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What device(s) do you most often use to access Pokecharms?

Which do you most often use when accessing the site?

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Been wanting to ask the community this for awhile and finally getting around to doing so! When viewing Pokecharms, which devices do you most often view it on?

If you frequently use multiple devices to access the site, such as both a phone and a computer/laptop, which do you favour most? Do you have any sort of preferences, such as using a phone when you're out and about but hopping on your PC when at home? Etc. etc.

Myself, I most frequently use my iPad to view the website when at home (about 75% of the time) but if I'm writing anything of notable length or working with images (ie. writing news updates) I prefer to boot up my laptop or desktop PC. I very rarely check the website on my iPhone but will do so if feeling lazy or away from home. :)

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I don't have a tablet myself so I stick with using my phone when I'm out and about. I'd much prefer my laptop, though; it's a lot easier to type and reply to people and puts a lot less strain on my hand.

To be honest, about 90% of my day is spent on 'Charms (I'm usually multitasking, though, but doesn't change the fact I'm online!), and about 80% of that time I'm away from my keyboard so I tend to use my phone. Doesn't change the fact I still prefer my laptop, though.

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So far, I on'y use my computer. Because I need to be ready if I need to make a long post. (Which is funny because sometimes when I DON"T need to make a long post- it's when I'm on my computer. But when I need to make a long post- it's on my phone)
It really all depends on the location, honestly. When I'm at home or if I'm too lazy to get out of bed, I use my laptop. But most of the time my cousin has my computer so I resort to using my iPad instead. This is also what I use to draw all of my shit. :p
I use my laptop, but my internet is messed up so I have to use a PROXY AND IT IS SO FRIGGIN SLOW AND ANNOYING AND GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I almost exclusively use my laptop, as it is convenient and easy to type that way. I only use my phone out of absolute necessity, because that's just insanely time-consuming. @.@
My laptop! It didn't take me long to realize that posting things from my phone is beyond frustrating. And if I'm on Pokecharms, I'm usually posting things.

Now if we ever got a mobile version of forums...
My desktop if all possible, it's easier to use and i can switch tabs freely while role playing. But if I leave the house, I have Pokecharms bookmarked so I can "stalk 'n talk" still.
Because of my laziness to turn on my computer, it's my iPad Air 2. I also don't use my computer Pokecharms, since it lags for me.

I sometimes use my computer for Charms, but it's just lag for me.

So the answer is: I use my iPad.


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When I'm not on my laptop, I usually use my iPad Pro. It's a little difficult to get around at times... but that's just because tablets aren't meant for such things is all. XD
My preference is my iPad, however it is School property and I have to return it during the summer months, and I'm too cheap to buy a laptop, or iPad of my own. I use my phone when necessary, and will use it during my summer vacation, but overall, I prefer the iPad, with a keyboard, mainly because I can type faster, more accurately, and I don't feel awkward doing it. With my phone it takes forever to get a decent sized post, mainly because unlike the stereotypical teenage boy that people assume I am, I am a very slow texter. Slower than my friends grandmother.
Lately I've been using my phone more than anything else as my laptop is pretty mush OOS right now. But when i get the chance i prefer to use the computer then a mobile device
Well, I often use my phone whenever I'm not at home, but I prefer to use it mainly for viewing alerts and making shorter posts since it'll put great strain on my big fingers if I were to write a book. (Not mention that I might occasionally hit the reply button too early which has happened already!)

I use my computer for the majority of writing replies for the roleplay content that often top off others', or when dealing with the planning and execution of my stories that I have been slowly working on. It is easier to manage, since everything's a lot bigger. (Not to mention that it's way easier to work with on my Fakemon database that I've been developing for the course of months!)
I'm one of those unusual people who uses their smartphone to access it nearly all the time, mostly because my computer can't be used since my dad is using my monitor
Laptop (Chromebook, specifically). Using a phone to type gets tedious and aggravating. It doesn't help that my phone is newer, and still getting used to the words I use. Therefore, words I want to type autocorrect to something else. Grrrrrr. Plus, I type very quickly on computers, as I do so much writing in my spare time. This site also loads faster on my laptop. However, if I'm in dire straits (i.e. my laptop is dead/I'm out and about/other stuff idk) I'll use my phone.