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White2 Team Looking for Suggestions:

Hey guys, this will be my first Foray into competitive Pokemon.

I've played ever since Red/Blue came out a loooong time ago. What do you guys think of my team plan so far: (I will be editing this post with more information as i get it. Don't worry i'm not trying to get you to build the team for me)

Tyranitar, +Atk/-SpAtk nature 252 Atk EVs, 252 Speed EVs, 6 HP EVs

Stealth Rock
Stone Edge
Brick Break | Dragon Claw

Chandelure +SpAtk/-Atk nature 252 SpAtk EVs, 252 Speed EVs

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Flamethrower | Fire Blast

Ferrothorn Relaxed 252 SpDef EVs, 160 Def EVs, 96 Atk EVs

Iron Head | Gyro Ball
Thunder | Rest

Ok, Updated to add in the Ferrothorn. I need to update hold items. but i cant remember all of them off hand so i'm gonna go looking around. Still planning the other 3 members. I am very open to suggestions.

Perhaps an Electivire... Or maybe a Gyarados?


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It's a decent enough start, but there's some key things to note:

- Tyranitar wants Stealth Rock really, unless you end up using someone else who carries the move. Gen V features a lot of Flying-type/Levitating Pokemon, so Earthquake isn't quite as good as it used to be these days.

- Chandelure isn't bulky enough to run a Toxic/Hex combo with that EV spread, and even if it were Hex/Will-O-Wisp is far better. You're better off running Shadow Ball here, especially since a human player won't leave a Pokemon with a status ailment on it in on Chandelure once they see you use Hex.

- Ferrothorn is a step in the right direction. If Tyranitar runs Stealth Rock, Ferrothorn can provide Spikes for your team.

Also, don't forget hold items.
I updated a bit to take your suggestions into account :D

I've almost gotten all the power items out of the battle subway so i should be able to start building these Pokemon soon :D :D


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Electivire is horribly outclassed in this generation and Gyarados doesn't really benefit from sandstorm conditions, although it is certainly usable and can work.

Since Tyranitar is your first Pokemon and his presence affects the field with permanent sandstorm, the team should be constructed around him really. Any Pokemon that benefit (or are simply immune to) sandstorm will be a bonus to you, but do note that you shouldn't restrict yourself to only sandstorm-immune Pokemon (anything holding Leftovers will recover enough HP per turn to negate sandstorm damage.) As for which specific Pokemon to use, I'd recommend thinking of what battle style and team you'd like to use (offensive, stall/defense, hybrid etc.) and then work it out from there.

Also note that your team doesn't necessarily have to revolve around Tyranitar if you don't want it to, but your team members should at least be chosen with his sandstorm effect in mind.
Yeah, I've gotten a little sidetracked recently as i'm also trying to fill up my 'dex i picked up Platinum and Heart Gold over the weekend. I did happen upon noticing Tentacruel has access to Toxic Spikes which might let me make a really nice durdle stall team using entry hazards and sandstorm