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USUM Ultra Necrozma Guide


Previously Keet
Are you stuck on Ultra Necrozma? Are you outraged at how broken this thing is? Well, with a few easy steps, you can beat Ultra Necrozma! (unless you dont want to read this thread or have beaten it already. Also pretty late so uh ok)

Step 1: Go Wormhole Hunting for a Quagsire.
This is the most important step of beating the thing. As you notice, Necrozma boosts itself to get major stat boosts. But, the move of the day is Haze, which Quagsire can have! So with a bit of a grind, you can get what you need.

Step 1.5: Save in front of Ultra Necrozma.
This is just a bit of saved time if you want to soft reset incase you can`t get the Haze off or die from it. Not needed, but just if you mess up.

Step 2: Lead as Quagsire and use Haze.
Know those stat boosts Necrozma has? With Haze, all of them are gone! Now you can safely set up without getting one-shot by it`s moves. That`s about it. If you die before, your save point can now help you save time getting back, if you had saved somewhere not near the battle.

Step 3. Destroy it!

Now, you can start your most wanted revenge, after all that time getting one shot, you can now body the thing. If you have a strong dark type move or anything against it that is effective, with a bit of time for swords dance/calm mind, you can finally get your reward.

Now in 3.5 steps, you too can defeat Ultra Necrozma!

(however this is probably really late, as most people know how to already, but just in case none exist here, im posting it so uh ok thanks for reading bye)
(also open to suggestions for this, and how it can improve)
An easier method is to get a zorua, teach it toxic, and have a fighting/poison type at the back of your party, necrozma will try to use a psychic move because it thinks your the fighting/poison type but you won`t take damage, then toxic and wait a few turns of immune attacks and it will be defeated, you don`t even need to level it up