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Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

Seafoam Islands for me. That area is just frustration incarnate for me. Even when I played FireRed and had a guide to help me, it was just a pain to play through.
I personally loath the cinnabar mansion. It seems that the chances of running into a wild pokemon there are so much higher, and the reason it takes so long isn't because of the puzzle so much as the sheer multitude of high level raticates. The leap of faith aspect was intriguing and there are a bunch of useful TMs, but without repels there is just too much backtracking and wild encounters for me to endure.
I wasn't a big fan of the Silph Co. building in LG.
I was underleveled, so when I battled my partner I had my posterior cooked well done and handed to me on a silver platter with a side dish of fail.
And I, being stupid and inexperienced at the time, didn't save through the whole place, so I had to start all over again.
I very much disliked any cave in G/S 'cause they were dark even with Flash and I didn't use repels then. Darn Golbats always got me ><

Ruins of Alph scared me with the radio thing.

The music in the cave you had to go to to unlock the Regis was creepy.

I feel very alone in caves... Like something is going to jump out at me while my little sprity back is turned oO
I also have decided that the long ocean treks are annoying. Tentacool is so stupid! That's probably why it's one of my least favorite water types, you find it as soon as you enter the water!
I never really liked Stark Mountain. I got lost so many times, I nearly gave up on trying to obtain Heatran. I didn't though, and it payed off.
Gen I: Rock Tunnel
Gen II: Ice Path
Gen III: Sky Pillar, Route 113
Gen IV: Foggy areas
In General: Surf areas

Rock Tunnel
Basically, you need Flash to get through. And it's not an easy cave, like Dewford Cave, which you can finish without Flash, it's really hard. And long. And all the annoying Geoududes and Onixes and Machops keep appearing and attacking you. Once I went in there to search for a Cubone for my Ground-type team, and it just wouldn't appear. I don't even know if you can find Cubones in Rock Tunnel, but that doesn't make it less annoying.

Ice Path
This was like the most annoying thing EVER. When G/S were new I just never got past it. I was so frustrated, and I hated it! When I bought my friend's Crystal a while ago and came to the frozen hell, I didn't find it very hard, actually I thought it was quite fun. But I remember being sooo worried about not making it. But it went fine.

Sky Pillar
I've never completed Sky Pillar. I just can't control the mach bike, and I hate the place. I'm not going to waste any more words on something as horrible as that.

Route 113
I just didn't like all the soot. It just felt so eerie. And when I looked for Skarmory I never found it. That was just so annoying. And took a lot of time.

Foggy Areas
Basically the same reason as Flash-areas, only this annoyed me especially much. I don't even know why. I just hated them.

Surf Areas
The reasons have been said quite a few times already... Though I like them in ONE way, as I found my shiny Tentacool while surfing. It is now a shiny Tentacruel and is my surfer in Sapphire.


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Is it bad that I haven't used Flash in a dungeon since R/B/Y? Once you go through a couple of times, you know how to navigate the dungeons.

Anyway, my most hated area would beee...

Probably D/P/P Victory Road. It's the only dungeon that consistently gives me an "urgh" feeling while I navigate it. If I run out of Repels, I'll Dig/Escape Rope out of the dungeon to buy more. The wild encounters make it nearly unbearable (aren't the trainers enough?!).

A close second would probably be R/S/E Victory Road. I consistently get lost in some areas there, and the enemies there all have Whirlwind or Roar so no level grinding. Blah.

Other than those, I'd say Team Rocket HQ in FR/LG, just because it's boring as sin.
I gotta say, All caves are a pain. always been, always will be.

But one of the things i hate the most, is the road to Snowpoint city, and the Safari Zone in Diamond. every step makes you stop, and you have to spin your controlpad around just to get to the next spot to stop in.

Although, i keep over 100 repels in my bag. So i can get to where i want without the encountering. Although encounters are a good thing, too many can be a bad thing :p
Zero Isle, all of them in Mystery Dungeon. I can't get past any of them. What's the point in reducing a PKMN to level one in the first place!

I think those dungeons are pointless. I don't know why they made it, I never go there and never will. My advice to anyone who plays Mystery Dungeon, avoid Zero Isle completely. I guess people mmight go there for a challenge, but I won't go there.
always has been and always will be the cave's. most annoying and confusing parts for me especially back in the old games. then again in diamond and pearl i found it much easier but also quite annoying about having to carry around a Pokemon that's knows the Hm's i need. but i guess that's the fun of it even if its annoying.
I can't choose between a. Rock Tunnel and b. The blizzard areas in Sinnoh.

I really hate the Rock Tunnel because no matter what level my Pokemon are at, and if I have water types or not, I always come out nearly dead. And then you have those annoying trainers waiting to kill you when your trying to get to the Pokemon Centre.

Blizzard areas because I like to be able to see what's going on on the screen, and because I like going FAST. And you can't run in the snow! It's kind of odd though, 'cause in real life I love the snow.

And I hate water routes in general. Cause of those bloody Tentacools/Wingulls etc and the fact that you can't avoid them.
absolutely hated ice path in silver version. It was so boring and tedious and whenever I started a new game and got up to there It always put me in a bad mood.
I am soooooo not looking forward to it in heart gold and soul silver. ;(
If I had to choose aplace I hate it's a dead tie between the battle factory(both of them)
And Ice cave GS.
I'm a great TRAINER, but give me something I didn't train and I'll last about as lon as a caterpie vs. a Groudon

Ice cave ice floor just annoying can't believe i'm gonna have to do it again.

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If you ask me personally, how great a trainer is would also project into their degree of control over creatures they themselves did not train from the ground up.

It's a bit of a hit and miss with rentals - sometimes you end up with a creature that isn't as powerful as you thought it would be, other times you find yourself surprised by how useful a specific species is - to the point it makes you want to try train one of your own. Happened to me before.

Quite frankly, if you can't figure out what to do with the game when it tosses rentals at you, I can't quite consider you a 'great trainer' (especially in light of your admission in another thread that your 'best strategy' is using a hacked Blissey). Just someone who's full of themselves, especially with this sort of name/signature. Silly "*insert pokemon species here* Master" people. Not original enough to come up with their own nicknames, and full of themselves enough to think that a whole species of fictional characters, most of which would not give a damn about their existence, would obey their every whims. Silly humans. @_@

Anyhow. Locations I hate in the games? Rock Tunnel comes to mind (fscking Zubats and Geodudes everywhere. x-x). The route leading up to Snowpoint also comes to mind, mostly because it's so... zetta... slow... to walk through. Ice-floor puzzles like the ones in the ice cave... or worse, like the ones in Candice and Wallace/Juan's gyms... are annoying as hades too.

Jubilife and Sunyshore make me twitch, too. It's the huge-city-element.
There has been only one Victory Road that I actually could tolerate, and that's GSC's.

I wonder why.

I also despised the route leading to the weather institute in RSE. It was too freaking long. Or at least it seems so whenever I'm on it.

Also, water routes.
Mine would have to be the treeshroud forest in pokemon mystery dungeon eplorers of sky because if your a grass type you have to worry about the ninetails. If your a water type you have to worry about all the grass types. and if you got riolu you have to worry about the kadabras and the alakazams.
Most definitely Rock Tunnel (for reasons mentioned previously in this thread) or 70% of water routes. I -hate- Tentacool/Tentacruel/Wingull/Pelipper sooooo much because of these. I also get very annoyed by caves because, unless I have a ton of Repels, I'm pestered by wild Pokemon every 5-10 steps.

I hate water routes for the same reasons and the caves for the same reason but I especially loathe the Rock tunnel bacause when I first played pokemon blue back when I was in the first grade and I played though it for the first time I didn't know about flash so I went though the whole thing in the dark it took me forever to get though it.

The blizzard and fog areas are annoying too
I'd have to opt for the zubat-infested caves that appear to be in every pokemon game in existence.

...and even more-so for those if they are dark, as I've always hated wasting a move to teach my pokemon flash