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Ask to Join Warrior cats:A Dangerous Place

Lavenderpaw was curled up in the nest in the farthest corner so no one would bother her."Hey fish sticks!Home sick?"One of the apprentices laughed in her face."You know there's something called different."Snapped Lavenderpaw,"That oughta shut them up."She mumbled curling up.Just then Cheetahtail came in,"Do you want to go hunting Lavenderpaw?"Called Cheetahtail,Cheetahtail's apprentice dashed up to him."Anything to get me away from this jerks."She whispered to him."Than let's go."The cheetah looking warrior told Lavenderpaw,and they left camp.
Sparkkit jumped around in camp. He was oblivious to who his father was and his dead sister. He saw Lavenderpaw and Cheetahtail leaving camp. He raced up to them. "Are you going hunting? Can I come?" Sparkkit asked.

Riverfang was in the warriors den of RiverClan. He was considering joining ThunderClan to be with Pounceflower and his kits. Should he be loyal to RiverClan, or join ThunderClan?
Sparkkit looked down. "Fine.." He mumbled. Sparkkit instantly cheered up. He ran over to the nursery. Sparkkit jumped around with another kit.
Zephr had awoken early with Crowfeather to aid her in gathering herbs to overstock RiverClan in case of emergency. He mimicked his mentor's gathering method, relying on his sense of smell more than sight, as Crowfeather had explained: "There is always a chance you will loose sight like me, if that should happen you will not be helpless. Since you do have sight, at least you can keep lookout for me when we gather for warriors."

As such, his grey blue eyes scanned his surrounding dutifully, doing just that and keeping an eye out. Other than a few RiverClan he saw who had been out on patrols, he didn't see anything suspicious. Crowfeather picked up the pace, and began digging in a rather hidden patch of dirt. Zephr couldn't help but admire his mentor, they never had to search very long or far to get anything, because they didn't miss anything due to sight. Of course, sometimes traveling towards ThunderClan in leaf fall was required to get brown leaves, but they were allowed to do that as medicine cats.
Stormpaw blinked open her eyes and got up. She saw as Lavenderpaw and Cheetahtail leave and suddenly got jealous. She wanted to go night hunting. She snuck out the Apprentice den and left to hunt.
Lavenderpaw and Cheetahtail walked along the Riverclan boarder.Neither looking behind,they didn't notice the other apprentice.Lavenderpaw suddenly picked up a scent,she dropped into a hunting crouch.
Stormpaw jumped into a bush. She picked up a scent of a bird. She dropped as she spotted her secret friend in RiverClan across the border. "Look," She whispered. "Why are you hunting here and why are you across the border? My clanmates are near and they'll shred you to pieces!" Owlpaw shrugged. "I'll destroy them. My mentor is a recruit from ShadowClan, he's tough. He was the best ShadowClan Warrior." He snorted. "Well, you're going to get me in trouble!" She shoved him.
Cheetahtail and Lavenderpaw were split up,Lavenderpaw noticed Stormpaw."Oh,um...hi Stormpaw."Lavnderpaw was too shy to talk straighter sense everyone teased her of being a used-to-be Riverclan cat.
Stormpaw jumped. "I don't know him! Er... I mean...hey Lavenderpaw." Owlpaw snorted. "You seem shy," he turned to Stormpaw. "Why did you shove me?" "Because Lavenderpaw has the ability to tell on me!" She snapped. "Please don't tell on me," Stormpaw begged Lavenderpaw.
"I'm not,and don't even think about it.I had enough for this moon."Lavenderpaw snapped,she was talking about the teasing part.Lavenderpaw remembered Owlpaw when Lavenderpaw was a kit."Hi,Owlkit-I mean Owlpaw."Lavenderpaw greeted.
Stormpaw blinked in surprise. "You know each other?" "Yeah, we're both RiverClan." Owlpaw snorted. "Hi, Lavenderpaw. Why did you leave again?" He dipped his head than stared at Lavenderpaw. Stormpaw just stared blankly to the distance.
Sparkkit was bored. He looked at the exit of the camp. Sparkkit crept out of camp, with noone seeing. He chuckled to himself. He saw Lavenderpaw, Stormpaw, and Owlpaw.
"Well!If you want a quick lesson on curious kits.They are annoying,disobeying,disrespectful,and snappy!"Lavenderpaw mewed,If only he knew.Lavenderpaw thought.
"Um, what?! You know that's just as bad as the cats who bully you!" Sparkkit exclaimed, not hiding himself anymore. "Wow. And I thought I looked up to you," Sparkkit had new tears going streaming from his eyes.
"Told you!"Lavenderpaw whispered for only Owlpaw to hear,"But that kit isn't curious,the kit is smart."Lavenderpaw mewed in her normal tone,it sounded like she mented it and she really did.
Sparkkit dashed off, tears streaming down his face and onto the ground. Sparkkit wasn't heading toward the camp. He was running in the opposite direction.
Owlpaw sniffed the air again. My mentor and my leader? "More cats! Run!" He demanded. "My mentor will kill me!" Stormpaw looked at him for his selfishness. "And you guys." He sighed.
Owlpaw sniffed the air. "They're getting closer!" He does up and something grabbed his scruff. "Help!" He mewled like a kit. "Get away from these enemies." His mentor growled. "And Lavenderkit." The leader put in. "He's breaking the warrior code!" The deputy hissed. Owlpaw lashed out a paw. "Put me down! These cats of the enemy clan are my friends! You can't change that." He huffed.
"My name is Lavenderpaw thank you."Lavenderpaw bared her teeth,she unsheathed her paws and swiped at the deputy.On the deputy's cheek was a scratch that was bleeding,Lavenderpaw hissed.
The deputy snorted. "An apprentice Battling me, wow. I didn't want to do this but," She unsheathed her claws and slashed Lavenderpaw's muzzle. She picked the kit up by the ear. "Stubborn." The mentor let him go and unsheathed his claws slashing Lavenderpaw's pelt. Stormpaw froze in fear.
"Nope," The deputy snarled following over. She pinned her to a rock, then sheathed her claws."I don't need ckaws for this part." She winked to the leader and mentor they took turns kicking her. Stormpaw finally moved an inch. Owlpaw froze in fear.
Lavenderpaw bared her teeth,very quickly,she got on her stomach and pounced up and clawed while she was doing it.She was now covered in scratches,Lavenderpaw bit the deputies leg.
"Why's it always me?" The deputy complained. She head-butted Lavenderpaw's stomachs but the leader stopped her. "She's a kit, leave her alone."He turned to Stormpaw and Owlpaw. "Take them," The cats obeyed the leader and padded of to their territory.
Sparkkit raced away from camp, crying. He smelled something odd, but he suspescted that it was his nose acting weird. The smell was a fox. Sparkkit ran and ran. He looked up, and saw a fox. It was looking at him, snarling.