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Jackdaw sat at the bar drinking his shot. The bar itself was located in a shadier part of Chicago. Several Gangs had patrolled the Area before Jackdaw. He broke out in a freezing/hot sweat, his hands shaking as he put a clip into his Silenced 1191. He stood up firing a few shots into the ceiling. The whole room was going in and out of focus. He struggled to make it to the back door. "S*** I shoulda been more careful. Somebody musta drugged me." He said turning around as a person came through the door. "You call the cops and I'll blow your brains out." He said to the figure, which was in the shadows. His 1191 was trained on their forehead.

(@Iceblossom )
Griffin stared at the man who was pointing a gun at her. "Uh... I-I wasn't going to call the police... what are you even talking about?" Griffin asked with a confused look, even though she was hidden in the shadows. She wondered why the man had threatened her about calling the police. Is this guy dangerous? Griffin thought and reached for a handgun in her pocket.
"Don't even think about it." Jackdaw said sharply. "Oh... Your the girl eh? You know how to use that thing? Because there's a lot of people who want to hurt you. Luckily I found you first." he said pushing her towards the running car in the alley way. "Shepard, get ready to drive." he said to the driver, as he heard the sounds of shots inside the club, and screams. they where getting closer. "Hurry up." he motioned for her to get in. "Ill explain everything later."
Ugh, what a brute. Griffin thought. She looked even more confused as before, but got into the car anyway. Her knees touched the seat in front of her because she was so tall, and her feet were squished. "Can you explain now, I'm very confused. Besides, you just pointed a gun at me for no reason! You also seem to be drugged..." Griffin muttered that last sentence under her breath.
"Yeah... The last part wasnt expected. Don't look at me as if im a hired mercenary. I'm the one who is protecting you and all from now on." he said pulling the Silenced Pistol out and jerking back the slide before releasing it swiftly. "If you get hurt, iI get shot, and my Sister and her son lose her house. Not all of us are Inhuman." he said briskly.
Griffin tensed up, and her amber eyes seemed to blaze. "I understand that, but you don't need to protect me! You don't even know my name, where I'm from, how old I am... You don't know anything about me!" Griffin argued. She tightened her grip on her handgun, still prepared to use it.