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Ultra Get In The Bag Simulator 2017 (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Playthrough Thread)


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We’re returning to Alola in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and so it's time for our official Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon playthough thread! This thread is for chronicling your adventures in Alola, and thus non-story spoilers are allowed. Turn back here if you don't want to know about the contents of the expanded Pokédex or other non-story-related spoilers. If you want to discuss story spoilers, please use our Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Spoilers thread.

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woop my copies are here! Starting with ultra moon, will put random thoughts down as i play for a bit...

Why does it want me to care about a coat rack?
oh ok you can't put your hat on until you get told to, stops you getting dressed like you could in XY... ok =)

Took rowlet, like the new obtaining partner bit, kinda cute, almost sucks to be hau more than usual though =p

Love the new battle menu look.
OMG save is press y on the menu, took me a moment to twig... YES! You know when now and then they bring something in and you think, woah, i never knew i needed that, that's save=Y for me.

Argh i hate facing wild pokemon without pokeballs.

Buneary is on route 1, yay, shame i can't trade a luxury ball yet, but gonna do the lopunny thing.

Iki town... oh boy lets get this thing going then...

There's something shiny behind a rock, i need tauros!
@Teapot I just want to say that I think this is my favourite thread title for these so far.

Anyway! The first thing I really appreciated about this game is how much faster the opening is compared to SM. I think people who want to try and get shiny starters or just get to the meat of the game faster will appreciate this. I sure did. Other thing of note is that while the differences are there they certainly seem pretty low key for now, but I kind of expected that for the beginning of the game. It's still good that they're there to make it less like you're just playing the same game.

Also, the beaches look horrible in this game and I actually hate them. I loved them in SM but here they look like there's a random green strip along the beach with very definite boundaries. Just, no.

So this is my team so far. I didn't want to use any of the starters as I've already used them all and I'm kinda bored of them, so I went and traded over my shiny Carbink called Ain to be my starter. It's pretty surprising how tanky she is, she was taking about three damage from the Totom Pokemon, so I like her (although she can't hit very hard). I've also grabbed an Inkay called Squiddle (with contrary which is soooo much fun), and a Noibat called Laplace (Not sold on the name, might change it later) Lazuli. At the moment I'm just grinding Lazuli up to level since he'll be my main fighter against Hala.

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I'm already decently far into the game xP! Thing is... I got a bit too attached to my Rowlet to evolve it. I've canceled out every evolution prompt so far... wonder if I can complete the game with a little Rowlet on my side! lol. My team so far is Parch, my level 31 shiny boi Rowlet, [I've canceled out all of his evolutions. I got a bit too attached to the potato after soft-resetting so many times.] Bom Bom, my male level 25 Lopunny, Splatter, my male Inkay, who's level 25, Taga, a female level 24 Poliwhirl, Rocco, a male Dusk Lycanroc at level 27, and the Ash-Pikachu, who I've gotten to level 29! I've spent a good amount of time on Poké Refresh for all of them, so most are at about 3-5 hearts. I'm at Ula'Ula island right now, so I'm moderately far in.. still wanted to post in this thread, though! I have Ultra Sun, btw. The trainer cards weren't really working for me [I couldn't place Rowlet in] so I just typed out my team. Having fun with the game so far! [I really wanna beat the game with a Rowlet.]
Just finished the first trial and earned a Normalium Z. I think this was the most strategic battle I've worked on yet since I used my Zorua's Leer & Fake Tears to weaken Totem Raticate & then used Litten, Rockruf, & Mime Jr. to hammer away at it bit by bit. As of right now, my team's currently between levels 11-13. I still want to keep them under level 14 though so that Hala's Grand Trial isn't too easy. I'm also planning on limiting myself just three pokémon like Hala for the battle.

  • Mr. Whiskers (Litten)- level 13
  • Bagheera (Rockruff)- level 12
  • Todd (Zorua)- level 12 [keeping until I face Hala]
  • Flipsy (inkay)- level 12 [keeping until I face Hala]
  • Punchinello (Mime Jr.) level 13 [not evolving since I HATE Mr. Mime]
  • El Grapadura (Hawlucha)- level 11
Current team:

Archimedes the Dartrix(Male) - 31
Xagas the Magmar(Male) - 30
Vrolg the Pupitar(Male) - 30
Ganymede the Ampharos(Male) - 30
Babo the Whiscash(Male, I think, i don't remember) - 30
LOS TIBURON the Hawlucha(Female) - 30

Have a few other things in storage in case I care to switch out, mostly just Dusk Forme Lycanroc, Mawile because bae, and a Mr. Mime I might do something with.

Really been enjoying everything so far, just got done thrashing Lurantis(my team looked nothing like this btw, they were all a stage down save for Dartrix), and I'm about to go waltz over to Olivia and make her rue the day she was born. Can't wait for the meat of the new plot to start kicking in, and once I get Machamp Shove... all hell is breaking loose bc I'mma get me a Volcarona
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I just got Ultra Moon yesterday and so far I've been enjoying it. My current team right now is the Rockruff that evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc and Popplio. I'm not so sure about my other team members but I do know I'm using a Banette, as he is my favorite Pokémon.

Archimedes the Decidueye(M) - 66
Eos the Volcarona(F) - 62
Vrolg the Tyranitar(M) - 63
Ganymede the Ampharos(M) - 65
Uralak the Kommo-o(M) - 60
Dutchman the Lapras(M) - 58

This is the team that became Champion, levels are about 10-ish higher each right now after doing the post-game episode. Speaking of which...
The Rainbow Rocket thing was cool. Battling all the leaders again and oh GOD THE REMIXES... pretty neat. It was a nice challenge coming right off the heels of becoming Champion, and thankfully I was leveled enough to where it wasn't a massive curb-stomp from either side, and it took some thankful miracle(Quiver Dance OP) to put an end to Giovanni's final 'mon that I looked up afterwards to discover that its moveset would have annihilated my entire team. Over-preparation yay.

Also fun is that the Power items are all on the ground on the eastern side of Poni, so you don't have to grind up BP on them(even though you still can). Still need to go mess around with the Ultra Wormholes to grind out all of the Legendaries, since there are several I need to recapture due to the new IV system XY put in(and I never bothered with them in ORAS).

Working on breeding a new team for myself to use in my Champion rematches, as well as one for the Battle Tree. Some additional things I noticed just throughout the main story:
  • Ampharos is faster than a vast majority of this regional dex, or at least, mine was(no positive speed nature and speed EVs were pretty low)
  • Tyranitar solves almost every problem(but we all knew that)
  • Affection is utter bs and kinda breaks the game imo(this is my first time even caring to use it, I just really wanted to pet my sheep :( )
  • There comes a time when Hau's first Pokemon in battle changes and I was not prepared for when it was
  • The story flows much much better! Everything makes sense!
Overall I'd give it an 8.5/10.

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I currently just finished the water trial, but my analogue stick broke because the previous owner of the 3DS that I'm using played a bit too much Smash. I have it superglued back on, but I'm seriously considering doing a system transfer to my 2DS so I don't have to deal with the thing possibly breaking again (and I downloaded a digital copy of the game because I couldn't figure out a way to get a physical copy without parentals finding out). The only issue is that it's a hacked 3DS with CFW... and I have a lotta ACNL save files I still wanna play around with on it.
Well, I thought I could join the thread, too! I got Ultra Sun, but I blazed through it. This is my team right now:

Blaze the Incineroar. He his my Z-Move Pokémon, having Incinium-Z
Judy the Lopunny. She is my Mega Pokémon, with amazing attack and speed stats.
Hibiscus the Oricorio. She is my spammer. I gave it a Metronome, so spamming Revelation Dance destroys my opponents.
Spike the Togedemaru. He is my wall. A combination of Iron Barbs and a Rocky Helmet can be pretty useful against physical Pokémon.
Nessie the Lapras. She is my status-er. Confusing them with Signal Beam, and then freezing them with Ice Beam can get you pretty far.
Coconuts the Exeggutor. Although he has awful speed and defense, he has amazing attack and Bright Powder, which can get him through a few turns without fainting.

(By the way, I have to wait a while to change my name to Zing Zapper, so that is why my username doesn't match my profile picture)
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Guys I am playing through POKÉMON ULTRA MOON
lycanrock (dusk form) #pretty cool pokemon
Cap pikachu (event) #also pretty cool
Tyranitar #I can’t use it completely
Charizard #qr scanner thx
Well guys this is my team what’s yours?

It showed evry Pokémon entry at the trailer like larvitar,noibat,qr scanner charmander
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I havent started yet, but im getting both games. I will play regularly in Ultra Sun and pick Litten, and i will play a Wonderlocke in Ultra Moon. All i know is i need to get Hawlucha in Ultra Sun.
Update time! I've been honestly pretty slow in playing through this game (as I've been distracted by other games), but I'm still having fun with it. I'm just grinding up a bit before storming Aether Paradise. I keep finding myself wishing the game was a little more different from SM but I do like Alola anyway so it's not an unpleasant experience. The plot's just a bit too samey though to really get me captivated. But I think the plot's about to diverge anyway so hopefully that will change.


Team wise, I decided to drop Malamar as it seemed a bit redundant to have with both Murkrow and Starmie. I also dropped Noibat as well, as I'm doing a no exp share run so I need each member of my team to be able to carry themselves, and Noibat's stats are well... yeah... Murkrow can look after herself pretty well though due to Super Luck and holding a Scope Lens, so I don't mind too much waiting ages for her to evolve. It took me a little while to figure out who else I wanted but after I realized I was really missing electric and ground type moves, I figured I should grab some Pokemon to cater to those. So my team is Ain the Carbink, Tillie the Murkrow (who I love btw), Yona the Salazzle, Roshan the Starmie, Kalahari the Pupitar, and Wilson the Electrabuzz. They can all handle themselves quite nicely so I'm pretty happy with them.
Right now, I'm in the after game, during the RR episode. The team is, in order gotten: Hawkeye the Decidueye, Kabuki the Zoroark, Maisy the Arcanine, Seabiscut the Mudsdale, Orochi the Gyarados (The MVP of this playthrough), and Bastion the Metagross. This game is fun, but I might take a break from the after game events to shiny hunt via the ultra wormholes.
Update: I've completed Arcelora's Trial with the Following Team: Original Cap Pikachu, Robin Hoot 2 the Decidueye, El Tigre the Incineroar (transfered as a Litten from Sun), Poppy the Primarina (transfered as a Popplio from Sun) and Dusk the Dusk Form Lycanroc.
I've finished all of Ultra Moon, not going to say anything about the ending.
It was one of my first of the more recent Pokemon games, and I really enjoyed it! My precious babes in the game are: Primarin - My starter Primarina, Owo - My Hawlucha (oh god I love halwuchas), Zorro - My Zoroark, Mimi- My Mimikyu (that was too hard to catch)
I also have a dusk form lycanroc and a dawn wings necrozma named Nicky. ♥

Yogan no Umo the Litten (male)
Thala the Grubbin (female)
Kili the Buneary (female)
Basin the Wingull (female)
Blacklight the Inkay (female)
Jeez, why is my team all girls.
I also have Ultra Moon, but I'm way farther into the game.
Planning to add the Ilex Forest event Celebi to my team after Hala. IT KNOWS FUTURE SIGHT AT LEVEL 30.