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What would you do for a...

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Walk into one (duh)

What would you do for my lv. 80 shiney riachu named Lin?
Beg them not to shoot me and show them a picture of "my wife and three kids", which was really just me and my friends.

What would you do to know the secret of making a pie.....with one finger.....with both eyes closed....and without any ingredients or oven?
Seriously that would be so awsome that my head would explode. So what would I do? I would run around on the town square, all day, naked, singing and dancing to the CaramelDansen.

What would you do for ice-cream pooping taco?
Awesome. ♥

I'd eat 20 barrels of enchiladas and home-made nachos. ♥

What would you do for some hot chocolate?
I'd get a kitteh, even if I'm allergic to adorebleness :)

What would you for my Quagsire that's not an water/ground type (due to hax), and just an water type?
I don't know, pretty much anything that would allow me to live; as well as mantain my IQ, integrity and dignity.

What would you do to catch your favorite legendary pokémon (only one).
Give a normal Zoroark a tan and some purple hair diy.

What would you do for a purple gummi bear?
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Sing the Chocolate Song (that I don't know how it is by the way, but DJ Luke likes it).

What Would You Do for erasing something from your memories that you really don't want to remember?
I call a Tennis player of idiot in the middle of a match, so instead of doing the game point he throws the ball in me, I pick it up and flees.

What would you do to make your bedroom the size of a baseball field?
Rob the baseball feild, and build walls and a roof and install some appliances then call it my epic room. :p

What would you do for an extra life?


I...Hate....BIDOOF! *kills bidoof*

What would you do for common sense?
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