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Ask to Join Touhou: The Human Excecution Crisis Discussion!

So, read the plot in the RP, heres for rules, character submissions, and OOC chats.
(Link to RP https://pokecharms.com/threads/touhou-the-human-excecution-crisis.21446/

-RP posts must be all IC, no parenthesis in the chats
-RP posts also must be at least 3 sentences wrong and in correct, or nearly correct grammar.
-Pokecharms rules apply here ^^
-Be nice, happy, and not a bitch in this chat thread too!
-Character rules are below

Name: (Lastname, Firstname)

Species: (The ones you can pick from are here: Human, Fairy, or Yokai. ALL ARE THE SAME SIZE AND HAVE MINOR DIFFERENCES IN APPEARANCE. Humans usually are the worst at flying, fairies have elemental powers, usually limited to one element, and have wings. Yokai are harder to explain. They have different powers depending on their category. They can have animal ears and eyes, etc. Almost all yokai have nightvision. Look yokai up on the official Touhou wiki for more explanation.)

Appearance: (If you're a fairy, you have wings. If you're an animal related yo kai, you have that animal's ears and tail. What is their clothing, hair style and color, skin color, eye color, and that's pretty much the bare minimum.

Bullets: (What speed and shape are they're bullets? Are they closer together? Are they spread out? Are they fast or slow? This doesn't really matter on race...They are .5 meters maximum)

Spell Card 1: (Spell cards are more powerful kinds of bullets. They usually clear out enemy bullets and do a ton of damage. This is really powerful and before resting IRP, you can use 3-5 of them.)

Spell Card 2: (This is your most powerful spell card. Usually, this clears out a ton of bullets and does a crap ton of damage.)

Other Information: (Describe what he/she likes/dislikes. If they were human, how did they enter genesokyo? Most importantly, what is their personality? That question is a requirement to be approved!)

My example below.

Name: Haru, Mika

Species: Yo-Kai

Appearance: Mika has grey hair and silver eyes. She has nearly pale skin as well. She stands at a short 5'4", and has grey Koala ears. She wears a woolen, winter dress and brown, almost knee-high boots. Very lean in body shape, making her very swift when flying.

Bullets: Mika's bullets are somewhat slow in speed. Her movement speed is high though. To recover from slow speed, her bullets are more spread out. They are in the shape of white, somewhat small (.2 meter) orbs.

Spell Card 1: Sleepy Sign: Power Nap

A bunch of bullets will move all over the place randomly, then will pause (but still will be painful to anyone who touches them) for roughly 30 seconds. Then, right after that, they will dissapear. She can use this 4 times without passing out.

Spell Card 2: Explosion Sign: Star Burst!

One giant orb will come out of her hand, which will explode into tiny bullets creating a star, then spreading out.

Other Information: Mika is an introvert who gets easily scared and gets easily exhausted. She loves the snow, and acts somewhat childish. Her human friends recently dissapeared, which makes her a bit nervous about what's going to happen next.
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