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Hey, all. I have an edited version of my trainer card, that I have not uploaded anywhere, per the terms and conditions, but I had a question. I didn't remove any credit or links, I simply redesigned Male-020 to stylize more after me, and was wondering if I could get permission to upload it? The only edits are to that sprite, to personalize it. I just wanted to ask here, first.


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Sorry, we don’t allow any edits to trainer cards for any reason. If you want to use your own sprite, you’ll either have to submit it to the TCM or create your own card from scratch.

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You're allowed to edit any official sprites from the Generation 4 and 5 eras, create your own from scratch, or use a combination of these two methods. You may not, however, use or edit any custom sprite made by another person as far as trainer sprites go.

This also means that by modifying a custom sprite from the TCM you are in violation of the TCM's terms of service! You are NOT ALLOWED to use or modify any TCM assets outside the TCM itself, unless you are the original creator that asset. And you most certainly are not.

In any case, the internet is full of resources and tutorials for making custom trainer cards from scratch. Bear in mind that if you do use any bases for anything and then choose to upload the thing on the Creative Corner, you are obligated under our rules to provide credit to the base creator and a link to the original base as it was uploaded by its original creator in a manner that would allow us to verify that the base is free to use and edit and was created for the purpose of use and edit by others
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Yeah, I won't upload it anywhere, I made my own avatar, I just gotta wait for V4.

Apologies. I tweaked it and then realized that the comment meant more than just not removing the URLS.
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