team of anything, just picking Pokemon I like)
I was thinking originally that I'd Nuzlocke Gold, but I decided to just take my time and enjoy it - I kinda want to play around with breeding for egg moves. Anyway I've just reached Azalea Town, and I'm currently just waiting for it to be day again so I can catch a male Spearow.


Anyway this is my team currently, I only plan on keeping Bayleef (Malva), and the Hoothoot (Heuer) and Geodude (Gaia) are just there to help out until I get my planned team (all of which I can't get until at least Ecruteak City). I might add another Pokemon to help out with Whitney, but for now I'm just enjoying Johto again (especially the Dark Cave music)
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Back in the day I played Silver so this time around I decided I would play Gold first as a Nuzlocke. I've made it to Goldenrod City with no casualties so far. It's actually been laughably easy up to this point with the hardest part being grinding new members to catch up to the rest of the party. I still have to face Whitney though so we'll see if everyone can survive her. So far my team is:

Blaze (Quilava) Lv.17
Dante (Pidgey) Lv.15
Dudette (Geodude) Lv.16
Specter (Gastly) Lv.15
Orpheus (Flaafy) Lv.16
Brooklyn (Slowpoke) Lv.16

If I decide to keep Dudette and Specter, I'll have to decide how to go about evolving them to Golem and Gengar respectively. I've never had a Pokemon that evolves via trade in a Nuzlocke before so I can't decide if getting outside help from another game breaks any rules or not. Of course with how easy the run has been so far, not evolving them would help increase the difficulty somewhat.


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Originally I purchased the digital version of Pokemon Silver because I wanted the Lugia home menu theme and Celebi code but now I'm genuinely hooked on the game. ;_; Currently exploring the Burned Tower after defeating Morty and recently caught a Magmar!

Here be my team:


Kisame (M) the Croconaw - Lv. 23
Darkness (F) the Zubat - Lv. 22
Jager (M) the Weepinbell - Lv. 22
Ritsu (F) the Aipom - Lv. 22
Kurama Jr. (M) the Vulpix - Lv. 20
Mary (F) the Flaaffy - Lv. 19

My top 4 Pokemon have been with me since they were catchable, but both Vulpix and Flaaffy were second choices because I'd forgotten that the Time Capsule requires two system to use... I'd originally been planning to trade through a Mankey and Growlithe. :'|

Ah well! It worked out okay. Ignoring any of my frustrations due to Silver being an older game, I've been really enjoying my time with it - more than I'd honestly expected to. I'm hoping to stick with it until at least beating the Johto E4 because I really need to get back to my other games...


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I've just beaten Jasmine for Badge 6 and am on the way to Mahogany Town with:

Quilava Lv. 32 (M)
Crobat Lv. 32 (M)
Rocky (Onix) Lv. 32 (M)
Poliwhirl Lv. 32 (M)
Magneton Lv. 30

One thing I've liked so far about this is how many places have areas in them requiring a later HM - usually Surf - in order to access the rest of them to get whatever is left there. I'm not usually one for backtracking, but in a world as small as Johto and in games as usually linear as these it does give a fair bit of freedom to either continue on your objectives or head back to the previous areas to see what was left over there from before.
Just arrived at the elite 4, the level balancing in this game is terrible as far as training is concerned, and i forgot victory road has no trainers. My team is as follows.

Cyndaquil lv43 (Mighty) just waiting for flamethrower...
Crobat lv43 (Kibat)
Togetic lv39 (Shakiriki)
Qwilfish lv39 (Puffi)
Octillery lv28
Dratini lv19 (Hunter)

I'm not going to be able to raise my dratini sufficiently but if i can get a couple levels up on everyone else I should get through the league no problem...
Alright, so I'm currently in Olivine City heading up through the lighthouse. It's taken me a while to get there due to breeding and grinding, but I've got pretty much all of it out of the way now. I've added some more Pokemon to the team, including one I didn't plan at all:

Firstly we have Renard the Granbull (level 25), who was almost more frustrating to get than that Magby. Seriously it took me around an hour and a half of searching to find the damn thing but man am I glad I did - he's such a powerhouse. I leveled him up by getting him to solo Morty's gym (normal type plus bite equals win, mostly), and I've since given him Shadow Ball.

Next is Vesuvius the Magby (level 23), who I bred to have Karate Chop as my final planned team really had no access to any good fighting moves. I like this guy, he hit's nice and hard and contrary to what I expected breeding him wasn't that hard - I found a female Magmar on like my fourth encounter.

Third is Zerner the Eevee (level 22) who is the surprise addition - I'd planned on using a Natu which I'd breed to have Drill Peck, and I have since done this. I caught a male Spearow, got it up to level 37, bred it with a female Natu and boom. But then I glanced over Natu's moveset again and... I'm sorry I just can't work with that at all, Drill Peck or not. As I still wanted a psychic type I decided to go with the ever popular Espeon because of that special attack and speed. I'm not going to let it evolve until level 30 so I get Bite though.

Finally, we have Toro the Chinchou (level 23) who I'm really looking forwards to using. I think Laturn is super cool but I've never gotten to use one before. Looks to be fun so far - she's been destroying stuff with Surf, and I can't wait for her to get Spark. If only she could get Ice Beam in this game though... ah well, the movepools in this game are really limited to being with.

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I am on my way to the Lake of Rage having just beaten Jasmine. Whitney is actually pretty easy if you use Geodude to wall her Pokemon. I came close to losing Dudette though with Miltank's Rollout hitting four times but since she was locked into the move and unable to heal I was able to faint Miltank with Magnitude. Morty's Gengar however was actually pretty scary and could have potentially massacred my entire team with Hpnosis and Dream Eater. Luckily my newly evolved Haunter out sped it so I had to play daredevil and use my own Hypnosis. Thankfully Gengar remained asleep while I whittled it down with Night Shade. Prior to that Gym Battle, I regrettably lost Dante the Pidgeotto in what has become my most common cause of death in a Nuzlocke, suicide by confusion. >=O Just like in my Blue Nuzlocke, the first death was caused by the Rival, who I named Zuko this time around. One Supersonic from his Zubat was all it took to make the Burned Tower Dante's Inferno.

As of now the team is:
Blaze (Quilava) Lv.30
Dudette (Golem) Lv.28
Specter (Gengar) Lv.28
Orpheus (Ampharos) Lv.30
Brooklyn (Slowking) Lv.30
Bruce (Golbat) Lv.28

As you can see, the team remains almost unchanged aside from Bruce replacing Dante. I initially added Bruce to be a replacement Flyer but only Crobat can learn Fly so we'll see how long it takes Bruce to warm up to me. At this point it's a toss up to if he or Blaze will be the last team member to fully evolve (provided no one else dies). The moment I found the King's Rock in Slowpoke Well after being able to use Surf outside of battles I knew I wanted Slowking which solved my concerns about trading to evolve. While I was at it I figured Specter and Dudette might as well evolve too.
Ahh the nostalgia. Pokemon Silver was my first ever Pokemon game, and my very first Video Game, excluding some Spiro 2: Season of Ice, I played when I was very little. Anyways, so I decided to buy Pokemon Silver and play for the first time in a while.

Right now, I’m in Goldenrod getting everything together for my gym battle with Whitney. I’m pretty much done and I’ll probably challenge her this afternoon.

My starter was CRITIAS the awesome Totodile. He’s been one of my strongest battlers sinc the beginning as most starters are. He evolved soon after I left Ilex Forest, and he is pretty strong.
Right now, he’s at level 20 and his moveset is
-Water Gun
I’m planning to get Ice Punch instead of Rage, I’m just saving my money. I’ll probably do it after I knock out Whitney’s accursed Miltank.

My next Pokemon is WANDA the Hoothoot. While he is only a Hoothoot, she is still very useful and versatile. I’m using her as someone to put my opponents to sleep, while deliver fast attacks. She’s my flyier and my secret weapon against Morty with her Foresight, which was already helped while in Sprout Tower.
Right now she’s at Level 18 and getting close to Evolution. Her moveset is
Honestly, her future moveset is up in the air. I honestly don’t know. :?

Next is MARY the Flaafy. I caught her while she was a Mareep and she is a good buddy of mine. While I feel she is a little behind in level, she will catch up soon.
Right now she’s Level 16 and rocking the moves
I might throw in Thunder Punch, but she will get that upon Evolution. Other than that, I dunno.

And finally my latest capture and probably my strength against Whitney, ACHILLES the Heracross. While I love Heracross, I’ve never actually used one in a playthrough. I used this cool tool, Grid.htm and was able to find him. It’s pretty useful for finding what tree to Headbutt. With his powerful Attack and Speed, this makes him unforgiving.
He’s only Level 16, but will gain some major EXP soon, and his moves are
-Fury Cutter
-Horn Attack
I’ll get rid of Cut ASAP, and as for Fury Attack, it’s amazingly powerful, when ACHILLES uses it. It’s my entire plan against Whitney, SPAM FURY CUTTER! But I’ll end up replacing it wiht Megahorn, but that’s late-game.
I currently have 4 badges in Pokémon Silver. I ended up giving the Secretpotion to Amphy early since I got lost on Route 41 while leveling up my team for the Cianwood Gym and wound up back in Olivine City early.

However, I decided to do something I've never done before in any of my Johto games. Since all of my pokémon are currently between levels 21-25, and Pryce's team is no higher than level 30, I decided to take on the Lake of Rage and the Mahogony gym first to level up my team. Afterwards, I'd backtrack to Olivine City and Cianwood City so that my team would be strong enough to take on Chuck and Jasmine. I know I don't have Fly yet, but I thought this would be a way to play the game in a bit of a challenge mode. I'm currently at the Mahogony Town Pokémon Center & I'm about to head up to the Lake of Rage.

I'm still deciding on my team to take on the pokémon league, but my main pokémon are the following:

  • Zoey (Quilava)- lv. 25
  • Tucker (Hoothoot) lv. 22 (holding an everstone until lv. 34 so he'll learn Confusion sooner)
  • Spoopy (Weepinbell) lv. 24
  • Yvonne (Flaaffy) lv. 22
  • Pixiebird (Togetic) lv. 23
  • Brickwood (Sudowoodo) lv. 22
  • El Mielero (Heracross) lv. 25
  • Serena (Miltank) lv. 25
I was thinking of adding Spoopy to my main team since it's surprisingly been my main ace lately, but I'm not too sure since I can't evolve it into a Victreebel until Kanto & I'm not sure how well it can handle facing Lance's Dragon types. An deciding between Tucker & Pixiebird for my main Flying type. Lastly, I thought I'd take the chance to try out a few pokémon I have in my PC that I've never used like Qwilfish, Shuckle, & Yanma to see how hold up.
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I took a brief hiatus because I got under leveled and forgot how much of a pain in the ass grinding in Gen II can be. That aside, I collected all eight Johto Badges, worked my way to Indigo Plateau, and conquered the Elite Four and Lance. Regrettably I lost Orpheus to a critical hit Hyper Beam from Lance's Aerodactyl. ;_; But since it was a Hyper Beam, Brooklyn was able to swoop in for the revenge kill while Aerodactyl recharged. I now head to Kanto with the following:

Blaze (Typhlosion) Lv.46
Dudette (Golem) Lv.46
Specter (Gengar) Lv.46
Brooklyn (Slowking) Lv.46
Bruce (Crobat) Lv.46

Here's hoping I catch a Grass or Electric-type somewhere in Kanto to fill in that empty slot or else Misty and Red's Blastoise are going to cause trouble.
@Psycho Monkey, I gotta agree with you involving the grinding problem. I barely beat Clair, after spamming Ice Punch and Headbutt. I got two crits and a freeze all on Clair’s Dragonair, making it surprisingly easy. But with Critias being my only hope during the whole battle, I realized how underleveled my team was. The sudden shit from mid twenties on Ice Path to the sudden mid-thirties, honeslty kinda peeved me a bit.

So now, I’m getting ready to grind before I take down Victory Road.

My team is
Critias (Male Feraligatr) LV 38
Wanda (Female Noctowl) LV 30
Mary (Female Ampharos) LV 34
Achilles (Male Heracross) LV 30
Gura (Male Girafarig) LV 30
Dustin (Male Sandslash) LV 24
Flare (Female Magmar) LV 20
Mystic (Female Laparas) LV 27
Kate (Female Dratinit) LV 12

Yeah, I have a lot of Pokemon in Rotation. I’ve been working with pretty much the last four on that list, with them all competing to be on my final spot for the team. (Well Kate only exists as an HM slave for Waterfall. I was pretty upset to learn Critias couldn’t learn Waterfall.) Anyways, TBH I’l probably end up using Dustin for type coverage, for fire type moves, Mary knows Fire Punch, and for Ice and Water, Critias has me covered. I’ve set him up with Iron Tail, Dig, Slash, and Rollout, so he has some solid type coverage. Plus, Earthquake is somewhere in Victory Road. :)

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With USUM hype followed by other shenanigans in life, it took me way longer to get back to my Gold Nuzlocke than I thought it would but I finally started playing again and have reached the end of the road. As I traveled around the Kanto region I was fortunate enough to catch an Electabuzz at the Power Plant to replace Orpheus as my Electric-type. I then proceeded to conquer the entire region defeating every Trainer and Gym Leader with the following team:

Blaze (Typhlosion) Lv.53
Dudette (Golem) Lv.52
Specter (Gengar) Lv.52
Brooklyn (Slowking) Lv.52
Bruce (Crobat) Lv.52
Mari (Electabuzz) Lv.52

Unfortunately that's where things ended badly. See, I... might have gotten a little ahead of myself and decided that I had no time to grind my team up 20 more levels. I challenged Red with what you see here and was spectacularly slaughtered. I led with Dudette who one-shot Pikachu with Earthquake after Pika missed with Charm. Next was Espeon so I switched to Specter expecting to use Hypnosis and Shadow Ball to defeat the Psychic-type. That plan... does not work when Espeon is faster. Espeon massacred over half my team suffering me the loss of Specter, Bruce, Dudette, and even Brooklyn. That monstrous Eeveelution nearly claimed Mari as well but she survived with 3 HP to deal the finishing blow. Too bad Snorlax then came in for the revenge kill leaving only Blaze left alive. Snorlax took no prisoners and eliminated him as well. There are no do-overs in a Nuzlocke so without any Pokemon left to protect me, the Red Rebel threw me off the summit of Mt. Silver to my death!

So there you have it! The end of my Gold playthrough and my first lost Nuzlocke. All because I got lazy. :p

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I'm currently journeying through the Johto region in Pokemon Crystal. I'm doing a nuzlocke for the first time and it has been challenging. I've lost some valued comrades along the way. This is my current team as of now.

This is my current Pokemon Team...
~ Sanders the Geodude
~ Minnie the Rattata
~ Corvus the Slowpoke
~ Xander the Zubat
~ Ashley the Bellsprout

Next challenge, farming for more experience and then taking on Whitney's gym.