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What was your biggest pokemon fail?

Mine was probably forgetting the masterball with a pokemon in my box while going to face Rayquaza. So I'd like to know, what was yours?
Probably when I had a team of one Lucario and five eggs.... And then I walked onto the Cavalave Bridge... For the first time... Yes... My rival is so stupid and desperate... NO, my worst Pokemon fail was when I accidently overtrained my Empoleon. And then he fainted amidst my lower leveled Pokemon. Not my best idea and was terrible. Took forever.
I hate when I overtrain my pokemon (Which happenes often) I pretty much use 3 Pokemon on my pokemon red. Blastoise, Jolteon and Khangaskhan.
My EPOCH FAYL moments generally happen at Strength puzzles. I don't know why, but it will usually take me 10minutes to do a puzzle that would take someone else 30 seconds.
My epic fail is that I can't beat Tate and Liza.... It's sad but funny. My other fail is when I was one POkemon away from beaten Lance, and I didnn't use water type attacks, and I lost :'( Nevermind about that crud. Anyway, back when Fire/Leaf were new, I was in victory road, and I came across a red geodude. I said, "Oooh, another shiny!"At this point in time, I already had a shiny weepinbell, one that is now a victreebell. Anyway, I got it down to low health... And it selfdestructed. I wailed. And wailed. And wailed about that. I hated that!
My biggest fail ever was in Emerald. I had just gotten the game, and it was my first PokeMon game, so I didn't what 'Release' meant on a boxed PokeMon. Deleted my Combusken, so I started over.

Also, SoulSilver. Taking on the Elite Four, not knowing I had only ten Revives left.
My biggest fail happened not too long ago actually. I was playing Heartgold and I needed to catch a Growlithe for Morty's gym and when I walked into the grass, I realized I had no pokeballs. I then tried to leave to buy some when I was attacked by Entei in the grass below Ecruteak City.
i was playing emerald i went in the safari zone after a while a shiny Spinarak appeared i went closer and it ran away i never forgot that moment...

EDIT: also when i was 5 i thought that when you released a pokemon it would breed and lvl up and yu could catch it again... i released my quilava
Well when I first found out about shiny Pokemon, it was back in my Ruby days. I wanted one really badly so I decided to go on a hunt for one! Since this was Ruby version my 'hunt' was pretty much just running around until I found something shiny.

So I was running around in all these different areas thinking "Oh, you can find ____ here! I bet shiny _____ looks really cool!" So I eventually came to that place with the tall grass that breaks your bike or whatever, and I was like "Oh cool it'd be awesome to find a shiny Tropius or Kecleon!"

So my brother and my neighbor were watching TV in the same room as me and I kept getting distracted by it. So I run into a Pokemon, watch the TV for a second, and then turn back to my DS and see a Kecleon with a blue stripe. And I thought and thought and thought, trying to remember what color a Kecleon's stripe is normally. I couldn't remember what color it was normally, so I asked my brother and my neighbor if Kecleon's usually have blue stripes. They didn't know either.

So being the stupid careless kid I was, I decided a good idea would be to just KO the Kecleon instead of catching it just to be sure. The next Pokemon I run into is another Kecleon, this one with a red stripe.

I raaaaaged for forever after that and I'm still pissed I don't have a shiny Kecleon :C
I have a couple of epic fails--one in Silver and one in Crystal. I posted about this before but I accidentally deleted my Venusaur in Silver after I decided to try the cloning glitch my friend had shown me. Till this day I've never used another cheat or glitch that affect Pokemon themselves. XD My second epic fail was in Crystal when I had my Misdreavus use CURSE on a shiny Rapidash. Here's a lesson for you kids: you don't Burn/Poison/Curse/Leech Seed or use anything else that involves residual damage on something you're trying to catch. Yeah, needless to say that ended badly. I was 12 and stupid.

Also: don't use Metronome on something you're trying to catch either. Virgil learned this too and his story still cracks me up XD
I have plenty but this one Is bad. I spent about 4 hours trying to catch a shiny Larvitar in Platinum when it was swarming. I finally get one, and a few minutes latter turn my game off having forgot to save. This one can be blamed on being tired though.

Another time and this is just pure stupidity on my part, I ran into a Hippowdon (Male) you see I had forgotten that the females and males have different color schemes so when I saw this I remembered the one that Bertha had used which was a dark gray while this one was a tan, and that made me think it was a shinny (I also forgot about the stars that appear around a shinny) I bragged that I caught a shinny until I ran into the next one which again was a male and that shut me up and made me feel dumb.
I have a bundle of fails, my recent one is as followed:

I restarted platinum, I chose Piplup, It became a prinlup, i caught a geodude, then parachisu followed by a bunery and gastly.
Going for my second badge remembering Gardnias a grass type trainer my plan for battle success had easily backfired as i had only bothered training prinlup geodude and parachisu, many losses later i remembered gastly had curse, as i remembered only making it to roserade before i lose. Curse - Gastly + Bide - Parachisu won me the match, yet it took me 12 losses later to figure out i had curse.
Back when I first played pokemon red, I reset my game after I saw a growlithe, failed to catch it and then another one didn't appear after ~4-5 encounters-- I got scared, thinking it was one of those one-time-only pokemon that the manual mentioned. x) The second time was when my friend did the missingno trick for me-- with all my new master balls I went to see Zapdos, but my box was full. I reset, but hadn't saved since the trick,and needed my friend to do it again.
Biggest fail......I'd have to say, my biggest fail was back in Crystal, I saw a Rhyhorn I really wanted. I accidently selected the Master ball instead of the ultra ball. AND he was at 1 hp. THat was probably my worst, along with the time I went into the elite four with my egg hatching team
1. Magcargo lv. 34
2. Rapidash Lv. 25.
3. Arcanine lv. 89
4. RIolu lv. 1
5. Pichu lv. 2
6. Eevee lv. 5.

Ah.... Good times... good times *Eevee bricks me*
I probably have a lot but I can't remember any of them but one~ 8D

Ages ago, like in my FG days, I had no idea what shinies were, nor had I ever seen one. I was just outside Celadon city, y'know, to the right where there's a hill and grass and stuff. That spot is like permanently stuck in my head D:

I was running around and stuff, looking for things to train up my Pokes, and then the screen flashed and the battle music came on.

I heard a weird sparkley sound and out came a Meowth with a pink tail. I didn't even notice that it looked different and the sparkles made me happy. :> "Oh it sparkled, that must mean moar experience points for meeee~" I thought to myself. (If only my big brother was in the room at this point in time >>)
So then I kill the Meowth and get the same amount of experience points. I thought that it must do something else, but had no idea what. (I guess time would tell >>)

A few months later, my big brother runs in from school going "ELISE ELISE ELISE LOOOK I have a blue Gulpin!"
I'm all like "whaaaaat how did this happen?" so then Luke's all like "this guy in my class found it in Ruby and traded it to me. It sparkled when it appeared and the-"
"It sparkled?"

I hated myself from then on. :<
Well, my most epic fail was in Pokemon Emerald about two years ago.

Well, my team was on fire after I had beaten the elite four a total of 84 (now 92) times with Swampert, Swellow, Flygon, Rayquaza, Metagross and a switcher. Also, I had one symbol at the Battle Frontier, the Gold one at the Battle Pike (which I suppose makes two) Well, my friend introduced me to the cloning glitch at the Battle Tower. I used it ALOT, cloning a whole bunch of pokemon for the Battle Dome and leveling them up (now getting some to transfer to DPt and HGSS) but, one day, I had seemingly forgotten you couldn't try and clone more than six pokemon at a time, or the extras would be deleted. Now, a couple of months before, I tried this with an Aron and it got deleted. Anyway, I did this with six pokemon...plus my Level 100 prize, Rayquaza...Well, after a little while, I looked through my boxes and could NOT find him. I asked both of my friends if I had accidentaly traded them it. I found out that I hadn't. I had deleted it.

Another time was when I first started Crystal. There was a saved file (it was used) that had a Level 100 Suicune, Typhlosion and Electrode on it. I started over, thinking those were bad pokemon.
I have had alot of fails during my time but my biggest was probably early this year I found a shiny blue ponyta. I was like "Holy F#*k because it was the first one I had seen since the shiny weedle back in gen 2. Anyways, I was so exciting and I proceeded to stare at it for a while and then when I decided to catch it I went to touch the bag button on the touch screen to get out the good ol' Master Ball, but whattaya know; clever me has managed to press the run button instead. I was pretty pissed after that and didn't play for about a week until I finally gave in. Sad times....*sniffles*
One of my epic fails is when I was on ruby and I saw a wild Manectric and I was like Ooooh, what a cool looking pokemon, I was in the car and my little sister was distracting me so I yelled to her "STOP IT IM TRYING TO CATCH THIS POKEMON! >:(" So I got out the car and tried to catch it, I ended up using all my pokeballs and I only had my masterball yet, so I mumbled "thanks a lot i gotta use my master ball now" So i used it and caught it,
However, I fail to realize that Manectric is the evolved form of Electrike which I already had and I was like what the actual F***
I was so angry with my stupid self :(
One big fail in platinum for me and my sister is that it took us FOREVER to defeat Candace. :o :( :'(

Also, when I first got platinum, I didn't know you needed a master ball to catch a legendary, so I ended up wasting all of my Poke Balls, Dusk Balls, Ultra Balls, etc.
That sucked!
pokemonfreak387 said:
One big fail in platinum for me and my sister is that it took us FOREVER to defeat Candace. :o :( :'(

Also, when I first got platinum, I didn't know you needed a master ball to catch a legendary, so I ended up wasting all of my Poke Balls, Dark Balls, Ultra Balls, etc.
That sucked!

Eh, it wasn't your fault Candice spams Double Team with her Froslass during a hail storm. And you actually don't -need- a Master Ball to catch a legendary--it just makes it easier. After all, you (usually) only get one Master Ball per game and there's always more than one legendary. I've caught most of my legendaries in Dusk, Timer, or Ultra Balls. Heck, you can even catch a legendary in a Poke Ball if you get lucky XD
Reina Carmen said:
pokemonfreak387 said:
One big fail in platinum for me and my sister is that it took us FOREVER to defeat Candace. :o :( :'(

Also, when I first got platinum, I didn't know you needed a master ball to catch a legendary, so I ended up wasting all of my Poke Balls, Dark Balls, Ultra Balls, etc.
That sucked!

Eh, it wasn't your fault Candice spams Double Team with her Froslass during a hail storm. And you actually don't -need- a Master Ball to catch a legendary--it just makes it easier. After all, you (usually) only get one Master Ball per game and there's always more than one legendary. I've caught most of my legendaries in Dusk, Timer, or Ultra Balls. Heck, you can even catch a legendary in a Poke Ball if you get lucky XD
Well it apparently I couldn't capture any legendary without a master ball and most just ran away and my Wobuffet was way to low a level to survive. And Torterra was my only high level PKMN and it receives X4 damage when it comes to Ice. So I guess my only fail was not training my Pokemon to beat Candice.
Reina Carmen said:
Heck, you can even catch a legendary in a Poke Ball if you get lucky XD

I kept throwing pokeballs at Darkrai and Soft reset (I saved in front of it) until I caught it in a pokeball. :p


Best Epic fail I can remember was in SS, I went in with my level 40 team. in the E4.


I get it with the legendary catch in Poke balls. I'm just saying IDK that when I battled them so I thought it was a FAIL!!!!
Another Fail I'll post is I accidentally released my Turtwig once.
Oh, I've got a few of these.

- Back when all I had was Blue Version, I didn't know you could sell nuggets for ****-loads of money. I didn't know they were gold nuggets, I was thinking chicken. So I tossed every one I got.

- I used to give my Pokémon awful nicknames (In my defense though, I was a little kid at the time). For example, in my old Ruby Version, I nicknamed my Swampert "Watery," and my Groudon "Powery." Unfortunately, I transferred these Pokémon to my SoulSilver without fixing their names first. So now I have a Swampert in my team, named "Watery," and there's nothing I can do about it. >_<

- There were also several times when I ran into one of the dogs in G/S/C, and found out my current PC box was full when I attempted to catch it.
My biggest fail is when I saw a shiny Golbat and didn't notice so I ran away. My brother pointed out it was shiny and I facepalmed myself the whole day. That sameday I caught a Donphan with a Masterball cause I wanted it so badly XD

My biggest fail was that I encountered a Feebas... but didn't want to catch it cause I thought I could do that anytime... I've never.. ever.... remembered the place I saw it XD
A month ago or something I wanted to take a Dragon scale from a shiny horsea I catched by myself with a random encounter, it was in my box, and tell me, where I accidentally clicked on. *cries*
I just remembered a fail I had in Ruby, and it's a pretty big one. I was a fan of the anime, and in one episode a character said that Relicanth were ancient pokemon. Now, I found a Relicanth in my game, and instantly thought ancient=really rare. So I caught it in my Master Ball. When I realized they weren't rare at all I released the Relicanth, thinking I'd get my Master Ball back. Oh, how stupid I was back then.
Well one time, in my gold version i had wanted to get Ho-Oh to fight the Elite four cuz i was so cheap back then... ANYWAYS i did a gym before i went to go catch Ho-Oh (note: i did not save after the gym). So i went to the tower he was in, went straight up to Ho-Oh, then i noticed that I DIDNT HAVE ANY POKEBALLS. D: so i decided to turn of the game. Thats when i realized I was all the way back to BEFORE i had the badge. So thats like 1, maybe to hours of gameplay, especially considering how slow I was back then.
my biggest pokemon fail was in real life...
I was in grade school, and there was this kid named Nick who was the school's "pokemon master". He told us that he was selling PokemonYellow, the game that all his pokemon were level 100. Selling it for 10 bucks. I had no money back then, so I traded him my Pokemon Crystal, where I breeded my Feraligatr a lot and had raised the babies all to 80-ish. We did the trade, and it turns out that his Pokemon Yellow had NO SAVE FILE.
Not even the principal would get my game back. In a rage, i broke the Pokemon Yellow in half. The end :D
y biggest fail was in gold. I was walking around in some cave (cant remember wich one) and i ran into a shiny kangaskhan, i didnt think it was anything special so i just ran away.........grr
My biggest fail was when i bought diamond version it already had a saved file on it (cuz i bought it used) and i played the file to see what pokemon this crystal chick had, and she had a black charizard i heard so many things about there being a black charizard and i also seen a celebi and jirachi and i always wanted a celebi ever since silver gold and crystal came out. So i thought wow they finally put a game where u can get celebi and jirachi and thought u can get the black charizard as part of the story so i deleted the file and started a new one. Man i was soo mad. But a year later i bout firered and kept soft resettin 4 a shiny charmander and got 1 in 5 hours =] now its a deadly black charizard ^,..,^ but i still dont have celebi or jirachi =/
My biggest fail would be in Diamond. This was during the time I lost my DS charger, and I was going after Heatran. At the time, my team on hand were around the early to late 50s. After 1 1/2 hours of training, they were all close to being lvl 70 and I got up to Heatran. I eventually caught it and exited Stark Mountain. Then, the first step I took into Route 227, my DS turned off. My exact words were, "...Are you kidding me?"
Another big pokemon fail happened to me the other day :(
I needed to go on saphire to catch some pokemon I needed to migrate one of which was a feebas,
I went to the guy to change the 'trendy saying' so it could stay that way for a long time and it didnt take me long to catch feebas at all i got it on my third spot i was looking, however once I was almost ready to save my game and migrate the pokemon including the lovely feebas my game crashed losing all the data and the feebas :( so its taken me like forever to look for it and I still dont have one D:
My biggest fails. Can't choose a single one.

1. In the middle of a battle with my psycho brother. My Banette had low health, used Rest, and guess what? Insomnia. I KNEW I should've ched it before I gave him rest. :I

2. Spend ages doing training and stuff, then the game gets stuck. It's happened many times before. :/

3. When I went against Cynthia without restoring my Pokemon to full health accidentaly. -.-

And there's probably more that I can't think of right now. :p
My one fail was in Platinum. It was after I caught Dialga at Mt. Coronet. I saved before I battle him. I went up against Palkia, got it's HP low and used a Ultra Ball and caught it. Then I thoguht I saved it, the battery was low and it shutted off. I was like "Argh!!! I just caught that Palkia!!" So I started back to where I left off.
Lesse i had many epic fails in my day... so ill tell you some: epic fail 1: I was just training in heart gold minding my own business then OMFG shiny nidoran!! what the.. CRAP! No pokeballs! >:( 2: I was going around mt coronet when i ran into bronzong. i caught it... WITH A MASTERBALL. in my defense i accidently clicked on master ball not the ultra ball. Yep and remember those are just TWO fails i got an entire place in my brain for them. -.-
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