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Open Warrior Cats: Twoleg Assault

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ThunderClan (a beautiful living cat clan that is one of six clans). Is falling apart by twolegs. Twolegs are building buildings, roads, factories, and more houses. ThunderClan is at risk at losing their natural turf. Just like other clans. What will the clan cats do? Where will they go? How will the clans survive? and even... how will starclan help? Find out in this rp!

Prophecy: "Five kits and one raven, Kin of all kin, will have the power of the universe in their very paws. These six will help all clans end this period once and for all."

A Golden pelt She-cat, a StarClan cat, knew what she had to do. She gave a gift to all clans. "A gift that will end all bad times." she whispered. "Starkit, Stripekit, Lunakit, Snowkit, Autumnkit and Ravenwing." and then dissappeared.

Eh it took me two hours to come up on that prophecy by checking all the books. (I still dont like it...)

1. Have Fun
2. Dont be a character than overpowers the prophecy
3. Do not die over and over again. (If your gonna die in the rp PM me, but you must have at least 1 other chacracter to rp with.
4. Romance is allowed
5. Have fun
6. Do not have more than two specialty's (Fighting, Hunting, Idea-kind of cat, Medic, Teaching, and Finding)

Use this:
Favorite Hobbie(s):

Ask first before choosing a "Important" Character:


Name: Starkit
Rank: Kit
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: A white, slim, She-cat with amber eyes
Personality: Calm, Usually dreams about the prophecy. She and StarClan Is the only one that knows about it.
Favorite Hobbie(s): Sneaking off and collecting stuff
Specialty: Medic, Finding
Secret: Prophecy
Other: has a Sprained leg, however she never told anyone bacause Starkit wanted to be a warrior and
She thinks the leg will hold her from that opportunity.


Name: Stripekit
Rank: Kit
Gender: Tom
Appearence: A gray, tabby tom with amber eyes and white paws and stomach.
Personality: Playful and Clumsy, loves to explore and teaches fellow kits how to collect moss for bed
Favorite Hobbie(s): Exploring
Specialty: Hunting, Teaching
Secret: Hangs out with other kits from other clans at night.
Other: None


Name: Lunakit (Im Lunakit!)
Rank: Kit
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: A black, She cat with amber eyes
Personality: Very Shy, Tries to use her small size to advantages
Favorite Hobbie(s): Looking at the moon, seeing a reflection of her StarClan mother.
Specialty: Idea-Kind of cat, Hunting
Secret: Has a crush of another kit, however she is too shy to act on it.
Other: Most times she gets a weird vision of Firestar, even though he is dead (in this rp)


Name: Snowkit
Rank: Kit
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: a Snow-like White Skinny She-cat with amber eyes
Personality: Adventurous, want to go on adventures but she thinks she will get in trouble if she leaves the nersery when told not to.
Favorite Hobbie(s): Dreaming of Adventures, playing Paw, Swipe, and Jab (which is rock paper scissors) with her denmates (Paw = Rock, Swipe = Paper, and Jab = Scissors)
Specialty: Hunting, Fighting
Secret: Wishes leaf-bare was year round.
Other: None


Name: Autumnkit
Rank: Kit
Gender: Tom
Appearence: A caramel-light brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Personality: Bossy, usually is a troublemaker and thinks hes the leader of everyone and thinks he is strong as StarClan, even though he doesnt know the Prophecy.
Favorite Hobbie(s): Giving orders to his littler siblings (he is five moons old) and letting them do his work while no one is watching them
Specialty: Hunting, Fighting
Secret: Stalks Starkit alot
Other: None

Ravenwing (The Raven)

Name: Ravenwing
Rank: No rank, he isnt in a Clan, he is a wild raven
Gender: Male
Appearence: A purple raven
Personality: Calm and wise, loves to watch over the five kits in the prophecy
Favorite Hobbie(s): Watching
Specialty: Finding, Hunting
Secret: Has a deep connection with StarClan, he knows the warrior code, he even knows the prophecy
Other: a talking raven

My Characters:

Name: Solarstar
Rank: Leader
Gender: Tom
Appearence: a golden tabby tom with Orange-reddish eyes
Personality: Calm, takes care of his clan
Favorite Hobbie(s): Hunting HIMSELF
Specialty: idea..., Huntng
Secret: also has a crush on a clan-cat, usually hunts when everyone is asleep.
Other: Currently, he has a bitten ear and is healing

Name: Shadowpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Tom
Appearence: A Black tom with golden eyes
Personality: Very Respectful, listens to his mentor and trys to do his best
Favorite Hobbie(s): Practicing and Teaching Starkit his moves
Specialty: Hunting, Finding
Secret: Seems to know a bit about the Prophecy
Other: None

Also I am Lunakit!!!

Leader of ThunderClan: Me! (Solarstar)
Deputy of ThunderClan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (Mistyfire)
Warriors of ThunderClan: @BridgetLilly_00 (Sunpelt)
Apprentices of ThunderClan: Me! (Shadowpaw) @SuperPokemonFan43 (Frostpaw) @DiamondPikachu (Snowpaw)
Medicine Cat of ThunderClan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (Blossompool)
Elders of ThunderClan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (Brightwing)
Queens of ThunderClan (She-cats expecting kits): @BridgetLilly_00 (Dawnspots)
Rouges and Loners:
Mysterious cat:
Prophecy Kits: Starkit: @DiamondPikachu /Lunakit: Me! /Snowkit: @SuperPokemonFan43 /Stripekit: @BridgetLilly_00

Have fun!
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I rushed through the introduction because I was kinda excited by coming up with a warriors rp idea that took me many hours to come up with. So all errors should be fixed ( I hope )
Can I be Snowkit?


Name: Frostpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: She-cat
Appearance: Frost colored she-cat with green eyes
Personality: Kind, playful, somehow wise
Hobbies(s): Play, play and even more playing, hunting, play fights so much she could probably stand up and fight a Warrior, helps sick cats
Speciality: Battling, hunting, training to be a medicine cat but somehow can hunt a fight
Secret(s): Gets visions from StarClan
Other: Wants to be Frostblossom

Name: Blossompool
Rank: Medicine Cat
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: Orange she-cat with blue eyes
Personality: loyal, kind, caring
Hobbies(s): taking care of cats and kits, training Apprentices
Speciality: Recognizing herbs
Secret(s): same as Frostpaw and was made to be a Medicine Cat
Other: None

Name: Mistyfire
Rank: Deputy
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: Silver she-cat with golden eyes
Personality: Serious, brave, nice
Hobbies(s): being a brave Warrior
Speciality: knowing about herbs
Secret(s): She knows about a hidden Clan
Other: None

Name: Brightwing
Rank: Elder
Gender: She-cat (all she-cats)
Appearence: Gray she-cat with blue golden eyes
Personality: Kind, loyal, clever
Hobbies(s): telling stories
Speciality: None
Secret(s): She is the only one who is and knows about the hidden clan that is still alive other than Mistyfire
Other: None
Name: Snowpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Female
Appearence: Pure white pelt, blue eyes.
Personality: Bubbly, calm
Favorite Hobbie(s): Hunting
Specialty: Stealth
Secret: None
Other: Not blind
Can I be Stripekit?

Name: Dawnspots
Rank: Queen
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: Cream-colored she-cat with brown spots on her face and green eyes
Personality: Nice, stubborn, will fight for what is right, reckless
Favorite Hobbie(s): Sleeping and dreaming about how her kits will look like
Specialty: when she's not expecting kits, she's very good at hunting
Secret: Is a half-clan cat
Other: Her mate is Sunpelt.

Name: Sunpelt
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Tom
Appearence: Pale ginger tabby with blue eyes
Personality: Protective, kind
Favorite Hobbie(s): Hunting and eating
Specialty: Hunting
Secret: none
Other: His mate is Dawnspots

(kits later born in rp)

Name: Lunarkit
Rank: Kit
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: Pale ginger with green eyes
Personality: Hyper
Favorite Hobbie(s): playing
Specialty: playing
Secret: none
Other: Was born fourth

Name: Sagekit
Rank: kit
Gender: she-cat
Appearence: cream colored tabby with blue eyes
Personality: kind, caring
Favorite Hobbie(s): hanging out with the medicine cat
Specialty: listening
Secret: none
Other: wants to be a medicine cat and was born first

Name: Nightkit
Rank: kit
Gender: Tom
Appearence: Pale ginger tabby with blue eyes
Personality: bold
Favorite Hobbie(s): eating
Specialty: eating
Secret: none
Other: was born second

Name: Silverkit
Rank: kit
Gender: Tom
Appearence: cream colored cat with blue eyes
Personality: laid back
Favorite Hobbie(s): sleeping
Specialty: sleeping
Secret: none
Other: Was born third

Name: Leafkit
Rank: kit
Gender: she-cat
Appearence: cream colored cat with brown spots on her face and blue eyes
Personality: kind, calm
Favorite Hobbie(s): playing
Specialty: playing
Secret: none
Other: was born last
Also, I edited the introduction thing on my first post. You should see now where's everyones characters are at in warrior rankings. (Basically telling who is what in ranks) I wont add future kits untill they are born.
Name: Ashfire
Rank : Warrior
Gender: Tom - Cat
Appearence: He is full black with grey stripes. His tail ends in a white and his eyes are red.
Personality: He is wise and mysterious. One of the cats people would look up at.
Favorite Hobbie(s): He simply likes telling kits facts of the world.
Specialty: His wisdom can help anywhere.
Secret: He used to be a kittypet.
Other: Adopted brother of Wolfkit.

Name: Wolfkit
Rank: Kit
Gender: Tom - Cat
Appearence: Wolfkit is grey and has amber eyes. His tail ends in black.
Personality: Shy, Lonely.
Favorite Hobbie(s): Usually listening to Ashfire's stories.
Specialty: He goes hunting with Ashfire.
Secret: None.
Other: Brother of Ashfire