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What is your 1st Pokemon you trained to Level 100?

The first pokemon I got to level 100 was a samarott on pokemon black. Funny thing is, I didn't even noticed he was close to level 100 until I was on victory road.
Simple.Roselia in Pokemon Emerald.And it was a shiny,too.So,I bragged to my friends so much...even though they were playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,so they had Roserades...
I think it was my Clawitzer in X. It just had so much type coverage that I used it all the time. My team in X were the first ones I ever trained up to Lv.100.
I think it was my Pikachu from the Kalos team. I leveled all of them at around the same time. Right now I'm trying to get my Omega Ruby team - and some of my other favorite Pokemon to level 100. They've already got their Kalos and Hoenn champion ribbons.

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My first was a Kingdra named Tsunami back in the days of Silver. I got it in Blue as a Horsea, leveled it up to a Lv.50 Seadra, then traded it over to Silver when I learned of Kingdra's existence so that Tsunami could achieve his full potential. It's no wonder Kingdra is in my top five favorite Pokemon.
Hell, I never got a pokemon past level 65. There's not much reason to and I didn't want to waste time grinding just reach a number that would achieve... Well, pretty much nothing.
I finally got two Pokemon to Level 100 in my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game recently. They were my Swampert (YASSS) and my Umbreon. My Absol is pretty close. Still working on it! >:D
While my first Pokemon game was Silver (which I played for countless hours, over and over again), I didn't ever get a Pokemon to Level 100 until I got my hands on Pokemon Fire Red. I started with a Squirtle that I named Bowser ("Gee, I wonder where he got that name from?") and used him the most out of any other party member, eventually taking him all the way to Level 100.
My first was Lucario in Black 2. It took me forever to train him, especially since the Elite 4 had Ghost, and Phychic and the Elite 4 gives tons of EXP. Then I just went on the Subway to get Rare Candy. "Im telling you. That was he most tedious thing ive ever did.
Windy the Pigeot in Silver, traded from Yellow. The first Pokemon I ever caught.
Followed briefly by Norbert the Dragonite and Muffin the Furret.

To this day they were the only level 100 Pokemon I've ever owned that I'd trained there myself.
Hmmm...I think it was my Sceptile from Emerald(my first Pokemon game). Jeez. It took a while to level it up 95 times. I usually feel like I need to raise my teams to level 100 for some reason. It's like a tradition :p


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I can't clearly remember, but it was either my Mewtwo named Spike or my Dragonite named Yoshi - both leveled to 100 during generation 1. I also leveled up my totally legit gen 1 Mew to 100 but that likely happened later. It's so hard to remember that far back... X'D
I believe it was in the days of Diamond and Pearl, when I had a lot more time on my hands. My little Level 5 Chimchar progressed to a Level 100 Infernape within 4 months of obtaining my Diamond Version, being the first Pokemon I had ever raised to Level 100. Since then, I've done this for several others (especially since the Exp. Share makes it ludicrously simple to raise Pokemon to higher levels), but that was the first.
Well, I've never raised a Pokemon to level 100, but I'm trying to with my Banette, who's close to being in the 80s, if I remember correctly. Right now, she's in my Omega Ruby team, but I caught her in my first playthrough.
I have so many level 100 Legendaries, but I know they don't count, since I got them at level 100. Actually, I think one of my first ones was a shiny Jirachi, which I still regret trading for to this day. I had to give away my only hatched shiny, which I had evolved into a mega-evolve-able Ampharos, which is my all-time favorite Pokemon. I never even use/d the Jirachi. :S
I can't quite remember which one came first, but it was either this Pelipper I got really obsessed with for reasons which I can't remember (I basically used it to solo the game, it was around level 70 at the 6th gym if I recall correctly), or the Rayquaza which I caught on the same file in Emerald.
My first Pokemon that I raised up to Lv. 100 was my Sceptile and Gardevoir, on my first Pokemon game, Emerald.
Right now, I have a Lv. 100 Decidueye and Mimkyu
Back in Blue Version, I had a bunch of Pokemon that were level 100 - but I used the hell out of the Missigno glitch for Rare Candies, so I'm not sure that should count.

Aside from that, I leveled up my Typhlosion in Silver Version to 100. The guy could take on the entire Elite Four on his own, not that that was terribly impressive considering Johto's Elite Four.
Mine was my starter from my first pokemon game omega ruby, Blaziken. I got emotiobally attaches and I love his moveset so I kept him throughout most of the game and was able to level him up to level 100
My first attempt was my Lucario, Shenzi, in Pokémon White. I thought I got her to lv 100, but after checking while sending her to Pokemon Sun, it turns out I only ever got her to lv95. Pretty close though.
My first successful attempt were my Female Pyroar (Fliker), and my Yveltal (Shard) in Pokémon Y.
Since then I haven't gotten any of my Pokémon to lv100 yet, though I've had quite a few I've gotten get close (like my Scizor, XY event Blaziken, etc). I'll make that one of my goals in Ultra Moon.

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I must admit - I've never trained a Pokemon to level 100. Never saw any point for it. I find level-grinding obscenely tedious, I don't bother with the competitive scene (which kind of auto-levels you anyway) and in-game implementations never really require you to levelgrind until you feel like throwing the expensive handheld into a volcano for... what. Bragging rights? "Congratulations, I've wasted metric fucktonnes of time on repetitive battles when I could have done literally anything else more productive or enjoyable, just so I the little number next to my 'mon hit triple digits?"

I mean, if that's your thing, I'm not judging, I'm just not enough of a masochist.

So I suspect my first level 100 'mon was an event 'mon that already came at level 100, which doesn't really count. Woo. *Waves a little flag, I guess*