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What are some ridiculous nicknames you gotten from wonder trade?

What pokemon nicknames did you get from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and did the nicknames ever made you laugh?

1 nickname I gotten was Yo'Momma but I traded it away because of the name and it was a Ponyta on lv 1.
I got a Zigzagoon nicknamed "PestRacoon". I kinda felt bad for it, because Zigzagoon is adorable and doesn't deserve a name like that. I suppose it was because you keep receiving it trough Wonder Trade nowadays.
I recieved a Fennekin with Magic Guard that was named "FAILURE 17"... Someone was probably trying to breed one with Perfect IVs and the Hidden Ability. IVs probably weren't perfect, and the nickname was crap... But still, a Fennekin with Magic Guard. I was happy. Lol.

I got a Hypno named HideYoKids

^That's like... Double reference... Bed intruder, and Hypno's lullaby. I think I love that Hypno. Lol.
When im wonder trading being crazy for shiny mews. I finally got one in XY. But what name i got? Take a look.


I got a Machop once with john cena. I also traded with my friend who is a SU fan and he kept giving me bird pokemon named Thirst or Thirsty and Salt/Salty. Very clever...:\=|:
I got a Burmy named God i kid you not >_< It was the grass version. Idk if any of you have seen it floating around WT. If you have I wanna know your reaction. Mine was "Wtfh" lol >< xD
Well,I got a Raichu named Elric(OhMyGodHeKnowsThatILoveFullmetalAlchemist),a Lucario named Goku (Are you serious? :/ ),and a Ninetails named Naruto(How surprising). The guy's game name was Anime, so I'm pretty darn sure he named all of his Pokemon after anime characters. :p