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What Is Your Favorite Alolan Form?

What is your favorite Alolan Form?

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In Sun And Moon Generation 1 pokemon are getting Alolan forms. What is YOUR favorite? (My personal Favorite is Diglett.)
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Five tons of off-topic spammy garbage removed. Keep discussions on topic. And please. Some explanation for why these Alola Forms are your favorites.

I appreciate the concept of Alola Forms because insular biodiversity is entirely my jam. But the forms themselves I am generally a bit disappointed with to be perfectly honest. Could have done with more of them for one - I can think of a few species that could have done with interesting insular biodiversity forms (many of which, alas, did not happen because Game Freak decided to limit those to Gen 1 'mons because of some arbitrary anniversary nonsense). But the sad reality is that many of them appear either kind of off, or like they were designed as more of a joke than an actual creature. There was clearly thought put even into the most cartoonish edits, mind (see also Dugtrio's flowing goddamn wigs, actually a reference to Pele's Hair) - and I guess I can appreciate goofy edits to already goofy looking creatures (Exeggutor, in particular - sweet merciful eff, that thing is hilarious and I can't help but love it)... But I guess I expected more of that concept.

I suppose aesthetically my favorite would have to be Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales - they're a lovely transition of the line to the ice-type and I enjoy the sort of wispy way they've handled the tails/mane on Ninetales. 'Shrew and Slash are also pretty cool in terms of design - but unfortunately their stats in combination with their type make them practically unusable, alas. And then there's Alolexegg, for reasons I've mentioned before.

I guess I could also give an honorable mention to Alolan Muk - that particular Rainbow Clustermuk may hurt my eyes ingame, but I entirely get what they were going for - oil slick rainbows - and I can picture the thing looking really awesome in my head. I'm also leaning towards Alola Golem - Ridiculous Zangief Beard aside, I find its hidden ability nifty as frell and I like that type combination, even with that massive ground weakness.
My favorite would be Golem. It have been my favourite since I was small. Now It looks like a tank. And the Z-Move, I literally dug to the core of Earth. Imagine what would happen if many people use this at the same time, it would be goodbye to the whole world

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I really love Alolan Sandslash. I really dig its design, it's just really cool (seewhatIdidthar) and as Sandshrew is easily one of my top Gen I 'mons... yeah, I love the thing to bits and pieces.

Honorable mentions go to Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales and Alolan Marowak. I'm not particularly fond of the others, though I appreciate Dugtrio's Pele Hair and Exeggutor cracks me up.
Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales (could only vote for Ninetales in poll)
really love their cute icy arctic fox design, as they are one of my top favorite fox species - especially with Ninetales (regular shiny always looked arctic fox and should have been ice type) it's also so beautiful looking
I'm quite fond of the Alolan Dugtrio if because of its fabulous hair. The new Steel typing is really neat, too, but I honestly just wanted a Dugtrio on my team to name it Prince Adam, and then I found out how useful it really was. :p
The moment I saw Alolan Grimer was Dark/Poison, I knew it was this lovely slime monster's time to shine! It's been a powerhouse on my team and got me through some really tough battles!

On another note, Alolan Sandshrew is cute as a button!


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Alolan Vulpix ♥

I really need to get myself a plush, because I find it utterly beautiful. I love that it's an Ice Type. I also think Alolan Sandshrew is super cute.

Alolan Marowak is a great concept I think, they did really well with the ghostly design and I love the colours they used.
I love Alolan Marowak, & the Synergy between Ninetales & Sandslash.
Marowak is solid with Thick Club & Rock Head. It almost isn't fair, haha.
Snowslash and Ninetales changed how I built my teams, so that's good.
Not too much of a fan of Raticate because of it's bad x4 Weakness to Fighting though, but I love Ratata's design.
Hated Persian though. I cancelled that evolution over 40 times because it's so ugly.
I wish more variants could have been in the game. Poison/Grass or Steel Nidoking would have been legit, or a Fighting/Ground Primape.

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Personally, Meowth and Vulpix/Ninetales are my favourites.
I've yet to own PKMN Moon or Sun, so there isn't much more I can add to this.
Design wise though? Very cute! I really like Raichu's design as well.
Alolan Ninetales, Vulpix, Exeggutor, and Dugtrio are my favourite. I love how beautiful Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales are, and how pretty their shinies are as well. I love Alolan Exeggutor and Dugtrio because of how hilarious they look, especially Dugtrio.
It's a hard choice, but I said Alola Sandshrew. Not because it's the strongest or anything like that. But it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. It's like a little igloo. Other than that though, Alola Ninetales and Raichu are pretty cool too.
All I can say is Alohan Vulpix hands down! I find her appearance so magnificent to the point where it looks even better than its original form...

The part that got my most attention was the tuft of fur on her head that complemented her white body and tails.

Even though her Alohan form gets obliterated from her original form, she takes the cake over Alohan Sandshrew because I personally loved her lore more than the Sandshrew's.

Ps, I have a plush toy of her and I would just like to say that its cuteness is beyond writable words.
Probably my favourite would be Alolan Raichu.... Since it was the first ever Alolan form I found out about and I really liked it's design, being based off of the Surfing Raichu from Pokemon Stadium.
marowak is one of my favorite gen 1 pokemon. not as cool as my number #1 favorite pokemon slowpoke but still supes cool. seeing him get a alola form makes him a lot cooler. i could imagine the people making him were thinking how can we make marowak an already cool pokemon cooler. how about we turn him into a ghost! slap some fire on his club and bam! instant improvement.

alolan muk is really cool because of all them colors. to all of you who've ever wanted a hug from a muk... don't lie, you know you do.

now there is an alolan muk.

i also really like the sandslash with the ice crystals look going on. Its going to be real sad when summer gets here and he melts or something. the fact that he now has steel type now though is a bonus for me cause. steel type is my favorite.


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Alright, I love Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales. They a super good retty and I think even prettier then the regular ones. I also love Alolan Sanshrew and Raichu, because they are the cutest things ever!