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What's your favorite Pokemon?


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Probably one of the most popular questions in all of Pokemon, but it really is interesting because your favorite Pokemon says a lot about you. Plus, it's fun seeing all of your opinions. Remember: none of these answers are the wrong answer.
P.S. My favorite Pokemon is Garchomp :)
I believe that most people would choose a Legendary Pokemon, so for my part it would be Mew. I adore the innocence and delight that it brings as well as the design. For non-Legendaries than I would say a close second between either Eevee or Vulpix. I wuv the three of them sooo much that I cannot choose only one - If I had to choose only one, I would say Mew because it can turn itself into the other two XD

Cáscara Olas

Previously IExistToo
I'd say kyogre. I came into Pokémon around the time of the gen 3 remakes and Alpha Sapphire was my second game. I've always loved the ocean and live right by it so a Pokémon that's the god of the sea was always gonna be one of my favourites. I also used my master ball on it so I haven't had the experience of a difficult capture and using it afterwards was an absolute delight.

If I were to choose a non legendary Pokémon it would be vulpix. Vulpix was my first ever shiny Pokémon I ever caught and I treasure it dearly. I also think that all of its forms and evolutions are amazing and very good Pokémon. Apart from this there isn't much sentimental value but its a cool Pokémon and my first shiny so yea.


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Ik he has an awful typing. But look at how can say no to that face.
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